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Kanji 本影横暴
Rōmaji Honei Ōbō
Literal English Umbral Tyranny
Appears in Anime, Manga, Novel
Classification Chakra Absorption Technique, Fūinjutsu, Hiden, Ninjutsu, Barrier Ninjutsu
Class Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Range All ranges
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu
Related jutsu
Shadow Imitation Technique


Honei Ōbō is a technique used by Mikaboshi Ōtsutsuki with several variations.

With this technique, Mikaboshi able to manipulate his shadow in many different ways as well as merge it with another, similar to the Nara clan's Shadow Imitation Technique. Once his shadow is linked to his target's, the target and their shadow are effectively under his control. A noteworthy distinction of this precursor technique is the user's unique ability to utilize his shadow at maximum efficacy at any time of day and extend it beyond what was thought possible without losing potency.


Like the Nara clan, Mikaboshi employs his shadow in a multitude of ways, many exclusive to himself:

Honei Ōbō: Araware

Honei Ōbō: Araware (本影横暴:表れ, Umbral Tyranny: Manifestation) causes Mikaboshi's shadow to undergo complex shape transformations and take on the form of sharp, tentacle-like appendages, large clawed hands for grasping or offensive purposes, and other constructs. His own shadow can also function as a powerful defense mechanism by manifesting it as a black spherical shield around himself.

Honei Ōbō: Appaku

Honei Ōbō: Appaku (本影横暴:圧迫, Umbral Tyranny: Oppression) casts Mikaboshi's shadow over an impressive area, restricting the movements of all captured within it and draining their chakra. Alternatively, he can minutely control his shadow to capture specific targets and fully control their every movement, using them as living puppets similar to another technique. Only a powerful enough being would be able to break free from this snare.

Honei Ōbō: Nijūshin

Honei Ōbō: Nijūshin (本影横暴:二重身, Umbral Tyranny: Doppelgänger) allows the user to impart his will into the shadow of others to animate it, making it a near exact copy of the target. This "clone" as powerful as its template and even has the ability to serve as a substitution for the user. While the doppelgänger exists, his restrictive techniques are rendered ineffective against the target as they no longer have a shadow until it eventually returns to them after a certain amount of time. Likewise, he must also wait the same period of time before he can reuse this specific technique.

Honei Ōbō: Fūinjutsu

Honei Ōbō: Fūinjutsu (本影横暴:封印術, Umbral Tyranny: Sealing Technique) allows Mikaboshi to seal a target within his body by casting a shadow onto himself. Due to the abyss-like properities of his shadows, they are able to contain the prodigious might of the Sower of Discord, Magatsu, and bestow Mikaboshi with his dark chakra and unique abilities, similar to sealing a tailed beast.