"To ensure a better world, to break a cycle, you must first look at yourself, and make sure you have the will to change. To change a cycle, we must be able to change ourselves for the creation of peace."

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Major Character

"A writer is a dangerous friend. Everything you say, all of your life and experience, is fodder for our writing. We mean you no harm, but what you know and what you’ve done is unavoidably fascinating to us. Being friends with a writer is a bit like trying to keep a bear as a pet. They’re wonderful, friendly creatures, but they play rough and they don’t know their own strength or remember that they have claws. Choose the stories you tell to your writer friends carefully."
— Randy Murray.

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Name Hayazumo
Kanji 勇雲
Romanji Hayazumo; Gallant Cloud
Personal Status
Birthdate Astrological Sign Gemini June 2
Age 49
Gender Gender Male Male
Blood Type B
Home Country Takigakure Symbol Land of Waterfalls
Family Jiraiya
Occupation Adviser
Affiliation Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Rank A
Classification Jonin
Nature Type Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release
Nature Icon Water Water Release
Nature Icon Earth Earth Release
Jutsu Animation Chojutsu

Body Flicker Technique
Bringer-of-Darkness Technique
Chakra Exertion Technique
Chakra Flow
Character Bind Technique
Clone Technique
Cloud Body Technique
Cloud Clone Technique
Cloud Creation Technique
Dance of the Shikigami
Demonic Illusion: Double False Surroundings Technique
Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique
Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death
Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death Explosion
Earth Release Stream
Earth Release: Swamp of the Underworld
Enlargement Technique
Finger Carving Seal
Hiding in a Toad Technique
Paper Person of God Technique
Shadow Clone Technique
String Bean Binding Illusion
Strong Fist
Summoning Technique (Toads)
Summoning: Toad Mouth Bind
Summoning: Toad Shop Technique
Super Beast Imitating Drawing
Toad Oil Bullet
Transparent Escape Technique
Tree Climbing Practice
Water Surface Walking Practice

Weapons Standard Tools

Hayazumo (Gallant Cloud, 勇雲, Hayazumo) is a Jōnin-level shinobi of Konohagakure and the Land of Fire, and grandson of the famed Jiraiya. With the blood of the famous Jiraiya in his veins, he has come to be known as the Second Coming of Jiraiya, following in the footsteps of his ancestor. Hayazumo is currently the adviser to the Hokage, and can qualify as a bodyguard.

Renowned as the Cloud on High, he has come to be a splendid shinobi, just like his grandfather. His talents don't stop there however, as Hayazumo is a born writer, an innate trait of his. Combining his wide love for literature with the shinobi arts, Hayazumo has taken it upon himself to find this peace that Jiraiya once searched for, and bring his ideals to life.


Birth to a Wanderer

The Journey to Konoha

Becoming a Genin

Chūnin Exams


Ascending the Ranks

Protecting Konoha


A calm, calculated individual, Hayazumo never rushes into battle, unless he knows what he's doing. Hayazumo is a composed man, who doesn't let weakness show. He tries to inspire people as best he can, tries to not let them give up hope. Most of his personality is unknown, because of the mask of composure he hides it behind. Hayazumo seems to be very prideful in his own abilities, but isn't really cocky at all, knowing that an opponent he faces, could beat him. He commends shinobi who put up a good fight, or seem very powerful, like his Hokage.

Hayazumo is also an advocate for peace. Having taken up Jiraiya and Naruto's mantle of finding peace, it is his core belief that peace can be found. This is the reason why he fights, why he lives. That he'll one day find peace in his home, and his world.


"To protect my homes. My village, and my land, with all I've got... That is my nindō. Konoha will not fall, and neither will the Land of Fire, as long as I'm here to save it."
— Hayazumo's Ninja Way.




Dressed in a skin-tight, two-piece turtleneck black suit, he is a fairly tall man. A long white cloth wraps around his neck like a scarf, and the rest is long enough to cover him completely in a makeshift snow white robe, which he does sometimes. He possesses long blond hair, and golden eyes, the same shade as a medal, the kind that is worn by first place winners. Long, thin, blonde eyebrows help define his composed facial structure. For footwear, only black shinobi sandals grace his feet. He also wears similar black gloves, and usually is equipped with his own sword, a katana with a red grip and golden guard.


Hayazumo is highly-skilled, as expected of the grandson of a Sannin, and a Jōnin. He knows a variety of techniques, some inherited from his ancestor, and some of his own original skills. He has been renowned for his skills in many different situations, and his usage of certain areas of his ninja arts have surpassed Jiraiya himself, especially his genjutsu. Hayazumo even once stopped a rogue shinobi from entering Konoha's gates. Hayazumo is very well rounded for a shinobi, mastering ninjutsu, genjutsu, bukijutsu, and even his own kind of ninja art form, Chojutsu.

Hayazumo is also well-versed in chakra control, being the son of Kaigāru and Chiyu, a Konoha Medic-nin. This mastery helped him learn the Rasengan from Naruto Uzumaki himself, and helped him with various techniques. Hayazumo typically tries to use his chakra as efficient as possible, using less to do more.


Nature Transformation

Toad-Based Techniques

Cloud Based Techniques

Ink Techniques & Kamijutsu






Hayazumo is very quick to realize things in a battle, and deduce how to counter them. After seeing Storm Release: Celestial Arrow a few times, he was able to reason that it was able to be controlled and conducted with his own katana, and redirected it at the original user.[1] Afterwards, he was able to weaken the effect of a more powerful storm technique, the same way. He was also able to dodge Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder, a powerful surge at that, by purposely falling into a trench he had previously dug for his opponent, after seeing the way his own technique was dodged beforehand. He has stopped explosive tags from affecting him using Toad Oil Bullet to glue them to a tree. Hayazumo also set up ink cannons beforehand, so his chakra could recharge for a battle, also showing he planned ahead. Hayazumo is very good at that, and thinking on his feet, making plans in the nick of time.

Another testament to his knowledge shows from his position as diplomat, adviser and ambassador, and document writer of the Hokage. He handles many duties and excels in each one.[2]

Chakra Control & Reserves

Hayazumo, as a Jōnin, has had training to up his chakra reserves to decent amounts, somewhat greater than normal. That, combined with his heritage from Jiraiya (who had large chakra reserves), and his mother Chiyu (an accomplished medic with great chakra), goes together into creating the masses of chakra he has to use. As being taught by Chiyu at an early age to control chakra, Hayazumo currently is a great master of chakra control, and Chakra Flow.

He uses his chakra efficiently, using less of it, to do more. He has honed his skills with chakra to use the least amount of chakra possible in executing techniques, especially basic techniques, where he hardly uses any chakra to do. This allows him to use his chakra toward his other techniques, and gives him more chakra than average to do so.

Hayazumo can effortlessly channel chakra, to use it quickly and precise throughout the body, or to execute techniques. As an example, when he executes the Shadow Clone Technique, he can determine how much chakra he wants to put into the clone, for the best combat moves. All of this makes this part of combat fairly easy for him, because of his great chakra control, and ample reserves to utilize.




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