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  • Dark Release Chakra Mode - Armor Variant
  • Dark Release Chakra Mode - Shroud Variant Absorbing Amaterasu
Rōmaji Meiton Chakura Modo
Alternative names Shade Style Chakra Armor
Appears in Anime, Manga
Classification Nature Icon Dark Kekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu, Chakra Absorption Technique
Class Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Range All ranges

The Dark Release Chakra Mode is a heightened physical and spiritual state utilized by Jinyurei Hyuga.


Can amplify the power of attacks like a step-up transformer. Can absorb chakra, diffuse them into their components. Can absorb and learn any chakra-based technique. It deconstructs and encodes all absorbed techniques into the user.

The user courses Dark Release chakra throughout their entire body, drastically improving the body's speed, durability, endurance, exc., while granting the user control of all tenketsu and cells within their body. This is achieved by augmenting the body spiritually and physically. Because of how it enhances the body, the user's enhancements and attributes only increase with time and exposure to stimuli, as the user quickly adapts to everything thrown at them.

Due to the nature of the chakra involved, the user can absorb chakra of any nature instantly, without ill effects to the user and can even improve and evolve the said chakra to achieve greater effects. Using this evolution method, Jinyurei is able to amplify the power of absorbed attacks and evolve them, converting lesser power into a more potent form before releasing it back at targets. The user is able to harmlessly absorb chakra nigh-instantaneously because the chakra attack is divided innumerable times before being absorbed by every tenketsu and cell within the body. This makes them invulnerable to chakra using and chakra-based techniques, as even Senjutsu techniques are ineffective, as the user will gain usage of senjutsu upon absorbing attacks enhanced with it. Even genjutsu-inducing Yin Release and Ninjutsu-negating Yin-Yang Release are futile to the user, as they are absorbed and reverse engineered, resulting in the user being immune to them. While Taijutsu can prove effective, it is ill-advised, as upon coming into contact with the user or within a certain distance, the opponent will have chakra absorbed from directly from their body with every strike at immense speed. Because of Jinyurei's prowess with the Dark Release, she can absorb other types of energy from targets as well, making it extremely dangerous to be near her, as being able to use the technique from a vast distance makes her extremely dangerous and lethal.

By extending the cloak from their body to their surroundings, they can keep certain ninjutsu from inducing effects on them, such as the distortion of space-time techniques or the very heat generated by fire chakra, among other effects, giving them an extraordinary defenses. Because of Jinyurei's ability to absorb different types of energy, she can use many types of energy as a source of power even if they aren't chakra.

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