Kanji 日の丸
Rōmaji Hinomaru
Literal English Hinomaru
English anime Hinomaru the Broadsword
Alternative names God Eater (ゴッドイーター, Supreme Being Devourer)
Pervy Soul Sword (パービーソウルソード, Sexually Perverted Spirit Blade)
The Sword of Unspeakable Language (言葉のつかない言葉, The Blade of unutterable Language)
Manga Chapter #344
Anime Naruto Episode #478
Appears in Anime, Manga,

Hinomaru (ひのまる, hinomaru) is a highly-ranked possession-type demon blade that layed hidden from mankind til -- found the blade by sheer "luck" after fighting the three tailed and Eight Tailed jinchuriki during the Third Shinobi World War.


Hinomaru's Full Appearance

Hinomaru's Full Appearance

Hinomaru appears as an androgynous adolescent female with long unkempt neon blue hair that goes past her back with her bangs cut short above her
eyebrows, She wears a a black bodysuit that has a opening that expose her breast, sleeveless black jacket that covers her chest with the zipper only halfway closed from up to down exposing her midriff and some cleavage she also uses black, fingerless gloves, the left of which extends to her elbow. As a ghoul-gone-demon, she has neon sky blue eyes with her pupils being neon green, rows of fangs, and round ears.
Hinomaru in bikini

Hinomaru in a bikini

When -- gives into her chakra her hair grows along with her nails and teeth. Occasionally hinomaru would wear bikini's when she is in her mental space within the sword dipping in a ocean that stretches for hours but she more respectively wears her signature reaveling bikini's.


Hinomaru exists as a mental concept, she can appear as anyone within -- memories she chooses. She often takes the forms of -- dead classmates or his sensei. She chooses not to cause it would break her moral of being a respectful weapon to her master knowing -- a -- who is respected and a very generous master swordsman, the sword and hinomaru herself are unique for being a sentient weapon that gains nourishment from the flesh and chakra of others and, as such, the blade is at its happiest when engorged with blood and chakra that possesses both a distinctive and pleasant flavour. She apparently enjoys -- chakra since, according to hinomaru herself, -- tastes like teriyaki chicken smothered in wasabi spice and other exquisitely sweet for hinomaru that would cause the sword undergo a food crazed frenzy.

Hinomaru shares a symbiotic relationship with its wielder, similar to that of the kikaichū and the infamous Samehada which both continuously feed off they're masters it requires large sum of chakra to keep the bond of host and creature strong. Although it continuously begs to be fed the blade itself gives the user it's similar properties allowing the user to harden his body to withstand strong blows even up close explosions, Hinomaru displays demonic traits such being able to give the master much demonic traits making him look like a demon.


Hinomaru is a blood-thirsty demon who was originally a ghoul. She delights in biting off a piece of --'s flesh and goes into a giddy high after he feeds it to her for the first time like a child eating her first ice cream, even as a demon of lust and power, she is described as particularly aggressive and lustful when -- first met the soul that is sword but it took -- a long couple of years to gain the spirit's trust helping her to open up to humanity but she could only open up to -- since -- was one of the only humans she ever trusted. Like all demons and tailed beast, she is manipulative and uses her body, or promises power for revenge to get what she wants but this manipulative tactic never seemed to effect --. In her past having previous wielders she was able to take over the bodys of her "unworthy" masters, Kōka finds it entertaining to see her master all flustered up and embarrassed.

Hinomaru thinks of humans as power hungry, greedy creatures who kills their own kind for more power. She considers them to be dimwitted, foolish race who will destroy the world, and also loves to belittle any human she sees within the sword.

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