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The Fuma Clan is an incredibly powerful ninja clan that originated from the Land of Rice Fields. During the Great Shinobi Wars the Fuma were greatly valued by the feudal lord of the Land of Rice Fields. However, after the wars the Fuma clan fell into a depression, and the feudal lord found no more use for them.

Eventually, many members of the Fuma clan members left the Land of Rice Fields and travelled far away to find a new leader to serve. The travelling branch eventually, found employment under the Hokage and the feudal lord of the Land of Fire. Most of the members that stayed behind became members of Otogakure when Orochimaru convinced the feudal lord to create a full-scale ninja village in his land. The rest of the Fuma Clan declined to became theives. After Orochimaru's base collapsed the Hanzaki Fuma then became leader of the remaining Fuma Clan members in the Land of Rice Fields. He built a special, hidden underground training complex for the Rice Field Fuma Clan.

Select members of the main house of the Fuma Clan have the Iragan eye. This dojutsu allows the user to see great distances, but its greatest trait is its amazing interrogation technique. By simply looking someone in the eye with an activated Iragan, not only does it completely paralyze the target, but the user is able dig through the target's mind and their past allowing the user to reveal valuable information and things that should best be forgotten. The user is also able to learn techniques that the target has previously mastered. Also members of the Leaf Branch possess a powerful weapon known as the Spear of Fuma. Every 3 years, the Leaf Branch holds a battle tournament open to all Leaf Branch Fuma clan members. THe winner keeps the Spear of Fuma for the next three years. Also every ten years a Fuma will also be born housing the Dark Chakra, a force of great evil for the Fuma Clan. If the host of the Dark Chakra can not control it then the next Fuma Clan member born after the Dark Chakra host lost control will house the opposite of the Dark Chakra; the Light Chakra. Not only do both chakras oppose each other they also have opposite personalities. The Light Chakra is gentle and caring, while the Dark Chakra is brutal and sadistic. When the chakra is activated it forms a cloak around its host similiar to a Bjuu. It can then be manipulated to be shot out as an offensive technique or to form a shield for a defensive technique.


1. Iragan

2. Dark Chakra (Currently housed in Genkuyagero Fuma)

3. Light Chakra (Currently housed in Mio Fuma)

4. Fuma Ninja Art: Spell of the Mandala


1. Genkuyagero Fuma

2. Mio Fuma

3. Arashi Fuma

4. Sasame Fuma

5. Jigumo

6. Kamakiri

7. Kagero

8. Hanzaki

9. Kensu Fuma

10. Ichida Fuma