[nil edit]Fire Method 15px
Kanji 火歩
Rōmaji Hihō
Viz print media Dance of the Fire Foot
English anime Fire Step
Alternative names Ancient Art of the Majestic Flame
Appears in Anime, Manga
Classification Kekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu, Hiden
Rank C-rank
Class Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Range All ranges

Fire Method (火歩, "Hihō", English TV; "Fire Step", "Dance of the Fire Foot", or "Ancient Art of the Majestic Flame") is the unique fighting style of the Gōka clan.


It is said that this combat style originates with the progenitor of the Goka clan, a man who himself comes from another world entirely. As such, it is one of if not the earliest form of Fire Release, lost to time because of the cultist secrecy of the clan and the difficulty required in using the techniques therein. The Fire Method has since become an esoteric form of combat, passed down via word of mouth in the Goka clan; few remaining written instructions are heavily guarded.


In order to use this technique a person must first know both the flow of special fluids in their body present only in those of the Goka and the natural flow of chakra in their bodies. Once they have ascertained this it is their desire to then direct both of those flows wherever they might choose, generating fire or manipulating fire with precision accuracy. The battle style has been called a method of "power" that requires a strong resolve and tempestuous temper to effectively use. Because of its aggressiveness the Fire Method is incredibly quick acting and confusing to opponents; movements on the floor, in the air and behind an opponent can all be apart of a single technique. A mere foot gesture of finger movement can result in varying blasts of flames. The idea is to overwhelm ones enemy to strike a finishing blow. This can be done with a series of barrages or forceful blasts.


As seen in combat, some of the drawbacks to this battle style include extreme cold, a lack of desire to fight and a lack of knowledge on ones fluid and chakra flow.


  • This battle style was heavily inspired by Firebending from the Avatar series.