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[nil edit]Foul Darkness Barrier Technique 15px
Kanji 不闇関の術
Rōmaji Fuankan no Jutsu
Viz print media Foul Darkness Barrier Jutsu
Appears in Anime, Manga
Classification Nature Icon Dark Kekkei Genkai, Barrier Ninjutsu
Class Defensive, Supplementary

This technique allows the user to erect a barrier that spans any distance and height the user desires. The barrier can be broken in segments, allowing the user and allies to fight one-on-one battles against multiple enemies. Nothing gets in or out and if an opponent or foe try to get in or escape, all their chakra will be sucked out, killing them. It's also effective because allies won't be harmed by the barrier so long as the user knows their chakra signature, making them able to go through it unharmed. This technique has an inheritant disadvantage because for the technique to work, the user must stay still to focus their chakra to the barrier, leaving them vulnerable. As a result, it's more effective when it's done with a clone.

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