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Gekka Otoko
Nature Icon Gekka Otoko.svg
Kanji 月下男
Rōmaji Gekka Otoko
English Man Underneath the Moonlight
Clan Kurama Symbol.png Kurama Clan
Classification Dōjutsu,Kekkei Mōra
Known Wielders
Minegumo Uzumaki

Gekka Otoko (月下男, Literally meaning: Man underneath the Moonlight) is a wholly unique and newly developed Kekkei Mōra (血継網羅, Literally meaning: Bloodline Encompassing) that has manifested within Minegumo Uzumaki. Its characterization comes from the fact that it is a genetic mutation, brought about from his distinct lineages coming together. As a result of its status as a new bloodline, much of its capabilities and the extent they can be used remain unknown.


The Kekkei Mōra known as Gekka Otoko is a Dōjutsu that comes about from Minegumo’s uniquely balanced Yin and Yang energies. According to one theory, the eye was born because of his direct heritage: the spiritual power of the Kurama Clan, well-known for their Genjutsu prowess and spiritual essence, combining with Life-force and vitality of the Uzumaki. The theory continues that the once separate bloodlines came together in one being and completely merged. In doing so, they gave rise to a power that was unseen and unheard of in the entire history of either clans. As Minegumo is so far the only known Kurama and Uzumaki hybrid, this idea so far seems to be the most legitimate and recognized.

However, as Minegumo continued to develop the power and learn more of its abilities, more factors would make themselves known, bringing about new theories. Akigumo Kurama and her possession of the Kurama Clan’s ancestral bloodline was called into play, creating a theory that the Kurama parent must also possess the bloodline. Meanwhile, Shenron Uzumaki and his extraordinary life-energy would be noted, leading to the idea that an Uzumaki must have an equally strong vitality. Said hypothesis would continue with the idea that an already established Dōjutsu must also be in the lineage for a new eye to come about. As Minegumo’s paternal grandfather possesses both the Sharingan and the Rinnegan, such a theory indeed holds weight. Minegumo’s extended family would also be taken into consideration, along with their inherited healing and transformation abilities.

In any case, Gekka Otoko has been classified not as a regular Kekkei Genkai, but instead as a Kekkei Mōra due to its encompassing characteristics.


A “New Age” bloodline, much of Gekka Otoko’s abilities, and the extent to which they can be used, remain unknown. It was only after several years of careful experimentation that Minegumo, it’s only known user, began to understand the eye. According to him, it differs from the well-known Sharingan, Byakugan in that it is young. Gekka Otoko is unknown to the world at large, and unconnected as a result. It is a “lonely eye” that wants to be seen and recognized. As a result, one who possesses Gekka Otoko carries the desire to “connect and bond” to overcome loneliness. While the eye is not truly sentient beyond the Asura and Ido, Minegumo believes this allegory to be the best way to explain the eye and how it’s abilities work.

Said abilities start off as per the usual for Dōjutsu, being enhanced perception, which Minegumo refers to as the “Eye of Purity.”

While Gekka Otoko gives its user the ability to visually perceive chakra, this is only the tip of the iceberg as the eye is not pleased with the average chakra perception that every Dōjutsu is capable of. No, the desire to bond, to gain recognition, causes it to “detest obstructions” that would impede or lessen its quest to connect. This desire is so great that it not only detects chakra, but the raw essences that creates the energy, better known as Yin and Yang. To put it simply, it allows Gekka Otoko to perceive life and spirit energy.

It can pinpoint damage and trauma done to the mind, body, and spirit and the effects they have on an individual. Be it wounds and illnesses, a psychological disorder or addiction, or blight on the soul: the eye can discern it all with a single glance. This also gives it the ability to detect the “non-living” such as spirits and the reanimated and their “residual” energies such as Dukkha. However, Minegumo insists that this particular aspect of the eye is weak in comparison to that of a true Arihant.

Second of the eye’s abilities is the “Eye of Corruption”, which offers a unique manipulation of spiritual and physical energies. Just as humans can be swayed by their emotions and become warped by negative feelings such as grief, so too can the eye choose to force its desire for companionship upon others via connections of chakra. This allows it to perform powerful Genjutsu that are capable of fooling other Dōjutsu with their potency. Much like Nenmu, illusions cast through Gekka Otoko have the ability to induce physical wounds on a target by virtue of psychosomatics.

It has been theorized that Gekka Otoko is capable of even more than Minegumo has discovered, and that he has only “scratched the surface” of what he can do.

Notes & Trivia

  • Gekka Otoko's image source comes from Herrscher of the Void from Honkai Impact and Unknown God from Genshin Impact.
    • An immeasurable special thanks to User:OmniKaiser for "Narutofying" said eyes for me, and giving me an good image to use.