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Kanji 柔道
Rōmaji Jūdō
Literal English Gentle Path
Alternative names Gentle Style (柔流, Jūryū)
Appears in Anime, Manga, Novel, Game, Movie
Classification Byakugan Kekkei Genkai, Hiden, Fighting Style, Taijutsu, Bukijutsu
Class Offensive
Range All ranges
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu
Gentle Path (柔道, Jūdō) is a unique fighting style created and utilized by Dan Hyūga that combines the traditional Gentle Fist and his skill in Bukijutsu to create a whole new fighting style.


Also referred to as "Gentle Style", the Gentle Path is an application of the Gentle Fist through the use of weaponry and is arguably an even more lethal application of the style. By first creating weapons through Ryūgū-jō, Dan uses chakra flow to create and maintain a "cloak" made up of needles around his various created weaponry. However, unlike the traditional Gentle Fist where damage is done internally, or typical Bukijutsu where weapons do outward damage, the Gentle Path instead does both.

According to Dan himself, the Gentle Path is a "certain-kill" style of fighting: combing the lethality of the Gentle Fist with any type of weaponry essentially creates a form of combat that can only be used to kill. This is due to the fact that most of Dan's weaponry allows him to not only drastically increase the range of the Gentle Fist, but turn it into a type of poison as well. The moment his weapons make a wound on that of his opponents, Dan is able to make his weapons breakdown ever so slightly and enter his targets bodies as a multitude of needles that wreak havoc on them internally.

Dan typically saves this style of fighting for situations that absolutely call for it.

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