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A dimensional counterpart is a phenomenon created when two or more individuals share the same Chakra-wave length from different phases in the dimensional axis. This is typically unseen, and many could go their entire lives without ever knowing about their counterparts, however there are several events in which two beings can synchronize and as a result share knowledge, chakra and even techniques if the criteria is met.

List of Counterparts

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Nisshō-Sama's Universe

PKH's Omniverse

Original Character Known Counterpart(s) Universes
Ace Korimachi[[File:|100px]]

Possessing the means to traverse the multiple continuities, Ace has met, fought and assimilated several of his own dimensional counterparts. Why he did so is unknown, as well as how many.

Aja's Universe

Original Character Known Counterpart(s) Universes
Zen'nō NaraBlack hair
Hōritsu Uchiha
Original Universe

It was known for a long time that Zen'no was not from the original dimension, but from another, parallel one. However, since Zen'no was introduced into the series before Horitsu, Zen'no's counterpart, Zen'no is considered "the original".


  • The concept originated in the Anime Yu-gi-oh! Arc-V, where several versions of the same characters appear from different universes. This also takes parallels from Doctor Who and The Flash, as both also tackled the idea of Multiple Worlds.
  • Concerning Nisshō's universe, only 2 of the 4 counterparts, have gotten married, with Nisshō having done it twice.
  • Concerning PKH's omniverse, only the primary Ace Korimachi is married. It is unknown is any of his counterparts were married.
  • Concerning Aja's universe, only Zen'nō Nara was married. Hōritsu Uchiha did not.
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