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PKH Goshintai Main
Kanji 御神体
Rōmanji Goshintai
Sacred God Body
Classification Kekkei Mōra, Kekkei Genkai
Albedo, Rubedo
Clan Tennōji Clan

Goshintai (御神体ごかみたい, Sacred God Body) is a kekkei genkai which gives its user the ability to manipulate their body. Being excessively rare, it manifests within members of the Tennōji Clan.


Wielder born with this bloodline possesses the ability to manipulate their physiology, weaponizing their body through the alteration of their molecules and cells. Jūgo's Clan's Kekkei Genkai and Sakon and Ukon's Kekkei Genkai are distant descendants of the Goshintai bloodline. Wielders of the Goshintai possess three unique skills: the ability of self-renewal (undifferentiated cells undergo limitless cycles of cell division); the ability to control their totipotency, (cells can produce any differentiated cell); and the ability to control their biological systems (weaponizing their body through molecular and cellular alteration). Because their body doesn't tire out, wielders can take complete advantage of their abilities without limit.


PKH Goshintai GodCells

God Cells of the Goshintai.

Goshintai wielders possess highly unique physiology. Their bodies are composed of a specialized undifferentiated cell referred to as God Cells (神胞, Shinhō). God Cells possess quite extraordinary abilities unlike any other type of cell. They are seemingly composed of energy, and possess a structure akin to a neuron, a myocyte, and a tenketsu. They are capable of dividing into more cells, as well as assimilating excess cells, allowing them to change their size and mass at will. This process can occur instantaneously to accommodate shifts in the user's physiology. God Cells can mimic the function of any other cell, and through rearrangement, can replicate the function of organs traditionally found in other organisms and lifeforms. Through this method, they can act as any organ they may need to accomplish a given function. They can also alter their molecular structure to become any material. When injected into the body of foreigners, they become extremely virulent, hijacking and converting cells of the recipient into God Cells to be controlled by the original wielder, effectively killing the recipient. This makes it impossible to transplant their cells into a non-wielder, even with a body capable of accepting all transplants. Despite their nature, they are capable of producing normal cells found in humans, animals and even plants, with a desired cellular structure and DNA much different from their own.





  • This bloodline is the final rendition of the Author's Body-based Kekkei Genkai from 2014.
  • Shintai, in Shinto, are physical objects worshiped at Shinto Shines in which spirits or Kami reside. Shintai are also by nature yorishiro, objects capable of attracting kami.
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