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Dorobō Ōtsutsuki
Name Dorobō Ōtsutsuki
Kanji 泥棒大筒木
Rōmaji Ōtsutsuki Dorobō
Species Artificial Celestial Being
Status Deceased
Aliases Sheep God (羊の神, Hitsuji no kami)
The Divine Concubine Chooser (神の妾のセレクタ, The Seraphic paramour collect)
The Celestial Decree (天空令, The Cosmic Order)
Progenitor of Méihuā (梅花の祖, Baika no so)
Personal Status
Sexuality Bisexual
Birthday Astrological Sign Leo August 10
Gender Gender Male Male
Height 341 cm
Weight 245.3 kg
Blood Type O
Home Country Land of Ancestors Symbol Land of Ancestors
Affiliation Ōtsutsuki Homeworld Symbol Ōtsutsuki Homeworld
Occupation Leader of Vanguard of Six
Team Vanguard of Six
Ragnorak's Wrath
The Order of Six
Clan Ōtsutsuki Symbol Ōtsutsuki Clan
Family Kaguya Ōtsutsuki (Mother)
Isshiki Ōtsutsuki (Father)
Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki (Half-brother)
Hamura Ōtsutsuki (Half-brother)
Kakumyo Ōtsutsuki (Son)
Ashikaga Ōtsutsuki (Daughter)
Saisho Ōtsutsuki (Son)
Indra Ōtsutsuki (Nephew)
Asura Ōtsutsuki (Nephew)
Celestial Beast (Creation)
Lover(s) Many Wives and Husband's
Classification Sensor Type
Kekkei Mōra Byakugan Momoshiki Byakugan
Dorobō's Purple Rinnegan Rinnegan
Nature Nature Icon Fire Fire Release
Nature Icon Wind Wind Release
Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release
Nature Icon Earth Earth Release
Nature Icon Water Water Release
Nature Icon Yin Yin Release
Nature Icon Yang Yang Release
Nature Icon Yin-Yang Yin-Yang Release
Tools Shakujō
"I lived in my creators shadow for centuries, a byproduct of love created from my parents, but a weapon for war. Ever since my abduction from my home I never felt free and true to me! Myself alone! Now with a bright future in the horizon, I believe in hope.
Buddhist Symbol for love Celestial Decree of TakeminakataThe Lion

~Theme of Dorobō Ōtsutsuki

Dorobō Ōtsutsuki (泥棒大筒木, Ōtsutsuki Dorobō) is a Artificial Celestial Being who is known to Earth's population at large as the The Celestial Decree (天空令, The Cosmic Order). Born as a byproduct from his parents Dorobō lived as a man seeking knowledge to understand the realm of living and astral plane, he then preach his ideology of Uchūshinjō across the Cosmos eventually founding The Order of Six there he built the Temple of extramundane home to the religion known as Uchūshinjō that led to the creation of Méihuā culture. Dorobō is the son of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki and Isshiki Ōtsutsuki along side his half human brothers Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki and Hamura Ōtsutsuki who defeated their mother sealing her away, he would become the first being to fight a god in battle alongside his children successfully sealing the deity which he inherited the title Sheep God (羊の神, Hitsuji no kami).


Dorobō was born August 10, his origins began with his mother Kaguya Ōtsutsuki a matriarch of the Ōtsutsuki Clan who had great authority throughout the population on their "homeworld" and is in charge of the depleting supply of Chakra. Her actions and influence sparked the course a new world known as earth where she and isshiki left to in order to supply their clansmen but along the way the two grew attached to earth and the people who's lives they've come to cherish; few of these lives were Tenji, Suiiki and Aino that inspired Kaguya to go and create a army of white Zetsu with Isshiki for about a week till her partner suggested they create a super solder to lead their army against the clan so they created an artificial womb to birth a new breed; an Artificial Celestial Being. Isshiki and Kaguya lost their memory and host upon being attacked by their clansmen but took their newly born child and raised him in a world where he was discriminated and hated.

Dorobō would find his half brothers who sealed Kaguya away and absorbed the Ten-Tails into the eldest brother who became the first Jinchūriki. Dorobō move to a uncharted continent taking his people with him there he had many children blessed with his powerful Chakra whom he taught his knowledge, ideology and religion to them, along the way his people followed his teachings which created Uchūshinjō a religion that has grew into his community for years sharing his chakra with those who chose to accept his gift. Many years later Dorobō and his children fought a goddess who sought to kill everyone he loved so the family sealed and split the entity into two parts sending them into different poker dimensions, his family was worshipped as deities for defeating a god with Dorobō dealing the blow so he was called a sun god for his unique eyes and abilities that given his name, Dorobō would leave each of his triplets a task upon entering adulthood; go around the world and help the people who suffered from the Infinite Tsukuyomi and help their civilization grow, with my success his three eldest succeeded in doing that but Dorobō forest his children's jealousy of one another grow due time sparking a event that will change the course of history.

The three children would continue his legacy for decades till they had children of their own, their name and influence would continue on with Dorobō Ōtsutsuki's chakra connecting everything and everyone while he exist throughout space and time watching over his descendants for millennium.


Dorobō is compassionate and caring person that grew to love the people that desired him for his origin. This expanded much more as he showed mercy and worry to the weaker and belittled members of the Ōtsutsuki Clan, it's been noted that Dorobō got his loving and caring nature from his mother Kaguya Ōtsutsuki former matriarch of the clan even displayed more of an awe of wonder. He inherited his father's arrogant, pragmatic and prideful personality believing his power to be the strongest even his existing to be greater than those he trained with, he would often brag on about his accomplishments and deeds not many clan members could achieve in a lifetime and the would lead him astray till his friend Akiyama Ōtsutsuki showed him a different way of life. As a boy to teen Dorobō was more energetic and problematic to his master's since he enjoys pranking people till his early teen years he settled down being more calm and collected but retained his prankster side yet enjoys the heat of battle against members that's stronger than him which stayed with him to adulthood.

Through his years as an adolescence he has shown to be wise and perceptive during his time around the galaxy with his master, picking up the ideology and concept of life and chakra even before becoming a priest/king Dorobō has had his moments of periodic immaturity. One example is when he gloated to his master for trying to turn him against all those he loved not only backfired significantly but awakened his Rinnegan as well. Very intelligent and keen to things at a young age to adulthood he had shown to take interest in things that is different from normal or whatever concept of normal he has, clearly a man of business first and question later that leaves no room for questioning. Dorobō is also a man of opportunity when it is presented to him something he rubbed off onto few of his friends even when things go south he will pull whatever means necessary to ensure his friends safety putting himself before anyone else, shown to be very father like when he scolds his friends for this dumb actions and words towards people in general and had shown to be very modest and respectful but is vengeful and cold to those that harm those he love, hot tempered and very sensitive to anger but has shown to reign control of his emotions, Dorobō also has a dark and insensitive side himself he hates mentioning feeling different from others, feel as if he's a monster and would go down to a dark path within himself that'll cause him become unstable and succumb to his darkest thoughts only his crush Kushina Ōtsutsuki saves him could reach him.

Dorobō Ōtsutsuki is very open and honest with opinions and ideas when he sought to seek out more knowledge, he takes his friends opinions and suggestion to heart even admit his own mistakes but also point the others to help learn from them. His ideology about creating utopia for people different like him and defective members from the Ōtsutsuki but his desire also made him blind to knowing there's no perfect utopia, upon learning from his own mistakes made Dorobō believe that no one can be properly prepared for the inevitable change and circumstance behind it, truthfully admitting his worries and doubts about the future and what he'll have to pass on. Despite his dip into madness and rise to deified status Dorobō believed that such power has a price, power can be used for anything good or ill depending who wields it made him suspicious of anyone that possess chakra, much like his mother he became obsessed with wanting more but was drawn back from his madness by his future wife.

Much like his nuclear family who are methodically, he could learn new forms of study's universally including language, glyphs, and culture, able to adapt and change his speech patterns and dialect to be better understood by people from a different era. He seem to be very cryptic with his phrases and mysterious messages towards anyone he trust would unlock it, his unknown fixation on things he never seen or heard of, even come quite amazed with the cooperation his children's reincarnate's displayed. His love for his children is displayed much through his teachings of Uchūshinjō a religion he passed down to his numerous children, a religion his insanely strict about when it comes to his children and followers even expressing deep emotions whenever they get the concept wrong or when they show much more understanding than him altogether, sometimes during his time with his family Dorobō grew to have a strong sense of humour that many of children picked up from him, he often switch it up on his own wife when he is in trouble and gets away with it by telling her a joke that's similar to the situation. Dorobō also holds great value and deep care for the celestial beast's when they were still with him; he given them names, forms, homes and purpose to live humanity as a sign of their individuality, he taught them the meaning of Uchūshinjō hoping they would connect with his dozens of children once he pass, telling each of them no matter how far or how deranged the world becomes they'll always be together and will always be a family, telling them a prophecy of three individuals will bring them and their world into either chaos or peace.


Dorobō Ōtsutsuki is a tall and albino pale-skinned man who have pronounced and defined facial features, strong jawline and short pointy ears. He had long white hair that reach down to his calf's, braided lock hanging near his left eye, eyebrows were cut very short and round — a symbol of nobility. He was very short, scrawny in his younger years and later developed defined muscular build during his time with the Ōtsutsuki civilization. Dorobō had a pair of large, curved horns much similar to bighorn sheep extending from both side of his head and pupilless white eyes and a twelve tomoe purple Rinnegan formed in the centre of his forehead. He wore a bit of a combination of both his parents clothing, wearing a elegant, slim cut robe and an oversized collar and long sleeves, adorned with intricate gold and purple lines, over a pair of baggy Royal purple pants tied at the ankle. The robe is embroidered with vertical columns comprised of nine magatama designs on the the sleeves and similar patterns on the back with the third magatama replaced with a black nine tomoe eye emblem in the center.


Dorobō Ōtsutsuki possess vast amount of chakra and displays monstrous control over it, his power stemming from both his mother and father he inherited their power and influence altogether. His power to erase or restore memories to people even create new ones, perform interstellar travel from world to world several light years away, subdue people into sleeping and hypnotise them, Even unleash a powerful shock-wave from his eyes or possibly kill them. His strength also coming from his father's Kāma that granted him several unique transformation's that further enhance his strength, tap into nature around him and manipulate it to his advantage, merge nature transformation's with other otherworldly beings even himself, his power has expanded and grown rapidly within him over the past decades growing largely due to him being a kind that no one has ever seen.

Chakra and Physical Prowess


Kekkei Mōra




Kaguya Ōtsutsuki Arc[1]

A millennium ago, Kaguya arrived on Earth with her partner in search of chakra fruit but the two separated after the Tenji's guards discovered and brought her to the lord but she wiped their memories and signalled Isshiki to meet her near the god tree, she made her stay in the land of ancestors with Aino as her personal attendant loyal and faithful to both them she had no issue bringing the assistant along, secretly they both discuss about the possibility of other clan members coming to take their chakra, the possibility of them having no future for themselves but their desire to overthrow the elders of their respective clan stayed in their mind. The past months they would secretly meet up near the god tree with Aino slowly gaining their trust began constructing a artificial womb, a mass muscular organ located deep within the tree held Kaguya's embryo's and Isshiki's DNA implanted within them but he place his hand deep into the roots transferring his chakra and Kāma into the eggs waiting for results. Months go by

  • 宝寨大筒木
  • Bǎozhài Ōtsutsuki
  • 成浦大筒木
  • Chéngpǔ Ōtsutsuki
  • 建宇大筒木
  • Jiànyǔ Ōtsutsuki
  • 霍金大筒木
  • Huòjīn Ōtsutsuki
  • 杜义大筒木
  • Dùyì Ōtsutsuki
  • 美玉大筒木
  • Biyù Ōtsutsuki
  • 成磊大筒木
  • Chénglěi Ōtsutsuki
  • 超星大筒木
  • Chāoxīng Ōtsutsuki
  • 黎明大筒木
  • Límíng Ōtsutsuki
  • 华凌大筒木
  • Huálíng Ōtsutsuki


  • Kaguya Ōtsutsuki a royal princess left to find more chakra with (I guess) her royal partner Isshiki Ōtsutsuki who (I guess) possessed a body to keep himself alive.
  • They lay low on earth and secretly send chakra to the clan while amassing a army of white Zetsu to fend off her other clan members but isshiki suggested to create a super soldier my stronger than regular white zetsu's so they created a artificial womb in the god tree where they took a few eggs from Kaguya's womb and Isshiki's own dna or Kāma to merge in the womb
  • While the pair is storing chakra for themselves, a faction of Ōtsutsuki found out what was going on and basically sent a group to retrieve them to be tried
  • However, both of them didn’t plan on going back home to be tried for crimes that would most likely kill them so two from the group ended up taking Dorobō while the rest stayed behind to forcefully take Kaguya and Isshiki
  • A huge fight breaks out and it results in Kaguya losing her memory while Isshiki is badly wounded ultimately having to be sealed within a host to survive
  • During that blank period Kaguya spends time with Emperor Tenji However, when rival groups learn of her they want her for themselves.

So I’m gonna go the Adam and Eve route They wanted to build a army of Ōtsutsuki that would mature faster so that they can attack and overthrow the Ōtsutsuki elders I’m thinking once she gets her memories back is when she restarts her plan but this time it’s like how it was in canon with the Black and White Zetsu Since she thinks Isshiki is dead, she’s forced to carry out her plan by herself Dorobō will be successfully born before a group of Ōtsutsuki come storming in

Okay Kaguya Ōtsutsuki a royal princess left to find more chakra with (I guess) her royal partner Isshiki Ōtsutsuki who (I guess) possessed a body to keep himself alive. They lay low on earth and secretly send chakra to the clan while amassing a army of white Zetsu to fend off her other clan members but isshiki suggested to create a super soldier my stronger than regular white zetsu's so they created a artificial womb in the god tree where they took a few eggs from Kaguya's womb and Isshiki's own dna or Kāma to merge in the womb


  1. Naruto Shippūden Episode #460
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