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[nil edit]Demonic Illusion: War Shock 15px
Viz print media Demonic Illusion:PTSD
English anime Flight of the Forsaken Monarch
English games Plague of War
Alternative names Aftermath
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game
Classification Genjutsu
Range Short-range

A weird and perplexing jutsu that Raido Σ wields, that has varying effects on the opponent who see it. Raido needs but only to glance and make eye contact with the opponent before his starry eyed stare of his Sharingan and Rinnegan When this happens the sky appears to darkern, and the gaze of Raido appears in the sky as the Sharingan and Rinnegan stare intently at the trapped person. The eyes in the sky begin to bleed and once they do the memories of the last Six great Ninja wars will play out randomly. The trapped person share in their suffering of those who lived and died, experience the pain of living on after it and the pain of those who died in the battles to the horrific wounds. This genjutsu has been know to cause post traumatic stress disorder for those who have lived through the horror of wars. This genjutsu is especially dangerous to those who have never been involved with war , and can have the same effect on someone who has been in them, but can't escape their horrors they left behind. As quoted by others it causes hysteria and confusion within the person. According to Raido Σ it is meant to cause a state of dementia and cause the person to want to commit suicide as a means to release themselves from the chronic nightmare of life.


  • The effects of the genjutsu are based on the real life PTSD, which is brought on by a series of factors