editHitomi Tasaka
Appears in Anime, Movie
Gender Gender Female Female
Age 12 (Incapacitated)
Classification Medical-nin
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Land of Wolves
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Shimada Clan
Ninja Rank Genin
Academy Grad. Age 9
Nature Type



Raised by her father to believe herself a mistake and unnecessary without him Hitomi was almost always depressed as a child compliant to her father's wishes, though when she did work up the nerve to question him he punished her and often at times humiliated her as well, turning her into an outcast by divulging her ability to ingest human blood to make sure only she only had him in her life.

Because of the psychological and physical trauma brought on by her abusive and neglectful father Hitomi preferred to keep to herself and avoided crowded and public areas out of fear. When she was taken by her father to her birth mother's funeral she was so far detached from the world around her she was unable to cry, leading those around her to avoid her even further, effectively isolating her under the pretense she was a heartless monster.

Shinobu later discovered upon meeting her was that she was good-hearted and polite and despite of her past treatment at the hands of her father she loved him deeply. So much so that she ran to his lifeless body and cried hysterically for him to come back despite her father trying to take her life moments before.

As a young shinobi in training (genin) Hitomi was very eager in wanting to learn new techniques and get stronger. She was loyal to her village and fellow shinobi, so much so she would rightfully abandon her mission to rescue fallen comrades.

She appeared strong-willed and determinded, not one to lose or give up in a fight, seen during the finals of the Chūnin Exam when her opponent gained the advantage. It was this stubbornnes and pride that cost her the match and left her seriously wounded.






Genetic Defect

A survivor of the Shimada clan's dark genetic defect "Kekki Genkai" Hitomi finds herself regularly needing to drink the blood from another individual, something she finds incredibly disguisting. When the ingestion of blood is constant her body acts like any other, able to process and digest foods. But left without a steady supply of blood her body begins to weaken, when injuried her wounds are unable to clot and her red and white blood cells begin to attack one another.

When properly "fed" Hitomi's sense of smell and hearing are heightened to the point she can distinguish people by their scent, smell injuries inflicted onto others and hear the ebb and flow of blood within someone's body.

Despite her enhanced senses being a great advantage, her powerful sense of smell is like a double-edged sword, rendering her vulnerable to strong sources of blood, which entices and attracts the 'drinker' in her. Leading to her canine teeth to elongate her normally pupil-less eyes to reshape into vertical like-slits and nails that change into claws.


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