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Genjutsu barricades
Kanji 幻術プロテクト
Rōmaji Genjutsu Purotekuto
Literal English Illusion Technique Protect
Appears in Anime, Manga, Movie
Classification Genjutsu
Class Supplementary

The user can use this technique to place mental blocks the target's mind that contains valuable information in case the one with the information is captured and interrogated. The barricades look like stylized traditional Japanese sliding doors. According to Inoichi Yamanaka, it is very effective against truth serums.

Additionally, as seen with Kyōshi Takamori, this technique can be employed to ensure that a target's memories and mind aren't tampered with by another individual's means. To this end, the technique can even be applied to the practitioner of the skill. This allows complete protection from even the strongest illusions. Feng Dào uses it in the same means, after gaining the blocks unknowingly from the Shinigami Ritual.

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