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editDenji Ryū



Electromagnetic Dragon (電磁竜, Denji Ryū)

  • Dragon of Thunder
  • Dragon of Lightning
  • Storm Dragon
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game, Movie
Gender Gender Male Male
Blood type AB
Jinchūriki Kei Yotsuki/Rebirth
Occupation Entity of Electromagnetism
Nature Type
Unique Traits
  • Electromagnetism Control and mastery on a large scale

Electromagnetic Dragon (電磁竜, Denji Ryū) or Denji Ryū is a tailed beast born from the Shinju tree and Ten Tails, and the beast with control of all electromagnetic energy, from the smallest electron bonds (and other particles that create electric discharge and electromagnetism) to multiple lightning strikes. Described as the entity that embodies the force, it seems to have spawned from the tree, giving truth to that the Shinju is the progenitor of everything that exists in the world.

Known for creating the Thunderbirds, it seems he was revered by the populace of the various continents as a god, along with his creations that he served as their master. A very respected creature, over the centuries, many wished to tame its powers for warfare. And so they did, until Kaguya Ōtsutsuki would stop these wars for a time, by stealing the fruit of its creator. After the thief was vanquished by her own sons, and its creator sealed away due to her deranged desires, its life would change forever.

Hagoromo, the Sage of the Six Paths, desired for not only humans to connect with each other, but beasts, and Tailed Beast among others to do so as well. Around sometime before his death, he seemed to have tamed the dragon on his journey to peace. The two may have even been friends. This later evolved into Ninjutsu usage however as the humans delved back into warfare. The Dragon seemed almost like a Tailed Beast, with many seeking its favor, or being its jinchūriki.

It wouldn't roam the world forever though. The dragon met its match against the First Mizukage in his prime, who sealed it into it's own fangs, creating the Kiba swords. The dragon itself would lose fame over the years, and would not emerge until it had been convinced it had a worthy wielder, Kei Yotsuki. Once that had happened, it transferred its chakra from the swords to Kei, with Kei becoming its full jinchūriki with a modified Iron Armor Seal. Later on, Mamoru would transfer part of the Bashōsen's lightning energies to the beast itself, increasing its power.





The Dragon.


Denji Ryū is notably a tailed beast of the caliber of the Eight or Nine Tails, allowing its jinchūriki to sync well with theirs pretty well. It's overall speed, strength, durability, and more has been compared to both those beasts. It is noted to have the power of flight as well, similar to Chōmei. It can also produce a Tailed Beast Ball, as well as infuse it with its natural elemental transformations in different variations, such as Lightning. It can also gather natural energy easier and faster, allowing its hosts, and even itself to enter and maintain Sage Mode. Denji is also seen to be very intelligent and knowledgeable on many styles, due to its age.

Nature Transformation: Electromagnetism Mastery

  • Thunderstorm Generation:
  • Vibrations, Sound Ninjutsu:



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