Kanji 月夜眼
Rōmaji Getsuyagan
Literal English Moonlit Night Eye
Other Tsukuyomi's Reincarnated Eye (ツクヨミの生まれ変わった目, Tsukuyomi no umarekawatta me)
Appears in Anime, Manga, Movie
Known Wielders


The Getsuyagan (月夜眼, Literally meaning: Moonlit Night Eye) is a mythical Kekkei Mōra that existed since before the Sage of Six Paths and the Rinne Sharingan. This mythical dōjutsu transcends from the blood of a moon goddess that once ruled earth for billions of years only to vanish leaving this bloodline hidden among the descendants bloodlines. The eye is characterised by violet blue irides, with a bright blue moon like appearance in the eyes.


The Getsuyagan is a legendary dōjutsu that has said to have been first wielded by Tsukuyomi Mikoto herself during the very creation of Earth itself but other legends has been told that it's been blessed by one of her sons who would become legendary being. Many tales of this power has manifested in the lands for thousands of years only known as a myth. It was first wielded by Tsukuyomi who absorbed a cosmic storm during her wondering through the stars. This manifested in both her eyes giving her divine enhanced conditions plus the creation of a monster inside her that let her to become corrupted with power, wanting more of it she killed her brothers Izanagi and Onogoroshima devouring their essence before ruling her new home with a fierce passion that lasted for eons till she was sealed away by Dorobō and his children.

The eye which can reflect off the moon or from a planet can grant a powerful Space-Time Ninjutsu that could swallow worlds whole but much hasn't been seen by this dōjutsu since its the predeccesor of all dōjutsu. This eye can only be proven true when the user has the two celestial dragons of the sun and moon (or through the mysterious slesction of a "chosen vessel" would the eye manifest), as the Celestial' Jinchūriki, was able to manifest this dōjutsu in both or one eye. When Dorobō and his children sealed Tsukuyomi away her eyes were converted into a mist of chakra taking the form of a blue jay before disappearing into the sky under the effects of this powerful technique.


The Eye possess ocular abilities unlike any other dōjutsu in existence since it was born from two divine catalyst's. It will possess moon like abilities that are supernatural and paranormal abilities that extends to the user's will and beyond.

"Eye of Psionic" (心霊の目, Shinrei no me) — is a unique ability that only awakened in different selected wielders of this dōjutsu to a certain degree of it's power highly depending on user's capabilities. This power grants sets of abilities granted to users will to use it from weaponry, healing or flying via platform disc.

"Eye of Biomorphism" (生物形態の目, Seibutsu keitai no me)

2) What if you narrowed down the animals to one specific animal like a werewolf form (cause the moon). It simplifies it and makes sense, it being a werewolf. However, then you'd lose the talks to animal and animal paths stuff, so idk. 3) I always wanted to make a genjutsu that used the moon and I prob will eventually, but maybe you could do something like how if you look into the sharingan then you're trapped, but instead it's if the opponent looks at the moon or a reflection of the moon (even a reflection from the dojutsu user's own eyes) This makes the genjutsu really good at night, but also have some weaknesses (daytime = no moon) 4) Make sure a tenfold increase isn't too much so that they are moving in super OP slow motion in their mind, or that they are 100% better than the sharingan or byakugan. You can still have this sight and perception, but maybe make it less powerful, however, I have another idea. What if you allowed them to "see" using the moon. Like wherever the moonlight touches, they can sense people within a certain radius of themselves. Essentially this gives them a unique sensory technique, and if they somehow went blind they could even fight using only this technique and sound

Yeah I find the psychic abilities as the literal OP power the Getsuyagan will possess, the ability to shift into an animal that affiliate with the moon 🌕 sounds very interesting, the dōjutsu Genjutsu should have a limit like during the day it's powerful enough to subdue a person but it's weak enough for the opponent break free from the illusion even unable to use certain abilities during the day as well but at night during a partial moon or full moon the eye will be at its fullest, the eye will be as efficient then the Sharingan in certain area's like being immune to Sharingan Genjutsu (but the user can be effected whenever he has it off) but is slightly at par with perception but can render the byakugan useless.

"Essentially this gives them a unique sensory technique, and if they somehow went blind they could even fight using only this technique and sound."

This sounds very intriguing to discuss cause if the user does go blind after overuse they can channel some of that unique properties into sensory techniques or by sound alone (little like "A Quiet Place")

  • Omoikane
  • Ninigi-no-Mikoto
  • Onogoroshima
  • Ōgetsu-hime
  • Susano'o-no-mikoto
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