• Rank: Unknown (Maybe Jonin)
  • Call Name: Trap Maker, Codename: One
  • Homevillage: Kagerougakure
  • Organization: The Oyasumi

Genno was a carpenter who came to Konoha to help a rebuilder in the rebulit plan. In the past, he fought Konohagakure with his homevillage Kagerougakure. When Kagerou was whiped out by an unknown hidden village, Genno was the only one left from his village. After that, he left to create an organization known as The Oyasumi and named himself One or Ichi to hide his identity.

Konoha 11 arc

He decided to play tricks on Konoha as a member of The Oyasumi. He fought off Ino Yamanaka and Rock Lee. He was matching Rock Lee's Taijutsu although when Ino went into his body she felt pain so extreme that she left it immediately.

Mouse Trap's Avenging

He had ordered Mouse Trap to strengthen Konoha and Sunagakure and had also sent a secret note (ad) to Mouse Trap that gave him a warning about collapsing at 2:45pm.