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Major Character
Heiwa Uchiha
Name Heiwa Uchiha
Kanji うちは平和
Romanji Uchiha Heiwa
Alias Seventh Mizukage (七題名火影, Sichidaime Mizukage)
God of Genjutsu (幻術の神, Genjutsu no Kami)
God of the Third Heaven (第三の天の神, Daisanten no Kami)
Neptune (海王星, Kaiōsei)
One-Man Army (一人の軍隊, Hitori no Guntai)
Ōwatatsumi (大綿津見神, Great Diety of the Sea)
Suijin (水神, Water God)
Red Demon of the Mist (霧の赤鬼, Kiri no Akaoni)
Epitome of Greatness (偉大さの縮図, Idai-sa no Shukuzu)
Personal Status
Birthdate Astrological Sign Aries April 13
Age 17-18 (Part I)
Gender File:20px-Gender Male.svg.png Male
Height 175.9 cm
Weight 60.3 kg (Part II)
Blood Type A
Home Country Land of Water SymbolLand of Water
Affiliation Gakuinkisai SymbolGakuinkisai
Occupation Kage
Team Silent Guardians SymbolShadow Guardians
Partner Tsuyo Kaguya
Kei Yotsuki (Golden Darkness)
Clan Uchiha SymbolUchiha Clan
Senju SymbolSenju Clan
Uzumaki SymbolUzumaki Clan
Family Utsuro Uchiha (Father)
Maki Uchiha (Mother)
Raiku Uchiha (Brother)
Itachi Uchiha (Grandfather)
Minako Senju (Grandmother)
Enen Hōzuki (Wife)
Kama Uchiha (Son)
Tenshi Uchiha (Daughter)
Tsuyo Kaguya (Step-Daughter)
Kaiso Kobukan (Godfather)
Seitei (Honorary Sister)
Rank S-Rank
Classification Kage
Sensor Type
Ninja Registration Para-00
Academy Grad. Age 08
Chūnin Prom. Age 10
Jōnin Prom. Age 14
Kekkei Genkai Sharingan TripleSharingan
Para MS 1Mangekyō Sharingan
Para MS 2Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan
Kekkei Tōta Nature Icon ShihomitsutamaShihomitsutama
Kekkei Mōra RinneganRinnegan
Tailed Beasts Raikama
Hiden Techniques Reduced Earth Arts
Nature Type Nature Icon WaterWater Release (Affinity)
Nature Icon LightningLightning Release
Nature Icon FireFire Release
Nature Icon YinYin Release
Nature Icon YangYang Release
Nature Icon Yin-YangYin-Yang Release
Jutsu Amenonaemasu
Black Dream
Chakra Exertion Technique
Chakra Flow
Chakra Suppression Technique
Chakra Transfer Technique
Clone Great Explosion
Demonic Illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth Change
Eight Trigrams Sealing Style
Eighty Gods Water Bombardment
Empty Flow
Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
Fire Release: Great Flame Flower
Flying Thunder God Technique
Four Red Yang Formation
Genjutsu: Sharingan
Grudge Rain
Hiding in Mist Technique
Hour Glass
Kōun Ryūsui
Hydrification Technique
Magen: Kyōka Suigetsu
Magen: Saimin no Jutsu
Rain Tiger at Will Technique
Reduced Earth Art: Pulse Strike
Resonating Path to Takamagahara
Sage Mode
Secret Technique: Mist Rain
Seventh Sense
Shadow Clone Technique
Sorairo Magatama
Space-Time Transcription
Steaming Danger Tyranny
Summoning Technique (Saiken, Sharks, Tigers)
Tailed Beast Ball
Tailed Beast Shockwave
Uchiha Flame Formation
Upheaval Incision
Water Droplet Reflection Sight
Water Prison Shark Dance Technique
Water Prison Technique
Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave
Water Release: Five Feeding Sharks
Water Release: Great Exploding Water Colliding Wave
Water Release: Great Shark Bullet Technique
Water Release: Rain Water Shark Wave
Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique
Water Release: Water Fang Bullet
Water Release: Water Fist Technique
Water Release: Water Mirror Technique
Water Release: Water Shark Bullet Technique
Water-Reflecting Moonlight
Yasaka Magatama
Yin Release: Deadlock
Weapons Antidote

Smoke Bomb
Sword of Totsuka
Tempest Shuriken
Water Bottle
Yata Mirror

"Peace is not the absence of evil, but balance at the absence of violence and chaos. Without an evil to oppose, the concept of good is no longer meaningful... It is only a void by which all becomes forgotten. Without balance, chaos is inevitable."
— Heiwa Uchiha

Heiwa Uchiha (うちは平和, Uchiha Heiwa) is an elite shinobi hailing from Kirigakure as well as the Seventh Mizukage (七題名火影, Sichidaime Mizukage) of the village. Due to being the descendant of both the sons of the sage, he is renowned as the Unity of The Moon and Sun (日月の統一, Jitsugetsu no Tōitsu). Heiwa was raised by Maki Uchiha alongside his brother, Raiku Uchiha, and was a natural prodigy like no other. This garnered him endless praise amongst the entirety of the shinobi world, however, it also granted him the jealousy of his brother, which, in the long run, turned to bitter hatred. That hatred only grew with time as Heiwa's skills completely over-shadowed the existence of Raiku's own prodigious skills.

Upon Heiwa's coronation as the Mizukage, Raiku left the village to follow his "destiny" and no longer stay in the shadow of his brother. He ended up allying himself with Orochimaru as well as some other notorious crime lords and shinobi around the world, and would obtain unimaginable power through those affiliations. The young man called his brother into battle, whereby the two would engage in an epic battle. Raiku had the upper hand, however, Heiwa's wits and determination were the true deciders of the fight, and Heiwa was able to trap his foe through his genjutsu long enough to place a seal on him, trapping him into the deep chasm of his own dimension, beneath the endless canvas of lava. Later on in his years serving as the Kage, his unrivalled mastery with the Water Release garnered him the reputation as the Water God (水神, Suijin). His unrivalled aptitude in casting illusions earned him yet another epithet as the God of Genjutsu (幻術の神, Genjutsu no Kami). His prowess and prestige in the early start of his tenure as the Mizukage grew to a level only worth being referred to as "Godly", and as such he was noted by all the villagers and elders to be the strongest Mizukage in history, far surpassing the likes of the Second Mizukage: Gengetsu Hōzuki and others alike. However, the dark times had merely begun for Heiwa and the entire Shinobi world.

A few years after Heiwa was the Mizukage, Black Zetsu, the living will of Kaguya herself, had returned with a nigh-infinite army of Black and White Zetsu clones, who sought to destroy the entire shinobi world and revive their goddess: Kaguya. With the Five Great Nations divided by the threat and Konohagakure, among many other smaller countries, conquered, the Zetsu seemed to be inching closer to triumph, and the advent of defeat had come a step closer for the remaining strongholds. Heiwa, who knew of this divide and conquer strategy by the Zetsu in ther fight against other countries, left the village in an attempt to get the other remaining strongholds to unite to fight the threat as they had done so before, and revive the abandoned Shinobi Union.


Long before his birth, Heiwa's existence was heralded with anger and scorn by the villagers of Kirigakure. Even during the pregnancy of Maki Uchiha, his mother, one of Kiri's infamous civil wars had surfaced, with the intentions of ridding themselves of his accursed lineage. This civil war took the efforts of the Mizukage, Chōjūrō, and Heiwa's own father, Utsuro Uchiha. Despite the treacherous chaos being quelled, the scars would never disappear as many were filled with disgust at the unborn baby, which would taint the already stained history of Kiri even more. However, the problems for him had just began. Utsuro had a deep darkness which he had been fighting within, a battle he deemed himself incapable of emerging victorious from. In an act of desperation, he sealed his own goodness and nobility to his son, before he was overcome with this darkness. The Utsuro his wife and others knew had been gone, only remaining a shell of his being and the legacy imprinted into his son. In his birth, Utsuro had been gone, presumably on a "mission". However, the man orchestrated a riot against the birth of the child, with the villagers intent on killing Heiwa on his behalf. When Maki was discharged, she was approached by these people, who attempted to kill both the mother and child. Maki, however, would not allow such a treacherous deed to happen whilst she still lived, and bravely fought against them despite her fatigued state. She defeated nearly all of them. All but one, before she fell unconscious from fatigue. The remaining shinobi wielded a kunai, intent on ridding his village of the accursed Uchiha. However, when he stepped closer, he saw the child's eyes, miraculously imprinted with the coveted dōjutsu of his clan: the Sharingan, before he fell unconscious a few moments later. Utsuro arrived to see his wife awake and the child in the hands of Chōjūrō, after the Mizukage arrived to the horrible scene. With Maki rejuvinated and Heiwa alive and well, the darkness that controlled Utsuro had failed to kill his kin. However, this darkness had a cunning mind of it's own. With Heiwa forever protected by the remnants of Utsuro's will, it had sought another heir in which it would groom to serve him. This beast, in control of Utsuro, impregnated Maki once more after the birth of Heiwa. It imprinted it's darkness into the unborn child, sparking the inevitable opposition between the two children. After the birth of the second child, Raiku Uchiha, the plan of this darkness had begun to come into fruition. In midnight, where the stars were visible in the blue starry sky, this being began its plan, to escape with Heiwa and remove the hold of Utsuro, as it saw that the older child had more potential. The dark soul of Utsuro was intercepted, however, by Maki at the outskirts of the village. The woman, confused at what Utsuro was doing, received no answer. Utsuro engaged her in combat, intent on killing her for interfering in his plans. Maki, distraught by how her loving husband could do such a thing, wept. Her world crumbled apart, only sustained by endless thoughts. She thought about Utsuro's betrayal. She thought about the well-being of her first-born. Her mind was filled with questions, yet no answers. Tears began to turn into blood, dripping from her face and flowing into the ground. In a state of complete depression, her eyes took on a new form. Maki had awakened the Mangekyō Sharingan, and she went to assault Utsuro once more, despite expecting defeat like before. Maki managed to take her child out of Utsuro's grasp and into her comforting hands. Utsuro attempted to take Heiwa again, however, Maki's own emotions of fear, depression and anger, led to her eyes finaly acting into her situation, triggering an ability bestowed to her by the gods. In an instant, a vortex appeared before Maki, vaccuming her and Heiwa into her own dimension. Utsuro was outraged and tried to find the signature of Maki, but could not. The woman was trapped into a world of her own creation, along with her son. Utsuro tried to go to Kiri to take the younger one, before being surrounded by an endless squad of shinobi, with Chōjūrō leading them. He had no chance but to retreat, declaring that he would one day return to claim what is rightfully his.

The following week was an utter nightmare for Heiwa and Maki. Trapped in the caverns of her alternate dimension, she had begun to succumb to hunger. She tried to breastfeed the infant, which he utterly refused. Maki had longed for social interaction, and not knowing whether or not his younger child was in the clutches of a demented Utsuro was driving her further and further into insanity with every passing second. Maki looked into Heiwa, tears dripping upon her face. The will of Utsuro, however, lived on in Heiwa's own being. The child's sharingan flashed into existence once again, capturing Maki into an illusion. In this illusion, she met with Utsuro. He greeted her wife, whom he loved with all his heart. Maki was even more distraught, and Utsuro tried to comfort her, but it all fell on deaf ears. Utsuro relayed all the information into her, informing her of the true darkness dwelling into what was her husband, and his last act of desperation. After the brief conversation, Utsuro pleaded with her to forgive him one day, and to protect their children from the darkness that had consumed him. The chakra that had sustained the man's will within Heiwa had diminished and the genjutsu ended. Maki rose with vigor, determined to raise her children to be good people like their father, and she focused. Her eyes took on a familiar pattern, before a vortex was formed, sending her and Heiwa right into her home. Anxious, she barged into the Mizukage residence to ask Chōjūrō to brief her on the situation. She found the Kage with Raiku in his hands, taking care of him and keeping him in luxury fit for a child. Maki thanked the Kage for her kindness, and he requested the blue-haired Mizukage to be the godfather of her child, which he gladly accepted. Maki took good care of her child, however, they spent most of their younger years in the hands of Chōjūrō. Maki even moved into the Kage's residence with the children, and left them in Chōjūrō's care during missions. Sometimes, her missions collided with Chōjūrō's own duties and he would still take care of her children whilst performing them, taking them into meetings with elders amongst other things. The children grew up knowing him and Maki as the two people who took care of them, going so far as to call Chōjūrō "father" when referring to him. Maki however, still kept Utsuro's words about Heiwa at the back of her mind. She knew that she would need to get her ready for the dark soul that lied within Utsuro. At the age of five, she began to train Heiwa in secrecy, honing his sharingan as well as other skills. Raiku would often sneak of to watch in secrecy, and it would start his jealousy as well as their sibling rivalry. At the age of seven, Heiwa was entered into the academy along with his little brother, where their rivalry seemingly increased. Heiwa, on the other hand, saw Raiku as his little brother and thus he was overprotective of him, which only angered the young child even more. Heiwa's talents were nothing short of breath-taking, and despite Raiku being also quite skilled, he was a far cry away from reaching Heiwa's level of prowess. This only increased Raiku's anger and jealousy, which was matched only by Heiwa's ignorance. Both brothers' skills also garnered the hatred and jealousy of the other children, inherited from their parents. The fact that the duo lived in the residence of the Kage also added fuel to the flame, and thus they could not make any friends, with the exception of Toramaru Uzumaki, who soon became the best friend of Raiku. This friendship also seemed to ease Raiku's jealousy over his brother. During their graduation, which was only after a single year, Heiwa made a compelling speech to his classmates, declaring his own dreams and how he would make them come true despite the challenges and obstacles he would face. This speech was captivating for the instructors, and their peers were moved, many wishing to be like him. After graduation, Heiwa and Raiku were teamed alongside Toramaru. However, problems soon rose again as no jōnin was willing to tutor those carrying Uchiha blood inside of them. Maki volunteered to teach the team herself, as it would allow her to be closer to her two children and protect them in case Utsuro still lurked in the shadows.

Under the tutelage of Maki, Heiwa flourished as a shinobi. She taught him all that she knew during the first year as the genin. During this time, Heiwa had also grew out of his ignorance and noticed his little brother's desire to surpass him. The duo began to bond over their countless training sessions and battles, latter of which Heiwa had constantly won. Unbenknownst to him and Maki, the darkness sealed within Raiku would soon begin to manifest. However, in contrast to when it overwhelmed Utsuro, it was subtle and slow, making its detection impossible. Raiku still remained in Heiwa's shadow, as the older brother gained more fame amongst the other children, the females and perhaps even the elders' respect. Heiwa, however, still remained oblivious to the hatred that overwhelmed his younger brother, and lived life as usual. One day, whilst Heiwa meditated alone, a voice surfaced in his head, yearning to be freed from it's confines. Heiwa soon saw himself in a jungle. Endless trees followed his sight to the horizon. From the centre of the forest, a massive white tiger, dwarfing him multiple times in size, appeared to be binded by blue chains, yelling and pleading to be released from it's confines. Heiwa arrived to it's location, terrified of the size of its stature. It transcended reality to be that large, atleast in Heiwa's perspective. The beast lay down defeated as usual, too tired to attempt escape the chains that deprive it of it's freedom. In a fleeting moment, the beast's golden eyes widened, as it felt the chains that bind it's limbs loosen. Waking up, the white tiger saw the young man in the giant lock. Heiwa expected gratitude, yet he recieved none. The beast was still angry, presuming him to be responsible for confining it. It attacked Heiwa viciously, and he managed to evade it's attacks. Claws charged at him, and his life flashed before his eyes, before he barely managed to evade it's blows. Through the use of the Sharingan, Heiwa managed to paralyze and subdue it. Whilst motionless, Heiwa asked the gigantic beast about what it was and why it was in his mind. Puzzled, the beast told Heiwa of it's name, Raikama, and how it also did not remember. However, after succumbing to the genjutsu, fragments of his memories began to unravel, leaving him with more questions than answers. The duo became acquainted and engaged in conversations for hours. Heiwa awakened once again from his own meditations, and from that day onwards, he would usually engage in conversations with the beast, and it would remember events of it's past with time, sharing it's knowledge of history and wisdom with Heiwa. The young Uchiha began to recognise himself as a jinchūriki and accepting himself. Infact, he saw it as a blessing to bear such a powerful entity, though he kept it a secret, forever known only to himself. Another day, he went to his old home to find a special necklace his mother, Maki, left there. In his quest, he discovered a drawing on the main door, which was a circle a spirallint eight-pointed pinwheel inside. Heiwa continued with his quest, and found the necklace he was told to obtain. Heiwa returned the necklace to his mother, much to Maki's joy. He redrew the mark to show Maki, who immediately remembered the mark, scolding Heiwa for doing such a thing. Calming down his redirected anger towards the darkness that controlled Utsuro, Maki apologized to Heiwa, telling him about the mark and it's true use. He retained this information in his mind, and sought to recreate it's function. As a blessed Uchiha, he was able to quickly catch on to the functions of the technique. A year later, the young man attended the chūnin exams held in Iwagakure. The team easily passed the first and second round, and word spread of the team's talent. On the knockout phase, Heiwa easily defeated his own adversaries with little effort. In the final bout, Heiwa faced off against Raiku in a grassy area containing a few trees, which Heiwa noted to be impressive considering the plain, rocky environments of Iwagakure.

The two teammates and brothers had garnered fans and interest from even the Tsuchikage during their course in their battles, and their final duel was set to be a duel for the ages. Raiku was also determined to be victorious, setting their friendship aside and seeing Heiwa as just an obstacle in his way. Their battle ravaged the area, and ultimately, Heiwa was victorious. This battle served as a catalyst for Raiku, who thought that he would never beat Heiwa. He began to fall deeper into the darkness, with Heiwa not able to see nor help his brother fall into the bottomless pit of darkness.


There are various ways to interpret the personality of Heiwa. Encompassing the wills and goals of Asura and Indra, he has naturally adopted their mannerisms and traits. This combination caused him to be attain a strange and rare persona. Heiwa, from his adolescence, was a naturally kind person who treated everyone around him equally. A smile was always seen in his countenance to anyone who meets him. He would always attempt to treat kindly anyone whom he is acquainted with. During his younger years, he had always wanted to befriend his classmates, and always treated them fairly despite them not doing the same. Attributed to his kindness, he despised profanity, and would repromand others who use such language. This respect and kindness is what gradually garnered him praise among the villagers as a good-hearted shinobi and blessing instead of a curse, as they had presumed him to be. Stemming from his kindness, he was shown to be forgiving, witnessed by his gradual amnesty towards the village for the suspected conspiracy of killing his mother as well as the fact that they had sought to kill him in the past. Despite the many sins committed by the village on him, he remained loyal to it, and it still remained as a pillar of strength for him, which grants him the will to push himself beyond his limits for it's prosperity.

Heiwa also had a natural sense of pride in his clan, deeming his eyes to be a blessing instead of a curse. As a result, he has slowly began to shift the view of the village towards the Uchiha in the right direction, resulting in the village treating the clan the same as other clans within the village. Granted by his immense love and pride towards his clan, he has shown a deep level of curiosity of it's history and origins, and would constantly try to get his mother to tell him more about the clan. This pride evolved to deep compassion towards his clan, and often he would teach others of the clan and it's culture, thus giving them a view beyond the usual stereotype that they are filled with hatred.

Courtesy of his experiences as a child as well as his interest in politics, Heiwa attained a high level of charisma, and was a prodigious leader. As a result of his charismatic personality, he had the ability to be calm and laid back under pressure, and would often speak anywhere to anyone without fear, spanning from advising his academy instructor to reprimanding the Mizukage for a decision he makes, calculating the risks involved and how it affects Kiri and it's morality. He has shown a fearless attitude towards anyone of any stature or power, viewing them as equal to himself. This charisma has gotten him into trouble on several occasions, but it has also led to his election as the Mizukage.

Heiwa also had a perverted disposition, notably inherited from his father. He has shown this perverted nature to most women on the village, spanning from girls his age to beautiful older and more mature women. This trait has seemingly lowered as he grew older, as he had concealed it due to his duties as Kage. However, he still possesses this perverted disposition, and often stares at a woman's build as well as her breasts during conversations, often being reprimanded by the beast inside of him. Heiwa also seems to know of his perverted nature during conversations with Raikama, and also does not seem to care, noting it to be a part of him.

The Gift of Deception

"Peace does not just consist of people doing bad deeds and speaking what is on their minds. No. That only causes a certain level of asymmetry. The world needs balance in order for true peace to be achieved. Yang lacks purpose without Yin, and light is obsolete without shadows. Evil defines good, and lies define the truth. A simple lie can make the world connect, whilst the truth can tear it apart. The truth can set you free, whilst a lie can incarcerate you with guilt. These two, are neither right nor wrong, but they are necessary to mantain the balance of the world, and they are only defined by the situation at hand."
— Heiwa Uchiha, The Honest Liar.

Heiwa has a natural deceptive skill and is gifted in lying. With a vast and endless imaginative power, he can conjure and fabricate an excuse or event with perfection, assuring the smallest doubt to anyone whom he is lying to. He can hide his emotions perfectly despite the gravity of a situation, and is able to mantain composure in any scenario which is otherwise challenging. Assertive and quick-witted, he is able to decrypt what words are necessary in a situation, whether it is lies or the truth, or a perfectly wooven combination of both, whatever is necessary for a peaceful resolution with as little violence as possible. This has been noted by Raikama to stretch his moral compass, as the tiger is sometimes uncertain over which side Heiwa is on, despite him stating "The Good Side".

In addition to his deceptive nature, he possesses natural innocence. His appearance, eloquence, mannerisms. None of them raise suspicion to any of his facades, and this complexity only makes him even more difficult to comprehend. Raikama, the only person who knows this side of him, has depicted Heiwa's persona alone to be an unbreakable genjutsu. He is elusive, yet open. Honest, yet he formulates facades at will. This moral compass makes him an excellent ninja, as he would only speak what is required in order to achieve his goals, in the form of stretching the truth. Intimidation, fake smiles, insults. These are one of the many tools he uses for espionage, armistice and even to aide the village to excell in terms of military as well as economic standards through fabricating information to lead them into a certain decision or using facades to inspire his shinobi.

"Ever heard of the term, your tongue can be sharper than any sword? Yeah, who-ever said that, was referring to me. My goal for peace is coherent. How I aim to achieve it, however, is another story..."
— To Raikama

Stemming from his desire to solve conflicts without violence, he has developed a skill which allows him to tug the right strings in order to influence his adversary into a peaceful conclusion. This, despite stretching his moral compass, seems to be what allows him to save countless lives from unnecessary violence, and this allows him to nudge others into the right direction without an over-complicated speech and advice, and thus he is able to sway countless people into what he deems right without them ever perceiving it. This natural skill is also applied tactically to his opponents, as his words alone can lead them to give up on their endeavours. All he has to do, is tug the right strings of their psyche.


Nindō (忍道, Ninja Way) is a code that each shinobi abides by. All shinobi have their own nindō, attained through their personal experiences and the many facets of their beliefs. Heiwa's own rule is no exception, as it also garnered influence from past experiences as well as his personality and beliefs. Heiwa's nindō is most inspired by his tragic family tale, starting from his forefather up to the quarrels and challenges in which his own character faces. In and out of his struggles, Heiwa is one of a few who learnt from his past in order to grow as a person and as a shinobi. Thus, his nindō is a phrase which is "Stumble Seven Times But Recover Eighth" (七転び八起き, Nanakorobi Yaoki). This phrase is one which allows Heiwa to rise up from each and every fall he takes in life, a smile still unweavering in his visage, confident that nothing can ever hold him down. Heiwa's nindō shares similarities with his arch rival, the seventh Kazekage's own personal phrase, one of the trait that made them closer as friends and enemies. It served as a pillar which aids him in the burden which he carries on his shoulders as the protector of, not only Kirigakure, but the Land of Water and the entire shinobi world, also as a father, diplomat, a guardian and a teacher. Heiwa is the person who takes the duty to protect his loved ones and all the innocent victims, falling each time and rising from each fall to be the victor. His nindō is, in a sense, part of him, and where his powerful and indominable will stems from, as nothing is capable of hindering Heiwa. This was further proven in his battle with his brother, where he was shown to resist the latter controlling his will, ultimately reversing said technique and overwhelm him by using his own will, thus reigning thriumphant in their epic battle. In such instances, Heiwa's will shines from deep within his very being, manifesting into real life with an angelic form, incapable of being hindered even by the mightiest and darkest of power. It is in such instances that his actions and his opinions are incapable of being altered through anyway, a trait comically misconcepted as Heiwa being stubborn, although it lies far deeper than that. His will is noted to stem from his father's own will and indominable might. As Utsuro had implanted his own ideals into Heiwa since before birth, they had also wooven with Heiwa's beliefs as he grew older, thus making the young man an heir to his father's stubborn nature. This indominable will, however, does not mean that Heiwa is above acknowledging his own mistakes. He sees such faults as falls in which he would rise up and learn from, making him grow stronger with each time. Through such tragic experiences, Heiwa's mentality reached an impeccable level of stability, as few things can ever hinder his ideals and beliefs. As such, Heiwa is a great leader, as experience grants him the power to make correct decisions that will lead himself and his followers to prosperity, and he never doubts his decisions, believing them to be for the best no matter what other qualms in which those associated with him have.


Heiwa had attained great looks from a young age, something which earned him popularity from the younger females. His face was crafted to perfection, possessing a fine jawline and smooth cheekbones. Accompanying this handsome visage was a well-tuned and groomed body, as the young man was gifted with a slim and muscular build. However, these muscles were perfectly aligned with his body, and often were not easily seen, hidden within the body fat. As a result, the young man seemed to have an ordinary build whilst fully clothed, and would not be discerned as muscular. He adopted various training regimes in his youth, such as obstacle courses as well as dancing and taijutsu lessons. This, besides garnering him with additional skill and knowledge, caused him to mantain peak physical condition.

Facial Appearance

Heiwa had a light-skinned face and body, as well as a cute and charming face, which served as a tool for his praise and popularity within the feminine gender of the village. His eyes originally had an onyx color, however, they underwent a metamorphosis during the procedure in which Heiwa attained his mother's eyes. His eyes would shift color in an unpredictable manner, spanning from either intervals of a day, week, hour or even month. As such, he was seen as a strange person to the male, but this constant change in eye-color led to him earning even more fame and popularity amongst girls. Heiwa also had large brown hair, which, in his younger years, was combed upwards in a large spiky manner. As he grew older, his hair was combed downwards, with a large strand of hair covering his forehead. His hair also took on a darker shade of brown, almost being a black color.

Bodily Appearance

Heiwa had attained a strong physique by nature, courtesy of his Senju and Uzumaki lineage. His fit and well-built features was slightly concealed by the body fat, and thus one would require closer inspection to discern the young boy to be encompassing such well physique. His body, from a young age, appeared normally built and was depicted to be that of the average person. His upper-body attire, in his early adolescence, consisted of a white shirt along with an orange sweater, specially designed by his mother for him. In his lower body, he had worn short denims along with black flip-flop sandals. In his older years, he wore a dark brown kimono draped in orange chain-like decorations around it's light-brown collar. He also wore black pants along with black open sandals resembling those popularly worn by Hashirama Senju during the warring states era. Finishing of his clothing was the white Mizukage hat, with a blue part at the front with the kanji for Water (水, Mizu). His attire in his older age would usually shift to the one worn by him in his early youth, former of which was usually worn when performing his duties as a Kage.


In Part II, Heiwa's clothing constantly changed according to the situation at hand, or when he feels like it. Despite his humble nature, Heiwa had taste, and he preffered the best tailor-made clothes, with the exception of his orange sweater, which was made by his own mother. However, he casually wears various yukata and kimoni, with a ribbon tied around it. His most defining outfit was a blue kimono with a dark green ribbon around the waist. His attire was always completed by a treasure he never changed. This were his open sandals, which were the same design as the ones worn by the great first Hokage and Heiwa's own ancestor: Hashirama Senju. His overall appearance always defined the character that was Heiwa, as if foretold and destined by the heavens themselves. Perfectly matching his fit physique as well as his own cute facial features, Heiwa was regarded as purely stunning, and his appearance made heads turn, with women falling head-over-heels whilst the men showed respect, viewing his clothing to be honourable for a man of his calibre. His public image matched his power; respected and honoured, and many wished they had the means to be like him, with the rich children buying the smaller oufits worn by him.


Heiwa stands at the pinnacle of skill and power in the shinobi world, and is recognised as one of the strongest shinobi to have ever lived, surpassing the previous legends such as his own ancestor: Hashirama Senju as well as Madara Uchiha. His prowess was casually noted by his own father, Utsuro Uchiha, to far surpass his own might. A testament to his might is the fact that Heiwa had single-handedly stopped multiple wars against Kirigakure and The Land of Water by the combined unison of the smaller countries. Perhaps one of his greatest displays of power was his battle against his own brother, where the latter had grown to a level worth describing as "Godly", yet Heiwa's skill, tactics and ingenouity managed to allow him to thrium over Raiku. Heiwa's prowess is so great that the entire shinobi world acknowledges him as the greatest Mizukage in all of history, far surpassing those who previously bor this title. Coming into battle with the young man was far beyond a suicide attempt, and thus, few living shinobi were strong enough to match his skill and prowess.

Chakra and Control

Attributed by tutelage from his mother as well as the academy, Heiwa had impeccable chakra reserves. Being of Senju, Uzumaki as well as blood, he had inherited extremely potent chakra as well enormous amounts, rivalling, if not surpassing, a Tailed Beast. In his younger years, Heiwa's chakra reserves were already massive. However, with the sheer amount of chakra he contained, it became extremely difficult to control it, and thus he wasted large amounts of chakra when performing basic chakra-requiring techniques. Maki, upon sighting this problem, decided to teach the young boy on how to control his chakra in order to help him use it efficiently in combat as well as last longer in battle.

As he continued tutelage under his mother, Heiwa gradually began to master his chakra control. During the academy, he was also taught the basics of controlling his chakra during use of chakra-taxing use of techniques such as ninjutsu. Upon his mastery over control of his chakra, Heiwa began to meditate and engage in physical training regimes in order to increase his pools of chakra at a fast rate. As he progressed, his reserves were noted to be the highest within the village, and his presence was always felt by sensors, overwhelming their sensory capacity. As such, he had to suppress his gargantuan chakra reserves to prevent harming the sensor type shinobi from suffering with after-effects of this massive feel of chakra. The mere exertion of his full chakra reserves is enough to overwhelm opponents alone. Through arduous training, Heiwa has displayed the ability to transfer and absorb chakra through brief contact. He has shown perfect manipulation of his chakra through training, and can easily alter the shape and nature of chakra to his every whim, allowing him to learn techniques at a fast rate without the use of the Sharingan. He is able to release the chakra in a massive wave around the vicinity, using it as a medium to control his surroundings. He is also able to inflict a push or pull to people or objects containing his chakra, as well as transform it into any of the basic natures and lava from a distance.


Perhaps the most defining trait about Heiwa's chakra is it's potency. Hailing from the Senju, Uzumaki and Uchiha Clan: three of the most prestigious clans in the world, Heiwa possesses incredibly potent chakra. Merely releasing his chakra causes a powerful repulsive force around him, overwhelming the sensors who keep track of his own chakra pattern. This potency allows Heiwa to give sensors migraines by simply releasing his chakra around him. Spreading the chakra around his being even causes changes to himself and anyone around him, altering his and others' appearance. It has even been theorized that his pure chakra alone can act as a centre of gravity, whereby releasing his chakra causes rocks to rise and orbit around him.

Kekkei Genkai


Heiwa was a rare child, in a way that he was born with the eyes of the Uchiha Clan, the Sharingan, already active. In his birth, it had only one tomoe in each eye, and was capable of incapacitating a shinobi with genjutsu as well as the element of surprise. As he grew older, he began to expand his use of the eyes, awakening all three tomoe per eye at the age of six. This granted Heiwa a wide plethora of abilities, such as being able to predict a person's action through the slightest of joint movement, the ability to see chakra and the chakra pathway system as well as reading and mimicking pencil movements. Heiwa also displayed the ability to replicate another person's techniques through analyzing their movements and/or handseals and replicating them to have the same effect as the original. In addition to his perfect chakra control, he is able to copy techniques to the last detail, and matching, if not surpassing, the original wielder of the technique in it's use. Heiwa had also displayed the ability to cast a generic genjutsu through the eyes, which he first used during his infancy. His application of illusion spread to massive levels as he grew older, allowing him to cast the illusions in a vast array of options to apply on his opponents. Heiwa, upon further studies in the Naka Shrine, was able to decipher more about the history of the clan, including it's coveted genjutsu, Izanagi, as well as the abuse which the genjutsu was placed with. Eventually, he learnt about the failsafe which was the Izanami, which was created for the sole purpose of saving the clan members that abuse Izanami from themselves. Upon seeing it's application, Heiwa decided to learn the technique just in case a similar scenario was to occur in his life. With his prodigious skill and the remnants of information from the Shrine, Heiwa began to learn to use the Izanami, though he did not actually use it. After days of studying on the three steps on casting the technique, Heiwa had noted himself to have mastered it perfectly, although it had yet to be proven.

Upon reaching his early adult years, Heiwa had a revelation about his Sharingan. This truth interpreted the truth to his Uchiha eyes, how they were able to read and decoded the tablet that lies at the sacred Uchiha grounds perfectly, without the need to evolve. The Uchiha clan was a clan that existed within the deepest levels of hatred, and their and comprehension of the world was far beyond what any normal being could fathom. Their pride and glory, the Sharingan, is what allowed them to see beyond reality itself. They had limitless potential but the hatred they had been plagued with from their ancestry is what blinded them. Few Uchiha were able to master these eyes to the point where their eyes saw beyond the veil of hatred, allowing them to reach a higher level of understanding and comprehension, like the Sage had originally intended. Their purpose was to see the ideals of the sage with perfect clarity, hence being the eyes of the Sage. However, the curse of hatred prevented such an occurence from taking place. They could not see the truth as their own ambitions and hatred blinded them, as a result, the clan would let themselves be controlled by the hatred, using it as a fuel to ignite the power that lied doormant within. However, in the midst of chaos, few members of the accursed clan were able to escape the clutches of hatred that the clan was exposed to. Such members grew to prominence and achieved a higher state of power without succumbing to the curse of their forefathers. As the will of his father was able to save Heiwa from the darkness that had threatened him at birth, all hatred that stems from his ancestors was not able to corrupt him, and as a result, Heiwa was "pure". This led to Heiwa subsequently awakening the Sharingan at it's most basic and pure state, without even one tomoe. As such, these eyes were different from ordinary Sharingan, as none had been awoken at birth in the past. This was proven when, after finally removing the obstacle that was his brother from his psyche, his eyes were able to truly reach their full potential. When the young man finally let go of his guilt for Raiku succumbing to his clan's curse, his sharingan finally became the eye that saw through the heavens. With this newfound power, Heiwa's eyes were able to decipher a person's emotions and the hatred deep within them. His eyes are able to open up all of the layers of a person's psyche, no matter how hidden. Instead of entering the person's mind, Heiwa is able to open their psyche, and thus he allows their deepest thoughts to exit from their minds into Heiwa himself. Just catching a glimpse of Heiwa's crimson eyes is enough for one's biggest fears, deepest and most hidden thoughts, and even their weaknesses, to simply unravel. His eyes quite literally see into the soul of anyone to catch sight of them.

Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan

The rare crimson eyes of the Uchiha Clan, the Mangekyō Sharingan, have been heralded as the clan's ultimate power. But such power comes at the cost of the greatest degree of hatred, to the point where it clouds one's own judgement. It is said that the clans normal Sharingan can only be awakened when one meets the death god, through being at the face of death itself. The clan's more potent Mangekyō Sharingan, can only be awakened when one becomes the god of death, when they kill the person they love the most in order to obtain the power of these eyes. As these eyes grow stronger, so does the hatred that burdens their souls, until they are unable to overcome it. This is the tale that forever haunts the stained history of the clan. However, a few members of the clan were able to overcome the curse that plagues them, and have been recognized as heroes in the shinobi world. Heiwa is also one of the few that did not succumb to the curse of hatred, despite the trauma that had come with awakening his clan's superior eyes. Through series of hypnotic suggestions to his comrads, Raiku manipulated them to assassinate his and Heiwa's mother, Maki, in an act of vengeance and to trigger his own occular power. However, Raiku loathed his mother, and thus could not muster the grief and emotional trauma to awaken the Mangekyō Sharingan. Heiwa, on the other hand, loved Maki the most. She meant the world to him and, when she died, his world fell apart. Looking on at the corpse of the person who meant everything to him, he wept. His tears turned to blood and nine dots decorated his crimson eyes. The young man, however, did not hold a grudge towards Maki's killers. He kept her teachings about forgiveness in his heart, and thus he did not fall prey to the curse which burdens his kin.

The powers of the Mangekyō are more than simple technique that grant the user dominance. These powers symbolize the user's own desires and will. It is the reason that these abilities vary with each user, as they have different pasts, desires and wills, and Heiwa is no exception. Each power in his eyes symbolized a facet of his intricate personality, as well as his desires in life. In his left eye, lies the powerful genjutsu; Tsukuyomi. This powerful ability symbolizes Heiwa's dreams. A manifestation of how he views the world to be. And with the intelligence which he possesses, his perspective is far greater than others. With this power, Heiwa, with the slightest of eye contact, can trap his victims into an illusionary world. Within this realm, he is able to inflict the highest degree of physical torture into his victims, almost rendering them unconscious through the pain. Heiwa, like his grandfather, is able to take this ability to the next level by manipulating the target's perception of time, making seconds in reality seem like days in the illusion, perhaps even weeks. This causes massive psychological torture, one which breaks the victims' minds and reduces them into motionless, comatose shells of their former selves. Heiwa can take this ability to an even greater degree of power through manipulating the perception of space itself. He can turn the space around his victims into a bottomless pit of pain, leading to a horrific destruction of, not their minds, but their body. This genjutsu target's the victim's brain, whereby it manipulates it to permanently place a painful sensation in every single cell. This is applied to even those whom are incapable of feeling pain, which makes it even deadlier as they are not accustomed to it. In his left eye, Heiwa attained a darker genjutsu of his brethren, called the Amenonaemasu. This power, unlike other techniques of the Mangekyō Sharingan, is a pure manifestation of Heiwa's negative emotions. Despite overwhelming his clans curse, he was unable to conquer it and it manifested into the powerful genjutsu within his right eye. Through the slightest of eye-contact, Heiwa is able to cast a subtle illusion whereby his dark emotions are projected into his victim's brain, thus overwhelming them with emotions to the point where their brains are mentally destroyed, leaving them in a deep comatose state, much like the Tsukuyomi. Only the Uchiha who wield a well-trained Mangekyō Sharingan are able to remove the powerful illusion, albeit with great difficulty.

Kekkei Tōta


Heiwa's prowess with the use of water led him to creating his own brand of kekkei tōta. Through combining water with the two natures in which the universe is composed of, Yin and Yang, Heiwa formed the Shihomitsutama. This ability is a refined water manipulation, and it's abilities have been continuously exaggerated to transcend reality. Yin and yang are two of the most coveted natures, as both serve as the basis of creation. One can use the two to form almost anything they want to form, as the sage had done so in the past. However, these powers are too great, and require a hefty amount of energy, putting even the renowned sage of six paths on his deathbed after use. However, as Heiwa had discovered, creation is too exhausting because the sage did not create the beasts through a medium. Instead of creating beings and entities from nothingness, Heiwa uses the water as a medium, due to it's versatility, water can be shaped into anything desired. Bearing that same mindset, Heiwa created the Shihomitsutama. This kekkei tōta uses yin to the water, giving it a form as whatever the user imagines, whilst the yang is used to breathe life into form. Heiwa is able to create any structure he desires through water around him, be it pre-existing or formed through the chakra of Heiwa or anyone else. This ranges from the smallest kunai and shuriken to massive serpentine dragons, some of which are semi-sentient, almost alive in a way. This ability also grants Heiwa total shape control of his creations. Even the largest of his creations can be instantly changed into countless drops of water and vice-versa, granting him complete dominion of water.

Kekkei Mōta

Nearing the end of the Golden Darkness Saga, the two sons of the sage, Indra and Asura Ōtsutsuki saw that Heiwa was the one who would carry on their legacy, with blood of the Uzumaki, Uchiha and even the Senju in his veins. Thus, the two brothers bestowed Heiwa with their individual chakra, which fused together to form the chakra of the sage. This caused Heiwa to awaken the legendary power of the sage, the Rinnegan. Heiwa's Rinnegan is completely similar to that of Madara Uchiha as well as Hagoromo himself, possessing a purple color and characterized by a black ripple pattern through the entire eye. At first, Heiwa was not able to switch to his other gifts granted to him by his lineage, and he was stuck with the eye for days on end. However, with time, the Uchiha managed to control this power he was bestowed with. As such, Heiwa was able to make a transition from one eye to the other instantaneously. In fact, the Mizukage is able to use an ability of an eye whilst another has been activated. As such, Heiwa is able to utilize the power of any eye, with no regard of which one is active whatsoever.

With the surfacing of the Rinnegan, Heiwa's prowess rose to another level, most likely allowing him to be compared to a god. The Rinnegan powers within Heiwa's eyes were different to the power of the sage. For once, instead of garnering the fabled Six Paths, the young man was granted with Shintai, an ability to traverse space-time as well as create portals to and from different dimensions as well as other places within the same dimension, even connecting such portals to make even close areas further from each other or closer to each other, depending on the situation at hand. The powers of Shintai is separated into two and is used according to the eye that it belongs in.

Left Eye:

Right Eye:



Heiwa had always displayed natural aptitude in the use of Ninjutsu, notably due to his mixed heritage, which had been naturally gifted with said prowess as descendants of the Sage of Six Path's own sons. During the academy years, Heiwa's skill was nothing short of prodigious, far surpassing that of his forefathers during their youth. In addition to his tutelage at the academy, Heiwa was also tutored by his mother, thus multiplying his rate of progress exponentially. His father had also left behind a scroll with vast amounts of information pertaining the limitless jutsu he has learnt and/or acquired knowledge of in his lifetime, which Maki would use to train the young boy to be the strongest shinobi of all time, whom would be the saviour when the world needed one. The techniques Heiwa was taught in his youth spanned from three of the five basic natures to ones which manipulate the space-time continuum as well as forming of barriers of various shapes and sizes, each jutsu baring it's own level of difficulty.

Upon his graduation from the academy, Heiwa began to learn most of such techniques through supervision from his mother, and would often train until his stamina gave in. However, the results were visible as Heiwa mastered most of such technique in a single year, and would proceed to apply his own knowledge and intuintion with these techniques, allowing him to improve them as well as add his own derived techniques. Despite having already mastered most techniques, Heiwa would then proceed to reverse-engineer the mechanisms of these techniques and how they are applied. This knowledge allowed him to improve such techniques through their core, such as altering the flow of chakra as well as amount in which they require to his whim.

Through this action, he was able to create failsafe for each technique, allowing him to nullify it's use by others in battle. Each technique on his arsenal, he had the ability to disable it's use to match the situation as well as catch the enemy off-guard. He could nullify the use of barriers through various sealing methods, stop the control of the space-time continuum by erecting fields that block any access to any other dimensions. Through mastery of the five basic natures, he was able to use his surroundings to aid him in countering any of the natures without moulding a naturally stronger natures or through using weaker nature transformations. Ninjutsu gradually became a natural instinct for Heiwa, and his skill was at such a level that he did not even require the use of handseals when using it. Simply hand gestures caused him to use his own desired technique without conjuring up countless handseals. This was noted to be one of Heiwa's greatest achievements, despite being underrated. His instant ninjutsu outpaced his opponents, allowing him to gain the upper hand when using such techniques.

Nature Transformation

Being a member of the Uchiha Clan, Heiwa had been expected to have the Fire Release as his natural affinity. However, it was not the case, as he had been discovered to have natural compatibility with the Water Release akin to his mother. Nonetheless, Heiwa was taught the Water Release by his mother as well as the Sixth Mizukage: Chōjūrō and, as expected, he mastered it at a rapid rate. His level of mastery for water, however, grew to more than merely creating water techniques. Through further studies and skill, Heiwa displayed the ability to control pre-existing pure water to his every whim without applying chakra to it. He could form large tidal waves and collosal showers and storms in battle. Through his mastery, Heiwa began to experiment with various shapes for water, and the vast applications for it. He is able to convert water into vapour as well as solidify it, latter requiring extreme level of chakra and precision.

Heiwa also began to apply the Yin and Yang Release to the water for an added variety of effects. With the yin, he is able to induce hallucinations through contact with the water. The yang nature, however, is the more difficult level of application. With the Yang being able to breath life into form, Heiwa had incorporated it into the water release, and could create water with healing properties in order to heal others along with himself. He is also able to perform this feat at a large scale by inducing rain with healing properties, rejuvinating people within its vicinity as well as repairing any damages and wounds they have sustained. This is also applied with yin, whereby he can cause rain that induces all who come into contact with it in a genjutsu.

Heiwa, as he grew older, managed to learn the coveted Fire Release nature of his clan, and quickly garnered immense skill within it's use. Under his own self-tutelage as well as residual information acquired from his venture into the Naka Shrine, he was able to learn and master the clan's high-level fire techniques such as the Fire Release: Great Fire Destruction as well as the clan's rite of passage Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique. Heiwa's mastery of fire allowed him to cast techniques of a vast array of sizes, spanning from small flames to massive fire attacks according to the situation at hand.

Water Release Prowess

Heiwa is undoubtedly the greatest user of the Water Release, a feat that ushered his own fame and garnered him an endless array of titles, most notable being Suijin (水神, Suijin; Lit. Water God) as well as Neptune (海王星, Kaiōsei), forever branding Heiwa as a diety of water until the end of time, a feat that all the previous Mizukage as well as the great Tobirama Senju, the Second Hokage, had failed to achieve. This power had been, at a very young age, heralded by his fascination of the element, with most of his free time comprised of meditating on the lakes. As a child of Kirigakure it was no surprise that water was his natural affinity instead of the fire element of his forefathers and kin. Heiwa was deeply intrested in the abilities which water possessed, such as it's fluidity and it's ability to adapt and be moulded into something spectacular, and thus he devoted himself to learning and mastering the element. In his genin days, Heiwa had already learnt to use a vast array of water techniques, something which led to him being labelled as the strongest genin during the Chūnin Exams. The young boy dedicated himself into honing his water prowess, including the techniques mimicked from allies and opponents alike. Soon, Heiwa had the greatest arsenal of water-based techniques in the village. It was these powers, in addition to his intelligence, that led to his promotion to chūnin-level. As a chūnin, Heiwa's mastery of water had ascended once again, as the boy had even learnt to use the Hiden of various clans that reside in the village, the most prominent being the Hōzuki Clan. Heiwa's prowess earned him praise from far and wide, and his powers with water-based skills often compared to that of a Kage. After his promotion to Hunter-nin, Heiwa's prowess with water had no equal, but it was not enough for him. He sought to truly mark his prowess with water to that of a true diety, and that would mean getting out of his comfort zone and experimenting with his own other praiseworthy skills, and the young boy began to train more with the water, in hopes of truly ascending to the level of a god in the use of water.

Water, to Heiwa, was not just an amalgamation of hydrogen and oxygen. It was life. The water was fluid, and could adapt to change, with no limits in terms of shape and form. It was closest to creation itself. It was then that Heiwa had an epiphany. Combining his water with one of his greatest abilities, the arts of illusion, via the use of yin, he was able to cast illusions through water. Coming into contact with his water, or just even looking at his water-based techniques leads the user to being trapped into a deep and powerful illusion, with effects of his liking, ranging from horror, the greatest agony, or even ecstacy. Heiwa also learnt to use genjutsu through other forms of water and liquids, such as oil-based techniques as well as smokescreens such as the mist of Kirigakure, noted as one of, if not, the most popular techniques in the village. However, despite this praiseworthy use of genjutsu through water, mists and other liquid substances, his greatest use of genjutsu is with rain. Using the various rain-based techniques in his arsenal, Heiwa is granted with a variety of effects which boost his illusions with added functions. By using genjutsu in conjunction with his special sensing rain, he is able to trap all foreign chakra signatures in a powerful genjutsu. The technique itself functions in an automatic manner, as once the victim enters the rain, they are instantly trapped in an illusion, which allows Heiwa to either torture, bind or incapacitate them until he is able to arrive and finish the job. This technique has allowed him to be thriumphant over opponents without even being on the field of battle. Heiwa is also able to apply his genjutsu in conjunction with the Hijutsu: Mizukiri: a special mist rain, used by Hunter-nin of the village, to absorb any foreign chakra-based ninjutsu and nullify them, whilst using chakra from said absorption to enhance the genjutsu and increase the rain. Whilst in the genjutsu, the targets are incapable of detecting him in any capacity. This makes it even more helpful as, when they release the illusion, they are still incapable of seeing him, as he is hidden by the mist caused by the rain, leading to confusion and thus creating an opening for Heiwa to launch an attack. But perhaps Heiwa's greatest use of rain-based genjutsu is through the use of the chakra absorbing rain. By using this rain, he is able to induce the target into a powerful illusion through the use of their own chakra. This makes it powerful in a sense that it is highly difficult to detect, even for those who wield blessed eyes or chakra sensing skills, as the genjutsu does not contain any chakra of Heiwa, and he is able to trick them into seeing their chakra flow normal. This also allows Heiwa to bypass various seals that block genjutsu by removing foreign chakra, as it is the victims chakra, only under Heiwa's control, allowing him to even override protection from his illusion. Despite the praiseworthy use of genjutsu through his water and it's other forms, he was still not satisfied, as many shinobi had become smarter and less prone to fall for illusions, notable examples being bearers of the great eyes of the sage, the Rinnegan, such as his former partner, associate and trusted friend, Juro Uchiha. The young man sought an alternative if such a situation was presented in the battlefield. Instead of using his chakra to cast said techniques through the water, mist, rain and other liquid substances, Heiwa is able to project his own spiritual energy into the target, imprinting his own thoughts and desires into them. This is not a form of mind-manipulation, mind-control nor is it control of will, but rather a series of subtle suggestions to the target's brain through thoughts, mental images and experiences. Heiwa can send horrific images to the victim via the spiritual energy, amongst a vast array of applications. He is even able to manipulate targets by using suggestive thoughts and project his own desires through his energy, making his desires theirs. Only those possessing a strong will are capable of swaying from his influence, and few, if not none, are immune to his spiritual energy, as it is not chakra. This method of genjutsu application, however, is a tremendous strain on him, as prolonged use over-exerts his mind, leading to severe migraines.

Heiwa can also apply his yang through the water as a medium to heal his wounds as well as others. With enormous levels of chakra at his disposal, he is able to heal countless people through this special yang-based water. This healing technique is superior to most due to it being used through a medium, water, which can be easily shaped into anything he wants with little effort, granting him the ability to transform the water into cells. He can easily heal any wounds with the water, and can use it through various technique. When healing large masses of people, Heiwa can use his special sensing rain to heal his allies, through detecting which chakra signature to heal. This can also be performed through a thick mist to heal his comrads, though it is not more efficient than using the rain. This special yang water has even become standard tool for Kirigakure shinobi, and it can be carried in water bottles for a vast multitude of uses. The first is through ingestion, which allows the water to heal internal injuries in a moment's notice, as well as the external application that heal most external wounds in battle. This has lead to a higher success rate and lower casualties for Kiri shinobi, and led to their prosperity and an increased productivity in their missions. Heiwa also applies the water in his own body with his yin and yang. This grants him a powerful healing factor, as 70% of the body is water, the function of yin is to remove and attack any foreign chakra, whilst the yang in his water works to repair damage, granting him an instantaneous healing power. This healing factor, however, is significantly reduced if Heiwa is dehydrated, and as such he too must keep water close by to make it function efficiently. In most cases, his regenarative skill makes up for his lack of durability, as any damages are instantly and constantly healed, granting him a form that comes an inch close to immortality. Heiwa can also apply his life force to water, which is pure physical energy, far beyond normal yang release. This allows him to even to heal people at the brink of death, through releasing said energy with his water, giving birth to the water of life. Only one bottle has been made due to it's drawback of draining his life-force, though often insignificant due to his powerful inherited prolonged life-force of the Uzumaki. A single drop from this bottle can heal the worst of diseases and even the most griveous of injury. This small water bottle is carried by Heiwa, and serves as his last resort in the field of battle.

Heiwa, through his extensive skills of water manipulation, can even control blood, as long as it has his chakra, and even control people through it, both physically and mentally. Through this skill, he is granted the utmost control over himself. He can either increase or decrease his senses, control his own limbs to achieve feats that normally require superhuman reflexes and agility. By controlling all of the water in his body at the same time, can levitate himself and even perform flight. Heiwa can even control his own body temperature and, to an extent, the body temperature of others by contacting them with his chakra. Through this action, Heiwa is able to increase temperatures to levels that induce hyperthermia, or decrease it to the point where it is so cold, it is incapable of even performing any metabollic chemical reactions. Heiwa can even perform this at a long range through the use of his water-based techniques. With such prowess in water, it is undoubted that Heiwa possesses the greatest skill in it's use than anyone who has ever lived, forever scripting his name in the history books as a legend. This is further elucidated in his battle against Kiyoshi Yuri, with the latter admitting Heiwa's skill in water to be above his own. [1]

Barrier Ninjutsu

As a child, Heiwa was a protector, as he was raised to defend the innocent and protect them from being caused any pains. His own grandmother would constantly repeat such a phrase, and Heiwa once asked how he would be able to do so. Minako, being fond of his grandson, whose love for his village bore resemblence to her deceased lover and Heiwa's own grandfather, Itachi Uchiha. Minako then taught the young man the secret kage-level barrier of Konoha: the Four Red Yang Formation. Being one of the most difficult barriers, learnt by kage, Minako knew that the process would be difficult. However, Heiwa's grandmother trusted the young chunin's aptitude, will as well as his sufficient chakra reserves. Minako's first step was to train him in controlling his chakra, forming it into a straight line as well as forming an edge using pure chakra. This step took him months to configure, and Minako did not give Heiwa any mercy in training. Consequently, the young boy mastered his skill in shaping his chakra into a square barrier with the aid of shadow clones.

The next step was shape transformation. Heiwa had to alter the color and nature of his own chakra into a crimson color in addition to it being of the same material of the barrier. This step was a quite easy for Heiwa, whom had mastered nature transformation to it's pinnacle. In a matter of a week, Heiwa was able to perfectly change the material of the barrier's surface, which allowed him to progress with the next step. This was, however, cut short by Minako's death due to pancreatic cancer, which had been concealed by her through the use of her lineage. Minako, however, had already predetermined this setback, and left behind a note which told Heiwa that the next step was durability. Heiwa had to configure it on his own, and he brainstormed various ideas which would allow him to make it durable. First and foremost, Heiwa applied more chakra around the entire barrier, and, with the aid of Toramaru and Raiku, he would test how durable it truly was. This, however, failed, as the barrier was unstable and the force immediately destroyed it. Heiwa was at a stalemate once again, however, after deep thought and investigation, an idea struck.

Instead of relying on chakra quantity, Heiwa decided to rely on the density of his chakra, as well as how it flows through the barrier. Whilst he previously spread his chakra randomly in the walls, he began to apply it in a flowing manner to a single direction equally. This enabled stability as well as malleability of the barrier, and it could redirect techniques upwards or sideways whichever way the chakra flows. Through his training, he was able to master the barrier with peak-perfection. Upon his mastery, Heiwa was also taught the Uchiha Clan's Uchiha Flame Battle Encampment, which allowed him to shield mutistoried objects from incredibly strong attacks, in the form of a cylindrical barrier of red flames.

Space-Time Ninjutsu

Heiwa has displayed a high-level of aptitude in the manipulation of the space-time continuum, attributed by his quick mastery of the Flying Thunder God Technique, which allows him to instantaneously teleport himself to nearly anywhere through a special technique formula. This technique became a centre of interest for Heiwa, and that led him to studying and analysing the technique to it's fullest. Through that acquired knowledge and his sheer intuition, he was able to learn the Flying Thunder God: Guiding Thunder, which creates a void that transports large objects as well as attacks to another area designated by the user.

Through his curiosity of the technique, he was able to learn the mechanisms of the seals and their true application. Mastering this to it's fullest, Heiwa was able to apply the formula to others and places through his chakra, allowing him to teleport anywhere containing his chakra and thus he was able to teleport to his jutsu. Heiwa then finished off his mastery of the technique by applying the instantaneous speeds granted by the technique with Kenjutsu, and was able to learn the Flying Thunder God Slash. His application allowed him to create a fighting style which consisted of him teleporting in several positions and thus use the said technique in different manouvures, allowing for extra unpredictability.

Despite his peak mastery of the technique, Heiwa would take the applications of the technique even further, through studies of the void that opens and closes simultaneously and instantaneously through his teleportation. Through that void, he first attempted to send a metal cube to multiple designated marked areas simultaneously, which resulted in it being ripped to multiple pieces by the space-time continuum itself, thus slicing it through teleportation. Each of the designated area had it's own piece of the cube, which allowed him to further progress his use of the technique. Upon marking his targets, he is able to apply the same ability of sending them to various designated areas simultaneously, thus splitting them apart to multiple pieces depending on the number of designated locations. This application, however, was labelled as a kinjutsu by Heiwa due to it's lethal nature.

After transplanting his mother's eyes, Heiwa was granted with Maki's exceptional ability of Kamui, which allows Heiwa to create a void in the space-time continuum that transport people and objects into his own alternate dimension. A place inaccessible by the use of space-time ninjutsu, his dimension served as a prison to keep the worst people from ever harming the innocent. A separate plane of existence where the evil and wicked beings face their judgment in the form of an endless canvas of lava.

Genjutsu & Yin Release Prowess


Heiwa casting genjutsu through his Sharingan.

Since the dawn of the shinobi era, the arts of illusions were one of the feared arts by man. It was a rare gift for one to have skill in the art of illusions, as they could trick the mind into whatever they saw fit. Only those possessing an above-adequate level of intelligence were capable of conjuring spectacular illusions. In a generation, few were gifted enough to be considered the best, most notable examples being Shisui Uchiha, Itachi Uchiha and Kurenai Yuhi. These shinobi were feared for their creativity as well as their ability to defeat their opponents without laying a single finger on them. Such arts were so feared, shinobi became paranoid of ever facing a master of illusions, creating seals to counter-act them. None could blame them, as such illusions were nearly impossible to defend against, faster than even the most glorious space-time techniques, popular for their speed and even greater versatility. The Uchiha, possessing the powerful Sharingan dōjutsu, were feared as one of the superior users of genjutsu, spawning Shisui and Itachi, two legendary masters of the art, forever marked in the sands of time. With the creation of anti-genjutsu mediums and seals, few shinobi practiced the art, as it was no longer as productive as it was before in battle. Heiwa was one of the few exceptions. Being a natural pacifist, he was naturally keen to learning non-violent ways of battle, heralded by his infancy, when he incapacitated a shinobi in an instant through the use of his clan's blessing. This willingness to learn the art led him to develop his own forms of illusion, as well as replicate various forms in which he has seen throughout his career as shinobi. Such skills only grew with time, and his prowess with illusions garnered him the epithet as the God of Genjutsu (幻術の神, Genjutsu no Kami). The flames of passion only evolved, and Heiwa sought to forever brand himself as the greatest illusionist to ever live, with no equal. Thus, Heiwa began to train even harder to hone these skills in genjutsu. The first part of his training was through control of the five senses, as well as the ability to sense chakra for some blessed shinobi. One of the most overlooked rules of genjutsu, which has constantly been overshadowed by confusing and traumatizing victims amongst other effects, is subtlety. The best illusion is one in which the target does not know they are in. If they are incapable of detecting it, they will be left at Heiwa's mercy. Thus, subtlety became a great asset for illusionist, and was one skill Heiwa trained the most. He could control the five senses to see what he wanted them to see, and he made it seem as if nothing happened, leading to his victims to believe that they are still in reality. This made him a dangerous opponent in battle, as a person may fight for hours, only to realize it was just an illusion, and they had been beaten in the first minutes of the fight.

Heiwa also experimented with the various ways to cast illusions with better results and efficiency, and he began to amalgamate his skill with water. Heiwa can cast one of his more simple illusions with his water-based ninjutsu, trapping all who come into visual or physical contact with it in the illusion. This made evading his techniques very difficult, making a fight with him all the more complicated. Heiwa is also able to cast it to cast genjutsu through water-based substances, such as vapour and oils, as well as the more prominent rain. Heiwa's rain-based illusions have no equal, and he can use a simple genjutsu with added efficiency and power. As the said technique can be layered, he uses that to his advantage in battle, as his prowess allows him to combine it with the fearsome Grudge Rain. With each drop of water that falls on the target, an amount of chakra is absorbed and used to add a layer of genjutsu. In terms of how raindrops are very fast and impossible to count, the target may be trapped in endless layers of genjutsu, increasing with each passing second, and left at the mercy of Heiwa. This genjutsu is also applied by him through his other rain-based techniques that have their own treacherous advantages.

His skill with the intricate art of genjutsu also lies in releasing and reversing such illusions against him. His mind was honed to pick up the smallest detail, and he is able to detect irregularity fairly quicker than any regular shinobi, and in addition to his impressive chakra control, he is able to react on detecting illusions by releasing a powerful surge of chakra in that same instant. This function occurs without the aid of dōjutsu, but it becomes even faster when Heiwa has his Sharingan active, thus making any genjutsu used against him useless. If an illusion happens to be stronger than he can handle or his will is controlled, Raikama is able to take control of him until that control from foreign energy is removed, thus making him utterly immune to any form of mental-manipulation, notable exceptions being when he fell for the illusion of his daughter's Mangekyō Sharingan, Kotoamatsukami. This was a rare exception as the Uchiha was in Raikama's control for fun at that time, making them both fall susceptible to the control of others, or in that case, Tenshi. This makes him almost incapable of being controlled by any illusion in battle, as he can remove them at a moment's notice. This power is further amplified with the use of his advanced eyes, the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. Heiwa can not only cast powerful techniques such as the Tsukuyomi and the Amenonaemasu, but can also release the powerful genjutsu of that stems from the Mangekyō Sharingan of others, with the exception of the genjutsu used by his daughter, Kotoamatsukami, as well as other genjutsu of its calibre.

Heiwa's skilles with genjutsu left an insignia in the world when he mastered his use of his genjutsu prowess through his own mental energy. By doing so, through any medium such as water, Heiwa can implant his own thoughts, desire, perspective, mental faculties and other mirages to the targets in a subtle manner similar to mental control, although this is simple and subtle suggestions to the other person's brains. With this, he can make his opponents even feel reluctant to attack him or defend against his own attacks, as his spiritual energy sends thoughts to their brain to make them think an attack is harmless, clouding their judgement without them ever knowing. This, as it does not have any chakra and only projects his thoughts and suggestions instead of manipulating the brain, is not classified as genjutsu, and thus it can bypass seals enacted by the victims to block genjutsu, entering the target's mental plane through their thoughts. This energy sends these thoughts to all four lobes in the cerebral cortex, manipulating them through adding information that does not exist, removing an opponents desire to do something and allowing them to submit to his control. The only people who are capable of resisting the influence of Heiwa's spiritual energy are ones who possess an indominable will, granting them the capability of detecting his control through their own self-knowledge, something granted through meditation, experience and wisdom. And thus, those who lack a level of maturity are bound to fall prey to his prowess, despite their fruitless efforts. Heiwa's skills were complete after he learnt to use himself as genjutsu. After the creation of the Kototama, the young man could use his words and eloquence to cast powerful illusions, with effects related to the words spoken by him. After mastering vocal genjutsu, Heiwa further increased his prowess by amplifying his own movements. His very own body is a living genjutsu, and he can add others through the victim looking at his body movement. In the possession of the Sunadokei, which makes the victims see things slower than they actually are, and distort the perception of time, as a second in the illusion may be ten in reality, he is incredibly dangerous, as he can completely deplete reaction time of the opponent through its use. His prowess is undoubtedly unmatched, as he possesses a vast array of genjutsu in his arsenal, all with their set of uses and effects, making him extremely dangerous in battle. Genjutsu was not just a weapon of battle for Heiwa, it is a part of him. His tongue on its own is sharper than most illusions, and can manipulate others to submit to his will faster in addition to his illusionary prowess. Any action taken by Heiwa can lead the target to be trapped in a powerful genjutsu, be it a wink, smile or a hand gesture among many other ordinary actions, making him an upredictable opponent in battle, with illusionary abilities that are light-years away from even the most renowned users of genjutsu, a true testament for an unrivalled god of genjutsu.

Taijutsu & Physical Prowess

From his youth, Heiwa lacked the aptitude for Taijutsu. Despite the constant tutelage from his mother and academy instructors, Heiwa did not have the skill in the use of Taijutsu. However, he had impeccable evasive skills through his Sharingan , which compensated for his weak skill in hand-to-hand combat. However, Heiwa began to erase his weakness through lessons in martial arts such as Judo as well as Aikido, and easily graduated perfectly courtesy of his prodigious talent as well as his clan's blessed eyes. Through such methods, Heiwa finely progressed in the use of taijutsu, matching the best of the best within the village. Heiwa would then continue to hone his taijutsu prowess under the tutelage of his mother , applying all two of his main fighting styles together; a difficult and impressive feat for any shinobi to achieve. Each stance, style, offense, defense, he knew and could use. In battle, he was able to outwit stronger taijutsu users who rely on power by simply using these three styles simultaneously in addition with the Sharingan.

As Heiwa grew older, he learnt to incorporate his dancing skills with his close-combat abilities. Through applying his martial arts abilities with dance styles such as the Nihon Buyō and the Chu Noh Mai, aligning his combat with his elegant dance styles for unpredictable and quick evasive and counter-attacking manouvures. This made him one of the most unpredictable opponents in hand-to-hand combat due to the quick and swift combat skills courtesy of his dance routines. It was next-to-impossible to predict Heiwa's movement without aid from kekkei genkai and other ninjutsu such as the Sharingan to predict his movements, albeit barely.


Heiwa Uchiha Swordsman

A skilled swordsman by nature, Heiwa had an affinity with the katana, theorized to be due to him encompassing the ideals of Indra as his half, a son who saw power as the tool for peace. Heiwa learnt to wield the sword from Chōjūrō; a former member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of The Mist and previous Mizukage. Through tutelage from Chōjūrō, Heiwa slowly grew in the art of swordplay. Eventually, he was able to learn the Iaidō from the illustrious Kage, which the latter had learnt from the Samurai of the Land of Iron as a means to strengthen their relations. His skill was then applied by him in unison with his Sharingan's cognitive abilities, allowing him to percieve incoming sword attacks through analysis of his opponent's joint and muscle movement to react accordingly to each attack.

Heiwa also improved his kenjutsu skills by applying it with his dance movement. His unpredictable rhythmic movement in addition to his sharingan allows him to swiftly dodge fast-paced blows through elegant and unpredictable manouvres. He also applies the dance movements with his sword attacks, allowing him to inflict slashes with little-to-no evasive effort from his opponents. His tremendous tailed beast levels also earned the full attention of the sentient blade: the Samehada. Heiwa and the Samehada share a deep bond that stretches to further than a simple share of their resources. Infact, Heiwa is the only person noted to have tamed the Sharkskin. Instead of him giving it the chakra, the duo work as a team, providing each other with the necessary energy to thriumph over opponents. The Samehada is also Heiwa's second pair of eyes. Kept in his back, the blade detects danger and informs Heiwa through vibrating, adding to the Kage's powerful sensing ability. On occassion, it will act independently to absorb any attack sent towards Heiwa, or even aide him in battle through extending it's spikes. Ninjutsu is nearly impossible to use against Heiwa, as his blade can absorb such attacks.


Senjutsu is the art of techniques and skills garnered through the combination of the user's physical energy, spiritual energy as well as the third party, natural energy, thereby granting Heiwa access to Sage Mode. A man possessing an affinity for tigers, he would pursue the tigers where they had roamed in the jungle. After a brief battle, Heiwa managed to create a connection between the minds of the tigers and Raikama, through the use of his Sharingan. Within the foreign jungle in Heiwa's own mindscape, the tigers met with the titanic, largest tiger of them all. Raikama himself. With such a massive entity before them, all they could do was bow down to him. Through a simple instruction, he commanded them to treat the boy like their kind and teach him the intricate arts of senjutsu. After two months living in the jungle, surviving through brutal attacks towards his prey, Heiwa was a fully-fledged sage. Whilst in sage mode, Heiwa's skin was purely pale white in color, as well as his hair, bearing resemblence to his Kaguya adversary. In his body, countless stripes enveloped him, only covered by his clothing. He was a pure white tiger. What Heiwa received, rather than the strange appearance, was a boost in his power. His ninjutsu, taijutsu and even genjutsu had shown a significant boost in power, as the young man could incapacitate his victims with ease.
The Sage Mode granted him an increase in his skills, and also in his senses. His sight, hearing and scent became refined to match the tiger's, and was extremely deadly when used in tandem with his red eyes. With tiger sage power, Heiwa was also granted an immeasurable boost in speed and strength, matching that of a tiger and surpassing it. However, what is the greatest use of his tiger sage power is it's ability to grant him control of all the water. This spans from oceans to ponds, lakes and even the deepest wells. As the water flows with ambient natural energy, Heiwa is able to tap into the potent energy and manipulate the water in the entire world to anything he desires. By achieving simple contact with the target, he is able to control the water that lies doormant inside of them, even using it to increase or stop their blood pressure, or perhaps even projecting suggestions and thoughts through the water, thus making them subject to slavery.

Jinchūriki Powers

Summoning Technique

Weaponry & Equipment

Antidotes (解毒薬, Gedokuyaku) are medicine designed to combat various forms of poisons. Heiwa used such antidotes to help others as he could not heal. Heiwa had designed a special antidote imbued with his yin and yang-chakra, amongst other condiments. This antidote served two purposes. After it is applied to the body, it target's the poison, eating it away through the use of the yin, whilst repairing any damages caused through the use of the yang-chakra. This all-purpose antidotes served him well in healing the poisoned members of the Land of Coves fraction after battling the Zetsu army.[2]It is one of the most crucial tools against the gas emitted by the White Zetsu army under the influence of the red soil. This antidote is kept concealed in a pouch inside his kimono or yukata.

(ぼう, Bō) is a long staff used in various martial arts throughout the shinobi world. Despite it's seemingly weak nature as "just a wooden stick", it is a very useful weapon in combat. Heiwa does possess a fair share of skill in the use of the Bō, however, his use differs from normal users. First and foremost, he is one of the few, if not the only one, who applies chakra flow within the Bō. By applying his chakra through it, he is able to increase its power and durability up to a tenfold. Heiwa does not apply any natures to his Bō, and instead places his raw and potent chakra to it, thus making it more versatile than the normal ones. For instant, by just rotating his bow, he is able to use it for flight, or as a shield against powerful attacks. The rotation can perfectly redirect powerful attacks, using the wind of the rotation to slow it down, then rotate the blade into another direction. During this stage, the force of the wind allows the attack to follow it with minimal effort. He is even able to block sharp swords and repel targets through rotating the Bō like a propeller. The force depends on only the input of of chakra, and can even uproot multiple trees with enough input of chakra. This weapon, however, is rarely used by Heiwa, and rests in his scroll.

Katana ( , Katana)


Story Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
Part I 4 3.5 4 4.5 4 4.5 5 4.5 34
Part II: Destiny 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 40


Main Storyline

Golden Darkness: Lost In The Mist : After the start of the Black Zetsu's invasion into the Shinobi world, accompanied by hundreds of thousands of both Black and White Zetsu clones, Heiwa found it difficult to protect Kirigakure, especially with the Zetsu clones not ceasing their attacks. The wicked tongue had a perfect plan of divide and conquer set towards the nations, and after the fall of Konohagakure, the power of the Zetsu was growing stronger by the day. Determined to eradicate all the clones from the face of the earth by all means, Heiwa relinquished his title as the Mizukage, leaving it to Enen Hōzuki, for the time being. He left the village in her hands whilst he ventured to other lands in hopes of mobilizing more allies to end the existence of the Zetsu Clones permanently. In his travel, Heiwa found Kei Yotsuki in the Land of Coves, a neighbour of the Land of Water, battling a horde of White Zetsu along with his small resistance. Heiwa was the calvary they needed, as he quickly helped them destroy the clones and return back to their base.

Golden Darkness: Journey to the Stone Village

Part II


  • The appearance sub-sections were inspired by Sayuri Uchiha: The main character of User:DazzlingEmerald.
  • The character was Paradox's first ever character in the site. At first, it was set to participate in a story along with User:EnigmaKnight's characters, as a supporting role. However, Paradox soon decided to cut ties with the original set story, and tried multiple times to re-do the character through observing the veteran users of the site, and still came to a dead end. It was then that he began to shift his focus to characters such as Gekihen and Senkai, latter of which had even come the user's main character. However, through watching various users redeem their own articles and forgotten characters, in addition to new ones, Paradox had an epiphany, and first significantly decreased focus on Heiwa's abilities alone, and focused mostly on his persona and appearance. Overtime, Heiwa regained his stature as the user's main character. Due to the immeasurable number of Uchiha in the website, the user began to thoroughly place the utmost focus into his progression in order for him to stand out.
  • According to the databook created by the author:
    • Heiwa has completed 250 missions: 47 D-Rank, 50 C-Rank, 32 B-Rank, 75 A-Rank and 56 S-Rank missions.
    • Heiwa's favourite food is nikujaga, and his least favourate is pumpkin.
    • Heiwa's favourate words are "Family" (家族, Kazoku) and "Faith" (信用, Shinrai).
    • Heiwa's hobbies are reading, eating, sitting by a lake at night and occassionally training with the young academy students.


(To his academy classmates): “I am Heiwa Uchiha... I stand before you a mere academy ninja who will soon await graduation, but I had to get this off my chest. No matter how deep your words may pierce my heart, no matter what you say... I will not do the same to you... I am an Uchiha, and we are humans just like you... We all have our dreams. No matter what hatred you may have within your hearts through your parents, I will not give in. I will keep growing stronger... And stronger... And even stronger! Until... Until I become the strongest shinobi who has ever lived. I will be the God of Shinobi and the next Mizukage!!”

(To Kaiso Kobukan): “Old Man Kaiso! How have you been? And most importantly, is there any Nikujaga!?”

(To Mukūrō): “I have to admit, you know how to give a guy a run for his money... You truly do. But I won't be giving up anytime soon, so if you think victory awaits you, you're sorely mistaken.”[3]

(To Mukūrō): “True power of a person is not their strength and skill, but the power that none can ever strip away. Their willpower. The power to endure and stand for what they believe in. When you trip them, they never cease to rise up and brush off the dust. You aren't much of a human, as I see, so I doubt you have ever experienced such power, Mukūrō-san.”[4]

(To Mukūrō): “I know far more than you know, Mukūrō. A person close to my heart possessed what is worse than the appearance of a demon. He bore the heart of one. He who bears the mask too long becomes it. I do not wish that for you too...”[4]

(To Mukūrō): “I may not see through you with these eyes, but I don't need to. Beneath that... shell of a human being, I see a man trying to show the world he exists. A man who is desperate to validate his existence and his purpose in life. Within you, I see my little brother, Mukūrō-san... However, your path is not one that I can change. You need someone else to give value to your existence...”[4]


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