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Yasashiku Kagetsuki by boyoftears
(五郎, Gorou)
Appears in Anime, Manga
Voice Actors
English Crispin Freeman Icon - Search
Japanese Kenji Hamanda
Birthdate Astrological Sign Sagittarius December 9
Gender Gender Male Male
Age 19 (Deceased)
Height 261.7
26,170 cm
261.7 m
858.596 ft
10,303.15 in
Weight 51.3kg
113.097 lb
Blood type O
Classification Special ANBU
Clan Aburame Symbol Aburame Clan
Nature Type

Gorou(五郎,Gorou) was a member of the Hakkingakure ANBU and was the only known Aburame to master the Enchū.


Gorou was born to two aburame shinobi parents, he was very smart and graduated from the acdemy in less than a year. two years his younger sister Ume was born. After joining the Hakkingakure ANBU he discoverd a hive full of strange insects, he soon masterd the enchū and became very famous. When he died he gave the insects to his lover Hiroko Aburame.


Gorou was a fairly tall and lean-built man. He had fair-skin and short mid-long dull black hair. He wore glasses, obscuring his eyes as is customary for members of the Aburame clan. He was also heavily clothed — seemingly another trait of the Aburame. He wore a grey shirt with long sleeves he wore a black vest with a purple beetle on it. similar to Rock Lee he wore his headband on his waist.



Aburame Clan Techniques

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