"For all of the happiness that you wish for one person, another person gets cursed with an equal amount of don't touch my stuff!!!"

You have stumbled upon Dokushin Kamizuru, which is a barrier of the Das Geisterhaus. Interfere with his scheme and his familiars will see to it that your very soul is claimed as recompense!

Dokushin Kamizuru is part of Rebirth and follows its guidelines accordingly.

"Shinobi aren't heartless. They're stupid. And the only cure for stupidity is FEAR!"
— Dokushin Kamizuru

editDokushin Kamizuru
(毒針 上水流, Dokushin Kamizuru)

  • Nikui (Kanji: 憎い; English: Hateful)
  • Nikui of the Earth's Eye (Chigan no Nikui; Kanji: 地眼の憎い)
  • The Uchiha Without the Copy Wheel Eye (Romaji: Sharingansezu no Uchiha; Kanji: 写輪眼せずのうちは)
  • Divine Lord of the Curse of Hatred (Romaji: Nikushimi no Noroi no Mikoto; Kanji: 憎しみの呪いの命)
  • The Man with the Strongest Hate in the World (Romaji: Sekai Saikyou no Nikushimi no Otoko; Kanji: 世界最強の憎しみの男)
  • The Human Embodiment of Mutually Assured Destruction (Romaji: Sougokakushouhakai no Ningengugen; Kanji: 相互確証破壊の人間具現)
  • Fear (Romaji: Fueaー; Kanji: フェアー)
Appears in Anime, Manga
Birthdate Astrological Sign Virgo September 21
Gender Gender Male Male
Blood type AB
Classification Sensor-type Ninja
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Ninja Rank Jōnin
Ninja Registration 092194
Chūnin Prom. Age 18
Nature Type
Unique Traits

Legally referred to as Nikui as a result of having been named such by his parents, Dokushin Kamizuru is a Kumogakure-affiliated missing-nin who was recruited into the Kamizuru Clan by Oshiishi Kamizuru himself.

Unbeknownst to anyone but himself, Dokushin hates ALL shinobi - including even himself - due to the fact that he believes that they have selfishly continued the military use of children in spite of the fact that superpowers such as the Five Great Shinobi Countries are more than capable of maintaining a standing army without having to resort to such an immoral practice.

With naught but the purest of hatred as his only drive; Dokushin seeks to create the Tailed Beat of Karmic Retribution (Romaji: Akuhou no Bijuu; Kanji: 悪報の尾獣), an All-Tailed Wolf (Romaji: Banbi no Ōkami; Kanji: 万尾の狼) that'll ruthlessly punish shinobi whenever they fail to exhibit morality.



Because of his unsociable nature, Dokushin's preference is to be a spectator rather than a participant. He'd rather observe a party than partake in the festivities himself, he'd rather listen during a conversation than speak at any length, and he'd rather watch a game than play in one. In general, Dokushin will attend an event but he'll keep to himself throughout as much of it as he can. To put it simply, Dokushin is a lurker.

Understandably, Dokushin's behavior is often misidentified as laziness. In stark contrast to this popular belief, Dokushin is the exact opposite of lazy. He is proactive to a fault, for he is often scolded for taking matters into his own hands rather than waiting for any amount of instructions from anyone.

As a matter of fact, it is Dokushin's proactivity that gave him the preference for spectatorship over involvement in the first place. For instead of instead of staying in the middle of things where he'll only be able to see what is already making a beeline towards him, Dokushin stays on the outside of things where he can see things coming ahead of time and thus prepare himself for them in advance.


Physical Capabilities


Dokushin is keen observer whose attention to even the most insignificant of details has yet to be surpassed by any of his comrades-in-arms within the Hives of the Kamizuru Clan. Even just a single glimpse of something is far more than enough of an observation for Dokushin to take note of its existence and perfectly recall it at a far later date. Though Dokushin's observational capabilities are often referred to as simply being "visual prowess", in actuality it extends to ALL of Dokushin's natural senses as well as his artificial ability to sense chakra. Thus the best rule of thumb is that as long as it was physically possible for it to be perceived by Dokushin through ANY means and to ANY extent, it was NOT beneath Dokushin's notice.

Though many have assumed that Dokushin's superhuman perception is a direct result of his preference for spectating, the actual explanation for it is that Dokushin possesses a form of hyperthymesia that allows him to perfectly remember literally EVERY detail of literally ALL his life experiences. Dokushin's hyperthymesia has often been referred to as the Earth's Eye (Romaji: Chigan; Kanji: 地眼) as a means of contrasting its mundanity with the wonderment of the Sharingan which has often been referred to as the Heaven's Eye (Romaji: Tengan; Kanji: 天眼).

Mental Chronometry

As a fitting complement to his first-class perception, Dokushin's reaction time to ongoing events has been phenomenal enough to convince many that it MUST be the result of some kind of Kekkei Genkai. It has been noted by many that there is very little time in-between the moment Dokushin perceives an event and the moment Dokushin manages to react to the event. The reason for this being that Dokushin is impossibly quick to comprehend.

Dokushin's comprehension has been scientifically recorded to operate at unprecedentedly high speeds, thus allowing Dokushin to react as soon as what is physically possible for his body to manage. To the utter horror of those Dokushin has shared this particular piece of knowledge with, the sheer speed of Dokushin's comprehension is to the point where Dokushin has fully developed a bad habit of becoming severely impatient with his body as he waits for it to complete the actions that he has long-since ordered it to take.


Even though Dokushin is surely one of the fastest individuals one is likely meet, his speed tends to be completely overshadowed by his acceleration. This is because Dokushin is capable of reaching his maximum velocity with naught but his very first step and his first step alone. Thus allowing Dokushin to change directions with little to no decrease in his speed. Such nigh-instantaneous changes-in-directions effectively neutralize the commonplace tactic of attacking where Dokushin is going to be rather than where Dokushin is. As a result of the neutralization of the aforementioned tactic, it is nigh-impossible to attack Dokushin with any amount of accuracy.


Fire Release: An Empty Dream

Fire Release: An Empty Dream

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