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Kanji 秘伝・茸胞子の術
Rōmaji Hiden: Takehoushi no Jutsu
Literal English Secret Technique: Mushroom Spore Technique
English anime Secret: Mushroom Spore Jutsu
Appears in Manga
Classification Hiden, Ninjutsu
Rank C-rank
Class Offensive, Supplementary

The Mushroom Spore Technique is the Hiden ability of the Enoki Clan, taught to them by the Mushroom Crabs generations ago. This technique allows them to expend chakra in order to produce Mushroom Spores from the pores in their body, or from their mouth. These Mushroom Spores can possess a variety of different qualities due to them being chakra-reactive; qualities such as flammability, noxiousness/toxicity, hardness/solidity, and other effects. Jutsu derived from this Hiden possess the prefix of 'Takehoushi'.

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