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Embodiment (具体化, Gutaika)
Appears in Anime, Manga
Gender Gender Female Female
Species Fox
Nature Type

Gutaika (具体化, Gutaika) is the personal summon of Renya. Originally from the land of Shinkyō, the fox is currently affiliated with Eigakure due to her summoner. More importantly, she is one of the few female sages.


She is an exceptionally powerful fox that is one of the few females to become a sage, giving her the ability to pass on her teachings to her summoner, though she must first receive permission from the Great Fox Sage. She is said to be a prodigy in the use of genjutsu even by most foxes's standards. Like Soji (whom she is good friends with), Gutaki-Ka cares for her summoner as if she was Gutaki-Ka's own child. She is also a user of the fire release, and likes to incorporate fire into her genjutsu.

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