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"She is my most distant ancestor, my closest relative, my mother, my sister, my best friend, my worst enemy. I carry her hopes and dreams, her sorrows and pains. The burden of a familial love that nearly killed her. Yet she would do anything for them anyway, even if it tore her apart. Selfless, selfish, self-loathing. Four hundred and ninety two possibilities lived in her mind. A four hundred and ninety third lived in her soul. But she's gone now, finally able to rest from a family that demanded so much of her but gave so little in return. I am her. She is me. We will have our freedom...finally."
— Eimei's thoughts.

Eimei Uzumaki
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Name Eimei Uzumaki
Kanji うずまき英名
Rōmaji Uzumaki Eimei
Titles Red Scare (恐慌赤い, Kyōkō Akai)
Personal Status
Clan Uzumaki Symbol.svg Uzumaki Clan (Presumed)
Family Eihei Uzumaki (Mother, Sister, Source)
Daigetsu Bandai (Son)
Miyabita Bandai (Daughter)
Tsubaki Bandai (Daughter)
Saisei Bandai (Daughter)
Classification Sensor Type
Kekkei Genkai Nature Icon Chowagan.svg Chōwagan

Eimei Uzumaki (うずまき英名, Uzumaki Eimei) is a free-lance kunoichi operating in the shinobi continent. A noted swordsman, kuniochi, and traveler, she is perhaps best known for the disruption her presence brings. Those who are helped by her hand, whether it is making a crops grow when they will not, defending a family from bandits, helping out at an orphanage, are seemingly instilled with new value. Rebellions lie in her wake, new nations formed, old villages reduced to rubble. She has been vilified by the Great Shinobi Countries, deemed a threat to national security. Many wonder where she comes from, and where she goes, only receiving the woman's name.

If they only knew her past. A product of Danzō's whims, she is survivor of not one, but two of their projects. Originally a clone of the Adjudicator, her genetic material would be taken and harvested, placed with an egg of the same being before carefully mixed and remixed. That she survived such a process was a miracle unto itself, but her instability would result in her abandonment. Yet, she woke when her source left this world, memories, wants and desires roused within Eimei. Pain followed as her form adjusted, stabilized by these whims. Stretching out before her, a new road begins.


The Hard Knock Life

The Reluctant Hero

All the Children

Yes she has a soft spot for them. Didn't stop her from putting them through the grindstone.



Fee fi foo fum, here the Red Scare comes.


Chakra Prowess


The bones and ashes of the deceased rise once more.



Ingō (因業, lit. "Heartless, Causes and Actions"):

Her favored weapon and reliable ally.


  • She is based on Avenger Maou Nobunaga from Fate.