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Gilding Technique
Kanji 金鍍金の術
Rōmaji Kinmekki no Jutsu
English TV Crystallization Process
Classification Kekkei Keiro, Ninjutsu
Nature Nature Icon Paragon Paragon Release
Class Supplementary
Inventor Chikara Kōboku
Other Info
Derived Jutsu Paragon Aegis
Gilding Technique: Spearmint Scatter Bomb

The Gilding Technique (金鍍金の術, Kinmekki no Jutsu) is an original kekkei keiro technique utilized by Chikara Kōboku.


Similar to it’s deprived technique, through physical contact, users can materialize a spearmint colored coating of diamonds over any physical matter. In the case of this technique being used on an individual, the crystallization process can be slightly slowed down or outright canceled if the target in question has greater chakra control than the user. Alternatively, a person fully encased by this jutsu has the potential to force the outer adamant shell to shatter by channeling a large amount of chakra throughout their entire body albeit this method is highly difficult and chakra taxing.

The Gilding Technique, much like many other Paragon Release techniques, provides the user with various clever ways in which this jutsu can be utilized in combat. For example, Chikara can further enhance the durability and overall cutting prowess for his allies by placing a thin but durable plating of diamonds overtop of their weapons of choice; the user seemingly has control over the plated diamond’s weight, making it potentially hard for victims to move. Due to his medical prowess, Chikara was able to think on his feet by using this jutsu as a makeshift topical hemostatic agent by filling the wounds of his allies with a liquified version of this ability to temporarily stop the bleeding.


  • The Gilding Technique is a revised idea inspired by User:Dedmnwalkn88's Diamond Release: Gilding.


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