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Kanji 悪意
Rōmaji Akui
Literal English Omen of Malice
English anime Embodiment of Malevolence
Appears in Anime, Manga
Classification General Skill
Class Offensive, Supplementary
Other jutsu
Related jutsu
Killing Intent

Evil Intent (悪意, Akui) is a general skill that is crafted from one's own wicked intentions. While skills such as Killing Intent projects sheer blood thirst, this skill projects an aura of malevolence. This intense aura of malice that the opponent envisions can be seen as pure spite they are filled with fear and despair from just being around an individual that produces this intent. The user displays a fear inducing dark aura that is representing their powerful, evil and violent personality. Also due to the users evil and/or their malevolent personality, animals such as horses, dogs and other summoning creatures greatly fear the user and will turn violent or become panicked upon noticing them. While used in combat, it causes the opponent to make uncommon mistakes or accident-like events to happen as well such as dropping kunai, speaking in confusion and even effects their formation of hand seals due to them seeing nightmarish visions. When picked up by sensors, they will feel it to overbearingly sinister.

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