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Hara Hōzuki was walking down a path as see a small village."How peacful" said Hara. Rogen Toriyama was in the village defending it from a small group of bandits."I think they could use my help" said Hara as she began to run to the village. out of the corner of rogen's eye he saw the girl running towards the village but couldn't tell of her intentions and as far as he knew she was apart of the village."he looks like a enemy take this" said Hara she used the Water Release: Azure Dragon Palm on Rogen. WHOA!! rogen diverted his attention to the little girl and used Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall to defend against her attack then launched Wind Release: Vacuum Gale."Weak" said Hara as she used the Lava Release: Rubber Defence Weak? HA said the clone as it dispersed and the real rogen appeared behind the girl hitting her with the Wind Clothesline
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