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Finest Generation
(最優秀の世代, Saiyūshū no Sedai, Literally meaning: Legendary Ace)
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Finest Generation (最優秀の世代, Saiyūshū no Sedai, Viz: Legendary Ace), are four beings of tremendous potential or power and who are capable of making great changes in the world. These individuals are dubbed so thanks to either pedigree, their bloodline or other factors.


The "Finest Generation" are a makeshift "team" of individuals who have been sought out by the mysterious Elusive Man, an enigmatic individual who has been blessed with Clairvoyance , through which he has seen the individuals who would become a force of light. This relatively new group is a loosely knit team who he saw promise in as the next generation. These youth are scattered across the Méihuā and rarely meet, however they are aware of the other members and their status. Each member is marked with a star-shaped Juinjutsu, which allow them to communicate across vast distances, as well as allow them to track each other as when they are near another the marks start to mildly burn. These marks can be modified by those who know the core formula, allowing for the shape to be changed as seen with Tsubaki, who has a heart shaped mark rather than a star. The Elusive Man's intentions are unknown as even their identity is unknown even to the members as they only communicate through the mysterious star marks or scrolls. It is speculated that the group is meant to come together to stop a threat or some like Seito believe that they are being used to "corrupt" the world rather than save it.

Each member is given an epithet which denotes something about them such as Seito being the Ace of Brightness, denoting his usage of the powerful Light Release. These epithet is completely honorary as most individuals do not know about the movements of the Aces, and as such wouldn't know anything about their intentions. Due to the nature of the Elusive Man's abilities but also the unstable nature of time itself, some members may not understand their purposes in the group.


Inner Circle

  • NoeinVoide (虚, Kyo) or Void of Ace's (エースの無効, Ēsu no mukō): A inner members of Finest Generations is a mysterious figure much like the Elusive Man who operates behind the scenes, some rumored that Noein is a shinobi blessed with the power of a ascended demon birthed from the deepest part of yomi. Noein possess an Hexagram mark on its left thigh.

Outer Circle & Field Operatives

  • Seito Fuyutama - Ace of Brightness (光輝の最優秀, Kōki no Saiyūshū, Viz: Shining Ace): A user of the Light Release; Seito gained the title of Shining Ace due to his heroism in spite of his rough upbringing. His star mark is located on his right hand.
  • Chikara Kōboku - Ace of Indomitable Diamonds (不抜金剛の最優秀, Fubatsu Kongō no Saiyūshū, Viz: Diamond Ace)
  • Ningyō - Ace of Puppets (傀儡の最優秀, Kugutsu no Saiyūshū, Viz: Puppeteer Ace): A puppeteer that has served as the advisor and Intel for her king during the Uzumaki campaign, Ningyō gained her title as Ningyou Ōkami (人形大神, Ōkami Ningyou) for her dark power in human puppetry for assassinating and gathering Intel from those she manipulate. Her mark is an double helix located at the left side of her neck.
  • Tsubaki Serizawa - Ace of Hearts (エースの心, Ēsu no Kokoro, Viz: Ace of Hearts): A taijutsu specialist and night operative who uses Yin Release to perform Space–Time Ninjutsu, Tsubaki is a sadomasochistic kunoichi infamous for her tendency to rip out her opponents' hearts. She gained the title of Ace of Hearts shortly after she dismantled the largest illegal human-trafficking organization with the Land of Tao. Her heart mark is located...


  • This group was inspired by the Supernovas from One Piece and the Legendary Red Barons from Plunderer.
  • This group was also inspired by the Yonkō of the previous generation of Editors.
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