Getsugakure (月隠れの里, Getsugakure no Sato; Japanese for Village Hidden under the Moon) is a hidden village in the Land of the Moon. It is shown that it is not on the Crescent Moon Island, as that is merely the seat of the royal family, and is in fact owned exclusively by that family. The village is instead located on the Crescent Moon Coast, an area of land comprising most of the Land of the Moon which includes a stretch of coast shaped like a crescent moon, and several peninsulas complete the image.The king is in fact merely an overlord in terms of official authority, and in wealth. While all members must pay allegiance to the king of the Land of the Moon, he extremely rarely intervenes in any significant way, and Getsugakure is left in charge, though he has the right to appoint any of a number of candidates, pre-approved by the ninja of the village, to the post should a prior leader be removed for any reason. Getsugakure is ruled by the daimyo, though higher-ranked ninja are given the authority to issue certain types of mandates, and there is a single ninja who is given the reins of the village in the event of war. Following the appointment of a new leader, Getsugakure has made its peace with the executed chief of police's son, Kojimaru Sensōkajiya, and he has assisted in the forging of a bond between them and Konohagakure. The known clans of Getsugakure are the Sensōkajiya Clan, who are the personal force of the village's leaders, the Jiyūkari Clan, a large and respected clan that has ties to more influential ones and has vast numbers of shinobi, and the Rappa'shu Clan, a small but powerful clan that dominates the village in terms of influence.

After the razing of Getsugakure by Iwagakure in the Shinobi World War, due to a betrayal of the alliance, Getsugakure was completely destroyed, and its inhabitants were forced to evacuate to Konoha, forming a "Getsugakure Quarter" there.

Clans: Ryuugetsu Clan

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