Gold Release
Gold release
Kanji 法将
Rōmaji Kinton
Literal English Gold Release
Other Gold Sand, Gold Dust
Viz manga Gold Style
Manga Chapter #587
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #195
Movie Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Guardians of the Moon
Game Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution
OVA Haruno Clan: Legacy of the Moon Kingdom
Appears in Anime, Manga, Movie
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Known Wielders

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Gold Release (都她Kinton,Viz: Gold Style) is a combined nature transformation kekkei genkai that is often used by the legendary Haruno Clan who are somewhat related to the Kazekage clan.


According to legend, some members of the Haruno clan tend to have the ability to use Gold Release to manipulate their chakra into anything they can think of such as weapons, the clan also use Gold Release to generate their chakra to gold sand to manipulate in any form such as orbs, shields, coffins, etc. This Kekkei Genkai originally belonged to their relatives of Sunagakure's Kazekage clan, the clan's leader Rasa used this kekkei genkai to manipulate Gold Dust, the signature weapon of the Fourth Kazkage, because of this he was known to others as "Rasa of the Gold Release" (Kinton no Rasa). Eversince Rasa had a special bond with the Haruno Clan's Leader Kizashi Haruno (his entrusted cousin) which is why he entrusted this kekkei genkai to the clan's leader for the clan to master before Rasa's death in the Third Shinobi World War.

There are some members who now wield this kekkei genkai, some known wielders of the Gold Release which include "The Moon Princess" Sakura Haruno, Yushiro Haruno "The Fallen Angel", and Mebuki Haruno "Angel of the Moonlight". Several days later Sakura warned her father that the Sakamoto Clan's leader Hikari was planning a coup to steal their kekkei genkai, despite the warning some members of the Sakamoto clan were more powerful than the Harunos'. During the attack almost half of Sakura's clan was nearly wiped out but the attack later came to an end when Sakura killed Hikari leading her clan to victory against the Sakamotos'. Despite this the Sakamoto some how achieved into taking some of the Haruno clan's DNA In order to keep the kekkei genkai to themselves and by learning the secrets of how the now Sakamoto Clans' Kekkei Genkai works.

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