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Hakkingakure (白金れの里,Hakkingakure no Sato; literally meaning "Village Hidden in Platinum") is a village found north to the the Land of Sunshine's borders. The village is not considered one of the Five Great Shinobi Countries, however it still has a leader called the Hakkinkage the current one being Sen Uchiha


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The emblem for Hakkingakure.


Hakkingakure was found by the Ryou Clan after discovering the Land of Sunshine along with the Suzu Clan.

Rise to Fame

The village was able to raise to great fame for its great trading system. Due to being located on a country know for its amazing vegetation, the country has a large amount of herbs. Along with this the Saibou Clan also has there creation, Silver Sand that the inland nations use for weapons and creating weapons. This was used for further trade and profit. The greatest asset to the village is the Silver Mountain a gigantic mountain that has many veins of silver in it. This silver is used for both the production of the silver sand and of course for trade. This lead to the village earning large somes of money, allowing it to grow larger and stronger.

Shinobi Wars

Hakkingakure participated in only two shinobi wars. The first being the Third Shinobi World War were they were supporting Konohagakure. The second was the Neo Akatsuki War were they were allied with Gingagakure, Kagegakure, and Yōshigakure.


Hakkin entered an alliance with Konohagakure soon after its completion, and after a series of spars the pact was complete. During the Neo Akatsuki War, Hakkin entered the Allied Village Forces. It became allied with the powerful villages Gingagakure, Yoshigakure, and Kurētāgakure. After the Neo Akatsuki invasion, the village Suigin Village came to support the village. Hakkin also has strong ties with Iwagakure, being that and Mategai Ryou were close freinds they formed an alliance. The village also has ties with Sunagakure after Tosen Saibou meet Gaara the two decided to help there villages when they needed it.

Haabu Clan Affair

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Within the village there are many powerful and well respected clans. Of these there are five clans which are regarded as noble clans. These are the: Ryou, Saibou, Susumu, Yajuu, and Haabu clans — the latter of which was regarded as the most powerful clan in the village. All known clans in the village are:



  • Hakkingakure was originally planed to be made an official Five Great Shinobi Countries after the events of the Neo Akatsuki War, however the idea was scrapped.
  • Kumogakure is the only village that is not in an alliance with Hakkin.
  • The village is named after Platinum, one of my favorite metals on the periodic table.
  • The symbol for the village is used by the Jedi Order form the Star Wars franchise.

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