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Kanji 蜂鳥拳
Rōmaji Hachidoriken
Literal English Hummingbird Fist
English TV Hummingbird Punch
Classification Nintaijutsu
Nature {{{2}}} Yang Release
Class Offensive
Range Short range (0-5m)
Inventor Chikara Kōboku
Other Info
Parent Jutsu Strong Fist
Tenketsu: Hachidori no Jutsu
Derived Jutsu Crystal Release: Hachidori Shōken
Soaring Pressure Blast

Chikara Kōboku

The Hachidoriken (蜂鳥拳, Lit Meaning: Hummingbird Fist) is an original signature nintaijutsu created by Chikara Kōboku via the Tenketsu: Hachidori no Jutsu.    


Using the Tenketsu: Hachidori no Jutsu, Chikara takes advantage of the potent yang chakra currently circulating throughout his cells by weaponizing it into his right hand. A flare of white chakra identical to the barely visible outline of energy surrounding the user is seen momentarily before vaguely taking the shape of a fiery head of a bird (specifically a hummingbird with a slightly wide shortened beak). Once Chikara slams his fist into his target, the avian inspired shape transformation fleetingly vanishes before delivering a powerful burst of chakra; sending the target several feet backward. Chikara states that with this technique he is technically attacking his opponent with two attacks in one strike, this is evident after physically punching the shape transformation disappears for a second before returning with an explosive conclusion reminiscent of applications of Chakra Enhanced Strength. When using the Crystal Armour this Strong Fist technique like other taijutsu can be slightly more powerful. 


Through the course of his shinobi career, Chikara has oftentimes demonstrated a distaste for physical violence. In combat to circumvent this, as an alternative, he created a version he calls the Hachidoriken 10% (蜂鳥拳10%, Lit Meaning: Hummingbird Fist 10%). The 10% in the name is supposed to allude to Chikara halving his overall strength output since humans only have access to 20% of their muscles’ strength. Although weaker, this version of the Hachidoriken was more than capable of shattering large boulders. Despite naming similarities, this basic taijutsu can be used without the aid of the Tenketsu: Hachidori no Jutsu, which means no flashy avian visual.


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