Hanako BlossomHanako YagamiHanako butterfly
Name Hanako Yagami
Goddess of the Doubled Blossomed Cherry Tree (八重桜の女神, Yaezakura no Megami)
Guru of Elegant Puppetry (流麗人形使いの尊師, Ryūrei Ningyōtsukai no Sonshi)
Goddess of the Four Seasons (四季の移ろいの女神, Shikinōtsuroi no Megami)
Voice of Transcending Bliss and Purity (超越純真と至福感の声, Chōetsu Junshin to Shifukukan no Koe)
Savior of the World Tree (世界樹の救世主, Seikaiju no Kyūseisha)
Kanji 谷神 維沙希
Romanji Yagami Hanako
Personal Status
Birthdate Astrological Sign Gemini June 5
Age Part I: 135
Part II: 140
Part III: 155
Status Alive
Gender Female Female
Height 5'1 ft (170 cm)
Weight Part I: 108.026 lb (49 kg)
Part II: 114.64 lb (52 kg)
Part III: 116 lb (52.6 kg)
Blood Type O
Hometown Hanako Blossom Luoyang Village
Home Country Blooming Flowers The Isle of the Blooming Flowers
Affiliation Land of Earth Symbol Land of Earth
Land of Fire Symbol Land of Fire
Land of Iron Symbol Land of Iron
Land of Lightning Symbol Land of Lightning
Land of Snow Symbol Land of Snow
Land of Water Symbol Land of Water
Land of Wind Symbol Land of Wind
Occupation Philosopher

Daimyō of the Isle of the Blooming Flowers

Previous Occupation Secretary of Sargon
Previous Team Sargon Sargon
Guardian Ninja Symbol Twelve Guardian Ninja
Clan Yagami Clan Symbol Yagami
Attained Positions
Rank Part I: Head Ninja
Part II: Kage
Part III: Kage
Classification Daimyō
Sensor Type
Ninja Registration IBF346
Academy Prom. Age 7
Chūnin Prom. Age 8
Jōnin Prom. Age 14
Kekkei Genkai Rinha Clan's Kekkei Genkai Spirit Reflection
Nature Icon Wood Wood Release
Unique Trait(s) Communicates with Nature
Passively absorbs Natural Energy and Chakra
Unnatural Longevity
Produces the Sakura Tree for her Wood Release
Tailed Beasts Genesis Flower
Nature Type Nature Icon Wood Wood Release
Nature Icon Earth Earth Release
Nature Icon Water Water Release
Nature Icon Yin Yin Release
Nature Icon Yang Yang Release
Nature Icon Yin-Yang Yin-Yang Release
Jutsu Amplification Summoning Technique
Body Flicker Technique
Bringer-of-Darkness Technique
Contract Seal
Earth Release: Origin of Antaeus
Earth Release: Sandwich Technique
Earth Release: Ultra-Added-Weight Rock Technique
Earth Release: Ultralight-Weight Rock Technique
Five Elements Seal
Five Elements Unseal
Genjutsu Protect
Grudge Rain
Gushkin-banda: Tanghasangii
Inukai Takeru no Mikoto
Memory Erasing Seal
Memory Erasing Technique
Mind's Eye of the Kagura
Multiple Wood Release Clone Technique
Negative Emotions Sensing
Puppet-Cursing Sphere
Puppet Performance: Skilful Achievement with a Human Body
Puppet Technique
Regeneration Ability
Remote Chakra Manifestation Technique
Ryūmyaku Chakra Control
Sage Art: Gate of the Great God
Sage Art Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands
Secret Technique: Sealing Release
Sound Wave Technique
Spirit Reflection Technique
Spoken Word Genjutsu
Summoning: Genesis Flower
Temporary Paralysis Technique
The Art of the Puppeteer: Flawless Ventriloquism
Very Hiden: Living Corpse Avatar
Very Hiden: Nonself Concealing Calamity
Very Hiden-Wood Release: Ochiba Naki Shii
Very Hiden-Wood Release: Sacred Tree Sprig of Shugendō
Very Hiden-Wood Release: Shin Kodama
Very Hiden-Wood Release: Song of Nature
Water Prison Technique
Water Release: Water Mirror Technique
Wooden Puppet Manipulation Technique
Wood Release: Advent of a World of Flowering Trees
Wood Release: Ephemeral Garden
Wood Release: Flowering Tree
Wood Release: Hotei Technique
Wood Release: Nativity of a Sea of Trees
Wood Release: Second Coming of a World of Thorny Trees
Wood Release: Several Thousand Hands
Wood Release: Underground Roots Technique
Wood Release: Wood Dragon Technique
Wood Release: Wood Flow Spears
Wood Release: Wood Human Technique
Wood Release: World of Trees Wall
Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees
Tools Demon Shinki
Hanako's Puppet Collection
Jofuku Flower
Master Puppet
Spirit Tree

"Nature's law is stronger than any little law you have made for yourself."

"Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves. As age comes on, one source of enjoyment after another is closed, but Nature's sources never fail."
The World Teacher

Hanako butterflyGoddess of the Double Blossomed Cherry TreeBlooming Flowers

~Theme of Hanako

Hanako Yagami (谷神 維沙希, Yagami Hanako) also known as the Goddess of the Four Seasons (四季の移ろいの女神, Shikinōtsuroi no Megami) the current kage for The Isle of the Blooming Flowers and the former Secretary of Sargon. As the woman who clutches the highest political in the Isle of the Blooming Flowers, Hanako's imperial influence and reputation of influencing nature has reached to the far edges of the shinobi world. She is an immensely authoritative kunoichi whose skill in Wood Release with a variant of manipulating nature itself and communicating with the flow of natural life made her a valuable asset to the ranks of Sargon. She has spent the majority of her life understanding the interpretation's behind the earth’s flora and animal life in which it has led her on a philosophical voyage that still endures to this day. For those who exist outside of the Isle of the Blooming Flowers, Hanako feels as if they lost their way and she wishes to dissolve the barrier between nature and civilization. Born as the heir to the spiritual Yagami clan, Hanako is a kunoichi that the world is blessed to have and that one-day humankind will be able to experience that magical enlightened state to be at one with the foundation of life.

The esoteric Yagami clan has been resident's in the Isle of the Blooming Flowers for over twelve centuries. As one of the founding families in the otherworldly isle, the Yagami were/are what we would consider as sovereigns. To some they were a complete paradox and to the rest of the world, they were considered spiritualists or sages whose beginning predates the arrival of the malevolent Rabbit Goddess. Their paranormal charisma and ability to communicate with nature boosted the Yagami clan's reputation around the world however, their wish was to stay within isle and to instruct those who eventually made their way from the mainland in their mysterious art. This was not the only ability the Yagami clan possessed. The Yagami clan possesses an impeccable form of longevity and lifeforce that allows them to survive injuries that most would deem impossible and living through generations. Throughout the centuries, the Yagami clan would remain a dominant force in esotericism and mysticism. It was at this time where when Hanako was born and it was a day that will always be remembered in the Yagami clan.

An aura of serenity and felicity filled the air when the Goddess of the Four Seasons made her arrival into the world. It was customary in the Yagami clan to do an advanced form of divination upon the child foretelling their future. The soothsayer that discussed the with the elders of Hanako’s future gave them a premonition of a woman’s whose mere presence could tame wild creatures and pacify those who had malice in their hearts. A woman whom could take the weight of the world on her shoulder’s and would still be able to protect the will of Gaia. It was on this day that newly born Yagami was named the Goddess of the Four Seasons. From a young age, she was fluent in the aspect of understanding the force of nature and empathy with world’s flow. Once she reached the age of seven, the prodigious Yagami first premonition came into light and it was from this moment that she realized she was nature’s physical embodiment. As the years would go own, Hanako would become to be known as the Goddess of the Doubled Blossomed Cherry Tree (八重桜の女神, Yaezakura no Megami) due to her spiritual mastery of Wood Release and the manipulation every form of plant life imaginable. This was also due to the fact that her wood release techniques take on the appearance of the sakura tree in harmony with is pink petals that seem to fall like snow whenever Hanako deems it so. Those who witnessed her might called it a blissful experience and that her techniques though fatal were extremely euphoric.

During her journey across the shinobi world, Hanako would develop a fondness for puppets. In the shinobi world, puppetry is a very ancient art form that predates ninjutsu. A puppet must always be more than his or her live counterpart—simpler, sadder, more wicked, more supple essence and an emphasis. Puppets, universally appealing, poke fun, chase one another in hilarious synchrony, argue with authority and communicate clearly with and without words. They confront human fears and conflicts, improvise, problem solve and move audiences to new worlds. Puppets accomplish feats no humans dare try; soaring through the air, swimming the ocean, metamorphosing before our eyes. They seem to listen to one another, feel emotion and even think. With Hanako's passion for puppetry, she would eventually create a specialized collection crafted from her own unique variation of Wood Release. These sakura enhanced puppets garnered her accolades from their amazing performances across the land. It was then when a student of Monzaemon Chikamatsu (近松モンザエモン, Chikamatsu Monzaemon) name her the Guru of Elegant Puppetry (流麗人形使い の尊師, Ryūrei) due to her unique grace of puppetry. Whether in battle or for performances, Hanako's puppets are a true sight to behold for those who share the delight of theatrical performances.

Not only is the daimyō of The Isle of the Blooming Flowers adept at poetry she also quite memorable in the art of singing. The level of the singing the Hanako has achieved has been put through use in ventriloquism and in her own techniques. During battle it would come from in the distance, the voice of an angel. As stated by the inhabitants within her domain and across the world, they say that she has a voice so soft it couldn't help but be graceful. It is like magical mystique to the unfettered soul and it is even more majestic through her song of nature. Her enchanting voice has entrapped all within her genjutsu and it is powerful enough to break their bond with mother earth. It was then when the five great nations came together to grant Hanako the epithet Voice of Transcending Bliss and Purity (超越純真と至福感の声, Chōetsu Junshin to Shifukukan no Koe). As it has been said before, nothing tames the wild like a woman’s embrace.

At the experienced age of 140, Hanako is well ventured in each facet of her abilities as she possesses over a century’s worth of combat experience and political proficiency. As the world’s longest reigning kage, Hanako’s determination for change has led her to become the most thought-provoking kunoichi the shinobi world has ever seen. While leading the population of the Isle of the Blooming Flowers, Hanako has seen the great shinobi wars and the tremendous number of casualties as the result of the bloodshed. Even though her mysterious island was not involved in any of the wars, she still holds remorse for those that died under false pretenses and even the survivors of the war whom were left psychologically disfigured. Hard times were made for heroes. In the face of oppression, it’s natural to want a savior – an intermediary to carry our hopes and dreams of overturning the current system of violence. For these fearless kunoichi, the waiting game of young womanhood is supplanted by active conquest, and the path is opened for independent, strong-willed and admirable kunoichi. The ethical, intelligent, fearless female will become the preeminent challenge to sinister, intangible forces


Preternatural, Breathtaking, Whimsical

As a legendary haiku would state...

"Life a butterfly
More like a cherry blossom
Beautiful, transient.

Just as with the cherry blossom or sakura (桜) tree itself, Hanako's beauty is truly a sight to behold. From the far flung reaches of the Isle of the Blooming Flowers, Hanako's appearance has astounded the world for over a century and even till this day, it still captivates her audience. As a fact that many would know, colors have deep subliminal meanings that affect our thinking and rationalization process, so it makes since that Hanako would choose the color of empathy and sensitivity. The color that she has bonded with is the very color of her own sakura petals as it represents compassion. When one thinks of red, you would immediately think of anger. It’s a hot color that evokes a powerful emotion of passion, lust, sex, energy, blood and war. Therefore to offset this trend of negativity, Hanako's entire wardrobe is adorned with hues of pink an purple. Pink is intuitive and insightful, showing tenderness and kindness with its empathy and sensitivity. For Hanako, pink is a sign of hope. It is a positive color inspiring warm and comforting feelings, a sense that everything will be okay. This also dazzle's her audience during her puppetry performances.

Not only does the color pink suit her mind state, it also accentuates her facial features. Hanako has a soft oval face that is sometimes partially covered by her raven locks. Her silky hair which has the fragrance of orange zest lands just below her collar bone. Just by visualizing the way the sun reflects off of her hair easily signifies a woman whom takes well good care of her hair. Within her hair is a violet and gold butterfly ornament that secures excess length. Located in a secret compartment within the ornament, the butterfly contains a poison barb in its lower section which can be used for various scenarios. Her oval shaped eyes are blessed with a unique hue combined of both violet and purple. The color violet relates to the imagination and spirituality. It stimulates the imagination and inspires high ideals. It is an introspective color, allowing us to get in touch with our deeper thoughts. In a sense, her eyes represent the future, the imagination and dreams, while spiritually calming the emotions. They inspire and enhance psychic ability along with spiritual enlightenment, while, at the same time, keeping us grounded. Even her eyelashes are covered in a violet mascara. Hanako has what we would call the “ideal nose”. It stems down from her brow in a symmetrical fashion. This particularly show in her silhouettes. Her lips are somewhat small in her opinion, while other’s may say that they are perfect as is. They constantly show a slight smirk that is reminiscent of her own mother. Her smile is considered the simplest expression of the freest of beings. The totality of her smile contains the ethereal elements of a world we can’t quite grasp completely, like the dark of the womb, or the dance of the butterfly. It is an idea that is meant to be shared, inspired and enjoyed by those whom are in her presence. Its almost a smile that reaches all the way to the heart: when a tender moment removes us from the realm of time or when it’s the only way to express the joy without breaking into tears.

As a child, the magic of youth and joy of life was there. Hanako’s appearance nearly a century and a half ago was akin to what some would call woodland sprites. It was fleeting in grandeur and her hair was like birds were fluting in the tulip-trees. She had a smile that beamed with pleasurable anticipation when it came to the thoughts of playing after studying hard at the academy. She wore the standard Luoyang academy uniform which consisted of a silk green or pink shirt with the village crest on the left breast and tan slacks. After school, she would simply wear an all-purpose yet still fashionable kimono as a direct influence of her lineage. During her early twenties, she was a young lady endowed with all those faculties that can make the world a garden of enchantment. For those who had an eye for her, they would say that they are enticed irresistibly by the freedom of an open horizon that is Hanako. Her hair consisted of evanescent shades of raven along with a dyed fuchsia strip on the left side of her head. She wore a similar kimono akin to that during her childhood. She often wore more revealing clothing and every curve of her features seemed to express a fine arrogant exuberance and harsh truculence.

Her normal attire changes periodically while journeying or while performing. It ranges from a standard flowered kimono often donned with a thin ceramic chest plate or to a kimono and gown that offer’s more leg room just in case if she gets in an altercation. Her battle kimono is superbly trimmed with violet dyed faux feathers which match the outline of her armor. Both the kimono and robe are outfitted with her favorite sakura petals which are overlaid on a plum velvet fabric. From here, she is often seen wearing a reddish-purple beaded necklace that has more purposes than just a cosmetic sense but that’s for another section. While performing, Hanako’s attire is much more fitting in from a puppeteer’s perspective. It is very causal as she tries to reduce as much attention coming to her and attempts to shift it towards her puppet’s. She even adorns her puppets in the same outfit to keep the semblance of compassion. While at home, she wears a white kimono coupled with a robe with silver lining with combinations of the lotus and that of the cherry blossom scattered throughout. Her footwear consists of various geta during her theatrical performances and during combat situations, she prefers to wear flat bottomed shoes with ridges for traction.

A peacock’s tail feathers serve no survival benefit. They do not help him find food or escape predators. Instead, they serve as a fitness sign to female pea hens. Similarly, humans perceive beauty not just in that which is good for our survival but in displays of skill and strength. Overall, the visual crux of Hanako can be best defined as utter brilliance. Her appealing nature is often complemented with her modulating voice. When in a normal conversation amongst her close friends, her harmonious voice rises and falls in a musical way that is subtle accompanied with being pleasant to the ears. When utilizing her wooden puppets, her ventriloquism carries a disembodied tone that can be undoubtedly heard through each of the wooden masterpieces. Her voice travels only to the intended audience and no further. The sirens song of the sailors and seafarers casted out into the depths of the unforgiving sea. Soothing both to mind, body and spirit, true in transcendence. Tantalizing yet, it carries a sense of dignity and professionalism when conversing with in the same league as her. She gained the epithet Voice of Transcending Bliss and Purity (超越純真と至福感の声, Chōetsu Junshin to Shifukukan no Koe) as a compliment to the silvery nature of her voice both in and outside of the theater.


If one were to encounter Hanako nearly a century and half ago, you would have met a child whose sole purpose in life was to make each day her greatest and you would have identified an aura of merriment surrounding her. It would echo throughout the island that Hanako’s smile was perfectly infectious and that it not only affected you physically but on a spiritual level as well. No matter where she traveled to on the massive island, her joyful beam always managed revivify up an individual’s day. This did not only boost the well-being of people whom she came into contact with, it also affected the surrounding flora and vegetation that felt her unique presence. She was motivated by her interaction and participation within the lives that she would touch every single day. As young as she was, Hanako had an intense and insatiable hunger for light and the truth of creation.

It should also be noted that as a child, Hanako was calm and gentle. A fact the she would eventually get over was that she seemed to be shy towards people who were not indigenous to the island. Yet, to others, her mannerisms and appearance make her seem rather "doll-like", a term that she somewhat displeases. She is also maternal, chiding her sister as she would a child. She believed that nature can be protected without killing others and often vies for non-violent solutions if she thinks it's possible and, thus, has a powerful will to protect the weak, fearful, and innocent. She also knows that true power must not be misused. Although she was dedicated in her studies of the island, she also desired to be a normal girl with somewhat selfish desires, which sometimes sets her apart from her friends and peers.

Even before she was enrolled in the island’s academy, she was predisposed to making herself available in a supportive capacity to her family and friends during times of grief, joy, hardship, or celebration. It was as though she had an innate charisma. As far as she can remember, she was sharply focused on other people and have always had a baffling ability to anticipate the desires and needs of those around. Being a Gemini, her personality as a child was split into two separate personas. On one hand; we have a young girl who was well versed in agriculture and attained a form of empathy with nature itself while on the other, we have a studious young girl who had her nose deep into her philosophical studies to answer life’s questions. With her secondary persona, Hanako was deemed a prodigal heir to the position of kage by her mother and her grandmother. She cherished knowledge, philosophy and logic above that of nature itself. In this persona, Hanako proved to be a great contender for the top of her class and excelled in every aspect of the island’s arts along with predated ninjutsu. This made her an extremely valuable asset early on in her life however.

The older she had gotten, the more personality traits she gained as evident by her strange decisions to join Sargon, an organization known for their unethical methods of political sovereignty. During her political ascension within the Isle of the Blooming flowers, Hanako noticed that she had a knack for extraordinary leadership. It was this trait that eventually landed her a spot in her village that most shinobi and samurai could only dream of. She was a visionary. She would constantly link herself and her island with ideas and imaginings often linked to higher causes and values. Even though she was and currently still is an active member of the island, she shines more for her ability to inspire others and to project a larger vision for the citizens to share. This spirit of aspiration eventually led her into the realm leadership. She looks toward what the future can bring rather than the offerings of the past and present from both a political and philosophical standpoint. Another personality trait is her compassion for her homeland. She will defend it with all of her might regardless of the outcome and she is not a woman who is afraid of war.

Oni Hanako

Her sensuous figure may look unimposing, but her mind in tactical analysis and battle is absolutely dangerous, especially in this unforgiving state. Seeing war as a game of domination, she relishes unadulterated bloodshed and enjoys toying with other people's lives when it comes to the protection of her island. At times, she has been seen as being perceptive of other's thoughts but this stems from her ability to communicate with nature itself. Not a moment of guilt runs through her veins as she defeats people in her path. During times of battle, Hanako normally avoided direct conflict if the end result ended up harming the surrounding environment. When it would be an inevitably unavoidable situation, she would become creature of the most delicate and rapid responses and would swiftly control the pace of the battle to insure natures safety and that of her own. When an ensuing battle between her and her opponent that happens to harm the environment, a deep and brooding resentment would seethe from her pores. This is when she would go into her secondary persona. The person or rather entity that she calls her inner oni which she normally keeps suppressed. However, in some situations, their is no beneficial result for either party and therefore her inner rage comes forth to throttle the battlefield by its neck.

This secondary persona was far more unforgiving and had a presence that would instill fear in the toughest and most confident shinobi. The usually cheerful, peaceable Hanako with an unquestioning devotion to the heart of nature would become the very personification of which her and the earth held much disdain for. The ungrateful human. Which an uncomfortable premonition of fear and apathy coursed through those whom choose to go against her formidable might. The obscure thrill of alarming danger was the lifeblood for this alternate persona and you can even go as far as to say that she relished in the lavishness that is destruction. Her love for nature and its inhabitants no longer were her priority, they were considered collateral damage as her true enemy was the opponent. After returning to herself, an unpleasant and heavy sensation would sit at her heart and at her soul for the actions that she had just done. At this instant, she would stare unbelievably at the crushed and devastated scenery, confused, frustrated and full of remorse as she could no longer her the voices of vegetation swimming through her thoughts. She believes that her inner oni is not simply malevolent against others, it is an issue that is far more complex than it lets off and it could have been birthed from her contact with the Genesis Flower.


The Flowing Path of a Blossom

Birth of the Sacred Flower

The Isle of the Blooming Flowers was a land of mystifying secrets and enigmatic thoughts of creation was spread throughout. This was an island that was truly rich with exuberant vegetation in spring and summer, carpeted in flowers of every color. Over two millennia ago, in the days of old before the founding of the hidden villages shinobi a lone isle flourished in the mists beyond the worlds comprehension. Full of animated and vibrant vegetation, the Isle of Blossoming Flowers was a global force in a world still young. The Isle of Blossoming Flowers was primarily an irenic location and was renowned for their spiritual advancements and in the concepts of astronomy and alchemy and a pre cursor to chakra manipulation. One of their key achievements was their understanding, invention and possession of the Chariot of the Sun, a smaller version of the merkabah the legendary imcea plant and the Blood Flower. The island has been sought by multiple nations overtly and surreptitiously for the artifacts mentioned above. The enigmatic island also praised the primordial Shinju, for its fruit bearing powers were worshipped by the small island. This was all that was known about the mysterious country, as access to it was completely impossible by natural standards as you see, the island existed in both the astral plane and in the physical plane and required a certain "key" in order to gain access. Over twelve centuries later, Hanako’s story begins.

During one beautiful sunlit morning, the pains of labor could be heard throughout the Luoyang village. The sun rose in a pool of crimson and gold, spilling light all over the land and the white clouds. Across the Luoyang village was a small lake that housed a multitude a mysterious sea faring creatures of all sizes. The sun shone brilliantly and the water in the lake glittered invitingly however, today was the birth of the future heiress of the entire island. The scenery was so breath taking that it could have captivated anyone who bared witness to it. Then to break the elegant scenery, the cry of a small infant coursed its way the hearts and minds of those whom witnessed it. The tears of the infant were bathed in a golden hue by the gentle sunlight and was clear as crystal. The surrounding elders proudly raised the future heiress into the air and announced her birth to the world. A sense of pleasure and pride surged through Hanako’s parents as their duty was fulfilled. From the day she was born, Hanako always understood that she was born within a unique gift within the Yagami clan. As a toddler, Hanako felt passionately about the heart and appealing fortitude of nature as if they shared empathetic feelings amongst one another. It would speak to her just as she would speak to her own parents. Hanako’s place of residence was house in the Luoyang village that looked across the river and the flowering plains to the etheric mountains. In the bed of the river there were pebbles and boulders, dry and white in the sun, and the water was clear and swiftly moving and blue in the channels. In the river, she would swim and bask in its mirror-esque appearance along with other native animals and at times, with her friends that she had known from when she made her first triumphant steps. Pausing for a moment she became aware of her surroundings. A sudden shiver of excitement shot through her body as she went to go tell her forest friends she was so fond of about her goals of becoming just like her mother. Within the day of telling companions her dream, she later told her mother the same evening into which her mother understood her realization.

Becoming a prospective Genin

At the age of six, Hanako was entered into the prestigious academy within the Luoyang village. The village used similar methods of test prospective shinobi and kunoichi alike that were similar to those used by the five great nations. The notable differences between the academy in the Luoyang village and that of the rest of the shinobi world is that the students are required to pass three different exams that encompass their way of ninja arts. A slight movement of incredulous dissent resonated in the air from her instructors due to the fact that she was an heiress. They were adamant to point out the fact that the students that were in the Luoyang academy were the children of normal citizens and that the future daimyō of the entire island had no business there. However, their angst was met with a staccato cough interrupted the flow of speech between them and then her mother spoke. Her voice was considered the most commanding aspect about her, though not undermining her tactical skills, Hanako’s mother was the current daimyō whose reign commanded respect. Have you ever been in a brush with dangerous so perilous you could have lost your life? This is the feeling that coursed through the constricting veins of the Luoyang’s academy instructors. With a single hint of authority, Hanako’s mother simply stated, “She will be allowed to join.” and it was this moment that engineered her motivation for graduating the academy. As if smitten by a sudden spasm, she jumped for joy at the shuffling acceptance that the instructors displayed.

Throughout her time at the respected academy, Hanako gained insight of her primary affinity for Wood Release but she had difficulty utilizing proper chakra control which was required to execute the said techniques. However, all was not lost as her class was a generation of students lavishly endowed with genius and promise. Throughout the numerous weeks in the academy, Hanako had eventually learned and had a firm grasp of basic techniques such as the Body Flicker Technique along with the Wood Clone Technique. At this time, she would meet one of her closest friends, a girl of matchless modesty and refinement would become her ace for cooperative assignments in class. Every day, Hanako and her friend Shiori would play together after the academy in activities such hide-and-seek and even practicing ninjutsu. . Day in and day out, with a patience worth admiration, Hanako eventually began to learn the precise chakra control needed to utilize her own unique strand of Wood Release. With graduation drawing near, after a year, Hanako had gained a confident grasp in the art of chakra control for someone of her age. However, the final three exams would test her mettle and the disposition of her character.

Hanako began to take each of the exams with graceful readiness and vigor that required a flair of unique mastery for the techniques learned throughout the year. The first exam required the prospective graduates to manifest a multiple shadow clone variant of their respective elements, which for Hanako was a dire monotony of bookish idiom. It was the technique that she had spent of over a year perfecting and the anticipation of her finally being able to perform it was thick, to the point where you could cut it with a knife. When it came down to it, the now seven-year-old Hanako nailed the first part of the exam with flying colors, though what came next proved to be a more difficult challenge. For the second exam required the future shinobi and kunoichi to produce a dissertation on their understanding of natural energy, chakra and the amalgamation of the two. The required length for this assessment was 15 minutes and there was even a proctor grading the jovial students on the diction and grammar. Even though she was unambiguously nervous, Hanako produced a fundamental understanding of the two with no less than three marks out of the required score.

Her knowledge of the concept of natural energy and chakra was lauded by the proctor and his peers as one of the most insightful dissertations they’ve in modern times. The comment presented by the instructor gave Hanako the necessary confidence improvements she needed in order to pass the third exam. In the following week, she made her way to the next exam site. The situation put her in a calm and premeditated prudence with a slight bit of arrogance. The third exam require them to fight against two chūnin and to last against them for ten minutes. Not only did you had to survive the assault, you must have had to perform each basic academy technique in sequential order on top of showing proficiency in basic combat skills in order to pass. While up against the two chūnin, Hanako created two Wood Clones in order to assist her in battle which started with a high amount of energy. As young as Hanako was, she maintained a poise demeanor and displayed stifled tactical combat experience as if she was twice her age.

This simply came naturally to her. With the two clones fighting against the chūnin, Hanako revealed an ace up her sleeve that came under the name of Mayfly and it allowed her to move across the field unable to be sensed. One of the chūnin produced a shadow clone of his own and utilize a fire release ninjutsu to take care of one of Hanako’s wooden effigy. A jet of scarlet flame flew from across his feet as he expelled a great fireball at the clone. The suddenly, a great cloud of smoke plumed over the field and it would see as if Hanako’s clone took the attack head on but that couldn’t be further from the truth. A moment of bitterness crept into the chūnin’s face as he realized that his attack had failed courtesy of the enchanting Water Release: Water Mirror Technique. Unexpectedly, the bitterness that coursed the face of the chūnin turned into a stare depicting horror and gloom as Hanako emerged from her Mayfly technique with a wooden kunai laced around his throat. Time! An ineffable splendor crowns the day as Hanako felt the sweat from the chūnin drip onto her sandalwood kunai as she realized her situation. That she, Hanako Yagami has passed the third required exam from the prestigious Luoyang village academy.

Progressing to Chūnin

From here, the students that graduated along with Hanako were granted a one-year break before the mandatory chūnin prospect class. However, the year was not without work as the now young kunoichi was required to hone the skills she learned at the academy in preparation for next year’s ventures. Throughout the year, Hanako would learn how to utilize more Wood Release techniques that had the appearance of the sakura tree. She would learn the Body Controlling Technique, the Water Prison Technique, Spoken Word Genjutsu , Spore Technique, Substitute Technique along with the Wood Release: Tree Bind Flourishing Burial and the coveted Earth Release: Origin of Antaeus technique. Her insatiable comfort for bonding with nature never ceased and the bond with her mother and father grew stronger as well. At the young age of eight, Hanako had spacious sense of the amplitude of life's possibilities. This mindset led her into philosophy before she became a chūnin. Day in and day out, the once cheerful little girl that exhibited joy when she joined the pristine academy was now well versed and lost that stifling sensation of anticipation and suspense. The day that she entered the academy for the promotion to chūnin was truly breath-taking. The sky was a rare and dazzling order of beauty along with the glistening ponds across the campus grounds seemed akin to the day she was born.

When the slightly older met her previous classmates, a sudden shudder of excitement ran through her as she believed that this was the year that difficulty setting had been ramped up and that a profound and eager hopefulness signifying her resolve. During the first few months at the academy, the course work proved to be studious for and somewhat arduous for her. However, the difference this time is that there were older students in her class compared to the previous one. A moment of irritability and pretentious uneasiness made itself noticeable but it was an issue that she kept hidden. Hanako and the rest of the students of the Luoyang Academy would learn how to become more adept at their respectable natures but they also learned the valuable concept of leadership and teamwork. The concept of leadership was not simply leading by speaking but for Hanako is was leading by example and it was evident that she had a firm grasp on the concept when her team was assigned a mock mission in which she would be faced with a mental pressing choice. To pass Luoyang’s chūnin exams, the students were required to display each of the fundamental academy techniques in series, execute a three flawless B-Ranked techniques, a 20-minute dissertation on the theories of shinobi and a two versus one battle against two jounin level shinobi. This has been considered one of the most difficult chūnin exams in recorded history and have been established as a prerequisite for promoting on the Isle of the Blooming Flowers. Beyond the farthest edge of the night, Hanako would study feverishly in preparation for he dissertation on the shinobi theory. The next day, she was buffeted by all the winds of passion and hopes of passing the 20-minute dissertation and of course she received marks for minor inconsistencies, she still passed and thus made it to the final portion, the proficiency of combat.

Her two opponents were well known jounin and perhaps the most well-known through the Isle of the Blooming Flowers and bother were masters at the respective craft. The first jounin stood before Hanako carried the spirit of a warrior in his eye while the other, experience and instinct warred within her. But Hanako, she was undeterred by the strength of her opponent's and she stood there, distinguished by hereditary rank or social position an indomitable force. Even though her opponents had nearly decades more combat experience than she herself had, Hanako’s determination was immutable and unwavering and she was ready, beaming with pleasurable anticipation. One the fight went underway, Hanako utilized her new found Multiple Wood Clone Technique and created six wooden clones which completely astounded the proctors. This fight was showcased in a huge arena within the Luoyang Village which was nearly 400 meters in circumference which was much larger than the genin arena. The young Hanako had a seemingly prodigious level of chakra control and prowess that outright shamed the other students to which the jounin duly noted. The female jounin used the Body Flicker Technique in order to catch the Wooden Clones off guard and she used the Water Prison Technique to capture three of the Wooden Clones while the second jounin used a powerful Lightning Release technique to attack the other three clones which would leave Hanako defenseless. However, during her year of training, Hanako’s reflexes were improved to the point where she could accurately adjust against such techniques and combat them effectively.

Suddenly, each of Hanako’s Woodened Clones utilized the Mayfly technique quickly hiding themselves underground while spreading out to various trees among the battlefield. The male jounin used a sensing technique to track Hanako’s whereabouts but even he was impressed by the technique. He then created three Lightning Clones in order to spread out and keep their distance while the female jounin kept the three Wooden Clone within the prisons of water. Hanako creating a strategy on the fly had each of her three clones utilize her new technique “Earth Release: Origin of Antaeus” which has the ability to subjugate all forms of matter and energy towards the earth itself for a short amount of time by causing to it to be crushed under the effects of this jutsu. This technique pulled ferociously pinned down the two jounin which allowed her three surface dwelling clones to escape free, but even they were affected by this technique. The two jounin felt as if an intense force of gravity was pulling them towards the surface. As if The intensity of this technique was magnified by three times due to fact that three of her clones were initiating the technique.

It was then that Hanako utilized the Mayfly technique and within the fraction of a second, her face appeared from underground wielding the same wooden kunai that she had used before near the neck of the female jounin whose doubts surfaced into her dark eyes. As the male jounin looked on in amazement, Hanako had the rest of her Wooden Clones surround them both with their respective wooden kunai pointed towards them. The proctors and the entire audience were in complete awe as the almost eight-year-old Hanako bested both of the jounin with five-minutes to spare on the clock. Then with a sudden uproar, the crowd yelled with amazement as Hanako herself released her techniques allowing the respectable jounin to congratulate her. It was a truly triumphant moment for her budding kunoichi career. As the proctors came to congratulate her, she diverted her eyes and pondered her future and how she would be able to assist the Luoyang Village and the Isle of the Blooming Flowers along with protecting mother earth with her new found confidence. The next day, the Earth danced under a heat haze as Hanako finally gotten the chance to relax at the crystalline pond after her arduous ordeal of becoming a chūnin. For her, it wasn’t merely a title, it was the opening to a new chapter as it was almost her 9th birthday.

Eternal Spirit of the Long Leaf

Attaining the Prestige Rank of Jōnin

She felt herself carried off her feet by the rush of incoherent impressions. Her newly acquired promotion to the rank of Jōnin granted her a firm figure full of dignity and acceptance however that was not normally the case. As of now, Hanako has spent her entire life under the protective wing of the Isle of the Blooming Flowers and she yearned for something more. Something with an air of uncanny familiarity, the audacious challenge of freedom and travel. Though before she would be able to travel the world, Hanako would have to justify he promotion and show her mother that she was capable of protecting a team of her own. Enter the Eternal Spirit of the Long Leaf. A wind strayed through the gardens that luscious vivacity was the center piece to the Luoyang Village. An traveler that would make it to this unique village would be smitten by the higher aspirations of life that the island had to offer. Before was the open malignant sea. Hanako stood upon the cliff that was anchored beyond the farthest edge of night while curtains of opaque rain lightly danced around her. She is in deep thought. The prospect of leading her own team of chūnin became beset by the agreeable hallucinations of death. At this point in life, Hanako was a woman who's interest in nature surpassed that of her own species. Nature had a story to tell and Hanako was a woman who was eager to listen. The next day before being assigned her team, Hanako traveled to remote parts of the island that were fettered by poverty and toil and she asked herself "What is my family doing to assist them in their time of need?". She began to speak but her words trailed off brokenly as the amount of emotions that were generated through empathy caused a ceaseless flow throughout her body. Then at last, she assented in precisely the right terms, a sigh of disdain. She did her best to mask her agitation but one crystalized jewel of a tear trailed down her rosy cheeks. She nodded mutely and proceeded to head home in preparation for the next day while she nourished a dream of ambition simultaneously. The next morning produced an inexpressible fervor of serenity as the previously dreary Hanako was finally prepared to meet her tenured students.

It was a day that she would never forget, the day she was promptly introduced to her students. They were two branch members of the Kusaragedo Clan (腐れ外道一族, Kusaragedo Ichizoku). The two students were practitioners of the The Hunger (食欲, Shokuyoku). Their kekkei genkai allowed them the ability to consume virtually any material at the cost of having an eternal starvation. It was said that this clan promoted self-cannibalism and "normal" cannibalism. As it was natural, Hanako was quite apprehensive at the thought of her student's viewing her as nothing more than a nourishing fibrous platter. Then, her prospective students, sickly yet displaying a graceful vigor to their new instructor introduced themselves to her. The girl, whose name was Rinne (凛音) constantly displayed a glittering infectious smile that conveniently concealed her true nature was considered a prodigy within the Kusaragedo Clan and as such, was recommended that she'd be placed under the tutelage of Hanako. Ironically, in the far flung future, Rinne would become the wife of fellow Sargon member Shuten Dōji. Her younger brother, Takamaru (鷹丸) displayed a gay exuberance of ambition and often followed the footsteps of his older sister. Both children of the Kusaragedo Clan were considered well versed in their clan's kekkei genkai which Hanako asked them politely to explain the method of how "The Hunger" could be utilized for combat situations. You could quickly infer that Hanako was definitely beguiled at the foresight of seeing their combat strategies and if they were up to the challenge of becoming her students. So that following morning, which was illustrious as ever, Hanako gathered her team near a local spring in a mutual setting.

It would allow Hanako to informally meet her students and vice versa. With etheric utterance, Hanako rose and explained whom she was behind the veil of being a sensei. She told them her ideals about the bond she shares with nature which wasn’t too uncommon within the Isle of the Blooming Flowers, but her students quickly understood the breadth of what she had just spoken. It was with intent, true and uninhibited passion. She would also explain her dreams of becoming a puppet master and to perform the art of puppetry within the Luoyang theater. Then the two Kusaregedo siblings spoke about their ideals one after the other with Takamaru taking lead. When Rinne spoke, Hanako instantly felt a case of apprehension and a slight wind of remorse coming from within. She new that the Kusaregedo clan were indeed sociopathic by nature, but it was something about Rinne that slightly threw her off. She couldn’t just quite put her finger on it. The next day, Hanako arranged a sparring session between herself and her new pupils to not only gauge their combat proficiency but to also test the might of the Kusaregedo clan. At the age of 10 and 8 respectively, Hanako instinctively compared the two to herself when she was at that age. She would reminisce the arduous exam , even though she passed with flying colors due to her bond with nature, she wondered with delight at the potential that these two may have.

Becoming the Secretary of Sargon

A Lone Blossom Travels Along the Breeze

Daimyō of the Middle Epoch

Savior of the World Tree


A total impression ineffable and indescribable amongst those whom were able to see not only just Hanako in combat but to experience her presence altogether. As you see, to graduate from the Luoyang Academy required masterful decadence in the comparative arts that comprise the concept of shinobi. From the age of six, Hanako had the spirit of a leader that would stand out tumultuous times and would even become the savior of the World Tree in due time. She was always absorbed in a stream of thoughts and reminiscences after her encounters with sacred vegetation and creatures alike. Even after being promoted to genin, Hanako was lauded by her instructors and the elder council alike by her almost flawless control and precision of her abilities. Whether it was in the arts ninjutsu, genjutsu, taijutsu or the management of weapons, Hanako’s skill in the respective branches stood out amongst her peers and even some of the adults. All her gift of serene immovability brought into play during her chūnin exams. Her demeanor of combat stemming from her Gemini spirit was the very definition of infallible determination. Not in one instance she would falter nor waiver her eyes off of the opponent. This is the true persona of a woman whom defends the very earth within her was instinctive and spontaneous yet it was a true justification that stemmed from the emotions and shared empathy of both the Genesis Flower and the God Tree. She views “normal” shinobi as almost a pathetic appearance of ephemeral fragility that seeks to reach bounds that it could never attain.

Her total devotion to the protection of nature and the advancement of her own techniques over the past century has led to an admirable epiphany about the laws of nature. In this light of this revelation, Hanako also gained a mysterious ability to foresee and accurately predict the future. This ability stems from the will of the earth itself and its metaphysical vessel, the Genesis Flower. Though not actually peering into the future, it lies more along the vibratory nature of the earth’s flow and as such, is considered a form of divination. Divination comes in all types such as; astrology which is divination using celestial bodies: the sun, moon, planets, and stars. cartomancy which is fortune telling using cards such as the Tarot, clairaudience which is "clear hearing" of divinatory information, oculomancy is divination from a person's eye and so on. Hanako uses two different methods for her divination technique or rather future telling. The first method she uses is a lost art called xylomancy. It is the art of deducing omens in the form of sticks, twigs and in Hanako’s case, any piece of wood that she finds in her path. She is able to judge the near future by determining the width, texture, color, weight, pattern, formations and locations. It was an art that is still practiced highly within the Isle of the Blooming Flowers. The secondary method that she uses stems from her connection with the God Tree’s roots, the Ryūmyaku and the Genesis Flower which is called geomancy. By visualizing the earth’s flow, through the trees, wind, oceans or even the animals, Hanako can accurately predict the near future akin to her previous method.

She has always had a natural affinity for both song and genjutsu, thus she is able to use the simultaneously. Her art of ventriloquism combined with her sound based genjutsu can incapacitate shinobi just by hearing her voice, yet the solemnness of her speaking sets off a commandeering aura. Each day, she would train her ventriloquism until she could utilize it in a discreet manner. No longer did she wish for a thunderous voice to accompany her relatable tone, she pursued matters on the opposite end of the spectrum. After nearly 40 years of training with her ventriloquism, she reached the levels of extremely low frequencies, which she calls “Gods Voice”. By altering her vocal chords and tone through chakra, the puppeteer can lower their voice to unprecedented levels. They go to the point where they are in audible to an extent. This means that Hanako can implant thoughts into the opponent’s head, and even speak to them, and the opponent(s) will think it's their own self thinking. In a nutshell, these elf waves mimic natural brain waves when projected from the user. It is not only used to brainwash and control people, it's used to physically attack them as well. While the opponent constantly hears voices in their head projected from this technique, it clouds their mind rendering them unable to fight.

It was noted from birth that Hanako’s gift was communicating with nature but her natural cunningness, speed, intelligence, and improvisation where merely overshadowed and nonetheless forgotten. As a chūnin, her knack for Wood Release surpassed her equally adept proficiency in both Earth Release and Water Release though she still maintains a high level of skill that is often ruled out. This is where she shines. Due to having over a century of pristine combat experience and in puppetry, Hanako has set the bar for those whom wish to attain the same ideals. She is a warrior who is quick to alternate strategies if one isn’t working and has even used of advanced knowledge of genjutsu and fuinjutsu in combination with her Earth Release, Water Release and Wood Release. Almost a riotous prodigality of energy constantly seeps from her pores and even during her theatrical performances. She is the will of both the Genesis Flower and that of the Divine Tree and as note of that, she has an equal degree of well-bred worldly admiration for nature. Fortunately for seekers of destruction, Hanako’s view of the shinobi world been focused on her affairs as the Isle of the Blooming Flower’s Daimyō. It was said by numerous kage throughout the world, that a daimyō’s former skill would soon diminish from inactivity however, she considers those ardent words of admiration.

Innate Abilities

The relationship between Hanako and the will nature is unmistakably ethereal. It is palpitating with devotion and transcended sensibility, it is the apex of spiritual bonds. This led to Hanako gaining a fundamental understanding and becoming merged in a sentiment of unutterable sadness and compassion from the earth's sorrow. In turn she is able to perceive the flow Natural Energy in all respects and force it into her being. As a result, she gained a mastery of Sage Mode once she absorbed the Genesis Flower into her being. This grants her the ability to not only manipulate natural surrounding her but to also manipulate and disturb the flow of natural energy between multiple entities. This ability is seen during her Very Hiden-Wood Release: Song of Nature technique, which creates an entropy or disharmony between the opponent and the flow of natural energy. This renders the nature of the opponent akin to that a foreign object attempting to leech from the Earth itself however, under Hanako's guardianship, the bond between the two is completely severed. As the embodiment of the Earth's wishes, Hanako has complete authority over the guiding governance of Natural Energy. This renders senjutsu enhanced abilities such as Six Paths Senjutsu, Sage Transformation and other forms of natural energy manipulations inert, let alone that the opponent could not even manipulate or harness natural energy in Hanako's presence. Powerful techniques such as the Tenpenchii are rendered mute as Hanako's commandeering embodiment of Natural surpasses that of even the Ten Tails. Hanako's purpose is to prevent man-made and natural disasters and that these unique phenomena are attributed to ill will. The passive absorption that Hanako possesses works through way of touch or even through her own wooden constructs. No matter how dense the structure consisting of Natural Energy is, Hanako can inevitably absorb and render it unusable by the opponent. A feeble shinobi attempting to manipulate Earth's natural flow after they already accepted chakra is considered blasphemy by Hanako and her Son of Nature exemplifies that fact ten fold.

With the absorption of the divine Shinju's roots, Hanako embodies the entropy and manifestation that is chakra. Chakra in its esoteric roots is tied to pain, suffering and death. These were the nutrients of the false deity, the God Tree and as such the manipulation of the roots caused Hanako to gain an unique darker personification. It is theorized by Hanako, that if the seed of the Shinju received sustenance from the Ryūmyaku instead of the blood from fallen warriors, its appearance would become inconceivably different. However, the most important facet of the "God" Tree is the glorious creator of chakra that the shinobi in the past and present used/uses today. For Hanako, chakra is synonymous with suffering as so many humans gave their life and the lives of their families in the pursuit on imperial power. For Hanako, the process of absorbing chakra is the same as plant using photosynthesis. New dreams began to take wing in her imagination once she understood the depths and properties of chakra even more so than Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki. These swirling wheels of energy correspond to massive nerve centers in the body. Our chakra contains the tenketsu, tenkatsu as bundles of nerves and major organs as well as our psychological, emotional, and spiritual states of being. Not only chakra consist of mental energy and spiritual energy, it also consists of mental energy. Yin Release and Yang Release govern the forms and the imagination aspect but at their base, they only consist of spiritual energy and physical energy. This missing link is what can transform them into a construct of pure chaos if the truth was known. However, this knowledge is only passed down to members of the Yagami clan. If there is a blockage, energy cannot flow. Think of something as simple as your bathtub drain. If you allow too much hair to go into the drain, the bathtub will back up with water, stagnate and eventually bacteria and mold will grow. So is too with our bodies and the chakras. Therefore, since Hanako understands the chakra points, the harmony points, and the three forms of energy that create earthly chakra, she can reserves these principles in a fashion to absorb them from others. Techniques such as the Truth-Seeking Ball and it's variations are considered a simple form of natural chakra due to the fact that it does encompass mental energy. Instead it is a form of chakra that is derived from pain, suffering and in truth, it cannot ever be considered as pure while Natural Energy is.

Dominion over Nature

Hanako's dominion over nature itself is not so much as an authoritative ability but it the shared feelings and appreciation that Hanako shares with the Mother Earth. In other words, empathy. A dazzling completeness of beauty entrenched within the coalesced will between Hanako, and her sacred vegetation including the Genesis Flower, the Kodama and the God Tree. Her ability in one aspect can be described as the tendency to understand and share the emotional experience of the natural world and comprehending its will. To understand this ability at its most definitive point is to understand the concept of empathy itself. Natural Empathy is a fiery process by which a person has an understanding and awareness of nature's pain, the destruction, the ruin, the pleasures, and can often lead to a person experiencing the same emotions. By definition, empathy could involve either negative or positive emotions. Through empathy, one may feel distress for another person's suffering, or experience joy for other people's triumph. It could also be the capacity to know emotionally what another is experiencing from within the frame of reference of that other person, the capacity to sample the feelings of another or to put one's self in another's shoes At its finest moments, Hanako feels a fortuitous series of happy thoughts that resonate throughout the entirety of her being. A mystery everlastingly impenetrable and sincere blessing. Not everyone has the capacity to feel the plight or passion of others yet alone the plight of mother Earth. Being empathetic and compassion is very difficult in the aspect that if you don’t learn how to manage what I these spiritual gifts, they can easily overwhelm you. Hanako's bond is so powerful due to her absorbing the Genesis Flower, that she can indirectly influence the harmony within the ecosystem and it stretches to all forms of life. No matter the terrain, the biosphere is under the authority of Hanako Yagami in a basic sense. However, the applications that accompany this ability are fruitful and boundless. Complex and alternately beautiful laws of God come in to play when explaining this inexpiable truth, we are all connected in a sense.

The ability allows Hanako to control the flora, vegetation and the earth as an extension of her will. Akin to the Sage Art: Inorganic Reincarnation, Hanako has explicit control over the environment and due to her connection with the Shinji and the Genesis Flower, it does not require any form of chakra in order to induce ability. It even affects the surrounding earth as well allowing Hanako to manipulate the earth as an extension of her and even absorb chakra from those in contact with the earth. The most profound aspect of this ability is that Hanako does not require any hand seals to utilize Wood Release, Earth Release and Water Techniques. The only exception to this is her own techniques. Hanako has crafted techniques that even Hagoromo could not reproduce without molding the proper hand seals due to the sheer complexity behind them. Hanako stated that when other shinobi attempt to utilize and manipulate natural energy seems like a perfect crime of clumsiness. She can communicate with the summons of other opponents and can remotely interfere with their devotion by exerting her dominion over nature and can even separate them with the Contract Seal. Another focal point of this technique is that Hanako can create multiple colossal elemental constructs via the Titanic Beast Creation technique that normally requires the possession of a Rinnegan but in Hanako's case, she is able to use it her own abilities to gain absolute control over the immediate environment. These constructs have the ability to combat against the Susanoo and the powerful Sage Art: Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands just by Hanako combining her will with that of the earth. Her control over her immediate environment almost matches that of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki while she is in her respective Kaguya's Dimensions. To each entity that exist upon the earth treads the primrose path of dalliance and understand Hanako's might.

Natural Leadership

Becoming a leader in the shinobi world is by no means an easy feat or title that’s simply given. It is one that requires the perseverance, the intelligence, the self-confidence and sense of meditative content are just some of the prerequisites that Hanako has amassed over the years. It is the ability to not only understand yourself and utilize your innate talents but to also effectively leverage the natural strengths of your team, clan, village and even nation to accomplish any task that a leader would desire. Hanako has stated that leaders are in an ever expanding process of personal development such as, education, training and experience. Ever sense Hanako was first promoted to chūnin, she would exemplify these characteristics to her squad and even earned the admiration of her male counterparts. Her goal first and foremost, was to inspire kunoichi from not only the Luoyang Village, but from the entirety of the Isle of the Blooming Flowers. Her ability to lead is instinctive and she has a super-refined taste in the laws of power. She can create a framework which encompasses that encourages others to tap into their own set of skills and ideals in order for them to contribute to the whole of society. It has never been a moment where Hanako has doubted her ability to be the firm standing sequoia amongst douglas firs. For powerful female leaders such as Tsunade and Mei Terumī, Hanako speaks in a tone of arduous admiration for those whom look up to her.

It is this level of leadership that has allowed her to attain the prestige title of Daimyō over the entirety of the Isle of the Blooming Flowers which is almost the size of the Land of Fire in area. Her appointment to this title was due to her mother being the current Daimyō. On the Isle of the Blooming Flowers, it is customary to have their nation ran by a female Daimyo. The kage for the numerous villages within the Isle of the Blooming flowers do not necessarily have a certain gender prerequisite but in any case, they must be voted in. As the Daimyō, Hanako has complete authority over the framework and inner workings within her nation. Although, other Daimyō may disagree with the Isle of the Blooming Flowers not having a major military force, Hanako believes that in order to promote peace, one must first lead by example. However, each major village has its own ANBU and military force. Therefore, her nation is centralized around an eager economy of imports, exports and retaining their social identity. She allows the various kage and head ninja to run their respective villages as they please without little intervention from her. As with her ascension to the Isle of the Blooming Flowers hierarchy, her fellow peers envision her rule as overburdening sense of the inexpressible. Even though she opts out meddling in village affairs on a small scale, Hanako has a unrivaled loyalty between her and her nation. No matter where visitors would travel within her domain, the citizens would always be proud to mention their Daimyo in most circumstances and would even die to fend her name. An uncomfortable premonition of fear stems in the hearts and minds for those whom attempt to seek conquest of the Isle of the Blooming Flowers. Throughout her land, Hanako keeps a unique surveillance system in the form of spiritual puppets whom utilize the facets of their various kekkei genkai to fight any intruders that may enter such as the Sharingan, Byakugan, Shikotsumyaku and even Rinnegan puppet. A hint of death in the icy breath of the gale swoons over the unfortunate soul that chooses to tempt Hanako's rule.

World Experience

Chakra Proficiency

Naturally as a member of the olden Yagami Clan, Hanako’s chakra reserves are exceptionally high in comparison to the shinobi whom live on the Isle of the Blooming Flowers which are in turn are higher on average than those whom live outside of the island. It is considered to be of the highest caliber and is compared to the likes of a wielder of the Rinnegan. Throughout her years of travel in the shinobi world, Hanako has amazed those in an art of remarkable skill and chakra flow. As evident through her use of Wood Release, Earth Release and Water Release, Hanako is able to utilize multiple techniques simultaneously while requiring at the most three hand-signs from each hand. Due to her unique ability to communicate with nature and her subsequent dominion over it, the Daimyo of the Isle of the Blooming Flowers can exert her control over nature without using chakra or any other form of energy. As mentioned before, Hanako has traveled over the entirety of the shinobi world and has used her powerful chakra to subdue and even take command over the tailed beasts. For most shinobi whom have an irrational amount of chakra and lack the proper control, Hanako often nominally uses a quarter of her current reserves and can flow it into each of her techniques to produces flawless results. This did not come by naturally. Over the course of her entire life time, Hanako has made improvements in regards to controlling her chakra in all facets of its being.

While she was training for her chūnin exams, Hanako’s primary goal was to perfect her Wooden Clones by producing the optimal ratio required for the technique. Eventually as a Head Ninja, Hanako would be able to produce Wood Clones without any excess movement or chakra. She would simply will them into existence which was often confused as a genjutsu due to the speed that they were able to manifest it. When her chakra is suppressed it carries a tone and hue of green which is synonymous with her foliage. While utilizing her entire chakra reserves, her aura transforms into a gradient of azure and fuchsia and is said to contain a secret sweeter than the sea or sky can whisper. In regards to statements made by her kage of the Luoyang Village, Hanako’s chakra reserves surpasses that of other shinobi and kunoichi alike whom are able to manifest the nature transformation of wood. It is often depicted as a sensation of golden sweetness and delight. Her unrivaled skill in nature transformation and shape transformation allows her to utilize aspects of ninjutsu that has yet to be revealed in the shinobi. On multiple occasions, Hanako has been able to use multiple ninjutsu just by willing them into existence. It has been noted that she has moved beyond the notion of requiring hand seals even for the legendary wood techniques of Hashirama Senju however, this in contributed to her dominion of nature.

With a mere gesture, Hanako is able to produce the Wood Release: Advent of a World of Flowering Trees, Sage Art: Gate of the Great God, Earth Release: Sandwich Technique and the Multiple Wood Release Clone Technique and other techniques of the same magnitude. Hanako only has three primary nature transformations which are Wood Release and the elements which are required for Wood Release. Hanako’s primary affinity is Wood Release in its purest form. She often flows her chakra through her Wood Release techniques in order to produce hundreds of wood puppets which are able to attack on their own without the use of chakra threads. When her chakra seeps into the atmosphere, an erect, martial, majestic, and imposing personage appears in the form an enormous forest that accompanies her when she travels. Even during her time in Sunagakure, Hanako was able to produce massive forests just by walking which caused an aura of awe and suspicion for the current Kazekage in residence. Her skill in the use of hand seals are in a league of their own. With Hanako’s own unique Wood Release, hand seals are absolutely required and what would take a normally take 10-20 hand seals, Hanako can perform them in under five. The control that she has over her chakra has been accredited to not only her lineage but her age as well.

Techniques that would normally drain a shinobi’s chakra such summoning the roots of the Shinju and the Genesis Flower would only cause an incomprehensible deductible to Hanako. Her manipulation over nature is so vast, she can completely alter the battlefield, create titanic constructs and even create advanced life forms such as the Shin Kodama with the minutest of chakra expended. A sensor-nin attempting to gauge Hanako’s chakra will only find an impenetrable screen of foliage that is infinitely dense and this is before her absorption of the Genesis Flower and other sacred vegetation such as the Shinju’s roots. After absorbing the Genesis Flower, Hanako’s chakra went into the realm of the immeasurable and the unsurmountable. An utter display of divinity in the world of shinobi. Even within the mere presence of her, Hanako’s fathomless chakra would cause the hearts and minds of those to ascend into tranquility and bliss while their own chakra as well as their life force was being absorbed. It became to the point where she could utilize basic techniques such as the Wood Clone on a scale that would match Naruto Uzumaki’s usage of his respective shadow clones. It is difficult to put Hanako’s chakra control into perspective for those whom aren’t sensors themselves. It’s an absolute abomination and bitter disgrace for those whom wield the Rinnegan. The totality of the Genesis Flower is equivalent to absorbing a fully transformed Shinju and thus Hanako’s already massive chakra levels increased by an amount unforeseen.

With the absorption of the Shinju’s roots, Hanako’s chakra became one with the flow of earth. An unseen and ineffable force that extends beyond are notions of chakra. Hanako releasing her chakra in the Chakra Exertion Technique can cause a massive explosion similar to a fully charged Tailed Beast Ball and it is so dense, that techniques such as the Preta Path would be unable to absorb its entirety. With her masterful chakra flow, Hanako has used the D-Ranked Temporary Paralysis Technique on a scale that matches the Demonic Statue Chains in prowess. As a result, Hanako can even halt the approach Jinchūriki by using this flow of chakra alone. In one instance during her tenure as a jounin, Hanako utilized this technique to restrain several dozen shinobi during her infiltration in to the Land of Water a subsequently used the moment of exasperating paralysis to insert her Very Hiden-Wood Release: Sacred Tree Sprig of Shugendō and effectively turning them into wooden puppets. The usage of her Temporary Paralysis Technique is so powerful, she is able to paralyze the lungs and other bodily functions which eventually causes a tormented death. Her flow of and control of chakra is considered by far as one of her best assets. Were most shinobi would utilize brute force or a powerful yet skill lacking ninjutsu, Hanako can simply use academy techniques to get the job done and to avoid disturbing the land. She can exert her potent chakra in small amounts which often results in knocking back the opponent some distance and can even be compressed as blades slicing up those in her vicinity with a simple release of chakra. Her speed of chakra flow is fast enough to reverse the effects of any genjutsu that requires eye contact by focusing a small amount of chakra in her eyes which then shoots out in an invisible concussive force that’s powerful enough to protect against the Tsukuyomi and the Kotoamatsukami technique respectively. Even though Hanko’s level of chakra is unimaginable, she prefers not to show it and express it in her techniques or puppetry.


The sacred art of fuinjutsu has been a cornerstone of the Yagami Clan along with their innate ability to influence nature. Hanako is no exception. Fūinjutsu for Hanako, is more an esoteric concept in which she displays delightfully provocative methods. Understanding the methodology of the divine geometry within fuinjutsu grants Hanako a primrose path of dalliance. Though her usage her sparse sealing techniques, Hanako can gain the upper hand through the element of surprise and soon sends them into the realm of trepidation. As stated by her team of chūnin, on her students stated that Hanako had the eye of an eagle in her trade of sealing techniques. She can initiate them through the obvious physical contact or she can employ them through a set of mediums such as her Wood Release or through her puppets. At first, she was profoundly skeptical about learning the arts of fuinjutsu until she was taught her most used sealing technique, Memory Erasing Seal and the Secret Technique: Sealing Release. She is no master in the art of fūinjutsu, she is able to use her current knowledge in order to increase her resistance to the process of fūinjutsu. In any case, Hanako has showcased an undoubted expertise in the art of genjutsu defense. She can no longer be lulled by dreamy musings or delirious wonder.

Five Elements Seal : The Five Elements Seal is a uniquely powerful fūinjutsu that Hanako labels as a staple. The technique produces a powerful seal that is used to block or disturb the target's chakra flow. No matter the amount of chakra that the opponent has, Hanako is able to accurately disturb its flow which prohibits the formation and coalescence of chakra. When this technique takes effect, the opponent will begin to experience a sensation of uneasiness or even sickness that is attributed to no mark of trick or artifice but to as a result of their chakra flow being altered. This technique works exceptionally well against jinchuuriki and opponent's that utilize cursed seals. For Hanako, this technique causes a decomposition of the chakra network and in more extreme cases, ceases the flow of chakra completely. Normally, to perform the Five Elements Seal, the user requires to manipulate chakra into each of their fingers, including the thumb and land direct contact with the opponent, whether its flesh or clothing. The Goddess of the Four Seasons (四季の移ろいの女神, Shikinōtsuroi no Megami) has taken this illustrious technique to a completely new level. The most prominent feature of Hanako's variations is the color. In nearly all cases, the chakra produced at each of the finger tips becomes a shade of violet or purple when viewed at any distance.

As the master proclaims, Hanako's version is the color of pink or brilliant color of pink flames. She can produce this technique on each hand giving her a total of ten powerful seals that work in unison with one another. She is so adept with this technique, she can maintain this technique for up to thirty minutes and has developed a fighting style similar to the Gentle Fist kata. Even though it is an A-Rank technique so to speak, Hanako can effortlessly employ this technique by using her index finger and by simply flicking the opponents head, she is able to knock them unconscious and block their usage of chakra. Against stronger opponents such as those enhanced with Sage Mode, Hanako requires two fingers in order for this technique to take effect. By using the standard five fingers, Hanako can block the chakra of those with augmented abilities stemming from the Six Paths Sage Mode. She has yet to use all ten fingers in unison when performing this technique. Another unique feature is the symbols used in her technique. Simply put, they are foreign. Since her variation requires only one finger, the complexities are tremendously boosted and congested. There fore the Five Elements Unseal does not work against her version completely. However, it does assist in decoding the seal that Hanako is using.

Memory Erasing Seal: This is Hanako's most utilized sealing technique. In short, this technique creates an intricate matrix that seems to be immersed in secret schemes. The seal matrix spreads out around the caster, immobilizing the people caught within it. With the command "wipe out" (滅, metsu), the group's memories of an event are erased. Lady Hanako has used this technique to erase the memories of entire villages concerning her presence. No one will be able to recollect seeing the Savior of the World Tree. Not one of the thousands who gathered in the Shinobi Allied Forces or into the great expanse of the world designed to reflect the glorious meeting of heaven and earth. All they will be able to remember is her silent walk. She can perform this technique in any instance, whether it is during mid conversation or during intense moments of combat. The potency of this technique is staggering to those whom witness it the first time however, for anyone other than Hanako, each time is a first time. She has a propensity for controlling and dominating the minds of other entities. It is her vice. Though altering the memories of a human is considered in most cases unethical, Hanako use this flawless technique every chance she gets. As with the Five Elements Seal, Hanako can perform this technique by placing her index finger on the ground which causes any entity within the radius of the seal to have the memories wiped. The level of memory loss absolutely dictated by Hanako herself. It can possibly range from certain memories that include jutsu, events, people or emotions.

Mental Sagacity

In the realm of intelligence, Hanako has the ability to perceive relationships independent of previous specific practice or instruction concerning those relationships. This is the concept of fluid intelligence. Her level of mental sagacity involves being able to think and reason abstractly and solve problems. This ability is considered independent of learning, experience, and education. What makes her unique in this aspect is her age. Normally, fluid intelligence declines at the age of 70 but for Hanako whom has an unnatural lengthy lifespan due to her powerful lifeforce, her fluid intelligence has yet to decline. She is able to analyze an opponent's strategy within moments of their first attack and she can also accurately gauge and opponent's strength. Even in the midst of facing multiple opponents, Hanako maintains a calm and premeditated demeanor. Having over a century of fighting experience in the art of puppetry and combat allow Hanako to gain a definite edge in battle. She does not opt to use fickle methods deception but instead she chooses to portray her strength in stages in order keep the opponent from fleeing. Though modest in appearance, Hanako is a woman whom loves the act of conquest. It can be said that a cold, hard, frosty penuriousness was her prevalent characteristic. Her knowledge a deduction of foreign ninjutsu and rare occurrences such as the Rinnegan stand as a testament to her knowledge on the battlefield. She was show to consistently keep Kyokai Ōtsutsuki, whom is a wielder of the Rinnegan at bay due to her prior knowledge of the sacred eye.

Not only is Lady Hanako an expert in the field of human intelligence, she has also shown spectacular results in the art of genetic engineering and botany. Botanical Science or more commonly known as Botany is the science of plant life and a branch of biology. Hanako has been seen splicing the genomes of sacred vegetation such as the Spirit Tree and combining with that of her own to produce unfathomable results. Her studies consists of plant reproduction, structure, growth and differentiation, biochemistry and primary metabolism, chemical products, development, diseases, evolutionary relationships, systematics, and plant taxonomy. The knowledge that Hanako holds in the science of botany is worth more than her weight in gold. (More to come)


Wood Release Mastery

Hanako's display of Wood Release has noted as second to none. Another notable Wood Release user, Hashirama Senju has heard of Hanako's prowess and stat's that her ingenuity surpasses his own. This is no farce. Hanako has been utilizing Wood Release for well over a century and it's only right that her abilities are in the upper echelon removed from worldly opinions. Hanako's Wood Release is unique not only in it's functionality but in it's appearance as well. Picture the sakura tree with it's magnificent pink blossoms and mahogany trunk with spotted lichen aptly describes the appearance of Hanako's trees. Some have considered her trees in such a grandeur that most opponent's are in an indescribable state awe when they first witness it. It is utter disbelief to how something so majestic can be so domineering and powerful. She has been shown to utilize her Wood Release, to create perfect replicas of the opponent and even turn opponent's into living puppets via Very Hiden-Wood Release: Sacred Tree Sprig of Shugendō technique. In all, her Wood Release is of such a variety, that it cannot be contested that she could not be defeated alone.

Inukai Takeru no Mikoto: Is a technique that allows Hanako to manipulate the roots of the Shinju or the Spirit Tree to create massive wooden dragons that exceed the size of the standard Wood Release: Wood Dragon Technique technique. These can then be used for a multitude of purposes including restraining a target, or for offensive purposes. Additionally, because these creations are connected directly to the God Tree, once the target comes into contact with the dragons, their chakra begins to drain away. By creating several of these dragons, Hanako is able to subdue virtually any chakra construct as they sap away whatever chakra they come into contact with. When used with the Spirit Tree, these dragons are able to consume the soul of whomever they come into contact with akin to the Gushkin-banda: Youkai and a method used by the Gedō Mazō. It is considered one of her most used techniques because it does not require chakra like most but instead it requires a bond with the Shinju or the Spirit Tree which allows the induce will enhanced shape manipulation.

Sage Art Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands: This technique creates a colossal wooden statue with a staggering amount of hands to fight on the behalf of Hanako. The size of it is on such a scale, that even the largest of Tailed Beasts fits into the palm of it's hand and even a Complete Susanoo. Thousands of hands originate from the statue's back in countless concentric rows, while its two main hands are clasped, as if in prayer. The statue can serve a variety of purposes in battle, from fighting on the user's behalf to defending and even using other techniques. The sheer size of this technique makes it almost impossible to attack the user. Hanako uses this technique in combination with her Multiple Wood Release Clone Technique to create several dozen of the wooden Buddha. However, in doing so utilizes a massive amount of chakra so therefore it can only be utilized sparingly. Even then, the sheer magnitude of wooden goliaths are able to outmatch nearly any opponent foolish enough to fight her alone. By using natural energy from the Genesis Flower, Hanako is able to effectively increase the size of the Buddha by a sufficient magnitude in which it even towers over the God Tree itself.

Very Hiden-Wood Release: Ochiba Naki Shii: is a multi-faceted Wood Release technique crafted by the Savior of the World Tree (世界樹の救世主, Seikaiju no Kyūseisha), Hanako Yagami. In essence, this technique works in a similar fashion to the Tailed Beast Chakra Arms and have been noted to be highly durable and extremely agile compared to its counterparts. Hanako has used this technique in order to attack multiple opponents, increase her ferocity in taijutsu and to even perform multiple techniques simultaneously. It is one technique that leaves the opponent exquisitely stung by the thought of an unparalleled offense. The might of this technique surpasses the of the Inukai Takeru no Mikoto as well as the versatility. . Hanako condenses her already potent Wood Release chakra along with her Yin-Yang Release to create insurmountable wooden constructs in the shape of massive arms that are capable of moving at blinding speeds. The exotic wooden constructs have a combination of physical and metaphysical forms blurring the line between reality and illusions. They are distinguished by their massive size and flexibility. The wooden arms are capable of moving at speeds that even the most skilled Space-Time Ninjutsu users will have no choice but flee rather than face these arms head on. They are composed of extremely dense chakra to where techniques such as Indra's Arrow and the Truth-Seeking Ball will have difficulty damaging them let alone destroying them.

Very Hiden-Wood Release: Sacred Tree Sprig of Shugendō: It iss Hanako’s sacred variation of making puppets out of any live organism. This technique, therefore, was designed to be used on a still living subject, though it can be used on a dead target. This technique requires the usage of the Black Lily seeds from her Wood Release: Ephemeral Garden which has the ability to create seemingly all powerful illusions that stem from the opponent’s greatest desires. The illusion is so powerful that they were said to be unbreakable unless the opponent realizes the flaw in the illusion and only then can they break it. Once completely trapped in the illusion, the opponent's body begins the petrification process which eventually turns them into a puppet. Once the stem of the plant reaches the opponent’s pleasure center in the brain, Hanako extends her will into the plant causing it to completely invade all aspects of the brain. Then the plant will immediately spread through the spinal column and the nervous system. This process is unbelievably painless for the opponent due to the effects of the Black Lily and the end result creates a human or animal puppet that is tethered to Hanako’s will.

Very Hiden-Wood Release: Shin Kodama: is a unique technique crafted by the daimyō of The Isle of the Blooming Flowers, Hanako Yagami and it is one that utilizes the concept of the Creation of All Things to manifest a new form of grand design, a Shin-Kodama. In a basic sense, Kodama (木霊 or 木魂, Tree Spirit) is a very old belief, and a very old word similar to the Gushkin-banda: Tanghasangii technique. It is a technique that will leave to the imagination the endless vista of possibilities in the concepts of not just ninjutsu but rather creation itself. In the Isle of the Blooming Flower’s history, the name kodama was spoken long before the major populace of the Yagami clan had a written language. The spiritual Shin-Kodama exists in the physical and metaphysical which allows them to affect the environment of both realms. They are considered the soul of the tree and if that tree is harmed, a terrible curse shall be inflicted on the opponent, one that lapse into pathos and absurdity. From the moment they are created, the shimmering appearance drifts between the physical and the metaphysical realm as it appears if they are shifting between multiple realms. Understanding their nativity involves a labyrinth of perplexities. They are able to produce ethereal amounts of Wood Release on their own and are capable of extracting natural energy and chakra from the environment along with the manipulation of the spirit. By simply touching the Shin-Kodama results in the spirit being removed from the body but it will be able to return to their body if the opponent is skilled enough. This spiritual displacement is what makes the Shin-Kodama so baffling as even user of the Spirit Transformation Technique are reversed back into their physical vessels if they would even connect with the slightest interaction. However, their most dangerous aspect is that once a Shin-Kodama touches the opponent, they are able to transform into a perfect copy of the opponent right down the chakra and endurance and in turn, each of the other Shin-Kodama proceeds to do the same numbering into the hundreds or even the thousands.

Very Hiden-Wood Release: Song of Nature: Is an extremely powerful ethereal sound based technique crafted by the Voice of Transcending Bliss and Purity (超越純真と至福感の声, Chōetsu Junshin to Shifukukan no Koe) that has the ability to ensnare all who hears the song of nature to lose their connection to worldly things and to become the herald to the pure world of nature. This technique is used in conjunction with the The Art of the Puppeteer: Flawless Ventriloquism (人形使いの術: 完璧 腹話術, Ningyōtsukai no Jutsu: Kanpeki Fukuwajutsu) in order to produce an unavoidable technique that forces the opponent lose their control of their inner chakra and the manipulation of natural energy. It is a truly enchanting and mesmerizing song for those whom are unfortunate enough to have her voice bless their ears. Natural energy (自然エネルギ, Shizen enerugī, English TV: Nature Energy) is a fundamental source of energy that flows throughout the world and is often noted as the predecessor to chakra. This ambient form of energy can be collected from the atmosphere and terrain and it can be used for various exploits. If one can collect the natural energy from around them and combine and balance it with the spiritual and physical energy that makes up their chakra, they can become sages and enter the Sage Mode, allowing them to use their respective form and variation of senjutsu. As we know, chakra is a product of unnatural origin and it has been weaponized over the centuries to suit the needs of humans. Hanako has the innate ability to perceive the flow of energy throughout the world and to alter the flows of energy as she deems fit along with the ability to communicate with nature as well. Her ability in this respect is similar to the Tokisada Clan in which she can cause temporary or permanent disharmony between the flow of earth’s energy and the opponent.

Earth Release

Water Release


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Hanako’s Puppet Collection (維沙希の人形収集, Hanako no Ningyō Shūshū) is a unique assortment of puppets created by Hanako Yagami that are crafted from the roots of the Shinju, the Spirit Tree and the World Tree respectively. Also known as the Guru of Elegant Puppetry (流麗人形使いの尊師, Ryūrei Ningyōtsukai no Sonshi), Lady Hanako has been heralded as the finest puppeteer in the The Isle of the Blooming Flowers They were created during her time spent in Sunagakure that were created with the sole intention of outstanding performances in both the theater and the battlefield. As mentioned before, Hanako’s main puppets were created through the cultivation of the Shinju’s roots that were reclaimed by the Yagami Clan centuries ago. Her puppets serve well in a variety of instances and they have their origins from Hanako’s various puppet conversion/transformation techniques such as the Very Hiden-Wood Release: Sacred Tree Sprig of Shugendō, Spirit Reflection Technique or her Puppet-Cursing Sphere respectively. She keeps her puppets spiritually bound to her own Wood Release techniques allowing her to create the Forest of Ten-Thousand Puppets (傀儡万の森, Mankugutsu no Mori) technique. She asserts that her puppets are of the finest craftsmanship and whose flaws are erased with evanescence. In total, Hanako claims to have over ten-thousand puppets in her collection but she is in the process of crafting dozens more to finalize her act.
Hanako's Puppets

A graceful readiness and vigor with the glassy expression of inattention.

The majority of Hanako’s puppets can be described as disembodied woodland spirits otherwise known as kodama. Unlike the Shin-Kodama, Hanako’s puppets are not etheric in a sense, but they are thrusted with the hopes of life and breaking the monotonous bonds of normal puppetry. These puppets have been specially designed to work with Hanako’s Spirit Reflection technique. As mentioned before, these unique puppets were cultivated from various splinters of the Shinju’s roots and as such, they contain part of its chakra absorbing abilities though on a far smaller scale. These puppets are branded with a powerful transformation technique that happens when the kodama puppet absorbs the chakra of an opponent. The result is a perfect transformation. Once the chakra enters the interior of the puppet, it activates a special seal that transforms them into an exact replica of the opponent, including their kekkei genkai, chakra pathway and even mimics their consciousness. As perfect as the outward transformation may seem, the puppets are still puppets and Hanako must maintain some form of connection with them. The opponent is often swarmed with transcend puppet replicas of themselves and due to Hanako’s mastery of puppetry, they often succumb to defeat.

Hanako uses the puppets in both an offensive and defensive array that cause a hint of subconscious doubt within the mind of the opponent. She can create a wall of a few dozen puppets by the Summoning Technique to absorb the chakra from an attack and then transform into nearly countless replicas with the same potency of chakra as the opponent. These puppets constitute over 99% of Hanako’s collection and can be used to defeat virtually any obstacle if used correctly. If she summons more than ten, she can summon a spirit puppet that has a central mechanism for chakra threads and by using it as a medium, Hanako can control up 1000 puppets. This is done by dividing the essence of the puppet that was cultivated from the Shinju into a series of chakra threads the enter in to the backs of her other puppets. By summoning ten of her spiritual kodama puppets, Hanako can essentially control ten-thousand puppets which can overwhelm opponents whom are more powerful than she by creating ten-thousand replicas of them. The puppets are also good for discovering weakness that may not be obvious to Hanako herself. If Hanako can grasp the consciousness of the opponent, she can imbue the attained consciousness into her newly transformed kodama puppet that can now be used without chakra strings and is an even match for the opponent, though not including the chakra absorption abilities.




Dominion of Ryūmyaku


Main article: Summoning Technique Summoning Technique (口寄せの術, Kuchiyose no Jutsu) is a space–time ninjutsu that allows the summoner to transport animals or other things across long distances instantly. They range from summoning animals or various other entities to inorganic creations and even corpses. The a user can even summon creations such as the Gedō Mazō from extraterrestrial origins, though the amount of chakra required for each summon is varied per user. Hanako is no different in this case however, instead of bring forth beasts for burden to do her bidding, Hanako's brings brilliant memories plucked from wood and field. Sacred vegetation. Hanako has a unique variation of the Summoning Technique in which she summons; the Genesis Flower, which is a primordial creation rivaling the prowess of the God Tree, Shin-Kodama which are forest dwelling spirits that exist between multiple existential planes, the roots of the power God Tree, the Spirit Tree which hosts the gracious facets of the Pure Land and the World Tree itself. Each of these summons do not require any blood from Hanako, but they do require an immense spiritual connection to nature and the earth's will. Due to the uniqueness of the entities or organisms, Hanako is the only person in existence that is able to summon them and she does not require a contract of any form. Sacred vegetation is her unique summon. It is a testament that her will and the earth's will penetrate beneath the surface all the way down to the core and becomes one. This is evident after establishing a ineffable connection with the Source of the Ryūmyaku stemming from her connection with the God Tree and the Genesis Flower. In addition to summoning the sacred vegetation to assist her, she is also capable of summoning them inside of her being granting her power of metaphysical metamorphosis. For example, by merging with the roots of the Shinju, Hanako becomes the personification of the combined will between her and the ancient roots and thus, she gains completely authority over Wood Release and can easily turn the opponent's Wood Release against them. When merged with the spirit of the Shin-Kodama, Hanako in turn gains the abilities of spiritual displacement through touch and so on. She will be the one to purge the Earth's soul of nonsense that is the ungrateful human.

Genesis Flower

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Summoning: Genesis Flower (口寄せ・起こり花, Kuchiyose: Okorihana) is a hiden technique utilized by the Goddess of the Four Seasons (四季の移ろいの女神, Shikinōtsuroi no Megami) and it is characterized by summoning a truly gargantuan sentient flower capable of collapsing the world into a dreary and hysterical depression due to its unchallenged supremacy. It is the primordial flower that was sought out by Hanako Yagami in desperate attempt to understand its purpose in the metaphysical world but her expectation darkened into anxiety. The primary ability of the Genesis Flower is the ability to absorb chakra and natural energy at a rate that matches the God Tree. However, instead of just simply absorbing chakra and natural energy, the Genesis flower also converts sunlight into chakra or useable natural energy as well. Gleams of sunlight, bewildered like ourselves, struggled, surprised, absorbed into the divine creation that is the genesis flower. The body is not a chakra based construct akin to the tailed beasts, it is a sole product of earth’s natural energy and sheer will.
Flowering genesis2

The Genesis Flower is a creation that is infinitely subtle and its origins are intolerably tragic.

It is capable of creating massive force of energy by harnessing the solar energy into a form of attack and the attack power from this blast easily matches that of the Ten-Tails. In a physical capacity, the flower towers over Ukyo’s Altar of the Titans and is comparable to Shuten Dōji’s Divine Oni Arts: Kuma-Dōji which is more massive than the trunk of the Shinju. Akin to the said tree, the Genesis Flower is completely immobile aside from its extensions. Along with its ineffable sensation of size, the humongous plant boasts considerable defense that would put any beast to shame. Techniques such as those that utilize the basic elemental natures are deemed ineffective by Hanako herself as evident by her battle with it. They will only be absorbed on contact, unless the technique is extremely fast. Advanced elemental combinations such as Lava Release, Ice Release and even Scorch Release does affect the entity to some extent, however due to the sheer size, a single shinobi cannot even muster a dream to hurt it on their own.

When first summoned by Hanako, the flower produces a unique form of pollen that effortlessly blankets the sky in a shroud of microscopic etheric life-force absorbing entities. This pollen is capable of inducing a powerful hallucination that is comparable to the natural genjutsu of Hanako’s Black Lily. The pollen produced can span the length of the Land of Lightning without the need for wind. This gives Hanako a large are of stunning the opposition. Fugitive felicities of thought and sensation are purged through the opponent while the external self are left immobilized and in a world full of dreams, refinements and intense abstractions. The life force absorbed by the pollen are then transferred to the Genesis Flower which then transferred to Hanako. The vines that the flower possess are as powerful as the roots of the Shinju and are capable of breaking through the Six Red Yang Formation due to its sheer sized coupled with its chakra absorbing abilities. The Genesis Flower spreads these life force and chakra vines throughout the battlefield and they move at speeds that are comparable to even the fastest shinobi. However, their speed shouldn’t’ be feared, it’s their sheer number that is the sustenance for nightmares. The monstrous number of vines produced surpasses that of any Wood Release technique. This allows Hanako to virtually break through any form of barrier that would be used against her. She is also capable of becoming the Jinchūriki by absorbing the Genesis Flower and therefore inherit the will of the earth in all its glory and unprejudiced. The mere presence of this massive flower saps away at the senjutsu produced by her own energy. This forces those whom manipulate natural energy in any fashion to resort to using their own chakra network rather than rely on the force that they tossed aside for the Shinju. The true terror of the Genesis Flower is that not only does it project the will of the earth but it also harnesses the natural energy flowing through what we call the abyss. In some cases, she can extend these roots to tap into the Source of the Ryūmyaku to allow her unfathomable levels of unique charka married with her own.

Roots of the Shinju

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In the realm of mythology, the tree has had a plethora of sacred significances scatter throughout time and in our current universe, it is no exception. One of the most powerful if not the most powerful entity the Ten Tails was formed out strife as from the God Tree. In a sense, it is the God Tree itself. One the Isle of the Blooming Flowers, the inhabitants thought that the so called god tree was merely a foreign abomination that ridiculed the very sanctuary that it was worshipped on. Though for everyone else, it was revered as a deity henceforth came the nativity of the Genesis Flower. It was a tree that grew from the pain and suffering of warriors whom died defending their home and their family name.
Inukai Takeru no Mikoto

An ineffable splendor, the sheer potency of Hanako's ninjutsu is incomprehensible.

To this extent, the Yagami clan especially viewed the tree as malign and of abhorrent nature. Thus they sought to control it and stop it themselves. Nearly three millenniums ago, an ancient Yagami clan member summoned the essence of the Genesis Flower in order to combat the so called “Divine Tree” and this assault lasted for seven days. On the eight day of destruction, the Genesis Flower managed the seriously harm the God Tree and vice versa which caused both of the ethereal entities to go into a deep hibernation. This resulted in massive disembodied roots of the Shinju being scattered across the land and in this finality, the Yagami clan gained possession of the roots and used the Genesis Flower’s influence to take control over them.
Shinju Roots

In accents of menace and wrath, behold the arrival of the divine roots.

Now thousands of years later, Hanako is the heiress of the Yagami clan and the sole summoner of the disembodied roots of the God Tree. With her ability to communicate with nature, Hanako has established a firm connection with these massive roots and she is even capable of communicating with the roots as an impartial sentience of the original tree was left behind in these roots. A sort of stolid despairing acquiescence stems Hanako’s darker personality as she uses the roots for her own purposes. Just as the God Tree itself, the roots hold unsurpassable chakra absorbing properties than can only be matched by the Genesis Flower. She spliced the roots of the God Tree into her own DNA allowing her to sense the world on a scale that can only be described as god’s point of view and she is the posthumous natural progression of the God Tree. She can summon these roots and mentally control them through her unique ability and allow them to attack in the shape of dragon shaped effigies and are large enough to completely destroy a small village in seconds due to their expansiveness. The more chakra and blood, these roots inherently absorb, the larger and more ferocious they become to the point where they match the original God Tree in prowess. When summoned they seek out any source of chakra excluding Hanako’s until that source is completely diminished this causes them to grow a near uncontrolled rate. When used with the Ryūmyaku, the roots gain the power of the legendary Dragon Vein which grants them a malleable purple aura that is capable of incinerating anything that does get absorbed by the roots themselves. In a completely new realm of power beyond comprehension, Hanako can imbue the roots of the God Tree with the force of the Genesis Flower creating a new entity that towers over the world of sentient beings and in this moment, a thousand unutterable fears bore irresistible despotism over the worlds thoughts. The size of the roots contain an ineffable sense of grandeur and dismay that cast unforgiving shadows on the world below. They tower over mountain ranges and continue to grow in size absorbing all they come into contact with for about ten minutes before they stop. The supernatural speed of growth and speed of travel allows the roots to cover a village the size of Konohagakure as soon as they are summoned. As such, there is no absolute defense against the divine tree's roots as all chakra based constructs are absorbed no matter the density. Hanako, has developed a special sealing formula which reverts the roots to a more manageable size once she is done using them.


Main article: Very Hiden-Wood Release: Shin Kodama The Shin-Kodama (真木霊, True Tree Spirits) is a unique technique crafted by the daimyō of The Isle of the Blooming Flowers, Hanako Yagami and it is one that utilizes the concept of the Creation of All Things to manifest a new form of grand design, a Shin-Kodama. In a basic sense, Kodama (木霊 or 木魂, Tree Spirit) is a very old belief, and a very old word similar to the Gushkin-banda: Tanghasangii technique. It is a technique that will leave to the imagination the endless vista of possibilities in the concepts of ninjutsu. In the Isle of the Blooming Flower’s history, the name kodama was spoken long before the major populace of the Yagami clan had a written language. The spiritual Shin-Kodama exists in the physical and metaphysical which allows them to affect the environment of both realms. They are considered the soul of the tree and if that tree is harmed, a terrible curse shall be inflicted on the opponent, one that lapse into pathos and absurdity.

Shin Kodama

A fleeting existence in flight beyond the reach of human magnanimity.

In ancient times, kodama as stated by the elder council of the Luoyang Village were said to be kami, nature deities that dwelled in gargantuan trees deep within the forest. Some believed that kodama were not linked to a single tree but could move nimbly through the forest, traveling freely from tree to tree as if it was a spirit However, other clans located on the Isle of the Blooming Flowers believed that the enigmatic kodama were the trees themselves due to no one actually being able to see them. They would say that seeing a kodama was equivalent to drinking the spirit of the Earth. Though not only were the Kodama were spirits they were also a sound that seemed to possess those whom hear the ethereal rambling. Most notably, the Kodama possessed a powerful ability, a striking otherworldly power that was said to be a gift from mother earth or a curse. Kodama are rarely ever seen, but when they do appear, they usually look like faint orbs of light in the distance; or occasionally as a tiny, funny-shaped vaguely humanoid figure. Kodama are revered as gods of the trees, and protectors of the forests. They bless the lands around their forest with vitality, and villagers who find a kodama-inhabited tree honor it by marking it with a sacred rope known as a shimenawa. Occasionally, very old trees will bleed when cut, and this is regarded as a sign that a kodama is living inside. Cutting down such an ancient tree is a grave sin, and can bring down a powerful curse on any villagers who do so, causing a prosperous community to fall into ruin.

The abilities of the Shin-Kodama are mysterious in nature but yet just with their creation, they cause the opponent to be lost in a delirious wonder or a sense of amazement. From the moment they are created, the shimmering appearance drifts between the physical and the metaphysical realm as it appears if they are shifting between multiple realms. Understanding their nativity involves a labyrinth of perplexities. They are able to produce ethereal amounts of Wood Release on their own and are capable of extracting natural energy and chakra from the environment along with the manipulation of the spirit. By simply touching the Shin-Kodama results in the spirit being removed from the body but it will be able to return to their body if the opponent is skilled enough. This spiritual displacement is what makes the Shin-Kodama so baffling as even user of the Spirit Transformation Technique are reversed back into their physical vessels if they would even connect with the slightest interaction. However, their most dangerous aspect is that once a Shin-Kodama touches the opponent, they are able to transform into a perfect copy of the opponent right down the chakra and endurance and in turn, each of the other Shin-Kodama proceeds to do the same numbering into the hundreds or even the thousands. While transformed, the Shin-Kodama are capable of matching any opponent in strength and ability. For example, if the spirited Shin-Kodama touches a Limbo: Border Jail creation, they likewise transform into a replica of the exact likeness. They are imbued with an unsurmountable amount of natural energy and as such, it is almost impossible to sense them as they do not possess life, emotions or chakra. Their metaphysical forms vary between a unique floating hydra or a human shaped spirit with a morbid face. Just as the Genesis Flower, the Shin-Kodama are but a small fraction of earth's will and are even immutable to the will of lesser beings. The drawback to the Shin-Kodama is that they are extremely slow and appear to be no more than floating lanterns however, the massive numbers are capable of protecting the user and swarming the opponent in any case.

Spirit Tree

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The Summoning: Spirit Tree (口寄せ・神座樹, Kuchiyose: Shinzaju) is a hiden technique utilized by the Goddess of the Four Seasons (四季の移ろいの女神, Shikinōtsuroi no Megami) and it is characterized by summoning a truly gargantuan sentient tree capable of collapsing the world into a dreary and hysterical depression due to its unchallenged supremacy. This tree is the legacy of the impure world, a concept that is the legendary tree of life and death. The Spirit Tree would appear in the world beyond as sky stained with purple, the moon slowly rose beckoning the return and manipulation of the afterlife. Hanako's knowledge of the tree came from her discovery of Ochimizu via the World Tree. In her mind, if there is the existence of sacred foliage in the metaphysical and the physical world, then there must exist holy that exists in the world beyond spirits. The primary abilities of the Spirit Tree, one ability to anchor souls from the Pure Land in an whole or impartial state. Inspired by the immortal flame of youth, this ability seems to override techniques such as the Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation or other techniques that attempt to harness souls from beyond the spiritual realm. The nature of this tree is shrouded in mystery, lost before the creation of man. It is a concept beyond the reach of human magnanimity. Even attempting to attack the tree is a ludicrous attempt of clumsy playfulness and tawdry eloquence.

Luminous with an infinite number of spirits merged in a sentiment of unutterable empathy and compassion.

The size of the tree outmatches the base of the Shinju and the height of the Genesis Flower thereby making it the second largest tree in the shinobi universe aside from the World Tree.

In some esoteric fashion, the tree is called the Well of Souls (井泉の輪廻 , Seisen no Rinne) and it is said that the souls who pass the tree in the Pure Land are capable of hearing the voices of their loved ones. It is a compass that sets the rest of the spiritual world in order, balance, and direction. If it is hurt or destroyed, chaos will ensue in the Pure Land. According to Hanako, summoning this tree requires an amount of chakra that is in a similar vein to summoning the Genesis Flower however, due to her remote connection to the Ryūmyaku, she can use it as a seemingly unlimited source of chakra so circumvent the cost for this technique. Another ability of this tree is the ability to provide a spiritual barrier that exists beyond the concept of time and space allowing Hanako to nullify the effects of Space–Time Ninjutsu by overlapping a portion of the spiritual domain of the tree with that of the physical world. The tree is also used as a method to perfect Hanako's Spirit Reflection Technique in which she can draw a countless number of souls into her puppets granting them full power and consciousness granting her potentially the most powerful puppet army. Hanako can connect to the tree to view the spirit world herself and to increase her sensing range beyond a global level rendering techniques such as Hiding in Surface Technique techniques and even other masking techniques such as the Incarnation of Immaculate Imperceptibility null.

Due to her nature as a philosopher and that of a botanist, Hanako has spliced the metaphysical DNA of the tree and combined it with her own genes and cultivated a new strand of genes that are now housed within her body. Doing this arduous process allowed her the ability to transverse the world of Limbo and the realm beyond life and death, increasing her lifespan to a point where she is potentially immortal and even foreseeing the past and future, effectively deciding her own destiny. Foreseeing her future and that of many others is attributed to the process of soul dominion. As a soul, you are released from the bonds of space and time, therefore by association a spirit is able to see the past and there future unlike the damned who can only see the future but not the past and the present. By overlapping the realm of the tree with the physical plane, Hanako is able to travel into the realm beyond sight. She is also able to use this ability in combat situations, though she rarely has the need to. This also allowed her to perceive past and future events to an extent granting her unbridled evasiveness against an opponent(s). However powerful these abilities may seem, they still pale in comparison of Hanako actually being connected to the tree and even being in a closer range. Once Hanako is within a certain range, the Well of Souls or as it is normally called the Spirit Tree grants her autonomous restoration from techniques that affect the soul as the metaphysical essence that Hanako harvested from the Spirit Tree contained a portion of the tree's innumerable souls that are housed within it. Allowing each soul to grant Hanako a portion of it's spiritual energy and insight. Hanako states that this tree is more powerful than the Shinju and the Genesis Flower respectively but costs three times as much chakra in order to summon it in its entirety.

World Tree


Demon Shinki

Demon Shinki (悪魔神姫, Akuma Shinki) is an ancient artifact that was collected and harvested by Hanako Yagami. The seed was originally created from primordial Evil Intent that personified itself into a living organism, a tree. Millennia ago, there existed a tree whom caused gloom and the seclusion of the Maharobha Village. The tree would consume those unfortunate enough to pass by it often in the cold dead of night. Each time the tree would consume a human soul, it would grown larger and would eventually grow larger enough to move on its own. The tree was eventually discovered by the towns people after they were unable to find the missing people who ventured in the forest where the tree resided. Faced with no choice, the villagers attempted to chop down the demonic tree but to no avail. Their discriminating epithets and their following actions had no effect on the demonic tree and it would begin to consume them one by one. However, the entire town pulled through and with all of their might, successfully defeated the tree. Though it was far too soon to celebrate as the collapsing giant fashioned a seed out of the villagers fear, anger and with it's own evil called the Demon Shinki. Centuries later, Hanako would discover the seed and spliced its genes with that of the Genesis Flower to produce an nigh unstoppable and irresistible force. Hanako can quickly plant one of these seeds on any surface and in an instant, a colossal forest of divine magnitude quickly takes shape. The seed responds to Hanako's chakra and it is normally kept dormant within her stomach, seed pouch or scroll. The seed is so powerful, that it can quickly decimate a small village within moments. It's power alone is comparable to God: Nativity of a World of Trees technique as it is strong than Hanako's own technique of the same family.

The forest grows rapidly sucking out chakra from everyone within its vicinity and giving it to its master which in turn gives its master near immortality and infinite chakra. The bark from this tree is a deep shade of black and it's leaves resemble the color of dried blood. Hanako is bonded with the central tree in the middle of this nation sized forest and it boosts her power tremendously. The central tree comes in the form of a gigantic hydra-esque entity that towers over the Tailed Beasts and has power comparable to a fully empowered Kurama. Each tree in the forest reaches high into the atmosphere and will begin to harvest the absorbed chakra to produce more seeds which in turn produces the demonic forest. The branches produced by the tree are able to pierce through multiple defenses of the highest caliber and can even lock on to specific signatures if willed by Hanako. Another unique ability of the forest is that it doesn't consist of chakra. The tree is considered it's own entity that can be considered divine in it's own right and even Hanako has to be careful when using just one of these seeds. The forest causes any opposition to retreat as any attempts to attack the divine evil are rendered useless. Hanako carries multiple seeds and can even be placed on an opponents body which subsequently absorbs their chakra at a fast rate. The only known method of stopping this demonic forest is by killing Hanako herself or by removing the entire forest into a different dimension. If left unchecked, the forest could potentially cover the entire globe sapping chakra from every life form granting Hanako god-like powers in the process.


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Ochimizu (変若水, Rejuvenating Water) is a special mixture or relatively a unique resin created by the legendary Chengdu Clan. The Ochimizu grants its users remarkable regeneration abilities, an increase in physical prowess and speed. In a sense, the users become brutes of absolute physical strength, surpassing anything seen in this realm, an abomination. However, as a downside to consuming the legendary Ochimizu, the users experiences and loss of intelligence and self awareness. The water's effects are so powerful that it's rumored to have the powers to revive the dead. It was thought to be an artifact of great power, said to grant invincibility and possibly immortality to whomever possesses it. The Ochimizu was also said to be a wish-fulfilling jewel and/or a Buddhist Holy Grail of sorts. The existence of the Ochimizu was passed down only by word of mouth, usually to high ranking officials such as kage, shogun, emperors, or daimyo. Spiritually, it was also perceived as that elusive portion of God-Self which when discovered and utilized, will transform the human condition from its fallen state. They are also considered slaves to the tree and their only thought process is to protect the tree at all costs. The effects are seemingly permanent, which is why the Ochimizu was highly sought after by numerous villages however, only the Chengdu themselves are able to reverse the effects of the Ochimizu.

Something curiously suggestive and engaging

The tree itself is absolutely humongous, on a scale comparable to that of the illustrious god tree, Shinju and similar to the latter, it has been worshipped by the Chengdu clan for centuries. The tree is considered a sentient being, and it is possible to summon this tree into this realm however, this will result in a global catastrophe due to the consuming nature of the tree to produce the resin. However the tree does showcase nominal combative capabilities in its true form. Hanako does not consume the Ochimizu itself, but she has laced the negative effects of the mysterious substance with some of her Wood Release techniques, the most notable is the Wood Release: Advent of a World of Flowering Trees. Since the Wood Release: Advent of a World of Flowering Trees is so expansive, the effects of the Ochimizu combined with the pollen produced from the technique makes it nearly impossible to escape. Hanako has also laced the mythical properties of the Ochimizu with that of her own DNA which had given Hanako genes that aren't influenced the effect of objects with viscous tendencies such as Water Release Techniques and other techniques that uses some form of fluid. However, even the small splice of genes still gave Hanako a detrimental effect of clouding her judgment in some cases but it boosted her physical parameters in a grand fashion. and eliminate illness. One of Hanako's special puppets is able to manifest Ochimizu as a formidable weapon in conjunction with its Water Release Techniques.


"Look at the trees, look at the birds, look at the clouds, look at the stars... and if you have eyes you will be able to see that the whole existence is joyful. Everything is simply happy. Trees are happy for no reason; they are not going to become prime ministers or presidents and they are not going to become rich and they will never have any bank balance. Look at the flowers — for no reason. It is simply unbelievable how happy flowers are."

"The moon silvered on one side the leaves, which the shadows bronzed on the other. They called to mind, as they swayed to and fro, the rustling which a bird makes in its flight. Everything murmured and whispered.... Warm vapors rose from the lungs of the earth, and blended with the coolness of the night. I inhaled a sort of intoxication. Nature sometimes affects the soul just as wine does the body."

"Mother Nature presents neither a wrinkled face nor tottering form, but constantly renews the bloom of her youth, while time fills up the volumes of her history."

"Nature inspires my everything. She inspires my solitude, and my writing and my art. She lifts me upon her welcoming wings and soars me through the sky of possibilities. She colors my day, brightens my soul, and calms my nights. She is fierce and beautiful, strong and delicate — an unrelenting Queen so generous of advice and never weary of new beginnings. In spring a colorful maiden, in winter a wise old lady, in autumn a looking-glass to my falling-leaf self, and summer a warm blossomed benefactor, comrade to the sun. A constant companion — sometimes indifferent, sometimes nuzzling me with her genial breezes and raining drops of heaven onto me. To close my windows and shut her out is error and melancholy."

"The great pulsation of nature beats too in my breast, and when I carol aloud, I am answered by a thousand-fold echo. I hear a thousand nightingales. Spring hath sent them to awaken Earth from her morning slumber, and Earth trembles with ecstasy, her flowers are hymns, which she sings in inspiration to the sun... "

"Those humans whom worshipped the Shinju in favor of the Earth are supremely disheveled and distraught figures. The very Earth whom they were created from. The very Earth that bought them a fortuitous series of pleasures, sustenance as well as a place for the young and old to rest their achy, weary bodies. The very Earth that provided humans with a profound and eager hopefulness was cast aside by the ungrateful due to their ignorance in a pursuance of worshipping a false god. An alien deity that had no remorse for the lives it took, yet, it was still praised as an object of holiness. This caused a powerful agitation within the very will of the mother Earth. She was heartbroken. A pang of jealousy not unmingled with scorn coursed through the earth's crust and into the atmosphere. Thus spawned the Genesis Flower. An entity that was prevailing a sentiment of uneasy discontent against those that betrayed their origins. She, Hanako Yagami, has inherited the nameless sadness which is always born of moonlight. The very will of the Earth, that is even worthy of divine admiration harvests barren regrets."
— SahaTo.


  • The inspiration for Hanako Yagami is the user's own wife.
  • Hanako is also the longest reigning kage for any major land or village (80 years), this is of course attributed to her supernatural longevity.
  • Hanako is a vegan and she also grows her own food via Wood Release and the manipulation of vegetation.
  • The split personality in her older years stem from Lian Nishang (練霓裳; 练霓裳; Liàn Nícháng, Liàn Níshàng) from Baifa Monü Zhuan.
  • She has a strong dislike for those whom purposely harms mother nature.
  • Out of all of my characters, Hanako is the only Wood Release user.
  • Over the years, Hanako has produced many philosophical novels such as the The Voice of Nature and Ethereal Elements of Empathy.
  • She has also started her own novel with a so far, undecided title.
  • According to Hanako's Databook'
    • Hanako's favorite words are "Cherish" and "Essence".
    • Hanako's favorite food is Tofu and Veggies with peanut sauce.
    • Her favorite hobby is speaking to nature itself, singing and writing her own novel.
    • Her favorite quote is: Some people think the plant-based, whole-foods diet is extreme. Half a million people a year will have their chests opened up and a vein taken from their leg and sewn onto their coronary artery. Some people would call that extreme.
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