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Name Fusei
Kanji ふせい
Rōmaji Fusei
Personal Status
Birthdate Astrological Sign Leo.svg August 4
Gender Gender Female.svg Female
Occupation Building Manager at Kenshi Factory
Previous Occupation Shift Manager at Kenshi Factory
Family Hanasaka (Daughter)

Fusei (ふせい, lit. "Fleeting Life") is a resident of the Land of Fangs. The mother of Hanasaka, she is the source of the girl's adventurous spirit. Thrust into life of a single-parent at the tender age of eighteen, she relied on the stories told to her by her father. Stories that were told to him by his own parents and to them by their parents, stretching back to times forgotten; it was an oral history that she drew strength from while slogging through each thankless factory shift, before returning to her cramped apartment and sleeping child. When Hana was old enough, Fusei began telling her these stories too, in hopes of alleviating the trying circumstances they found themselves in each day. Never did Sei think Hana would act on these stories; only realizing this when she woke up to a note with a large sum of money, a cell phone, and well-wishes on it. Motivated by her child's initiative, Fusei's since obtained a few promotions, no longer willing to settle for the lot given.



"They were just stories to me. Stories to break up a monotonous and bleak existence. I thought that if they could get through what they did in those tales, I could last another day. But my child changed that; she believes. I have no idea if it's true that we're related to them..that they're our ancestors. All I have are a bunch of stories passed down to me by past generations, told in a world that would think them stupid or crazy. But you know...I hope it is true...actually, I think I'm starting to believe it too. Funny how that works."
— Fusei on the power of personal narrative.


A beckoning hand to move on.

Those who know both Fusei and Hanasaka often remark how strongly the two resemble each other, to the point they're mistaken for sisters, even twins. As with her daughter, Fusei tends to stand among the Fang Country populace, thanks to rich red locks and bright golden eyes. The former is often pointed to as evidence of descent from a storied line, though Fusei herself has doubts. Regardless, she chooses to wear her hair freely, its ends just reaching her calves. The rest she lets fall around her face, framing it with several bangs belying a contemplative, if stoic expression. In comparisons with her child, it's often noted how young she looks, seemingly defying Father Time at every turn. Also remarked upon is her height; standing at 5'10, the average Fang citizen appears diminutive next to her.

Due to the nature of her profession, Fusei often opts for simple, easy to clean clothing; or at least, clothing she wouldn't be up in arms about if stained. This results in her wearing the now ubiquitous one piece. Onyx in hue, it flows down her frame, large, long sleeves surrounding her arms, while the rest ends in a long, pelvic curtain. Though commonly wearing flats when on the factory floors, Fusei will occasionally switch them out for low, but still fashionable, heels, their color a perfect match for her one piece. On the rare instance she has a day off, however, this outfit is exchanged for a white tank top, shorts, and sandals, the woman either puttering around her apartment, or venturing out for groceries.



  • She is based appearance wise on a variant of Murata Himeko, namely Herrscher of Fire from the manga of Honkai Impact.