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Eiji and Hoshiko
Eiji and Hoshiko.jpg
Name Eiji and Hoshiko
Kanji エイジとホシコ
Romaji Eiji to hoshiko
Species White Wolf
Status Alive
Personal Status
Sexuality Straight
Birthdate Astrological Sign Sagittarius.svg November 26, 30 aNb
Age 3 (Both Brothers)
Gender Gender Male.svg Male
Height 183 cm (6' ft)
Weight 85 kg (187 lb)
Blood Status
Home Country Land of Arctic Fang Symbol.svg Land of Arctic Fang
Affiliations Yaban Anjerika
Profession Tracker
Classification Ninken
Partner Yaban Anjerika
Chakra Nature Nature Icon Wind.svg Wind Release
Nature Icon Fire.svg Fire Release
Jutsu Fire Release: Fox Fire
Fire Release: Hiding in Ash and Dust Technique
Fire Release Stream
Incantation Art: Flying Wind Blades
Wind Release: Air Bullets
Wind Release: Great Breakthrough
Wind Release Slash
Wind Release Stream

Eiji and Hoshiko (エイジとホシコ, Eiji to Hoshiko) are both snow wolf brothers, two of the rarest and unseen specimen of wolf in Land of Arctic Fang and they are Yaban Anjerika's personal summoning animals. They both lived in the deep cold forest near the Kitsuneko's fortress for most of their lives together hunting and defending their domain from outsiders and natives of the land, dominating the food chain in the wild made them apex predator with their fierce cooperative combat and unique skill in Incantation. The two brothers are always seen together and is protective of their summoner's friends and family.


Eiji and Hoshiko are both very intelligent wolves having lived and breathed the wild, hunt the game and dominate it with passion and exhilaration but have a sense of honor in their practice even in combat when they face against others like them that live for the hunt. Eiji is a gentleman with a kind-heart, sophisticated and imperturbable. He values importance of loyalty, income and the profit both brothers can make together if they tried to get into bounty hunting something he seems to quite enjoy in terms of career choices, a career he often discuss with such vigor and excitement could even relate to others who enjoys the spoils of war, the hype of the game while professional hunter-nin would often steer clear from this wolf. Like his passion for his goals and career, his loyalty and drive to serve is as deep as his brotherly love to Hoshiko that his loyalty extends to Yaban's family and those his brother cares about, he'll take direct orders from their summoner's mother without hesitation. Eiji is knowledgeable in old ninjutsu, a well versed practitioner who often tell people certain words and phrases but is often caught reading very old and vintage archives or uncommon or unpopular literature, depicts himself as the bookworm but he's sadistic and cunning when he's tormenting or fighting enemies. Unlike Eiji, Hoshiko is brash, prideful gentleman but is very mild-tempered wolf that values the fire and brimstone in hunting and combat over sitting at home and babysitting a bunch of pups but values loyalty much more than his brother which is often shown when he threatens any animal and human to pledge their allegiance to them so him and Eiji isn't backstabbed. He's competitive and very easy to rile up when it comes to games that is mainly competitive in nature, refusing anything that isn't physically rounded in things to better the person's capabilities which has made Hoshiko a very impactive force within places that has caused others to better themselves, this side of him never had any limitations when it came to Yaban or her friends. Hoshiko is also a man who does not take no's or alternatives even with his food, when a plan is halted by something major he'll do whatever needed to get it out the way just so him and Eiji can continue their plans but he mainly leaves his brother to plan while he plays the part as the knight; guarding or attacking whoever or whatever comes in their way, this would also play in favor of Ameyuri, the mother of his summoner who possess powers that is limited by injuries but possess the wits the get things done something he respects more than anything.


The brothers are large predatory wolves born and bred for hunting animals in various shapes and size, their coordinate attacks as a unit allows them to pounce and take down targets thanks to their abnormal size and weight, their strength as a pack unique and strong especially when they face off against animals that are bigger and more dangerous than they are but fail to realize they can utilize the snowy terrain as their advantage, masking their scent and body within snow and ice only to strike at their enemies limbs and body running at 12 miles per hour yet this is only small fraction of their true speed as wolves, when chasing prey they amp up their speed to 38 miles per hour or less depending on their choice of target but its occasionally the prey that gives them challenge but would prove inevitable no matter how hard they try. Carnivorous and blood-lusting by nature, Eiji and Hoshiko display their feral side quite a lot towards animals more than humans due to how rare it is, when opportunity strikes they leak out their killing intent and give the human a clear idea of their death and make sure they know it'll happen whether they like it or not but since joining their summoner's team they've became more docile and submissive when Yuna's companion; Kenta is around, a larger predator they never see on their land displayed quite the ferocity and strength as a white bengal tiger.

They possess bone crushing jaw strength that's capable of breaking a regular human beings skull in two bites while their limbs is one bite enough to render them immobile, the bites are lethal and dangerous when they latch onto their prey severally injuring them with their fangs that penetrate deep into arteries and tissue with the capacity of 1,500 pounds of pressure making it nearly impossible to break free of such a grip that any attempt would prove fatal well regardless what you do, your fate is sealed. Their biting force can be increased by applying chakra to enhance their lethality as well their claws to the point they can tear through wood and iron with ease. The two brothers are quite proficient utilizing old ninjutsu; Incantation and had learned to understand and master its mechanics and advantage they have over others who simply weave through hand seals, being able to speak fluidly with their spells summoning blades of wind and send them flying by slashing their claws or tails. During their time serving Yaban their ability to use basic ninjutsu wasn't known until their battle against the ice queen; Yũ Yukimura and then their fight with a few thugs and missing-nin, Eiji having excelled in wind release and shown to be capable of fighting his own battles quite well alone while his brother Hoshiko is more aggressive and offensive, spew flames from his gut out his mouth in streams or summoning fire flames in action.