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Eight-Legged Table
Eight-Legged Table
Eight-Legged Table (八足の机, Yatsuashi no Tsukue, Literally meaning: Eight-Legged Table)
Appears in Anime, Manga, Movie
Team Info
  • Ichimu Tamuke (Former)

Eight-Legged Table (八足の机 Yatsuashi no Tsukue) are the former leaders of Amegakure during the interval between Konan's death and the arrival of Satoru Kensei. Most were eliminated by Satoru as a means to ensure his own secure rule, while two were left alive to supervise over Kusagakure and Ishigakure. Their technical leader, formerly and currently, is Ichimu Tamuke, the ruler of Kusagakure.


List of Members


  • The name of this organization is a rather cruel pun; while it refers to how many people were in the organization, it also reflects how they were "offered" to Satoru, as eight-legged tables are commonly used as offerings.