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editHitsuke Kohaku
(琥珀火付け, Kohaku Hitsuke)

  • Konoha's Crimson Phantom (木ノ葉の幻像, Konoha no Shinku Genzō, English TV: Konoha's Crimson Ghost)
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game
Voice Actors
English Johnny Yong Bosch Icon - Search.png
Japanese Takeshi Kusao
Birthdate Astrological Sign Aquarius.svg February 15
Gender Gender Male.svg Male
Age Deceased
Height 175.3 cm1.753 m <br />5.751 ft <br />69.016 in <br />
Weight 57.2 kg126.104 lb <br />
Blood type O
Classification Sensor Type
Clan Kohaku Symbol.svg Kohaku Clan
Ninja Rank Jōnin
Ninja Registration 009879
Nature Type

Hitsuke Kohaku (琥珀火付け, Kohaku Histuke), reputed as Konoha's Crimson Phantom (木ノ葉の幻像, Konoha no Shinku Genzō, English TV: Konoha's Crimson Ghost), was a jōnin of Konohagakure's Kohaku clan and former member of the Twelve Guardian Ninja. At one point he led his own team which consisted of two Chūnin from the Akimichi and Hyūga clans and a tokubetsu jōnin from theNara clan.


Hitsuke was a powerful and famous ninja of Konohagakure even in his youth, which would lead to him receiving an offer to join the Twelve Guardian Ninja, a team of elite ninja selected to protect the Land of Fire's Daimyō.

Following a brief stint with the Twelve Guardian Ninja, Hitsuke would be granted a temporary leave to aid Konohagakure directly when they became involved in the Third Shinobi World War, much to the dismay of his teammates. During the war, Hitsuke and his team would be appointed to assist a squad from Sunagakure with a mission against Iwagakure. It was believed that during this mission Hitsuke would encounter Gari and other members of the Explosion Corps and would kill their captain, earning the ire of Iwagakure.

Following the mission's success, Hitsuke's group had been cornered by multiple Kumogakure teams under the leadership of Toroi. During this encounter, Hitsuke would overpower the Kumogakure jōnin before his partner, Osoi would take the killing blow for him. Toroi would go on to decide that his group had taken too many losses and retreated before anymore damage could be done.

After those two battles, Hitsuke would go on to be known as Konoha's Crimson Phantom, a nod to his appearance and skill in battle.

Nearing the end of the war, Hitsuke would come into conflict with Mangetsu Hōzuki, who would battle him to a standstill before being recalled by their respective teams. Here, the two ninja would agree to continue their battle later on down the line to decide a winner.

Hitsuke and his team would later go on to be killed in a conspiracy by several members of Danzō Shimura's Root organization led by Orochimaru along with a platoon of Kirigakure ninja shortly after Minato Namikaze would be named the Fourth Hokage.


Hitsuke has been noted by the Third Hokage to be a rather laid-back yet charismatic ninja. Very perceptive and humble, Hitsuke would take all threats as serious as the next. Hitsuke would go on to study many shinobi who earned a famed reputation should they ever meet in battle. This would be seen as he made sure to single out Toroi during their battle, having already studied his known abilities with the Magnet Release kekkei genkai. Hitsuke would also study the abilities of his allies as a way to capitalize on their Cooperation Ninjutsu. Hitsuke would even go on to prove to be so perceptive that he realized Danzō Shimura's unsanctioned actions through his organization Root while out on a assassination attempt disguised as a mission, something that would go on to get the famed ninja and his team killed.

Hitsuke would also show that he is not above having a good time, as seen when he began to genuinely enjoy his duel with Mangetsu, leading the two to adopt a respective rivalry of sorts that they would keep up until their untimely demises. Whenever he was not on patrol as a member of the Twelve Guardian Ninja or in Konohagakure, Hitsuke enjoyed spending time in the Land of Hot Water for their hot springs or spending time with his comrades at their favorite restaurants.

Hitsuke also displayed an ability to bring about a different attitude in certain ninja. This was seen when after battling Mangetsu for the first time, the Kirigakure ninja became much more vocal instead of being his rather level-headed self.

Hitsuke would prove a devotion to his village and his clan that went as far as to see him return to the village when they became involved in a war against Iwagakure and Kumogakure, albeit currently being assigned to bodyguard duty of his home country's Daimyō, and even sending funds back to his clan who were located near the border of the Land of Fire in order to help support them. Hitsuke believed that one day the Land of Fire and Konohagakure could see eye-to-eye so as the Hokage and Daimyō could usher in a new era of peace within the country. He would even go on to try and convince Madam Shijimi to ask her husband to speak with the Hokage upon finding out they were distantly related.

Although Hitsuke was seen as influential, he would rather view other Konoha shinobi as such. This is seen when he states the only individual who can take on one of the Sannin is their teacher and when he believed that Minato Namikaze would go on to succeed Hiruzen as the Hokage. Hitsuke has also stated that one day he remembers vividly from his childhood is when Sakumo Hatake, a great influence on him, passed away. When speaking, Hitsuke would often refer to his allies that he looked up to with the term senpai, including Minato, who was not even ten years Hitsuke's senior.


Hitsuke possessed fair skin with wavy, shoulder-length, dark hair with bangs around his gold pupil less eyes. He would often be seen with a stern look on his face, unless in the company of his comrades during their down time, where he would be seen openly smiling. His trademark characteristic consisted of the scar on the left side of his face that traveled in the direction of his forehead.

During his days in the academy, Hitsuke would often wear a white shirt under a black vest with black pants that had red designs on them and black sandals. Hitsuke also possessed a red-colored headband that he wore to keep his hair out of his eyes. Following his graduation, Hitsuke would receive a forehead protector and a necklace with an orange-colored stone from his father and mother respectively.

During the time he was gaining fame as a chūnin, Hitsuke would wear a red, short-sleeved, kimono shirt with mesh armour underneath, typically held closed by a white sash along with his traditional black pants and sandals.

While a member of the Twelve Guardian Ninja, Hitsuke opted to wear a short maroon shirt robe with gray trimmings, matching pants, a black and white belt that he tied in front with mesh armour underneath and the traditional sash that came with being a member of the team. Whenever traveling with his team and the Daimyō, Hitsuke chose to wear a long dark hooded cloak.

In his return to Konohagakure, Hitsuke went on to wear a traditional black jōnin uniform along with the flak jacket he was given as a chūnin. He still wears his sash from his days as a Twelve Guardian Ninja and whenever traveling he wears far distances he wears a long maroon hooded cloak.


Hitsuke was often regarded as one of the strongest ninja produced by Konoha even when taking his young age into account. It was noted by Shikaku Nara and Inoichi Yamanaka that as soon as Hitsuke was promoted to chūnin he was offered a spot amongst the Twelve Guardian Ninja, that he would go on to accept and become the youngest member in the team's history. He is often stated as to be a quick learner and an even better adapter in the arts of ninjutsu. It would only take Hitsuke a total of five years to be promoted to jōnin following his graduation from the academy, a promotion that took place during the Third Shinobi World War. Both his time as a guardian and during the war led to him having a bounty placed on him by Iwagakure in the Bingo Book worth 40,000,000 ryō. His skills were so renown that Kabuto Yakushi would look to have him reincarnated in the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Physical Prowess

Regarded as a ninjutsu and genjutsu specialist, Hitsuke was still in rather great shape for a shinobi. This was seen throughout a number of events: First when he had shown himself being able to avoid a direct attack from Rōshi at a short distance. His speed was regarded as so fast that he often intercepted his opponents' physical attacks before they were aware of him taking any action. Hitsuke had also proven to have quite the stamina and strength, seen when he fought the majority of Toroi's platoon while also keying in on said shinobi, a respected jōnin from Kumogakure with kekkei genkai abilities. However, Hitsuke has agreed to retreating from a couple of his major encounters that last for over hours citing fatigue as a key reason. Finally, Hitsuke had shown a rather high tolerance to pain as shown when he did not flinch when cauterizing his own wound during a brief intermission in battle.


Hitsuke possessed the rare ability to summon both a salamander to aid him in battle and a great eagle capable in helping him cross long distances as well as aiding him in battle. Hitsuke had also proven himself a master of his only nature transformation (Fire) along with Yin Release and Yang Release. Hitsuke was very skilled with the use of Fire techniques as he has been seen creating a stream of fire, shaping fire, forming smoke screens, using fire incorporated with physical attacks, channeling fire through his weapons, and even using explosive tags to focus the explsions on his opponents.


Hitsuke also possessed an extremely profound talent in the art of genjustsu. He has shown himself able to deprive opponents of their eyesight, change an enemy's sense of direction from a distance, place a group of individuals into a forced slumber, make an individual believe they have been set ablaze, and even has created a genjutsu where he uses Fire release in conjunction. Hitsuke tends to start the majority of his battles with genjutsu to gauge his opponents and test if any of them are Sensor Type like himself.


Hitsuke has shown himself to be able to keep up with most shinobi when it comes to his taijutsu form as seen when taking on a platoon of shinobi with a limited amount of allies. Hitsuke has been shown using both Fire release and chakra augmented in conjunction with his fighting style. It should also be regarded that Hitsuke was skilled enough in the art of taijutsu to survive an encounter with Gari, who uses the Explosion release kekkei genkai in conjunction with his own taijutsu before adapting and even killing said shinobi.


Hitsuke has proven himself capable in the art of Kenjutsu on more than one occasion as he formed a respective rivalry with Mangetsu Hōzuki nearing the end of the Third Shinobi World War. The two would go on to encounter each other and fight to a standstill on multiple occasions that would see Mangetsu using different swords in each encounter. Hitsuke had also shown the ability to dual wield blades as seen when he briefly wielded the "Twinsword" (双刀, Sōtō) in a battle alongside Mangetsu against multiple Kummogakure ninja.


Hitsuke has proven himself over his short span as a ninja to be quite adept at adapting to a widespread of shinobi techniques due to his studying. In combat he is quite perceptive as shown when he encounters ninja he is not familiar with it never takes him long to adapt to their actions and tendencies before turning the tables on his opponents. He has proven himself a very capable leader in the field as he has put his allies in position to accomplish their goals rather easily compared to their initial situation. Hitsuke had also proven himself to possess a very impressive eidetic memory, shown when he managed to lead himself and Mangetsu through a passage he had traveled through roughly a year prior to while evading a platoon of Kumo ninja.


Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
Second 4.5 4 4.5 4.5 3.5 4.5 4 4 33.5


Hiruzen Sarutobi

It was revealed that as a child Hitsuke idolized the Third Hokage, so much to the point that whenever the Hokage would visit the academy to speak to the students, Hitsuke would be front and center clinging onto every word his leader spoke. This deeply rooted respect was formed from the stpries Hitsuke's parents told him before he began his time at the academy. It was through the Hiruzen that Hitsuke would seek out an audience with the Sannin whenever he could, to pick up advice from individuals directly taught by his idol. The moment Hitsuke heard of the Third Shinobi World War taking place he immediately requested to be able to directly aid his village, an action that was personally noticed by Hiruzen to the young ninja.

Minato Namikaze

Although the two individuals were only seperated in age by a couple of years, Hitsuke would often refer to Minato as a superior. Even after receiving the rank of jōnin during the war, Hitsuke would still refer to Minato as a superior, stating that Minato was on his way to becoming the Hokage. The day Minato became Hokage Hitsuke could be seen with his team in the distance, jokingly bragging that he knew all along of the Fourth Hokage's ascension.

Mangetsu Hōzuki

Hitsuke and Mangetsu first encountered one another nearing the end of the Third Shinobi World War. In their first meeting, the two ninja were both backed by their respective comrades until they were notified to retreat by their superiors. In this battle the two fought to a standstill. Following their first encounter, the two ninja would see each other on the battlefield four more times as enemies and twice as allies. Through their continuous matches the two began to see one another as rivals and developed a deep respect for the other. Their first time as allies would see the two relying on each other so they could escape a tracking unit from Kumogakure, which they succeeded albeit injured. Their second encounter as allies came in the Fourth Shinobi World War where Mangetsu would summon Hitsuke and the two would fight alongside one another. As a testament to their skills as teammates, the two were last of the reanimations to be captured and sealed by their opponents.

Part II

Fourth Shinobi World War

Amidst the retreat to the forest, Mangetsu, along with Gari and Pakura, was instructed by Kabuto Yakushi to summon his former rival to surprise the Third Division. Amongst being reincarnated, Hitsuke casted a widespread genjutsu before beginning an assault with his fellow reanimations, all the while questioning why he was back in the world of the living. Hitsuke and the other reanimations would go on to continue their fight into the night.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax

By the time Kakashi Hatake and Might Guy had departed for Naruto Uzumaki's location the following day, Hitsuke was being sealed alongside Mangetsu by the Third Division. Later, with the release of the Impure World Reincarnation technique, a light of sorts encased Hitsuke's sealed body as the technique was dispelled, and his soul was then returned to the afterlife.


  • Hitsuke (火付け) means "arson" or "incendiary", referring to his skill with Fire release techniques, and Kohaku (琥珀) literally translates to "amber".
  • Hitsuke Kohaku's creation was influenced by several fictional characters capable of using pyrokinetic abilites:
    • Prince Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender
    • Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail
    • Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat
    • Portgas D. Ace from One Piece


  • (To Hiruzen Sarutobi as an academy student) "To be fair sir, you are the God of Shinobi."
  • (To Madam Shijimi, about convincing the Fire Daimyo) "Couldn't you do this one favor for me? We are family after all my lady."
  • (To Gari, before killing him) "I've already learned enough about you. I suggest you call for a tactical retreat before things go south for your company."
  • (To his team, after retreating from Toroi's unit) "Let's go and regroup with Shikaku and his team, I don't like the idea of that shinobi gunning for us with reinforcements."
  • (To Mangetsu Hōzuki) "You and I don't seem all that different on the inside. Even though you are my enemy, I can't help but say that I like you. I hope we cross paths again, to settle this battle."
  • (Upon finding out he was in the Bingo Book) "That explains a lot, surely I'm not worth that much though, am I?"
  • (To Mangetsu, after escaping the Kumo tracking team) "We make a pretty great team, although it is to be expected since we're familiar with each other's tendencies and techniques. We should do this again one day friend, minus the injuries of course."
  • (To his team, on Minato's initiation as Fourth Hokage) "And for just 40,000,000 ryō! You too could learn your destiny from that of the Crimson Phantom of the Leaf!"
  • (Upon learning of Mangetsu's demise) "Of course a disease had to take you out, you wouldn't let a single shinobi kill you unless we were trading death-dealing blows. Here's to hoping we meet again old friend."
  • (Upon realizing his team's mission was a farce) "Damn it, this whole time we were had. Guess there's nothing left to do but take as many of you traitors with me as I can."
  • (To Orochimaru and Root agents) "I've already seen it, Danzo's death will be an agonizing and cruel one. One that he will run from, but not escape, by someone he allowed to slip through the cracks.
  • (After being reanimated) "Mangetsu? Wait, why are we here?! This is not right!"
  • (To the Third Division) "Seperate Mangetsu and I! Don't allow me to build a distance from you and keep him at a distance from you! Listen to me, before we're used to kill anymore of you!"
  • (To Mangetsu, before departing to the afterworld) "I really wish our reunion would've been on better terms. But for now we can go and enjoy our rest and reminisce on our battles as war buddies, eh?"