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[nil edit]Eye Murder Technique 15px
  • The user stares the victim in the eye...
  • ...Who will die moments later.
Appears in Anime, Manga
Classification Ninjutsu, Ketsugan Kekkei Genkai
Class Offensive
Range Short-range

To use this technique, one must possess the Ketsugan and make eye contact with the intended target. Once activated, the technique can be used to kill a person by looking into their eyes. To activate it, the user simply looks the victim in the eyes with an activated Ketsugan. Blood will soon come from the mouth of the target and moments afterwards, he will die. In order for the technique to work, however, the user must make direct eye contact with the target for approximately five seconds; if the eye contact is broken then the technique will be rendered ineffective.

Miyuki Murakami gained a terrifying reputation through the use of this technique, so much so that her opponents would have killed themselves rather than face her Ketsugan in battle. It was through the use of this technique that Miyuki first gained the moniker The Harbinger of Death (死の前兆, Shi no Zenchō).

It takes Akari ten seconds of eye contact instead of just five.

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