(ヒロ人, Hirohito)

  • Black☆Frost and Snow (黒い☆霜雪, Kuroi☆sōsetsu)
    Demon (鬼人, Kijin)[1]
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
Japanese Lou Diamond Phillips
Birthdate Astrological Sign Aries April 2
Gender Gender Male Male
Species Celestial Human
Age 18-33
Height 181 cm
1.81 m
5.938 ft
71.26 in
Weight 99 kg
218.258 lb
Blood type A
Kekkei Genkai Nature Icon Ice Ice Release
Occupation Guardian of the Anjerika Family
Partner Amakaze Tsuyayaka
Clan Anjerika Symbol Anjerika Family
Ninja Rank Jōnin
Nature Type

Hirohito (ヒロ人, Hirohito) is an Elite Shinobi of the Yukishiogakure, one of few guardians of the Anjerika Family that protects the secrets and whereabouts of Amabie the legendary Celestial Beast whom he is entrusted to keep under his protection along with his youngest sister Yaban Anjerika the next family head after the exile of their mother.



Hirohito is a man of all serious and awkwardness from childhood making him a outcast and different from everyone else, his odd interest in playing with the foxes he find near his academy grew with him even explaining to his mother how connected he is with the small animals, he shows to be unorthodox in training when he is training using movements and skills of an animal to aid in his hand to hand combat against his strict father who he displayed a disdain which always follow with irritation and him saying his verbal tic "Yare yare" ("geez", やれ やれ) which seems to get it from his father who uses something similar "Jī" ("Gee" , ジー).

Hirohito is impatient and head strong during his academy years even showed a great display of rage upon witnessing a young Fox cub was being torture but would forget the event of attacking the other young children showing signs of Dissociative amnesia, his fear for himself and the safety of his loved ones force hirohito to turn distant and cold. He is a rather close friend to Amakaze whom he seen as someone dear to him and a well bonded partner down to a emotional level which is rare to see with many partners, he is still awkward during his early teens but has grown to be more social just to a minimum of the people he will communicate with before he decides to ghost out or simply remain mute for the rest of the day even his own father couldn't comprehend his own sons strange persona at all only his own mother could duration of his life. Hirohito is very supportive of his aunt's and mother when they whenever they go on missions he always made sure to secretly tag his family members with summoning tag seals enabling, overprotective and paranoia is always present whenever or wherever he goes but has learned to keep his emotions in check but failed to whenever his pregnant mother is around showering her and the unborn child with happiness till his baby sisters was born. After his mother's exile he took the burden as a fatherly/Big brother even after his father died during the fourth great ninja war, many lives lost during the calamity he was able to protect and raise yaban afterwards.

Hirohito would become a man of disciple and strict lessons when it came to his family and shinobi's plus the added addition of his sister. Growing with the support of his comrades and family also the harsh lifestyle he grew to believe strength and courage was the way to life, following his nindō way has been his philosophy during his time as a Jōnin teaching his disciples drilling in the importance of training and education to the extreme showing a sadistic side of him where he laughs comediacally demonic, telling dry comedic remarks and snarks at his fellow shinobi's. Hirohito would often display a fatherly figure to Yaban Anjerika and his cousin Ahmya Anjerika, he's very optimistic and supportive of his sister's choice and path in life something he pays much close attention to since he remarked her to be much like their mother sometimes but has long been proven wrong multiple times, he believed she would be the one to unite the nine kingdoms as one, completely loyal and faithful to not his sister but to his entire family going great lengths to protect them and their secrets especially the Forked Tailed Beast's location. Being well-versed in psychological warfare and displays insightful wisdom he is able to see through the cracks of some wannabe rogues and delinquents, able to disregard the belief of a religious insane cultist even change to hearts of many young in training cultist extremist showing he had a soft heart for children, something his own peers are marveled by the amount he handled on a level-head.

Hirohito openly admits his long-standing friendship with Amakaze Tsuyayaka, a long time close friend he admired for her fiery personality and courageous acts for many years up to their time as Genins to Chūnin but disapproves of her methods and loyalty that he says is unhealthy but he helped Amakaze with her self worth to him and to his family and comrades, Hirohito is also a man of seriousness when in combat showing a ruthless but merciful side when he fights opponents stronger than him or those he knows can't win but would give them opportunity to try till he loses his patience leading to defeating them, on several occasions he had run into Manjushage a powerful sage of Silk Forest of Submission, a branch of the original forest those he remark as very dangerous individuals no one shouldn't associate with. Nearing the end of the Blank Period Hirohito has matured into a adult, becomes a wiser and mature man that really enjoys the pleasure of his work, his tendency to appear comedic remains. He does retain his habit of saying his verbal tic "Yare yare" ("geez", やれ やれ) which would drive his friends insane with it, him and Yaban's relationship eventually grew into a more brother-sister relationship often going out to hang or stay in and cause ruckus but keeps his sense of dignity when he or his sister are being scolded carelessly blame his sister as a way to get out of trouble something his aunt Kyokkou points out as childish. His relationship with the rest of his family is something he holds dearly to his heart much like Amakaze Tsuyayaka, Someone he developed romantic feelings for and would openly admit their together much to her being shy and blush occasionally, their love for each other led them to have their son Momo.


hirohito is a pale snow white skin man with shaggy white hair that has black streaks growing out from the crown and black eyes, thin white eyebrows but has a jagged scar on his left side, and shark-like teeth. He wears his family's traditional black hakama pants and matsuri white kimono yukata, the Anjerika family's crest on the back leaving nothing underneath his yukata also wearing striped leg-warmers typical of his village Alo with the standard Hidden Snow Tide Forehead Protector.

In the new era arc Hirohito slightly changed over the course of fifteen years worth of training transformed this man into a very good looking individual. His eyes are charcoal black now with his eyebrows barely noticeable except his scar that's long faded, his white hair grew longer forming a downward spiked style that had a sky blue tint to it. Wearing mesh armor around his upper body that stops to his wrist and waist, El Puerco Urban Streetwear Hoodie and black pants with a shuriken holster on his right knee and brown boots als wearing his Forehead Protector on his left upper arm.


Hirohito is a respected a high-ranking ninja of Kiri, Being one of the original
Hirohito Aura

Hirohito's Aura.

Swordsmen of his mother's regade he possess immense strength and skill using his weapons and brawn strength to annihilate a platoon of Inazumagakure's best men. He is a demon by his skill and determination to reach his target no matter means necessary to the most extreme despite his lack of stamina he makes up for stealth and assassination techniques.

Chakra and Physical Prowess





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