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Dream Eating Technique
Literal English Dream Eater Technique
Viz print media Dream Feasting Jutsu
English anime Dream Eater Jutsu
English games Dream Eater Jutsu
Alternative names Banquet of Spirits
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game, Movie
Classification Ninjutsu, Kinjutsu
Rank A-rank
Class Offensive, Supplementary
Range All ranges
Hand seals Snake → Rat

The Dream Eater Technique is a Ninjutsu technique that allows the user to increase the power of a pre-existing Genjutsu.


The Dream Eater Technique is a Ninjutsu technique that is used with Genjutsu techniques. It can only be used if the target is already in a Genjutsu. It allows the yin energy that is creating the Genjutsu the victim is currently in to feast on the target's mental and spiritual energy to weaken their defenses against Genjutsu and increasing the power of the Genjutsu. The technique can also inflict physical damage because of how it destabilizes the chakra in the body through the lowering or lack of mental energy to force the opponent's own chakra to attack their body. If the target is drain dry of their mental and spiritual energy it could lead to their untimely demise. However, this takes a long time.

Dream Eater Technique is effective enough to transform the simplest Genjutsu techniques like Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique to a Genjutsu that is close to the level of the great Tsukuyomi when it is in the right hands. It is also possibly for the shinobi to use the yin energy in their victim's body to drain their mental and spiritual energies from their body into the user's own body instead to increase the user's mental capacity, but this requires a lot of skill. In addition, if a high enough level of skill is met how far away they are will no longer matter. They can be hundreds of miles away and the technique could still take effect. This, however, is a rarely seen feat because of just how much skill is needed.

The Dream Eater Technique requires a lot of skill, concentration, and chakra control to use. Most users of the technique are restricted to remaining perfectly still when the technique is in use. The focus that is required can have the shinobi suffer migraines for days or weeks after. The unethical nature of the technique and its drawbacks are what led the technique be being labeled as a Kinjutsu.

Normally Akari has the same weakness of remaining perfectly still when she is using the technique, but she can bypass it by activating her Ketsugan or Saishū Ketsugan to increase her skill and power with Genjutsu.


  • The Dream Eater Technique was inspired by the Pokemon move of the same name.
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