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Kanji 原山津見神
Rōmaji Harayamatsumi
Literal English Mountain Field Majesty


Appears in Anime, Manga, Novel


Classification Nature Icon Earth.svg Nature Icon Yang.svg Hijutsu, Ninjutsu
Nature Nature Icon Earth.svg Earth Release

Nature Icon Yang.svg Yang Release

Rank A-Rank
Class Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Range All ranges

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Harayamatsumi (原山津見神, はらやまつみ, Literally meaning: Mountain Field Majesty) is another visually stimulating technique crafted by Sargon’s ambassador, Shioisemikoto. This technique is highly versatile and is able to easily catch opponent’s off guard allowing her to deliver a fatal strike while the opponent is immobilized. The user can apply a mammoth force of gravity from all angles towards an target with a mere glance.


This exceptionally powerful Earth Release jutsu which harnesses both attractive force (引力, inryoku) and seiatsu (征圧, subjugating pressure) that is capable of subjecting all forms of matter and energy towards the earth itself for a short amount of time. This causes the targeted objects to be crushed under an approximate imitation of intense gravitational downforce and can subdue the mightiest of foes at speeds that are near instantaneous.

By releasing chakra through the ground below, Shioisemikoto creates a subjugating pressure that mimics a massive downforce of gravity at its most basic application. This force affects all forms of matter and energy, causing it to violently crash into the earth’s surface, which in most cases crushes weaker shinobi in a painful death or to completely immobilize and flatten titanic entities such as Tailed Beast. No matter the distance from the user, the strength of the technique remains the same as long as they are within range of the user.

Harayamatsumi is known to be quite painful as Shioisemikoto as able to adjust the amount downforce in various increments that may affect each body part differently. Through the many instances of this techniques use, opponents have had broken limbs while trying to push themselves from the ground. Other side effects that most individuals have experienced with this technique is difficulty breathing as the lungs cannot fully inflate. The subjugating pressure may also be applied remotely to distant targets. Which would otherwise affect Shioisemikto as well. Not only does Harayamatsumi boasts offensive capabilities, it also can geared towards more defensive measures. Incoming attacks, such as kunai, shuriken and even other jutsu are ceased under the pressure and can even crush them albeit with enough chakra applied. With Karamitsuku's usage via natural energy and the chakra granted by the Eight Great Dragon Kings, he can apply enough force to distort space itself within the range of this technique.