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HojologoHojo SenryoHojologo
Name Hojo Senryo
The Honored One (世尊, Seson)
Shogun of the Blistering Glaciers (氷結氷河の将軍, Hyōketsu Hyōga no Shōgun)
Infinitely Peerless Swordsman of the Hyōton (氷遁の無限無比の剣士, Hyōton no Mugen Muhi no Kenshi)
Divine Swordsman of the Freezing Hell (凍結地獄の神の剣士, Tōketsu Jigoku no Kami no Kenshi)
Kanji 千両 北条
Romanji Senryō Hōjō
Personal Status
Birthdate Astrological Sign Pisces March 3
Age Part I: 32
Part II: 36
Part III: 46
Status Alive
Gender Gender Male Male
Height 5'9 ft (180 cm)
Weight Part I: 180 lbs (82 kg)
Part II: 178 lbs (81 kg)
Blood Type AB
Hometown Moon Scent Symbol Moon Scent Village
Home Country Heavens Blossom Symbol Land of the Heavens Blossom
Affiliation Land of Iron Symbol Land of Iron
Land of Lightning Symbol Land of Lightning
Land of Snow Symbol Land of Snow
Previous Affiliation Land of Earth Symbol Land of Earth
Land of Fire Symbol Land of Fire
Occupation Daimyō
Sargon President of Council of A New Dawn
Sargon Sargon High Council Member
Previous Occupation Shogun
Team Sargon Sargon
Clan Senryo
Attained Positions
Rank Part I: Ronin
Part II: Shogun
Part III: Daimyō
Classification Daimyō
Ninja Registration HB-3495
Academy Prom. Age 8
Chūnin Prom. Age 10
Jōnin Prom. Age 16
Kekkei Genkai Nature Icon Ice Ice Release
Unique Trait(s) Passively Absorbs Heat From the Environment
Passively Freezes Objects in Immediate Vicinity
Passively Generates Heavy Downpours or Blizzards
Nature Type Nature Icon Water Water Release
Nature Icon Wind Wind Release
Nature Icon Ice Ice Release
Nature Icon Yang Yang Release
Nature Icon Yin Yin Release
Jutsu Assassination: Swift Death
Avoiding the Puddle
Balancing Maple Leaves
Body Controlling Technique
Bringer-of-Darkness Technique
Certain-Kill Ice Spears
Chakra Suppression Technique
Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals
Dōten Samuzamusei
Evasion Technique
Evil Intent
Flickering Shadow Clone Jutsu
Heavenly Transfer Technique
Heavenly Weeping
Hiding in Frost Technique
Horizontal Thrust
Iai Beheading
Ice Clone Technique
Ice Release: Avatar of Winter’s Desire
Ice Release: Coffin of the Sleeping Ice Giant
Ice Release: Earthen Consecutive Chains of Ice
Ice Release: Ice Rock Dome of Magnificent Nothingness
Ice Release: Twin Dragon Blizzard
Ice Shield Technique
Incarnation of Immaculate Imperceptibility
Keiyōnonai Tanrei Kangetsu
Laws of the Chanting Evil Spirits
Parting Grass
Pradāśa Seal: Branded Infidel
Pradāśa Seal: Faustian Bargain
Remote Chakra Manifestation Technique
Repulsion Technique
Riding the Water Current
Rock in the Stream
Secret Technique: Mist Rain
Shikisoku Zekuu
Silent Killing
Steaming Danger Tyranny
Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death
Tool Creation Technique
Tōshisha Keiyukunō
Very Hiden: Living Corpse Avatar
Very Hiden: Nonself Concealing Calamity
Water Clone Technique
Water Droplet Reflection Sight
Water Prison Technique
Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave
Water Release: Hiding in Rain Technique
Water Release: Hiding in Water Technique
Water Release: Water–Heavens Convergence
Water Release: Water Mirror Technique
Water Release: Water Severing Wave
Yūdaimuhi: Fuhen’nori no Hyōton
Zubanukeru Tegiwayokuyasumu
Tools Hyōgakisei no Gongen
Ice Bomb
Kohaku no Jōhei
Sleeping Gas Bomb
The Divine Mirror

"The undisturbed mind is like the calm body water reflecting the brilliance of the moon. Empty the mind and you will realize the undisturbed mind."
— Yagyu Jubei

"But when you think you're safe, is precisely when you're most vulnerable."
— Seven Samurai

"There is something to be learned from a rainstorm. When meeting with a sudden shower, you try not to get wet and run quickly along the road. But doing such things as passing under the eaves of houses, you still get wet. When you are resolved from the beginning, you will not be perplexed, though you will still get the same soaking. This understanding extends to everything."
— Tsunetomo Yamamoto, The Hagakure: A Code to the Way of Samurai

Sargon's Highest General

~Theme of Hojo

Hojo Senryo (千両 北条, Senryō Hōjō) also known as the Shogun of the Blistering Glaciers (氷結氷河の将軍, Hyōketsu Hyōga no Shōgun), is a pivotal member of the Sargon High Council. As a warrior heralding from a frigid remote area within the Land of the Heavens Blossom, Hojo first desires to prove himself as a worthy heir to the Sargon Presidency and to his late father Honda Senryo (宣良 挙田, Senryo Honda). After becoming the president of the Council of a New Dawn, the most powerful and secretive organization within Sargon, Hojo sets his sights on reviving the fallen bloodlines from the past and to use their might to aid Sargon into the Age of Illumination. This new age has been discussed throughout the Senryo clan as global totalitarianism while allowing their clan and Sargon to govern the flow of the world.

Like his father, Hojo is a world renown poet and has written numerous ballads concerning relationships, the future of the world and about swordsmanship. However, his approach to the poetic medium was a severe contrast to his father. He doesn't emphasize the decorative or heroic prose as much as his younger brother or father. Several of his compositions hint that he was unattached to Confucianism and he was a natural skeptic. He denounced the existence of immortals and questioned the morality of ancient traditions and those in various religions.

The poem dedicated to his father's passing expresses a tone of remorse, but it also criticizes the purpose of digging a grave for a lifeless corpse. It is thought that Hojo overall level-headed and pessimistic nature led to his unpopular reputation, both in literature and -eventually- politics as he moved on throughout the ranks. The chain of internal rebellions marked disdain for his ideas, Hojo led a relatively peaceful reign. His local country did not experience any major revolts, making it a sparse moment of rough stability during his fathers time. As the village leader, his clan became the most profound by taking all seats in office and of power and with their power came even more wealth.

Hojo is also a world renown swordsman, shinobi, military leader and country head as one of his epithets unquestionably describes him as the Infinitely Peerless Swordsman of the Hyōton (氷遁の無限無比の剣士, Hyōton no Mugen Muhi no Kenshi). This title was not of his own choosing, it was given to him under the pretense of his frightening mix of kenjutsu and the infamous Ice Release. His mastery of the two proved to be quite disheartening to the previous Shogun who even failed to land a clean hit. Being matchless in the art of kenjutsu has garnered respect from both Samurai and Shinobi alike due to him maintaining a sovereignly balance between the frigid steel of his blade and the blistering cold from his Hyōton techniques. Utilizing an entirely complex kenjutsu art with elegance and spiritual refinement caused the Land of Iron to appoint him as their youngest unanimous appointed Shogun. From his ventures participating in wars involving the Land of Iron and the wintry lands of Land of the Heavens Blossom, Hojo’s signature fighting style has scarred the minds of those whom seek to usurp him.

Even as the Divine Swordsman of the Freezing Hell (凍結地獄の神の剣士, Tōketsu Jigoku no Kami no Kenshi), Hojo's mastery of the two has yet to be challenged and no has survived an encounter with him to tell the tale of the The Honored One (世尊, Seson). This only furthered his rank and ascension within the realm of both the samurai and shinobi causing his appointment to the title of Daimyō. As the current Daimyō of the Land of Iron and of the Land of the Heavens Blossom, Hojo is the only person in recorded history to become Daimyō of two separate nations and to hold both of the titles simultaneously. His reign as the Daimyō of two separate nations were filled with the gloriousness of nation conquering and subsequent wars in which both of his nations won with fewer than a dozen casualties. However, his rule and ethical policies were not always accepted by his citizens and noted by his generals, Hojo was known to be very prejudiced to those who attained a false-god complex due to their inheritance. The disdain that Hojo displays for those who inherited their strength through blood or influences outside of their own are considered absconders in the sapphire eyes of Daimyō. He is not truly against those who possess kekkei genkai or kekkei mōra but rather he is against their concept and beliefs of arrogance. Hojo justly believes that he is the one that will reshape the world with his Hyōton and he will be the one that will carve the destiny of the world with his Hyōgakisei no Gongen.


Aristocratic, Dapper, Suave...

If one were to envision the highest ranking general of Sargon, you would expect to see an older indivuals with slightly wrinkled skin, deep set eyes and a stern rectangular face. However, this couldn't be further from the truth albeit with some similarities. Hojo by the admission of others personifies the concept clean-cut. As the highest ranking general in Sargon, Hojo maintains a fully shaven face which accentuates his prominent cheek bones. For the admirers of Hojo, the first thing they often notice are his eyes which are often seen as a shade of cobalt or ultramarine.

This eye color does not only add to his mesmerizing appearance, they also a keynote to his chakra nature, Hyōton. When viewed up close, his eyes often have a compassionate yet stern aura about them. This is due to his professional title as a general but also as a swordsman who has seen the tragedies of war at first hand. His nose and lips are both full in appearance due to his Senryo lineage. During battle, Hojo's lips are often pursed and a prominent scowl can be seen when he is concentrating. His complexion is often complemented as ghastly yet it had a warm, golden-tint. His hair is raven, cascading from his crown which is then professionally cropped just above the jawline. When he was younger, his raven locks were absolutely unmanageable however, as time progressed and rank increase, Hojo began to maintain his thick, lustrous locks with more detail. Even as a youth, Hojo always thought that it was necessary to keep his hair cut short, because during a battle the length of someone's hair could be used against them.

As an avid horse rider, Hojo has developed and maintained a definitive posture. His arduous training in the art of kenjutsu also contributed to his posture as well. Physical fitness is a aspect that all shinobi must hold in high regards. It is physical fitness and the promotion of maintaining a healthy life which makes the shinobi life easier to transition into. Though like his superior Garyo Kanakura, Hojo keeps a small yet athletic body type, as he believes excess body fat could be detrimental to his fighting style which will discussed in a later section.

Hojo's original outfit for Sargon is a Japanese school uniform for males. The colorful strips of cloth he wears around his chest and arm is similar to the one and was worn by president of the student council found within the Japanese education system. A president is a student elected by their classmates or may be inaugurated due to their close ties to the student council. Once elected, they give an acceptance speech and wear these bands to signify their status as president. Within the student council, presidents have the highest rank and is the one who manages internal affairs regarding the student body. Presidents make the final decisions for student organized activities and nothing can be permitted to pass without their authority. Thus states the position of a Hojo.

His normal combat attire consists of a multi segmented armor. The armor itself is molded to Hojo's form which allows him to move unhindered and maximizes the full length of his swings along with the added protection of the armor. The material that the armor is composed of is a synthetic alteration of Damascus steel tinged with concentrated diamond dust along the forearm, breastplate, abdomen and the legs. The armor is adorned with golden trim (identifying nobility) is embossed in shapes consisting of birds and leaflets. Hojo considers his armor a work of art and he refuses to let the opponent sully it by landing a hit. A unique feature of the armor is that it acts as an insulator to Hojo's bio magnetic field and it crafted in a sense so that internal and external electric charges do not flow freely, and therefore make it nearly impossible to conduct an electric current under the influence of an electric field. Even though it is not perfect, the armor does an outstanding job of reducing the charge of incoming Raiton techniques.

The armor on his hands are used for protecting his grip when he uses his space-bending kenjutsu strikes and they are able to deflect standard swords to prevent Hojo's knuckles from being broken. The hiadate on each of his thighs are a mixture of the insulating Damascus variant along with silver and gold embroidery to allow for functionality and a fascinating visual appearance. However, the most notable facet of his armor is his periwinkle scarf which is attached to his armor by a golden avian. The golden avian roosted upon his armor resembles the legendary bird of paradise. It can be seen holding vines consisting of unique and somewhat unworldly fruit. The scarf was given to him by his late mother and it is a family heirloom that he cherishes dearly.


"If one is overly strict, his subordinates will become untrustworthy. If he over-trusts, his subordinates will become unruly."
— Proverb

Hojo is an admirable son who closely follows his father's expectations as he was the previous Senryo Clan leader. Unlike his father, he speaks in a bitter tone and is more condescending to both shinobi and samurai who he deems inferior, a trait in which most Sargon High Council members seem to have. Though a loyal and respectful son, he is also determined to surpass his father's image and realize his own dreams by aiding Sargon in a New World Order and to become the most skilled samurai and shinobi the world will ever see. To this end, he remains apathetic to the other kingdoms and organizations and is unimpressed by their final efforts to oppose him.

Any gentleness or caring feelings he has are usually reserved for his wife, whom he was instantly entranced with upon their first meeting. Though he boldly declares that he fights only for himself, he privately confides that his feats are dedicated to her in her scenario. He fondly calls her Aisai (愛妻) in Asian languages, a name which carries over into English. He additionally calls her "My Sweet" or "My Beloved Wife" in English. Now with his high position in the illustrious Sargon, Hojo is seen as a cunning yet feared man. Relentless in his desire to end the land's chaos, he will use any means to achieve his plans, even if it makes him an enemy to other kingdoms and nations. Fueled by his ambition to rule the land under Sargon's name, he believes his rule to be predestined and is undeterred. However, he also has a fierce temper and will often scold his men's incompetence if the battle goes badly for him.

Caring little about status or olden traditions, he judges men solely based on their achievements and skill (often referring to his skilled officers as "talent"). Belying his bad reputation, he treasures his retainers and will treat them with generosity. Though arrogant in nature, Hojo simply wants the best for his wife in which he will even betray the Emperor himself in order to make her wishes. This attitude towards his lower ranking officers heralded Hojo as a leader to his troops and as a valuable asset to Sargon. Among his soldiers, Hojo is often seen as emotionally unavailable, inaccessible, unresponsive, indifferent, uninvested in his subordinates much to their dismay. Even though these traits are known for being somewhat cold and distant, Hojo still manages to successfully through battle without a hint of uneasiness. It is this confidence that garners the respect from his troops and instills a subjective amount of discontent into his opponents. A master of psychological warfare.

Hojo follows both Bushido (武士道; Literally meaning "The Way of the Warrior") and Ninshū (忍宗; Literally meaning "Shinobi Sect"). Ninshū was meant to give people a better understanding of themselves on more of a spiritual level and to end the era of conflict. The conglomeration of these methodologies and virtues formed together to create the Hojo that the world fears and respects today. He exemplifies the virtue of justice (義, gi). It is one’s power to decide upon a course of conduct in accordance with reason, without wavering. It is the concept stemming from the fact that we have the power to make a decision quickly. It is about making sure that we do not become indecisive and that our decisions are made and based on the right reasons. His tongue speaks with nobility and demands the exquisiteness of praise which stems from both bukyō (a "warrior's creed"), and a more general shido, a "way of gentlemen". Honor (名誉, meiyo) is a trait that follows Hojo through and through. Even in battle, Hojo always conducts himself in what he believes as honesty and integrity. Though this still applies to what he calls ingenuity. Coupled with his honesty is patience. True patience means bearing the unbearable.

Killing Intent/Evil Intent

During combat, his personality takes on the embodiment of the Killing Intent and the Evil Intent once his seal is activated. Most shinobi and samurai suffer from slight mental changes while they exude Killing Intent. For Hojo, the effect is quite the contrary. While in his Killing Intent or Evil Intent State, he becomes slightly more introverted, reserved and far more analytical as a homage to his intelligence. It is a force that can be felt from miles away and even kage level ninja must exert there chakra just to stand within his presence while he exudes his Killing Intent. While in these combative states, Hojo loathes contradictions and illogicalness due to his sharp intellect allows him to comprehensively grasp patterns, principles and structures. He will notably change into an individual with a strong sense of battle operations and observation which work hand and hand together in his combative arsenal. While under the way of destruction, Hojo enters a sort of kill mode that causes his eyes to fade slightly but become very serious, thus showing his resolve and determination to kill anything in his way to achieve victory.

When used either selectively or against an army, those who feel or senses Hojo's Killing Intent are submerged into an icy ocean in which their brain will experience this event as if it was actually happening. At first, a blast of teeth-chattering cold air hits them which then causes a swelling of the blood vessels located within the mouth and brain respectively. The cold temperature causes the capillaries in the sinuses to constrict and then experience extreme rebound dilation which causes a brief yet painful headache for those who feels his Killing Intent. The pressures of the proverbial ocean and the intense cold of Hojo's chakra causes the opponent's to experience their own death in a way that most would never want the pleasure of witnessing again.

If an individual would have the chance to describe it, its as if you were wrapped in heavy chains while blindfolded and plunged in to the arctic ocean but you just so happen to constantly drown constantly gasping for air or holding your breath. The experience would literally be breath taking and would prompt even the most determined of hunter-nin to flee on sight. It is this presence that has baffled and confounded he tongues of those whom claim that they are fear incarnate or that their power solely lies within their shiny trinket they call eyes. This is the expression of a stoic killer, indifferent to those whom claim power that they do not have or even those whom consider themselves weak. Underestimating the Killing Intent of Hojo is considered an act of suicide.

His Evil Intent is an entirely different persona. It often accompanies his elusive transformation that the world has yet to see. From what can be inferred, the Evil Intent of Hojo is comparable to the idea of evil. It is so formidable that he could cause wicked winds to cross the lands instilling fear into to those whom feel its touch. His Evil Intent is so powerful that he could cause people to see horrific premonitions and develop severe aneurysms. His Evil Intent is powerful enough to control the mind of others by simply deeming it so and h can cause to turn friend against friend, wife against husband and brother against sister through the influence of evil and mind warping hallucinations.


The Illegitimate Son

Within the helm of the Luoyang Village existed a clan with an insatiable lust for power and a totalitarian rule. Though voracious in nature, the clan was loyal and still are to their emperor/empress. This clan formalized their own art of war through the beautiful medley of Hyōton and Kenjutsu. The Senryo clan was one of the most powerful clans within the Land of the Heaven's Blossom which was under the significantly more massive Majikina Empire. They were known throughout the entire empire as a group that held more monetary and militarily assets the rest of the empire other than the empress herself. The Senryo clan embodied the eight virtues of bushido and inherited these powerful concepts into the backbone of their clan. Most would find it strange that a clan based on bushido and its teachings are also wealthy and leaves a authoritarian leadership within their wake. As you can see, the Senryo clan had twisted view of the world. The believed that for themselves, wealth is not a material gain but rather a state of mind.

The ferocious torrential clouds suspended over the Luoyang village located in Land of the Heavens Blossom on the day he was born. Normally when a child is born, the is an atmosphere of joy and praise, though this cannot be said for the infant who would grow up to become the most feared warrior ever witnessed in the shinobi world. The son born from a dynastic lineage of Daimyo and Shogun was the product of love between a daimyo and his concubine. Hojo was his father’s fourth son, the eldest son born from one of his father's favorite concubines. As of such, Hojo did not have the right to take upon the crown of the village head or the Daimyo that time, but at that age, he was oblivious to his father’s outbursts and tirades. At the age of three, Hojo began his training in the arts of kenjutsu and the virtues of bushido. When most children at his age would be playing with their siblings, toys or just enjoying their childhood, Hojo’s was immersed in deep rooted formal combat and sacred arts.

The first technique he performed while he was three years old was the Iai Beheading in which he used a modified version of his Body Flicker Technique to accomplish the task on the training dummy. This task was his first acceptance into the Bushido path and it was from this task that he would learn Gi, the first virtue in bushido. In the following years, Hojo would prove to be more proficient with his sword than most samurai that were five times his age. At the age of five, Hojo undoubtedly master the Iai Beheading and the Body Flicker Technique. His prodigious skill with kenjutsu caused Hojo’s father to ponder his future as the successive clan head. Eventually at the age of eight, Hojo would develop his own kenjutsu style which he calls the Art of the Infinitely Peerless Blade (限一刀流, Mugen Ittou Ryu) and it would be this style that would be the gondola to carry his name across the lands. He would also request the help of his father’s iron and steel mill to forge his own sword. It was at this age where he would go on to master the Balancing Maple Leaves, Dance of the Crescent Moon, Horizontal Thrust and his own Parting Grass technique which was heralded to be the greatest accomplishment done in the Senryo clan at such a young age.

At this point of his life, Hojo had been isolated from children his age and longed for friendship rather than kenjutsu and military tactics. Upon explaining this to his father, Honda Senryo conducted a large tournament for prospective samurai who wished to serve the Senryo Dynasty. Though this wasn’t what Hojo had in mind, he was still thrilled at the chance to interact with other children his age and to learn what he missed outside the confines of his kingdom. This tournament consisted of two dozen young warriors donned with wooden swords and scabbards hoping to prove their worth to the shogun and his viceroy’s that were in attendance. It was in this tournament that both Hojo and his father realized his potential to become the next shogun for the Land of the Heavens Blossom and the next head samurai in the Luoyang Village. Hojo speed through each of the combatants as if they were mere statues. The fights ended quick, most ended with one swift move from Hojo.

His speed and simple movements dazzled the audience and even caught the attention of the higher officials from within the Senryo shogunate. However, things took a turn for the worse in his final matchup. Though unfair, Hojo was up against a teenager who was well versed in the arts of kenjutsu and ninjutsu. With Hojo, being unprepared for this form of combat, he allowed himself to be defeated thus shaming his father and himself. When Hojo was twelve years old, he was enrolled into the local noble council by his father Honda as he had changed his mind about Hojo joining the military. Approximately at the time of his enrollment, his older brothers had already perished. Lady Ari (the mother of Honda's eldest sons) had passed away at a young age and Lady Seung (Honda's actual wife) refused to return to her husband. With these losses, Honda gradually recognized Hojo to be his eldest child. His decision came as a reluctant one since he originally refused to adopt any of his other children into his family line. However, there something about Hojo the resonated through the thoughts of Honda which eventually led to his decision that would change the organization and the world for better or for worse.

The Assistant Chancellor to the Council of A New Dawn

"My clan has been embarrassed by this pathetic kingdom for too long. Father, at last I have a chance to prove myself to you"

By the time he was thirteen, Hojo would begin to practice the art of ninjutsu as well as the study of Ninshū. Compared to the other shinobi that were located within the Luoyang Village, Hojo felt out of place in regards to learning their arts. He had no difficulty combating against them in friendly sparring though, he would wish to seek a deeper understanding of Ninshū. It was from the secondary branch of the Yuki Clan where Hojo would find out that he has an affinity for their sacred and profound Hyōton. From this point on within the Luoyang Village, Hojo would begin to understand the purpose of Hyōton and would eventually produce his own techniques such as the Ice Release: Coffin of the Sleeping Ice Giant, Ice Release: Avatar of Winter’s Desire and his infamous Dōten Samuzamusei. Understanding Hojo’s affiliation with the Senryo Dynasty, the secondary branch members of the Yuki Clan accepted Hojo’s request to learn the arts of their own hiden jutsu such as the Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals.

Hojo’s training with the Yuki clan went from formal to a more relaxed experience. It is during this time and this clan where he would eventually meet his wife. Hojo’s frequent trips from the Senryo shogunate casted suspicions within the mind of his father and the council. With his enlightenment on both bushido and ninshū, Hojo’s father would ask Asu Rashoujin whom the clan had assisted for centuries to allow his son to enter their ranks. However, this was a seemingly poor choice by Honda as his soon was then soon confronted by the Judge of the Ashen Verdict. One stormy night, the kenjutsu prodigy was met by the Sage of the Astral Plane, Asu Rashoujin. Asu being an entity of pure maliciousness offered Hojo a chance to create the world in his image and to become a high ranking official within Sargon.

Before responding, Hojo had sensed the corruptive power emanating from within Asu and slowly placed his dominant hand around his blade as if he were willing to strike down Asu. Still relatively young, Hojo didn’t understand his clan’s dealings with the global wars and major financial crisis to include the fact that they were planning to over throw the empire under the name of Sargon. Hojo then foolishly unsheathed his blade and used his Parting Grass attack that was released so fast that it literally warped the space surrounding Asu and himself. As fast as Asu was, even he could escape the space bending properties of this technique however, it was all for naught as Asu appeared unscathed by Hojo’s efforts. With Hojo understanding that he had no known method to defeat the mysterious entity after using his fastest kenjutsu strike, Hojo accepted Asu’s offer under the guise of attaining more power and establishing a new empire under the Senryo name.

Three years later at the age of sixteen, he was appointed the titles Fifth Official Commander of the Council of a New Dawn and Assistant Chancellor. Little is recorded of his time in office so it's presumed his service was mainly uneventful however, that was not the case. According to his closest friends, at this time he paid a visit to a well versed practitioner of Xiangshu, or a type of divination method for reading a person's future. Hojo was among thirty or so onlookers at the fortune teller's stall. When the teller read his fortune, he said, "You are fated to live ninety years. When you are forty-five, you will experience a small misfortune that might jeopardize your longevity. I hope that you overcome this minor setback and live your life to its fullest." Apparently the divination was made based on the lines of Hojo's palm unaffected his resolve and he would continue through the ranks of Sargon.

Hojo would then become the lieutenant of the Council of a New Dawn at the age of twenty. By this point, he surpassed all of his peers within his ranks which was not only due to his proficiency in kenjutsu and his trademark Hyōton, but because of his Avoiding the Puddle technique. This technique in itself granted Hojo an unprecedented outlook in combat and he no longer had any worries against groups of powerful opponents. Upon the mastery of this technique and his passive ability to cause downpours, Hojo would eventually challenge the then president of the Council of a New Dawn to a duel in which if Hojo would win, he would become the new president of this sub organization. The spectators of this battle were flabbergasted as to how and why Hojo would challenge his superior whom had decades’ worth of his own combat experience. Either Hojo was very arrogant or just plain idiotic. Without much notice, it began to downpour with heavy rains in which the crowd chose to endure. Hojo’s opponent was unaware that Hojo had such abilities and produced a Cheshire smile to demonstrate his eagerness to slay Hojo.

This is where the president would underestimate his opponent. Before the match even started, the president would feel his chakra slowly leave his body and without a moment’s notice, began his assault on Hojo. After the rubble cleared, Hojo had defended the lighting fast assault from the president by manifesting his Ice Release: Coffin of the Sleeping Ice Giant technique which was left completely unscathed. Then, within a flash, Hojo activated his intensely named Avoiding the Puddle technique to switch places with his opponent and within a fraction of a second, the president was incased in a thick ice containment that would absorb his chakra and lifeforce while at the same time expanding in size. With the president expelling chakra to escape from this technique, the ice sculpture grew in size until the president realized his inevitable defeat. With Hojo having his sense of honor, he would eventually release the technique which also increased his lifeforce and chakra reserves and would proudly step up as the president of the Council of A New Dawn’s president at a young twenty-one years of age.

Role in Sargon

Hojo Senryo is the current president of Sargon's sub organization called the Council of a New Dawn. The Council of a New Dawn are considered amongst the most powerful and secretive of the Sargon Sects. They were the first group established during Sargon’s initial days. Though they claim complete allegiance and service to the emperor, Asu Rashoujin, their actions and secret goals at times seem at odds with that professed loyalty, as the Council of a New Dawn strive above all other things to atone for an ancient crime of betrayal committed centuries ago. They are a proud sect, with traditions and rituals that date back to the earliest days of the shinobi world. The origins of the New Dawn remain shrouded in mystery.

The Council of a New Dawn’s ' terrible secret is this: during the one of Sargon’s first wars, some of the brethren were turned to the side of shinobi/samurai. They were defeated in a battle that destroyed the infrastructure Council of a New Dawn, it's origin village however, many of the traitors survived. These survivors are known to those few Council of a New Dawn members granted knowledge of their existence as the fallen bloodlines. In the eyes of the sect’s leaders, there is only one way that the sect can ever atone for its shame, restoring its honor and trust in the eyes of the Emperor—all of the Fallen must be found and either made to repent their ancient sin, or slain. To this day, this organization has been in charge of all of Sargon's international affairs.

Since Hojo has become president of this vast sub-organization, the faction has successfully infiltrated over a dozen remote villages which has yet to been seen in the series. His most notable conquest while assuming the role the Council of a New Dawn's president, is gaining the position of shogun (将軍, shōgun) within the Land of the Heavens Blossom. Unfortunately, this position is under the current empress Namino Majikina, with that being said, Hojo uses this position in order to spread Sargon's seemingly omnipotent influence. Their primary goals are:

  • To keep people everywhere from deciding their own destinies by means of one created crisis after another and then "managing" such crises through out the shinobi world via Asu's Malebolgia Technique. This will confuse and demoralize the global population to the extent where faced with too many choices, apathy on a massive scale will result. From this, Hojo and his subvert organization will act as a hospitable force aiding the population into the cold welcoming arms of Sargon. The Malebolgia Dolls are summoned to remote parts of the shinobi world causing havoc while the more powerful shinobi are either on missions to bring in revenue for their village or have gone rogue. This allows the powerful Malebolgia to attack the citizens and in turn, the Sargon representative simply reverse summons them into a secret scroll.
  • To penetrate and subvert all governments, and work from within them to destroy the sovereign integrity of the nations represented by them. This has been done in Konohagakure, Land of Lightning, Land of Wind so on and so forth. This is done by bribing or threatening those in high positions to lobby for Sargon's ideals or to place a representative of Sargon in those positions. The Sargon member's whom fill those positions are highly charismatic and well trained in political science, law, international relations and economics to the point where the residents of the village would prefer to keep the representative their instead.


As a warrior that prides himself in his vested personal abilities, Hojo has been to have a wide array of natural talents ranging from on and off the battlefield. However, as powerful as he may be, Hojo is a man who prefers to conceal his talents from the eyes of the unworthy. As the idiom goes "A wise man keeps some of his talents in reserve;  one shouldn't show off;  the person who knows most often says least;  a skilled hawk hides its talons." (のうあるたかはつめをかくす, Nouarutakahatsumewokakusu.) and this follows through and through for the current shogun whose skill in poetry, Hyōton and in kenjutsu are second to none. Hojo is considered wise for his age and astute in by nature. He is a man who is the personification of blessed due to him being capable of being versed in the art of kenjutsu and in the art of ninjutsu.

Innate Skills

Chakra Prowess and Proficiency

As the most powerful General and one of the most powerful samurai/shinobi to exist in recorded history, Hojo's chakra has been lauded as the embodiment of the desolate. Hojo has traveled around the world the majority of his life and understood that the defining characteristic for producing a powerful shinobi is not simply their chakra but the precision of controlling and using the amount they have flawlessly. Being trained under the ways of the samurai has gifted Hojo the ability to accurately utilize the least amount of chakra necessary for each technique but it also produces the most beneficial results. Since his very early years, Hojo's chakra has been known to cause teeth to chatter from those that even attempt to sense his chakra. As Hojo would put it, sensing his chakra is similar to diving into an ocean that sits within the coldest reaches of space.

Merely feeling the wind graze off of the ocean is enough to cause a bone-shattering cold and that even the most adept sensors avoid sensing him. The deeper you peer into his chakra reserves, the colder it gets and the more pressure you feel above you. Those that attempt to sense his chakra are met with a proverbial frozen death and their last thoughts before succumbing to this intense ocean of chakra is simply "how?". In this sense, the depth's of Hojo's chakra reserves are indeed similar to a semi-frozen ocean in the fact that neither will be fully understood or discovered. Even though it may seem that his chakra is indeed endless, that's the closest any individual has ever came to sensing the final depths of his chakra. The sheer proficiency of control that he has over his chakra reserves are in league of his own and even with his awe-inspiring amount, Hojo only prefers to use successive low ranked ninjutsu and kenjutsu to win his battles.

Not only is his chakra reminiscent of a fathomless ocean of subzero ice, it also produces effects on the environment that is completely unnatural to other shinobi's that utilize Ice Release. The sheer cold that his chakra contains is distributed throughout his body and even emits to the atmosphere which is cold enough to literally freeze objects to the point that they will shatter under their own mass. No shinobi nor samurai has been able to mimic the effects that Hojo's chakra has on the environment and even against other techniques. His sheer presence if often noted to be his single greatest weapon to those that are unfortunate to face him in battle. Hojo is able to freeze objects within an inch of him to absolute zero and objects that are further away still exhibit flash-freezing. This all happened before Hojo had become daimyo of the Land of the Heavens Blossom and the newly appointed shogun of the Land of Iron.

Now as the general of Sargon, Hojo has further refined his immediate presence in the are and can allow his chakra to affect other indivuals. His increase in chakra control allows him to layer indivuals techniques and to cast them without the need for sullied hand seals. The production of his techniques are impeccable and even his more power Ice Release techniques such as his Dōten Samuzamusei are casted without flaws. This could only say that he can cast lower ranked techniques to include the enigmatic Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals and his Ice Shield Technique at speeds that surpass human thought and is even able to match speeds that surpasses the incomprehensible. To imagine the face of the blistering cold Naraka is to speak ill of Hojo's abilities and o further the fact that no one has ever lived to speak of his abilities that have faced him in combat.


In spite of whatever reaction his poetry invoked, his Kamiwaza (神業)is considered the first poem with seven syllables per line, and it is a rousing piece entailing a husband lost to war. His renga (連歌) is his most notable style of poetry and throughout the era of fine arts, Hojo's poetry has known to range from a variety of different topics. He is praised as being artful yet direct with his words, offering an eccentric "flavor" than his relatives. When not composing poetry, Hojo wrote analytical compositions and other essays for his wife. As a poet, Hojo understands that the written word is sacred and that we as poets must maintain our dignity along with understanding that poetry is a dying skill. He has been credited to have been the author to the compiled novel, The Isolated Path of Righteousness of A Swordsman (剣士の孤客の正道 Kenshi no Kokaku no Seidou), but recent research draws the centuries year old claims into question. The The Isolated Path of Righteousness of A Swordsman is considered an autobiographical poem and as a training manual in one for those whom wish to seek the path of a Shogun along with following Hojo's footsteps. As the foremost contemporary poet, his poems have been shared throughout the shinobi world and his work has inspired poets and singers alike. The spoken word of Hojo is able to reel in the hearts of his listeners and that metaphorically speaking, his poetry is divine in every sense of the word.


Intelligence can be defined as a general mental ability for reasoning, problem solving, and learning. Because of its general nature, intelligence integrates cognitive functions such as perception, attention, memory, language, or planning. On the basis of this definition, intelligence can be reliably measured by standardized tests with obtained scores predicting several broad social outcomes such as educational achievement, job performance, health, and longevity. Even as a the top General for Sargon along with being the highest ranking swordsman in the world, Hojo has a detailed understanding of the brain mechanisms underlying this general mental ability and that it could provide significant individual and societal benefits amongst his subordinates.

His fellow high council members stated he showed intellectual promise since his childhood as he divulged himself into his studies of not just kenjutsu but tachijutsu as a whole which includes battōjutsu and ryōtōjutsu. By the time he was eight years old, Hojo was also a talented fencer and was capable with mounted archery in which he scrupulously studied Kyujutsu (archery), Sojutsu (spear-fighting) and Saiminjutsu (hypnotism). Throughout his life, Hojo was a rather academic man and often retreated to reading or debating in his free time. He expressed an interest in the ancient folkloristic known as minzokugaku (民俗学) and chose to confide with nearby intellectuals on a regular basis. As with Hojo's intelligence spawned a sense of arrogance against those under him in the Sargon organization. During the midst of combat, Hojo is able to accurately predict the opponent's next move by adaptive reasoning and logical processing. For example, humans perceive the environment, attend to relevant stimuli, memorize episodic and semantic information, communicate, and so forth. Then with Hojo, he is able to instantly perceive the environment and then retain that information as a photographic memory, this is due to his frontoparietal network.

Hojo is known to be extremely perceptive and almost prophetic in nature. His intelligence almost rival that of Daiochan who has an intelligence quotient surpassing 275. This gift through his eyes was initially seen as a curse which is evident in his younger years. Even is his adult years, Hojo's intelligence in combat and history are second to none. His analytical prowess is showcased within the first five seconds of meeting someone. Within this first five seconds, Hojo can determine by the opponent's will and spirit on how they would fight and their strength level. He has learned to effectively control the fight by exerting minimal forces and he is able to see dozens of moves ahead. This tactical strategy stems from his professional status in shogi (将棋, shōgi; literally Japanese Chess). Hojo's preferred variants of shogi are taikyoku shōgi (大局将棋, ultimate chess) and tai shogi (泰将棋, tai shōgi) or mujō tai shōgi (無上泰将棋, ; literally meaning "grand chess"). Hojo believes the playing shogi throughout the years attributed to his great success as a Daimyo, Shogun and General for the world's most powerful organization. He incorporates the boar soldier, leopard soldier and bear soldier into his militaristic assaults after he has performed the Heavenly Transfer Technique.

Once Hojo was branded with Asu Rashoujin's Pradāśa Seal: Branded Infidel, Hojo gained a monumental understanding of the basic concepts of existential planes and the astral plane of existence itself. With this enlightenment, Hojo is capable of understanding the purpose and concept of transmigration along with the true purpose of the soul. He is able to effectively counter those that attempt to harness the metaphysical with his profound understanding. Not only that, the seal granted him an encyclopedic knowledge of historical events that predate the arrival of the Shinju. This mental sagacity is previewed akin to Black Zetsu's Event Recording technique.


"The penetrating brilliance of swords, wielded by followers of the Way, strikes at the evil enemy, lurking deep within, their own souls and bodies."
— Morihei Ueshiba on swordsmanship

The title and the concept of becoming a swordsman in every sense of the word is a task that most would deem toilsome and challenging if one's heart is not set in the right place. On all accounts, the legions of samurai located throughout the world has caught wind of Hojo's impeccable and unimpeachable skill with the samurai's bond. Ever since his teen years, Hojo has able to effortlessly defeat a large squadron of jonin ranked shinobi with fluent display of swordsmanship without them even able to form hand seals. From an outsider's perspective, Hojo seems to merely dance with his opponent's by delivering strikes that are uncanny to unusual parts of the body such as landing a blunt hit behind the opponent's ear or striking behind their kneecap. His primary weapon of choice is his Eighty Days Unwillingly Harbored Blade (八十枉津日太刀, Yaso Magatsu). This blade is a physical manifestation of Hojo's will to fight and the bane of autumn. Regardless of the sword's length, Hojo is able to wield it with one hand, predominantly his right hand. This does not mean that Hojo is only capable of wield his blade in his right, as he is able to switch from left to right, but it means that blade is more suited for an orthodox stance due to it's length. The primary purpose of this blade is to catch the opponent off guard with wide strikes that are held with a soft grip which then allows him use the potential momentum from a parry by the opponent to perform a reverse strike from parallel angle, albeit with a firmer grip for the second strike. Hojo's "performances" are rather grim in nature based on the full name of his weapon. His third and standard swords are aimed to be purely destructive; Hojo's fourth and skill weapons target on silencing all other sounds while his strength blade is focused on pure vehemence. To add insult to injury, a secondary meaning of the character implies that his acts should be celebrated and admired as he rises to his seat of royalty.

His weapons follow a divine naming theme similar to the one given to his father. At the same time, they follow the idea that he can surpass Huo. He can control all men, brandish the earth, or transcend the heavens. Having power over the three essential components of the universe (heaven, earth, and people) is an impressive feat achieved only by beings of a higher power. Hojo's skill with the sword has been noted to be a style unlike any other, completely unorthodox by our standards and he is even capable of going against the best swordsman the world has to offer. While most flee from daunting situations such as being outnumbered, it is a situation that Hojo relishes. His preferred method of kenjutsu is using one his sword stance along with kendo and enhances his natural evasion skills with weather modifying ninjutsu making it rain in the process. This rain allows Hojo to display his zenith of swordsmanship while his opponent's physical energy and vitality are drained from the Grudge Rain combined with the Rain Tiger at Will Technique to enhance his senses while using an advanced combination of the Water Release: Hiding in Rain Technique and the Incarnation of Immaculate Imperceptibility to render the swords man completely invisible. This invisible swordsman style is further complimented his masterful use of Ice Release techniques and Space-Time Ninjutsu with his sword pushing his skill over the edge allowing calling this style the Art of the Infinitely Peerless Blade (限一刀流, Mugen Ittou Ryu). This art of kenjutsu of Hojo's proudest achievement as he is able to attain otherworldly movements akin to the Flying Thunder God Technique just by using a combination of his own unique Ninkenjutsu.

This style has yet to been exercised to its optimum performance due to fights ending so quickly. This style is based upon the speed and stealth of a ninja with the tactile strength footwork of well seasoned samurai. The Art of the Infinitely Peerless Blade uses strikes that occur in the opponent's blind spot and to points that are so close to the opponent that it makes them unable to unsheathe their sword. It is often combined with the elegance of his Hyōton techniques and his Ice Release: Avatar of Winter’s Desire in order to freeze the hands and fingers of the opponent which causes them frostbite in their extremities which also disables them from weaving hand seals and even holding their own blade. The Peerless Blade Style has the possibility of being used with any weapon within Hojo's arsenal. His most flawless kenjutsu technique Yukiakari is capable to defeating the most illustrious wielders of dōjutsu, those that utilize the Sharingan, Byakugan, Rinnegan and even the powerful Rinne Sharingan are left without their light just by unseating his sword. This leaves the opponents whom are blessed with powerful eyes to beg for mercy as they are unable to perceive Hojo at any level which would then lead to immediate defeat. Even this most skilled practitioners of wide scale ninjutsu are unable to defend against Hojo's innate ability to absorb heat from objects within his vicinity coupled with his peerless swordsmanship. His unbridled determination allows Hojo to become the master of the battlefield with little to no apparent opposition. Hojo incorporates his Yukiakari and his Zubanukeru Tegiwayokuyasumu in order to finish off opponent's who deserve a fate worse than death. The combination of the two techniques are powerful enough to permanently rid the opponent of the sense of sight, hearing and touch. Without those three senses, the path of a warrior is no longer in sight and virtually ever shinobi or samurai that has faced Hojo in battle chose to end their own lives within moments of being attacked.

Many of Hojo's faster techniques lead with the left foot which results in a slightly faster attack on the draw, since the sword is closer to the opponent than if one led with the right foot. Beyond speed however, some of his techniques has an element of surprise to them due to the fact that swordsmen do not perform a left foot-leading strike. For high-to-low slashes, a right-handed swordsman would invariably lead with the right foot because the full follow-through of a high-to-low slash ends with the sword more on the left side of the body than the right side, so one wouldn't want the left leg in the way of the down swing. Since most swordsmen are used to encountering high-to-low slashes on the draw, they'd find it surprising that one would lead with the left foot. Leading with the left foot instead of the right completely changes the body mechanics of the technique (a low-to-high slash on the draw). The technique becomes much stronger and far more intuitive. In boxing, for example, it would be the difference between a jab (attacking with the lead hand) and a cross (attacking with the rear hand), the cross being much stronger. Or from a baseball perspective, it'd be like a right handed pitcher pitching with his right foot forward versus pitching with his left foot forward. Punching or pitching with the hand opposite and rear of the leading foot is much more powerful because it allows for greater torque, with the whole weight of the body behind the movement. This single difference gives Hojo a somewhat unnecessary edge when facing multiple opponents.


Fortunate Phoenix

Fortunate Phoenix (瑞鳳, Zuihō)-Is the strongest and most majestic holy sword that symbolizes not only Hojo, but his entire clan as well and it can be called the physical actualization of his ideals. It is his greatest and most powerful and oldest sword, which is a divine construction, the pinnacle of holy swords, forged by neither man nor god. Often times, the phoenix has been associated with fire however, in this case, the sword does not attribute physical fire, it is more associated with Hojo's will and determination. While there are many other swords in Hojo's arsenal that are seemingly crafted more splendidly and with better skill, the Fortunate Phoenix is an illusion far superior to them. It cannot be called beautiful because of its appearance for the description of "beautiful" will only dirty it. As a rarely seen instance, the Zuihō has the ability to cut through space and causes extreme warps through the area of influence. This is seen when Hojo initiates an attack so fast that the sword doesn't even appear to leave its sheath. It creates a distortion in space that engulfs his target which is sliced multiple times by the blade in very rapid succession. The ability is capable of hitting any enemies that are within the rather large distortion radius.

Hojo's fighting style with this blade is similar to one using a rapier. His fighting style predominantly accommodates thrusting and slashing attacks, which he specializes in. Hojo is relatively fast in terms of attack speed, and as an added bonus many of his thrusting attacks have an added armor piercing effect, or allow him to dodge attacks entirely via sidestepping and ducking under his opponent's weapon. This weapon does it's most damage when utilized with Hojo's Space-Time Ninjutsu such as the Avoiding the Puddle and his Parting Grass technique.

Although these thrust attacks are Hojo's main strength with this sword, they are very linear and can be sidestepped with relative ease. Hojo's range of horizontal strikes are much less diverse, and the same could also be said for his reverse blade attacks. However, they are thankfully fast, and are therefore able to catch someone at the start of a preemptive evade. Despite their relative quickness, they do not provide the dodging features of his thrust attacks, which leave him open to counterattacks. Wielding this sword requires the will of the entire Senryo clan upon your shoulders as well as the determination and focus of master in the art of kenjutsu.

Eighty Days Unwillingly Harbored Blade

Hojo wields the Eighty Days Unwillingly Harbored Blade (八十枉津日太刀, Yaso Magatsu Hi no Tachi), an over five shaku long, 150 centimeter, Bitchu Aoe blade. The length absolutely defies common sense, the name being a derogatory nickname rather than a formal title, meaning “That blade is way too damn long to use!” It cannot be called "useful" despite its large range, as almost nobody except Hojo, having a mastery of the sword exceeding the realm of humans, could even wield it. He is noted as the greatest in terms of pure swordsmanship among the members of the illustrious Sargon, and not even Asu would want to face him in a battle of swordsmanship. Garyo comments that he wouldn't like fighting him one on one and would prefer to kill him off from a distance.

He calls his sword his glory but its a true heresy, and says it will slice the head of one of average skill. He has no actual stances, meaning any seeming opening cannot be trusted, and the ability to use a sword of such length means that he has to be able to swing it from any position, even delivering slashes even while standing idly. The katana is a longsword not suited to direct competitions of power. It will break fighting off a heavier, or more dense sword, so he cannot lock blades or compete in strength. He can only parry blows and push the opponent back by attacking their body because the blade is meant to cut with speed and technique unlike western swords that cut with weight and power, making fighting styles between the two mismatched. This sword is mainly used for defensive fights, such as setting up for his Avoiding the Puddle technique.

This the stance that goes with this blade is an amalgamation of kendo and Iaidō. Along with the defensive nature of this sword, Hojo also has accompanied fancy footwork to this stance. The footwork that Hojo displays with the sword is nothing short of breathtaking when combined with the Evasion Technique. This furthers his abilities when there is heavy amounts of precipitation from his passive use of the Rain Tiger at Will Technique and the Grudge Rain technique. This heavy rainfall can produce mud and at the time absorb the chakra and vitality of the opponent while Hojo speed and evasiveness increases. For samurai versus samurai or samurai versus shinobi, this evasive stance can cause aggravation and vexes the opponent to go to a more offensive position which can prove fatal if they are blinded with rage. When facing a sword-wielding attacker intent on doing you harm, you can’t rely on heavy leather armor to save your skin — and bones — from a blade that, in deft hands, can easily cut through bamboo thicker than a human arm. This is why Hojo did not only mastered swordsmanship, but the empty-hand art of aiki-jujitsu, the forbear of modern aikido.

Katsura of the Moon

Katsura of the Moon (月の桂, Tsuki no Katsura) In Progress

Lunatic Blade: Vulture

Lunatic Blade: Vulture (狂刀「禿鷲」, Kyōtō: Hagewashi) In Progress

The Crimson Blade of Hell's Rage

The Crimson Blade of Hell's Rage (紅鋼怨獄丸, The Crimson Blade of Hell's Rage) In Progress

Fighting Styles

Caring Heart One-Sword Style

Caring Heart One-Sword Style (活心一刀流, Kasshin Ittō-Ryū) is an adept strategy is Hojo's primary fighting style and it consists mostly on one armed sword techniques with emphasis on low angle and high angle swings. When combined with the Clone Technique and the Tool Creation Technique allows for Hojo to become completely surpassed in the art of kenjutsu. We are taught to synchronize our breath, body, spirit, mind and sword, such that when we cut, our entire weight is used effectively and efficiently in one fluid movement: up with the sword, arms, breath and mind; down with the sword, arms, breath, mind and body mass. Everything must be coordinated, synchronized and in harmony, which is achieved by keeping your whole body in a totally focused yet relaxed state throughout the cut.

Any tensing of muscles will only interfere with the process and, in fact, this tensing will subsequently slow it down and decrease the effectiveness of the cut. It is indeed true that a master swordsman cuts just the same way as a surgeon does: smoothly, with a relaxed hand and an even, focused pressure from start to finish. Smoother, not faster, is the key to correct sword technique; from drawing the sword to cutting, there should be one long, fluid action. This style takes applications from Kendo, Iaido and Daitō-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu in which his stance is mostly defensive and focuses on silent killing by striking the vital organs and or chakra points with the grip.

Aside from the aforementioned applications, this stance is known for it's application in Hojo's Ninkenjutsu techniques by delivering unmerciful strikes while being merged with the surrounding ice or water. By using techniques such as the Hiding in Mist Technique, Water Release: Hiding in Water Technique or his own hiden technique allowing him to become insensible while in contact with ice allows Hojo to attack unseen even by the three great doujutsu's. This style is further amplified by the Incarnation of Immaculate Imperceptibility technique allowing him to move through out the environment without disturbing it and then landing an powerful slash from his Parting Grass technique. When combined with his Ice Release: Coffin of the Sleeping Ice Giant, Hojo takes his globally superior kenjutsu skills to the absolute limit by enabling him to efficiently pierce through the soul of the opponent and removing it from the body.

This stance incorporates the concept of Maai (間合い), in which term referring to <the space between two opponents in combat; formally, the "engagement distance". It is a complex concept, incorporating not just the distance between opponents, but also the time it will take to cross the distance, angle and rhythm of attack. It is specifically the exact position from which one opponent can strike the other, after factoring in the above elements[1]. Hojo understands that distance is a key component to practitioners of kenjutsu, taijutsu and ninjutsu alike.

Life-or-Death Stray Sword Style

Life-or-Death Stray Sword Style (活殺逸刀流, Kassatsu Ittō-Ryū) is the foil to most opponent's fighting styles as it targets vital points of the body and works to quickly punish mistakes with minimal effort. It relies on Hojo's natural speed and Space–Time Ninjutsu to succeed. This style is developed to incapacitate numerous shinobi within mere moments based off of the Aiki-ken kumitachi (組太刀:くみたち), meaning the crossing/meeting of swords. This style describes how to alternately control the center line and move off it to avoid attacks and how to blend with an opponent's attacks, among other skills. This style has it's basis in the Ichi-no-tachi (一の太刀): first of sword, Ni-no-tachi (二の太刀): second of sword and the Kimusubi-no-tachi (気結びの太刀): blending one's energy with partner of the sword via spiritual or physical energy and chakra infusion.

It requires, the mastery of Battōjutsu, Issoku ittō-no-maai (Itto-ma) — one-foot-one-sword distance also called chūma — middle distance, Chikama which is short distance and the aforementioned Space-Time Ninjutsu. The style commonly has the user keep one hand on the sheath at all times and also stresses two-step attacks in order to ensure that the practitioner is never off guard while executing said attacks. His more notable techniques that the stance utilize is the Parting Grass and the Avoiding the Puddle techniques which are known for the surreal speed. Hojo is even capable of sheathing his sword so fast that it creates an literal sonic boom which is powerful enough to deafen foes whom are nearby which is noted in his Zubanukeru Tegiwayokuyasumu technique. For as long as Hojo has used this style, he has never been able to use it to his full potential due to most opponent's not being able to survive the first unsheathing and subsequent sheathing from the aforementioned technique. It is theorized by Hojo that this stance is capable of handling other forms of kenjutsu as if they were all the same. This is the true nature of the Life-or-Death Stray Sword Style. It is down the steep of disenchantment that is the Life-or-Death Stray Sword Style where dreams and visions were surpassed.

Additionally, the immense force and energy required to perform many of the Kassatsu Ittō-Ryū's moves can take a cumulative toll on the body of the user. Hojo for example, maintains a dominant physique which allows him to fully utilize all of the techniques associated with this style. Not only does this style display unbridled offence against one foe, it is also impeccable against an insurmountable amount of opponents. Those whom have Tailed Beasts as their occupants whether willingly or unwillingly are subsequently slaughtered without providing so much as a decent fight due to Hojo's superior combat finesse and elegance in his art. As to date, many of Hojo's profound abilities with his numerous blades stem from the constant arduous training that he has received throughout his lifetime. The memories of unadulterated conflicts still plague the mind of the shogun and yet, he is still able to derive a purpose from his past experiences of war.


Hojo rarely depends on ninjutsu alone as he is a student and advocate of kenjutsu. However, in the most extreme cases Hojo primarily focuses his energy on his unrivaled Ice Release and Water Release mastery. In this respect, Hojo combines his formidable abilities in this release, and uses it in conjunction with his swords. He primarily uses it as a cutting force along the tip of his blades. He can also use the wind release combination in the form of long ranged strikes. During battle Hojo relies on using various Hyōton techniques in order to gain the advantage for a short time, and then swooping in for the kill in a glamorous display of kenjutsu. To compound the basis of his affinity in a way that would impress even the most famed swordsmen. The range of his water release in also nothing to scoff at. At a younger age, during his first stint of becoming president of a Sargon priory, Hojo showed much disdain in using elemental chakra in combination with his skills using the blade. Until, he suffered defeat by my a more experienced opponent that used lightning release with his blades and told Hojo of the possibilities of using your primary affinity as a aid, but not to solely rely on it. Ultimately, this epiphany changed the way that Hojo choses his battles and using his speed along with his nature to defeat his foes. From the age of 12, Hojo began utilizing his nature affinities in a harmonic convergence with his unprecedented kenjutsu prowess. Now at the age of 36, Hojo continues to excel at utilizing ninjutsu along side his mastery of the sword in order to end most matches within two moves.

Notable Ninjutsu Masteries

Avoiding the Puddle

It is considered Hojo’s best close-quarters technique. Highly evolved, doujutsu such as the Byakugan, Rinnegan, Tenseigan and Sharingan variants even have difficulty countering this technique due to its flawless yet simple mechanics and sheer speed. To start this shift requires the usage of his Remote Chakra Manifestation Technique in which he can insert miniscule amounts of his chakra into objects that range from virtually any conceivable distance. From here, he can simply swap places with the object instantaneously while creating a freezing cavitation bubble from physical form. The insertion of his frigid chakra also creates a freezing effect once it is inserted into the object and it slowly freezes the object from the inside out. This doesn't simply apply to objects that are completely visible to the naked eye, but it includes objects that cannot be perceived naturally such as the atmosphere, microbial organisms and even monomolecular forms of elements. This is proven to be Hojo's most fascinating supplemental technique as it requires the simple expression of his chakra and nothing more.

There is a three second cool down period before he is able to shift again. During intense combat operations, in addition to his passive freezing and downpour abilities, Hojo is able to shift places with indivuals raindrops before they actually hit the ground. This allows him to transverse the battlefield far faster than The Yellow Flash himself. This technique does not require an extra dimension to travel through unlike other Space-Time Ninjutsu. Though it is considered the most versatile Space-Time Ninjutsu, it does have its limitations. Aside from the three second interval, the size of the object does have its range. From the low end, the object that is shifted can be the size of microbial organism but on the larger end, the object cannot be much larger that a large human. However, to overcome this setback, Hojo can double the chakra required for this technique to actually shift with it. Peculiarly, Hojo can opt to keep his current momentum while falling, jumping, running etc. or he can halt it at a moment's notice in order to fall safely. When used for switching places with his raindrops, snowflakes or any form of moisture, Hojo's cool down time of the technique drops significantly until the point where a cool down period isn't noticeable when compared to non-water based objects such as stone or trees.

Body Controlling Technique

This is a technique used to control someone's body through simple eye contact. When used, the caster's iris and pupil shrinks and the veins in the sclera become more prominent. First, the user will make eye contact, when the victim catches the user's eye even if for a microsecond, the user will have direct control over the victim. For Hojo, this technique is often employed during mid-combat, especially if the opponent is in a position where they cannot move own their own such as being trapped in his Ice Release: Coffin of the Sleeping Ice Giant or by the Toad Flatness — Shadow Manipulation Technique. From here, he can insert his Killing Intent or his Evil Intent into the opponent which allows him to further control his opponent's thoughts and physical motions. The method that Hojo uses and the speed at which he uses it surpasses the Yamanaka's Mind Body Switch Technique or Puppet-Cursing Sphere sphere as he is simply forcing his will and battlefield dominance into the opponent.

Within an instant, Hojo has complete control of the opponent's body and he is able to do this with a mere water clone if the opponent would make eye contact. This ability is feared by shinobi with shiny trinkets for eyes since their physical plane doujutsu are rendered ineffective against Hojo's astral seal and are thus treated as sheep to a slaughter. It needs to be noted, that those who where trapped within this technique normally died due to an aneurysm caused by his Evil Intent, which was probably within three to four seconds within the technique. Hojo is able to suppress their chakra while using this technique and is even capable of shutting down their individual tenketsu and their tenkatsu resulting in the inability to mold chakra. The range of this technique is increased through his Water Droplet Reflection Sight in which he can safely control a persons body by using the surrounding rain without directly being in a close proximity. The purported effective range is approximately 18 miles (29 kilometers) while its raining and under normal conditions, the range is approximately 30 meters. However, since Hojo causes it to rain continuously, the range of this technique under normal conditions has not been verified.

In a sense, Hojo's usage of tis technique is comparable to the Genjutsu: Rinnegan technique as it is powerful enough to control the functions and thoughts of Tailed Beasts. However, it can be broken within 8-12 seconds of those whom utilize the Rinnegan or Sharingan variants which is plenty of time for Hojo to deliver a fatal hit. The prowess of this technique is paramount and potent enough to paralyze multiple shinobi with a single glance. The most unique feature about this technique is that it is not a genjutsu nor it is a material form that can be affected by Truth-Seeking Ball's, it is Hojo instantaneously transferring portions of the Pradāśa Seal along with his will into the brain of the opponent by making contact. It happens at a pace to where the opponent's body is not able to react fast enough based on simple yet standard facts.

Body Flicker Technique

This technique is a high-speed movement technique, allowing a ninja to move short to long distances at an almost untraceable speed. This is one of the techniques that allows Hojo to utilize his speed in an unparalleled fashion. Often times, it is not the most powerful technique that can turn the tables of a fight, but the one that is revolutionary in its function. As Bruce Lee once stated "I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.". As a warrior who has maintained unprecedented discipline in his ways of combat, the Body Flicker Technique is one that Hojo has literally wore out. When combined with his Hiding in Mist Technique, Incarnation of Immaculate Imperceptibility and his Silent Killing technique, Hojo can effortlessly slay a plethora of opponent's a blinding speeds without disturbing the environment or even making so much as a sound.

Though not a warrior primarily focused in the art of assassination, make no mistake, Hojo can utilize the Body Flicker Technique that would even be the envy for Space-Time Ninjutsu users. Hojo is so proficient with the technique, for those whom are unfortunate enough to face it seems as if he uses this technique passively. More so than not, this technique works wonders with his Avoiding the Puddle technique and his Evasion Technique. He can use this technique to travel through water molecules and even through solid objects as long as their is a form of moisture. Even at point blank range, Hojo is incredibly difficult to hit even with users of the Sharingan, his movements are impossible to track. Due to the fact that the battlefield is always raining when Hojo is present, is able to travel at any point of the field with speeds that match that of the Flying Thunder God Technique which often leaves his soldiers questioning if this was a Space-Time Ninjutsu. He often relocates this vitality of chakra from his lower region in to his upper torso in a flawless transition. When he uses his Water Release version of the Body Flicker Technique, Hojo seemingly appears to shift between the tangible and the intangible at will and he materializes from the rain itself as if he was a specter. Hojo is more than capable enough to use this technique within the confines of the opponent's own Water Release techniques is normally a moot point when he uses his Quintessence of Cascading Waterfalls to control all forms of water for a short amount of time.

Evasion Technique

By augmenting his vision with his Water Droplet Reflection Sight, Hojo is able to easily be able to see attacks coming akin to a matured Byakugan or Sharingan allowing him to effortlessly dodge attacks and launch counter attacks. Akin to a Rinnegan user, while creating multiple Water Clones hidden with the Water Release: Hiding in Rain Technique, Hojo gains an unprecedented field of vision which surpasses that of the Byakugan. When combined with his already supernatural speed, Hojo can enter conflicts against multiple Kage level opponents and is able to fend them off without taking any damage himself. His astounding kenjutsu prowess allows him to land impeccable strikes while using a method of combat prediction to land effective hits without being struck himself. Though simple in nature, this technique has wonderful implications when used both offensively and defensively. This technique is also used by his Water Clones, it allows them to move more "fluidly" and they can become a threat to more powerful opponents due to their attack not landing frequently.

His reaction time is often seen as a supernatural ability and on that no shinobi or samurai would be able to replicate. Even if Hojo doesn't utilize this technique, he is capable of dodging attacks such as the Water Gun Technique, Kirin and Amaterasu at nearly point-blank range. However, it does not say that Hojo can constantly evade the aforementioned techniques, though at a glance, he is able to dodge them without any notice and can even block them with his Shikisoku Zekuu technique without much effort. This natural adaption combined with his Evasion Technique allows him to seamlessly swim through an ocean of shuriken without taking so much as a scratch. Hojo's usage of this technique strikes fear in the eyes of man.

Heavenly Transfer Technique

As stated in the main article, the technique is able to transport objects anywhere at the speed of light and that when it is transferred, the object is engulfed in light and moves to any desired location. Using this ability coupled with the Dōten Samuzamusei, Hojo creates the element of surprise that is able to catch villages and nations off guard which then allows Hojo to transfer his army to the same location in order to take over the village. As an experienced general and shinobi, Hojo’s mastery of the Heavenly Transfer Technique does not require a platform nor does it require any extensive preparation times however, it does require an immense amount of concentration in any case.

Each member of his army of eight-hundred thousand wear the Pradāśa Seal: Branded Infidel which allows them to travel at these amazing speed while at the same time regenerating their wounds. Hojo uses a map at his head quarters to transfer his entire army at the speed of light to any location within the world and as such, he is able to reverse transport them as well. Even if they are captured within certain barriers. Powerful barriers such as the Six Red Yang Formation are too powerful to transfer through by normal means and it requires the activation of Hojo's seal in order to get his army through. This technique can be used on himself as well and he can use it on himself to travel anywhere in the world or even to the Moon if he so pleases however, this requires a tremendous amount of chakra and thus, he is only able to use it once a day when going this distance. The damage that he would normally received from this technique is rendered null as he is able to encase himself in ice before transporting.

Repulsion Technique

Normally, this technique requires a predetermined amount of chakra that the user would need to expel from their body, though for Hojo, this is not the case. Hojo can use this technique by simply manifesting his will-infused chakra from any location on his body in a gust repulsive, strong enough to push targets at a great distance. As many may know, Hojo's chakra is the embodiment of Hyōton and as such, it is able to freeze opponents or for those whom are lucky enough to escape this technique are frostbitten. This technique had became a valuable asset for Hojo due to it versatility during intense combat situations in which he is outnumbered. By releasing a precise amount of chakra from each of his tenketsu and tenkatsu, Hojo can effectively create an omnidirectional force of his Hyōton that freezes all nearby attackers.

However, Hojo does not always utilize the technique in this fashion. While used along side his kenjutsu, if Hojo's attack is blocked by an opponent, while the are being frozen from his Hyōgakisei no Gongen or on the defensive by his other blades, Hojo can expel this technique from his sword which is powerful enough to knock them off of their feet. When this technique makes contact with the opponent, Hojo's Hyōton chakra can seep into their circulatory system and their tenketsu and as a result bond with them which allows him to exploit his Avoiding the Puddle technique as much as needed. By adding additional chakra, this technique is powerful enough to cause a massive repulsive force which can level an entire forest akin to the Tailed Beast Eight Twists technique and subsequently flash-freeze it which can rival the full powered Shinra Tensei if not outright surpass it when imbued with his Pradāśa seal. In acts of intimidation, Hojo often performs this technique with his index finger in which it focuses the intensity of the exertion and when combined with his Hyōton, Hojo an literally flash-freeze an opponent just by pointing at them. Not only does it freeze them, it sends them flying away as well which in most cases shatters them upon making contact with a hard surface such as the ground.

Very Hiden: Nonself Concealing Calamity

As stated by Daiochan, this technique functions similar to a demonic possession (憑拠, hyōkyo) in its inherent nature and is one that is the embodiment of a kinjutsu. The shadow spawned from this technique is capable of moving at speeds similar to the Mayfly, and it can also travel across any surface without being harmed nor can the shadow be sensed except by those whom are able to sense Negative Emotions Sensing. Not only does the shadow becomes unaffected by physical and metaphysical attacks, they are also able to further amalgamate with any surface akin to the Hiding in Surface Technique. Then, this technique can simply merge with any shadow or more specifically the opponent’s shadow at blinding speeds becoming one with it, this essentially seals their fate. This technique temporarily establishes control over the victim's mind and body analogous to the Body Controlling Technique.

While under the control of the shadow, the opponent is completely unable to move and to even control their form of speech thought processes. Each Sargon High Council member is required to perfect this technique and as a result of their mastery, anyone who passes through them in their detached shadow form feels their cells melting as their brain, heart and lungs cease to function. The user is also able to use this technique to attack their shadow in a metaphysical sense which also deals mirror damage on the physical form. Hojo is able to activate this technique while in mid-combat and when combined with his exceptional speed, the opponent will have a truly difficult time going against both the intangible shadow and Hojo himself or his clones. By applying more chakra, Hojo is able to create up to three of these shadows imbued with his own will allowing him to assassinate small groups more effectively. This technique works best when combined with the Bringer-of-Darkness Technique as it effectively removes the eyesight of the opponent and when combined with the shadow's ability of being unable to disturb its environment, Hojo is essentially holding the opponent's fate in the palm of his hand.

The most amazing part of this technique is that shadow itself can endlessly replicate this technique as well (once per day) and under certain circumstances, allows the user to have their own army of various shinobi at their full might. This technique is used normally at the start of battle or towards then end because of its impeccable nature against any opponent regardless of their self-proclaimed godhood still fall under the physical plane of existence as such, are unable to properly overcome this technique. No matter how far the opponent runs, the shadow will continue to chase them down until it touches the opponent’s shadow which in all cases is checkmate. This technique is fast and powerful enough to defeat the Ten-Tails if wounded enough alone and even the Jinchūriki of the beast are unable to overcome this technique once it has been activated. Due to the ephemeral mechanics behind the nature of the shadow, the opponent normally dies within the first 5-10 seconds which is also in excruciating pain as the shadow destroys their brain.

Water Release

Hojo's proficiency of Suiton is something that is seen as an anomaly due to his origins of being Shogun. Nevertheless, Hojo has constantly displayed a level of adeptness with his Suiton techniques that even masters of the element are thoroughly impressed with. Hojo's primary Suiton techniques are his Grudge Rain and his Rain Tiger at Will Technique which activates around him passively without the use of hand signs. Grudge Rain is a collaboration technique that requires several users, but in Hojo's case, not only is he able to perform the technique alone, he is able to perform it without any hand-seals or with the slightest movement in his body. The Grudge Rain that Hojo uses is slightly more advanced than the normal version of the technique. For example, both versions of this technique is able to absorb chakra which is then used to further empower the user or to increase the duration and range of the technique. However, in addition to that, Hojo's version is capable of absorbing the lifeforce or vitality of the opponent.

This absorption does not mean that it shortens the opponent's lifespan drastically, rather, it means to decrease the opponent's physical and spiritual energy making them susceptible t Hojo's other techniques. The same can be said for his Rain Tiger at Will Technique in which he can activate them both simultaneously before the start of a battle or while in mid-clash against several high-ranking shinobi. The combination of the two allows Hojo to sense his opponent any where the rain makes contact with them, in which he can then use his Parting Grass to instantly bisect the opponent or he can materialize Water Clone Technique into the blind spot of the opponent in order to decapitate them at absurd speeds.

His other Suiton techniques such as the Hiding in Mist Technique and the he aforementioned rain techniques, Hojo essentially becomes invisible to the naked eye while on the battlefield. Even against masterful user's of the Sharingan and even the Rinnegan are unable to track the user accurately. When combined with his illustrious speed and the Water Clone Technique, Hojo can essentially defeat most opponent's using a combination of these two techniques alone. While in the rain, opponent's of Hojo find it difficult to see due to the harsh rainfall attributed by the aforementioned climate changing techniques, but what makes this useful is the fact that Hojo can us the Remote Chakra Manifestation Technique to materialize the Water Release: Water Mirror Technique the Water Prison Technique technique behind the opponent to trap them from a distance. At this point, Hojo will have the upper hand as the opponent is constantly drowning inside the Water Prison Technique in which he can simply let them drown, convert the technique in to a dense icy sphere, or to impale them with his swords.

His mastery of the Water Release: Water–Heavens Convergence grants him absolute control over moisture while in combat. With this, he is able to remove the Suiton nature in kekkei genkai, Kekkei Tōta and in Kekkei Mōra techniques to render them ineffectively. Furthermore, he can then absorb the Suiton chakra from within those techniques within himself. Further more, his Suiton techniques have been to be extremely cold (just above freezing) and that this process speeds up hypothermia within the opponent. His infallible chakra control constitutes him as the most versatile swordsman in the shinobi world and his skill in Suiton is at a level that most can only dream of.

Rain Tiger at Will Technique & Grudge Rain

These two are used autonomously by Hojo is created not simply from just his chakra alone but from his will. Ever since he was a kid, Hojo's unique ability to constantly make it downpour was sought out by members of both Kirigakure and Kumogakure. As he grew older, the more powerful his rain had become and it only made him more formidable in combat. For as long as he has consciousness, the rain will never cease. In one instance, while conquering a remote village within the Majikina Empire, Hojo's rain was able to flood the entire village just by his mere presence. Not only is the rain produced in unnatural amounts, the rain three distinct abilities. The first ability is sensing. While under his rain, Hojo can detect all matters of chakra and lifeforce from those in contact with his rain.

This range can extend for dozens of miles an is only further enhanced by its next ability which is chakra and lifeforce absorption. Hojo's rain has the ability to absorb chakra and lifeforce from sentient organism which further fuels the rains power. This makes ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu against him futile and meager in efforts. Those whom are able to utilize senjutsu are able to use their techniques and even then, they are still dampened. This rain also produces a lot sound due to the countless rain drops hitting the ground and it also serves as a focal point of his silent killing. The third ability that the rain has is the ability to absorb the fighting spirit of the opponent also known as the warriors essence. While fighting Hojo for extended amounts of time, the opponent will often realize their defeat within the first few moments of the rain hitting them which lowers their morale and their will to fight.

Water Release: Water Mirror Technique

Hojo's adeptness of the Water Release: Water Mirror Technique is one that causes even the most reserved individuals to break their silence in order to attest Hojo's skill. As most shinobi would know, the water mirror has the profound ability to reflect attacking targets and as these reflections use the exact same techniques as the enemy regardless of its type, they counter their respective target's attack completely, while repelling them in the process. Hojo is able create up six of these water mirrors which further deflects any opposition. He is able to combine this technique with his Rain Tiger at Will Technique and the Grudge Rain by forming the droplets into mirrors which often catch the opponent off guard. These miniature versions o the Water Mirror Technique serves as method that made to completely catch the opponent off guard and with the inclusion of his Water Clones, Hojo can easily maintain the intensity and resistance to the reflections produced from the Water Mirror Technique.

Hojo has even shown the capacity to use the mirror to reflect techniques such as the Limbo: Border Jail, Spirit Transformation Technique and even the Tengai Shinsei by creating a large enough mirror. Hojo states that with his mastery of the technique, attacks comprised of a physical or spiritual nature will be turned back on to the user, no matter the strength or make-up of the initial attack. By imbuing the reflection with his Yin Release and Yang Release, Hojo can cause the reflections to become nearly perfect replications of the opponent and that of attacks as they aren't simply made of water at this point but more akin to the Wood Clone Technique. Akin to reflecting attacks, Hojo can replicate any of the Tailed Beasts that attacks him, any nature of any entity but they only last for no more than 90 seconds. When mirroring techniques such as the Truth-Seeking Ball or the Susanoo, Hojo has complete control of their actions for the small amount of time that he is able to use them. This variation of the Water Mirror requires far more concentration and chakra than the standard version.

Water Prison Technique

This technique encases in an inescapable sphere of water however, the user must keep at least one arm inside the sphere at all times in order for the victim to remain imprisoned. This drawback is seemingly erased when used by Hojo. As a master of Suiton and the Remote Chakra Manifestation Technique, Hojo is able to encase the opponent from any where within his rain without requiring his hand need as a medium as well without using any hand seals. His level of skill with this technique is unprecedented as he is the only documented user that is capable of layering this technique to further compact the water and to ensure that escape is impossible. During combat, Hojo can instill his Evil Intent and Killing Intent through his water to increase the panic of the opponent which causes them to drown within moments.

Even though he is highly proficient with the Water Prison Technique, the technique still requires an extensive amount of focus and chakra when making six or more. His more lethal variations consist of implanting this technique within his other water techniques such as his Water Clone and his Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave which encapsulates the opponent in a Water Prison Technique upon making contact with the water. As mentioned before, his chakra is capable of lifeforce absorption and chakra absorption respectfully and as such, this technique works as a downgraded version of his Ice Release: Coffin of the Sleeping Ice Giant technique. This makes escape extremely difficult as the Chakra Exertion Technique or any similar methods would only get absorbed into the Water Prison which further fortifies the technique. This technique can be used to apply the Pradāśa Seal: Branded Infidel through the water itself in which by he could then simply release the technique and can claim a new warrior to join his ranks.

Water Droplet Reflection Sight

When coupled with his passive ability to cause ceaseless downpours, Hojo's Water Droplet Reflection Sight grants him the entirety of the battlefield into perspective. One of the reasons he was awarded the title of Daimyo, was because of this ability. Normally, Hojo can sense the opponent's chakra or lifeforce through his rain. Though, when used through multiple Water Clones, this technique's visual prowess surpassed that of the three great dōjutsu. He is able to view through the eyes of his clones as they are share the same vision. The improved evasiveness, visual clarity and the dampening of chakra and lifeforce while simultaneously increasing his own makes Hojo absolutely unbeatable in a one on one matchup or even in groups. The fact is that his vision is enhance to the point where he could exert his Body Controlling Technique from miles away as long as he can make contact with their eyes. Though this technique is highly advantageous, a flash bomb could temporarily blind Hojo or one of his clones, but the chance that he would even be disgraced by such a tactic leaves a bad taste in his mouth.

Water Release: Hiding in Rain Technique

This technique allows Hojo and/or his Water Clones to flawlessly blend into the rain that he passively produces. Since the rain produced by Hojo's will and the surrounding natural energy, visual aids such as the Byakugan are rendered quite useless as the rain disturbs their vision and saps away their chakra and lifeforce in which the latter is required to maintain the technique. Hojo can then move seamlessly through the thick rain along with his regenerating water clones in order to capitalize the opponent. While the opponent is unable to see Hojo or his clones, he is still able to maintain an absolute perception of the battlefield and when the moment is right, Hojo can send in one of his clones in order to assault the opponent(s).

Another fascinating facet of this technique is that it allows Hojo’s clones to observe the battlefield without being detected which grants him full 360-degree view unlike that of the Byakugan. As a testament to his prowess with this technique, Hojo can also cast this technique on his entire army, which lets them assault nations both foreign and domestic without being seen nor heard. His invisible army. The undeniable skill that Hojo has with this technique contributes to his mastery of fighting without being seen nor heard, almost as a mirage.

Water Clone Technique

As mentioned before, Hojo's water clones are capable of utilizing each of his techniques in a similar fashion. Their most notable trait is the ability to gain the lifeforce and chakra absorbed by his passive rain which allows them to survive powerful strikes and even gain a form of remote sentience. Another ability that the clones have is the ability to regenerate from any attack due to the constant rain. In any instance, Hojo is able to create the clones without any hand seals and he been seen creating up to twenty-five clones in which they instantly use the Hiding in Rain Technique to conceal their presence. Their potency is powerful enough to dowse high ranked Scorch Release techniques will being partially evaporated.

He has shown in many instances in which he is able to utilize his create his Water Clones without the use of any hand seals. It is one of his most dangerous aspects of his clones. When combined with the Remote Chakra Manifestation Technique, he is able to from the clones within any undefined radius as his chakra can spread through the water molecules themselves. In any case, the mastery of the Water Clone came with a respect for the opposing elements. Without a shadow of doubt, Hojo’s use of Water Clone’s is impeccable and highly envied by those whom also utilized the popular technique. For those whom understood the nature of the technique realizes that the Water Clone contains a plethora of advantages over those of the other respective elements.

Quintessence of Cascading Waterfalls

His abilities in this form include being able to create highly massive tsunamis which are capable of destroying villages, condensing the moisture into the air to instantaneously create massive volumes of water, his body becoming nearly impossible to touch do to being able to transform into liquid water, mist and ice. Ukyo is also capable generating scalding water spheres that can range from golf ball sized to several meters in diameter, and redirecting the flow of the tides to an astonishing extent. He is also completely immune to water release ninjutsu and as well as natural water as they will only fuel his power, this includes other manipulators of natural water, Hojo calls it his Water God Mode (水神, Suijin). However, this is his most taxing water technique seen yet but, the abilities associated with this technique are worth the effort and chakra.

By changing his physical form into that of mist, Hojo can enter the opponent’s bloodstream and from here, he has the choice to completely immobilize them while he lets a clone kill them, materialize inside them which causes them to explode or cause an aneurysm by attacking their brain. This form also makes all the water that Hojo produces non-conductive and it is able to skip phases of matter. He can create titanic constructs out of water that rivals the Sage Art: Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands in height and possibly in power. The capacity that Hojo is capable of showing with this technique has yet to be warranted. He is the embodiment of the tidal forces and he has shown this through fortifying his water release technique by several magnitudes. For all intents and purposes, this is considered the Sage Mode for the element of water. With the activation of this technique, Hojo's appearance changes slightly in where he normally has raven colored locks are turned aquamarine and his physical appearance resembles the ocean in its entirety.

Ice Release

The title, Infinitely Peerless Swordsman of the Hyōton (氷遁の無限無比の剣士, Hyōton no Mugen Muhi no Kenshi) was not a title given to him out of respect, it was a title given to him out sheer terror from those unfortunate enough to see him in combat. As a member of the Senryo clan, Hojo has a displayed the usage of his Hyōton chakra ever since he opted to use his Kekkei Genkai after consistent defeats at the age of 12. From his age, he as showcased a matchless use of the Hyōton nature. When combined with his kenjutsu techniques, Hojo is nothing shy of a grand master in respect to other shinobi whom utilize Hyōton. On numerous occasions, Hojo has displayed acuteness at craftsmanship of his Hyōton to the point where he does not need to perform any hand seals due to his innate chakra flow during his times as a samurai. In most cases, pursuers of the Hyōton often require a preexisting source of ice in order to perform their techniques however, this is where Hojo is revered. For example, Hojo is able to utilize the Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals without performing the technique specific hand seal. Normally, practitioners of the Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals are able to create twenty-one mirrors that form into a dome around the user. In Hojo's case, he has matured the technique into level that most Hyōton users would define as impossible.

During the heat of battle, in addition to forming the standard twenty-one ice mirrors, Hojo can produce mirrors from a myriad of locations whether it is directly behind the opponent or high above the battlefield. No matter the relative distance, Hojo is capable of moving speed that surpass formal logic with this technique. By utilizing the Remote Chakra Manifestation Technique, Hojo is able of creating two mirrors, one at his location and one at his opponent's location within a fraction of a second. From here, he can opt to send a Ice Clone through the mirrors to slay the opponent before they can react or to set it up as a method of simply stabbing the mirror with his sword impaling the opponent. His famed Ice Release: Coffin of the Sleeping Ice Giant, is capable of encasing the opponent faster than a proficient Eight Gates can react to. Due to the nature of his honored technique, Hojo is essentially untouchable on the battlefield just by using the aforementioned techniques alone. As mentioned in the overview of the Coffin of the Sleeping Ice Giant, Hojo can opt to leave the opponent within the ice coffin causing them to meet a frigid death due to hypothermia which takes approximately four to five minutes or to stab through the ice with his Ghost Piercing Sword (妖怪突の つるぎ, Youkaitotsuka no Tsurugi) which is able to pierce through the soul of the opponent and remove it from the physical vessel. While in a defensive posture, if Hojo is encased within his own Coffin of the Sleeping Ice Giant, he can utilize the Avoiding the Puddle technique in which he can switch places with the opponent trapping them in the ice coffin while absorbing the chakra and life-force.

Not only does his Hyōton work on the offensive and defensive, it works on the supplementary level as well. As a testament to his mastery of the Hyōton, Hojo is able to induce entropy with his blisteringly frigid chakra as well. As a result, his can expel his chakra through various tenketsu to produce a "flash-freeze" effect. Opponent's foolish enough to attempt to absorb Hojo's chakra will be met with the icy hands of death as their chakra network begins to freeze from the inside which subsequently thoroughly freezes the opponent. He is able to embodiment the concept of winter on a grand scale through his Ice Release: Avatar of Winter’s Desire in which he is able to exude a unbearable wind chill which is capable of reaching temperatures that are considered mind-boggling. Using this technique while his Grudge Rain or his Rain Tiger at Will Technique is active can appoint to instant hypothermia or frost bite from several hundred meters away. This constant production of wind within this technique is capable of keeping any biological organism away from the center of this technique. When combined with his Suiton techniques, Hojo can create a massive flash-freeze that is able to stop adept users of Yin-Yang release effortlessly. His mastery of the Hyōton far exceeds that of the Yuki Clan and other practitioners of the art. He claims that his mastery over Hyōton is on an entirely new playing field and that comparing him to other practitioners is considered an insult that he doesn't take lightly.

Even against other practitioners of the Hyōton, Hojo's level is capable of overshadowing their by techniques temperature wise. Hyōton practitioners are somewhat resistant to Ice Release techniques though even so, Hojo's frigid techniques can even make the most resilient Hyōton user suffer frostbite and in worst cases hypothermia. Seeing the extent of moisture control, his mastery of Hyōton caused him to be the most feared practitioner and when combined with his swordsmanship, Hojo is in itself, a legend, on a level that would make the gods themselves shudder in fear. Let the icy hands from Hojo cover with the warm sensation of death for those that are foolish enough choose to stand toe-to-toe and blade-to-blade with him. In instances of pure speed, Hojo can manifest a single ice mirror within the opponents body via the Remote Chakra Manifestation technique which then allows him to travel within the opponent's body at the speed of light and bisect them or cause them to explode resulting in frozen body parts splattered throughout the area. His proficiency with the ice mirrors surpass even the fastest shinobi. Hojo is able to form miniature ice mirrors out of water droplets from his passive rain numbering into the hundreds possibly the thousands. These miniature Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals allows him to traverse the battle field faster than any shinobi or samurai without question and also enables him to travel distances faster than Space-Time Ninjutsu in most cases. When in a killing intent, Hojo can create a ice mirror from his passive rain and then use his Avoiding the Puddle technique in order to switch places with the opponent causing them to become permanently stuck within the ice mirror. While trapped in this ice mirror realm, Hojo can simply reabsorb the chakra used for the technique along with the trapped opponent granting him a tremendous boost to his chakra reserves.

Certain-Kill Ice Spears

This is one of the first Ice Release techniques that Hojo had learned over a decade ago. A technique that is simplistic in nature, has become one of the most arduous techniques to beat in Hojo’s arsenal. The technique in its base state, allows the user to innately form enormous ice pears from the ground if they are in danger. However, due to the fathomless amount of Hyōton chakra Hojo has, he is able to create enough ice spears to pierce through an entire village. However, he normally doesn’t go this route during combat as it is not his style. Though, in any case, Hojo’s ability using the ice spears doesn’t just stop at creating them through the ground. His mastery allows him to create the spears from his own rain which also pervades the battlefield. Hojo spares no mercy when using this technique aside from non-combatants.

When created through the ground, the spears can reach heights matching that a small mountain and are just as durable or if Hojo chooses a subtler method, he could cause the creation of single ice spears which would constantly keep the opponent on the move. The piercing power of the ice spears is powerful enough to crush through stone, bone and even dense chakra constructs such as a senjutsu enhanced Susanoo. Due to the nature of Hojo’s Hyōton, the ice spears are able to absorb chakra, lifeforce and even natural energy from the opponent or from the atmosphere. Hojo can combine this technique with the Bringer-of-Darkness Technique in order to reduce the opponent’s chance of escaping the spears. The rate of absorption of the ice spears exceed the burning prowess of the Amaterasu and thus can absorb and extinguish the inextinguishable. This tenet of skill requires no concentration from Hojo at all as the ice represents his will to utterly and unquestionably defeat all opposition.

Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals

It was said that no method in existence can defeat this technique. In an instant, multiple mirrors of ice are created around the enemy, reflecting nothing but the user. The opponent is trapped in a dome of twenty-one floating mirrors made out of ice. Twelve remain at ground level, eight float above the first twelve and angled toward the ground, and the final mirror is above the rest and facing the ground. Once the user has entered the mirrors, it's possible for him to move between the mirrors at the speed of light. It's impossible to see attacks send out from this literal light speed movement. As every mirror shows his reflection, one could say it's impossible to see all of the user's attacks. Even if the opponent tries to attack the real body, the user will have already moved to another mirror. This technique was learned through Hojo’s ingenuity of the Ice Release and having to face against this formidable technique himself. Hojo has advanced this technique to the point where he believes that it impossible to achieve more.

Like most users of the technique, Hojo is able to create a single mirror and unlike other users, he can create more than the technique would allow. In some cases, Hojo has created a dome that consisted over 168 Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals that surrounded an entire army. Due to the intense cold and absorbing abilities that Hojo’s ice innately produces, the army were as Hojo calls it, “unparalleled opposition. However, producing a high number of Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals is not Hojo’s only method with this technique. Hojo is the only user of this technique that has mastered it to the point to where his Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals are mobile which means his dome is constantly shifting offering a true element of unpredictability. This mobility is what creates the drop of moral against the opponent, seeing over 168 reflections of Hojo is breathtaking on its own, but when the mirrors zip around throughout the battlefield is absolutely haunting. Another method that Hojo uses with this technique is combining it with his Grudge Rain or his Rain Tiger at Will Technique. As the rain is falling, Hojo can create miniature Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals that appear as small as raindrops but still carry the same lethality as a normal sized one.

Hojo is even capable of piercing his blade through the mirror because in a sense, the mirror acts as a gateway to the next mirror. Instead of traveling a light speed to the next mirror by traveling to it, Hojo can simply appear in the next mirror instantly. He often does this with this smaller attacks or with his swords to attack the opponent’s blind spot be crafting a miniature Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystal behind the nape of the opponent. The most fatal version of this technique is when Hojo crafts a miniature Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystal within the opponent via his Remote Chakra Manifestation Technique. By using the moisture inside the opponent’s body, Hojo can easily appear in the smaller mirror and execute any of his technique in order to freeze them from the inside out or to even cause them to explode in frozen shrapnel by his Repulsion Technique. This technique can be further improved by allocating his Water Clones to perform the technique as well, giving Hojo the fastest offense in the worlds recorded history. His version of the technique producing a chilling ambience that is resistant to all forms of heat and even allows reputable defense against taijutsu techniques such as the Evening Elephant. The might of Hojo in regards to this technique knows no equal. The mirrors he produces is powerful enough to withstand powerful gravitational forces without losing their form.

Dōten Samuzamusei

It is considered one of Hojo Senryo’s most powerful offensive Ice Release techniques and it is one that the The Honored One (世尊, Seson) seldom uses due to its wide scale destruction. However, when he expresses his Killing Intent or his Evil Intent, Hojo will utilize this technique without hesitation. In short, the technique creates an absolutely colossal arctic satellite that that collides into the earth with unfathomable impact. It is a technique that Hojo utilizes to devastate a nations army before he sends his army in to sweep any nation clear of threats. During combat, this technique serves two functions. It’s first and primary function is to crash down into a target(s) with unparalleled ferocity creating a desolate wasteland devoid of all life and energy. When it impacts the earth below, it creates a single shockwave which is capable of nearly flash freezing everything within several thousand meters and even beyond that threshold the shockwave is still capable of knocking down trees which is ten times the distance. It should be noted that this technique incorporates Hojo’s chakra nature which allows this technique to not only absorb heat but it also allows it to absorb the life force of the affected area and the surrounding energies. Along with the flash freezing shockwave, this technique also produces large amount of frozen shrapnel that is even dangerous to Hojo himself.

The indiscriminate nature of this technique coupled with it area of attack classifies it as a kinjutsu. With his Freezing the Modern World (氷結 現在世界, Hyōketsu Genzaisekai). The secondary effect of this technique is to maintain its altitude and to cause extreme cold over the region it’s in. This is also referred to as a permanent winter. The technique’s internal temperature begins to affect the surrounding atmosphere for dozens of miles around which causes a hellish blizzard. Unlike most blizzards, within three days, the Dōten Samuzamusei can produce over 72 inches of snow and has wild winds the course throughout the storms at speeds excess of 45 miles per hour. The blizzard lasts without cease and is self-sustained by natural energy. The snow that accompanies the blizzard is capable of absorbing chakra and lifeforce as well which then travels to the Dōten Samuzamusei and expands its circumference. Futile attempts such as using Fire Release, Blaze Release and even Scorch Release will only increase the size of this technique due to the size and its heat absorbing nature. The larger the Dōten Samuzamusei gets, the lower its temperature drops until it reaches absolute zero. This technique is made of incredibly dense Hyōton chakra and astral energy and it is formidable enough to with stand multiple Eighty Gods Vacuum Attack's and Truth-Seeking Ball's without taking so much as barely a scratch due to the extreme cold that is produces which is capable of reducing the thermodynamic temperature of an object to zero.

Ice Release: Avatar of Winter’s Desire

This is a fundamental technique in Hojo’s arsenal of Hyōton that contains the ambitions of the cold and it is a technique that is capable of changing the entire battlefield, which then allows him to gain a complete advantage against a multitude of shinobi. This technique though, difficult to master, offers a subtle way to victory by lowering the temperatures around Hojo’s presence to bone-chilling levels. By adding additional Wind Release chakra to the technique, Hojo essentially creates freezing wind chill factor that can cause the opponents to experience a bitter cold that seemingly destroys their will to fight due to them not being able to acclimate to such unhospitable temperatures. Once the will to fight is removed from the opponent, they will take the time to question their purpose of the battle and if it’s worth losing limbs over due to such low temperatures. From this point, Hojo can utilize a myriad of kenjutsu attacks in order to finish off the weakened opponent.

This icy aura makes Hojo extremely difficult to fight against and even the most proficient taijutsu and kenjutsu masters are barely able to land a glancing blow. When utilized after the Rain Tiger at Will Technique or the Grudge Rain, this technique will cause the body temperature of the opponent to drop twenty-five times faster in which the core temperature drops to around 70°F which is the primary ingredient of hypothermia and death. Most shinobi will attempt to keep their distance from Hojo while this technique is active even so, while at a couple of hundred meters away, the opponent will still experience frostbite in their extremities further weakening them and destroying their will. Prolonged exposure even at these distances are unwise, even users of the Regeneration Ability must to poised due to their cells potentially freezing.

Ice Release: Coffin of the Sleeping Ice Giant

This is his most practical Hyōton technique and the most versatile Hyōton technique witnessed thus far. The name of this technique brings up fear filled memories of the comrades becoming encased in nigh inescapable ice and only to watch them freeze to death. This technique takes advantage of the element of surprise by encasing the opponent in a colossal formation of absurdly dense ice without any prior set up or warning from the user. The advantage of this technique is that it does not require preexisting ice but it does require at any case moisture in the air in combination with Hojo’s Hyōton chakra. For this technique, Hojo simply needs to focus his Hyōton chakra in the air via the Remote Chakra Manifestation Technique while there is some form of moisture, whether it is precipitation, mist or even the opponent's own sweat. From here, Hojo intensifies his Hyōton chakra into intense amounts which causes the sudden creation and expansion of ice encasing the opponent. The ice is highly resilient against various branches of Fire Release chakra and it takes on the properties of the moisture that it was created from. For example, if Hojo created the ice coffin from the Grudge Rain technique, it will still retain the chakra absorbing properties of the rain and so on and so forth.

The ice is capable of absorbing heat from those trapped within it and from the surrounding air which adds to its defensive capabilities. The process of extracting heat from the surrounding air allows this technique to remain active for an extended amount of time. As another ability, the ice coffin is able to absorb the lifeforce from those with and through this absorption process, the coffin becomes larger making it even more difficult to escape ensuring a desolate death. He is also able to reabsorb the ice coffin within his body taking in whatever life force or chakra the coffin previously absorbed and converts it into Hyōton chakra rendering it null. Hojo often uses this technique as an effective measure to restraint the movements of physically powerful shinobi or those that utilize Space-Time Ninjutsu preventing their escape. The density of this technique is powerful enough to contain Gaoh Minazuki's Phagaro Rooho and even the energy produced from a Tenpenchii. It is able to protect Hojo from nearly all ninjutsu when used individually.

Ice Release: Earthen Consecutive Chains of Ice

This technique is Hojo's most subtle technique but it is still highly effective in combat. Due to Hojo's mastery of Hyōton, this technique does not require any hand seals to activate it. What's dangerous about this technique is that Hojo can combine it with any of his other Hyōton techniques such as his Ice Clones and the aforementioned Hyōton techniques. The jutsu creates causes ice particles to form on a target whether through physical touch or through a Hyōton technique. If used on a living creature, the target will freeze to death unless they are able to mold chakra. By coating themselves with chakra and dedicating all their energy to keeping themselves warm, they can avoid death; if they use their chakra to perform a technique, they will start to rapidly freeze again. This keeps the opponent in a constant state of applying their chakra to their core in order to keep themselves warm. Due to the intense cold of Hojo's Hyōton, the opponent requires twice as much chakra applied in their cores to keep them from freezing. It also prevents the opponent from using any form of ninjutsu or genjutsu. Even Fire Release techniques are ineffective against this subtle jutsu.

Ice Release: Twin Dragon Blizzard

An Ice Release technique formed from already existing ice (though it can be used from the user's chakra). After forming the needed hand seals the user will thrust their arm to send out a black ether-like dragon to strike their opponent. As it flies through the air it will begin to turn. When it hits the target it will use its motion to launch the opponent high into the air. However, Hojo will create up to a dozen black ethereal dragons which in turn dragons of black snow that merge into a massive tornado or six slightly smaller tornadoes. The power of the tornadoes are comparable to F5. The indivuals tornadoes travel at a forward speed of over 75 miles per hour and the width of the individual tornadoes are approximately 3200 feet (975m). The winds from this technique reach around 301 ± 20 mph (484 ± 32 km/h) and their height are around three miles (4 km) into the air. When released on a nation, this technique causes the most damage in the fastest time and is just as powerful or even more powerful than the Tenpenchii technique.

Dian Lun

Dian Lun (典論), his personal item, is a compilation of Hojo's theories and written literature kept in five scrolls. His preferences for ancient literature is consistent throughout the work, claiming that the path to true prosperity may be achieved by studying and learning from the past. At the same time, he seemed frustrated by the unforgiving vicissitudes of time. The literary text implied that the then culturally accepted answers for death and dying weren't satisfactory enough to answer his thoughts about it. The controversial material has been kept away by the council leaders of his own priory.

Behind the Scenes

  • Hojo Senryo is the youngest member of the Sargon High Council as well as the youngest clan leader for the infamous Senryo Clan.
  • Hojo is highly competitive for the position of president within Sargon as even Garyo Kanakura gives accolades for his accomplishments.
  • Out of all of my characters, Hojo is the only dedicated swordsman.
  • Hojo has produced many world renown poems and novels such as, Ballad of Yan and Lieyizhuan.
  • Hojo wishes to fight anyone that claims that their a swordsman.
  • Hojo is also the single wealthiest individual in the Shinobi world aside from, Namino Majikina, Asu Rashoujin and Garyo Kanakura, as his family has funded Sargon for centuries.
  • According to Hojo's Databook'
    • Hojo's favorite words are "My Beloved" and "Poetry".
    • Hojo's favorite food is a Creme Brulee with rich vanilla custard with a flame-crusted sugar shell.
    • His favorite hobby is writing ballads and poetry.
    • His favorite quote is:"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws"-Mayer Amschel Rothschild


"A diligent sword student may start to cultivate the Life-or-Death Stray Sword Style after seven-to-eight years of constant practice, but there is no easy path or fast track way to this goal, and how long it takes will ultimately depend on the individual and their effort. To match my skill in this art will take the rest of your days."
— Hojo explaining his style

"If you were a samurai on the battlefields of old — one of those who gave rise to the sword styles we practice today — relying on brute force would exhaust you in no time and likely lead to you being killed very quickly by those are ages beyond the ancient craft."
— Hojo speaking with Mifune

"The Dragon’s fang can’t reach the tiger crouching on the ground but it will be drawn by the winds on its wings to be shred by the dragon’s claw. In the art of kenjutsu, it is a principle of the art of war that one should simply lay down his life and strike. If one's opponent also does the same, it is an even match. Defeating one's opponent is then a matter of faith and destiny."
— Hojo explaining the his kenjutsu philosophy

"Any great warrior is also a scholar, and a poet, and an artist. Poetry is not only dream and vision; it is the skeleton architecture of our lives. It lays the foundations for a future of change, a bridge across our fears of what has never been before. If they say that the pen is mightier than the sword, then how come actions speak louder than words?"
— Hojo discussing poetry

"There is surely nothing other than the single purpose of the present moment. A mans whole life is a succession of moment after moment. If one fully understands the present moment, there will be nothing else to do, and nothing else to pursue. Live being true to the single purpose of the present moment."
— Tsunetomo Yamamoto on Bushido


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