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Kanji 盤根術
Rōmaji Bankon no Jutsu
Literal English Entwined Roots Technique
Appears in Manga
Classification Nature Icon Wood Kekkei Genkai, Ninjutsu
Class Supplementary
Derived jutsu

Flowing Roots Technique (盤根術,Bankon no Jutsu) is a technique used by Zenkichi, it's mainly used to help him see. The use of this technique, revolves and Zenkichi creating and manipulating roots from his body mostly his feet. This roots are flowed into the ground and connects to the roots of others in the area. Then by using the Gaia's Blessing, he is able to anything within the range of the roots.

While he mostly uses the created roots to connect himself to the forest. He is also able to use this technique to connect the roots of his created trees. This is mostly done when using the his tree of time. The roots have many other functions. Though Zenkichi has never stated what they are.

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