editEnzeru Rinku
Appears in Anime
Birthdate 6/6
Gender Gender Female Female
Species Vampire
Age 20
Height 170
17,000 cm
170 m
557.743 ft
6,692.913 in
Weight 72
72 kg
158.733 lb
Occupation Assassin/Hunter-nin
Affiliation Death Mongers
Nature Type
Unique Traits
  • Fangs in place of Canines


Enzeru has a slender figure, found attractive by many. Her skin a slightly paler than what would be considered normal, making her red eyes and lips significantly more noticeable. Her ghostly white hair flows down to her waist.


Despite her obviously evil nature, Enzeru acts like an innocent young girl. Many travelers remember her as a kind and attractive young woman they met one day, rather than a evil being. Enzeru's seemingly kind personality hides the fact she is a ruthless killer. Rarely does Enzeru's evil show, even in combat where she can even be seen apologizing to opponents who she is unable to "finish off quickly."


Enzeru is one of Dokutādesu's late experiments. Both Enzeru and her brother, Akuma, were meant to be Doku's own personal hunters to track down and kill those he considered a threat. Unfortunately for Doku, he was killed before he was able to birth the twins. Years after his death, his subordinate Kirā followed through with his plan, completing the DNA sequence and creating the first genetically engineered twins. Enzeru was raised alongside her brother under Kirā's tutelage.

With Kirā as their mentor, Akuma and Enzeru quickly mastered Ninjutsu, became experts in Taijutsu and excelled in Genjutsu. Enzeru also learned to effectively use the abilities given to her as a member of the Rinku clan, turning her into an effective hunter. Enzeru spent most of her early years alongside Akuma as they did Kirā's bidding, involving assassinations and the killing of those Kirā deemed a threat.


Part in Story

Enzeru fights alongside her brother Akuma and does the bidding of Kira and Dokutādesu. They often take part in assassinations and hunting down potential "threats."


The Rinku clan was created by Kasumi12346


"It truly pains me to watch a dying animal thrive in agony. I wish they would just lay still."

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