"To ensure a better world, to break a cycle, you must first look at yourself, and make sure you have the will to change. To change a cycle, we must be able to change ourselves for the creation of peace."

This article, Dark Release Additive, is a chattel of The Master of Spirals. Users cannot use, without his permission.
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Dark Release Armor
Literal English Darkness Additive
English anime Dark Release: Additive
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game, Movie
Classification Ninjutsu, Nature Icon Dark Kekkei Genkai
Class Supplementary
Range All ranges
Derived jutsu

Dark Release Additive is a supplementary skill of Dark Release, along with Dark Sight. By covering themselves in Dark Release chakra, their Dark Release abilities increase, and they can use the jutsu: Dark Release: One With Darkness. Also, the additive allows the user to absorb dark chakra techniques, which only reinforce the armor. The additive can also be used to create many constructs of darkness, such as ninja tools, etc.


  • Picture comes from Fairy Tail, Rogue is using his Shadow Drive technique.
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