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"The village isn't all they left us. We're still here."

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Honey B
Honey B.jpg
Name Honey B
Epithets Madam Kōboku (夫人高木, Fujin Kōboku)
Kanji ハニービー
Personal Status
Age Part I: 17
Part II: 41
Status Presumed Deceased
Species Human
Gender Gender Female.svg Female
Sexuality Allosexual
Height 158.4 cm (5'2ft)
Weight 96 kg (212 lb)
Blood Type B
Hometown Kumogakure Symbol.svg Kumogakure
Home Country Land of Lightning Symbol.svg Land of Lightning
Affiliation Kumogakure Symbol.svg Kumogakure
Sugigakure Symbol.svg Sugigakure
Occupation Elite Jōnin Instructor
Previous Occupation Guardian
Partner Yugito Nii
Hyōsuke Kōboku
Clan Kōboku Symbol.svg Kōboku Clan
Family Gyūki (Adoptive Great-Grandfather)
Matatabi (Adoptive Great-Grandmother)
Killer B (Father)
A (Uncle)
Blue B (Uncle)
A (Grandfather)
Yugito Nii (Adoptive Aunt)
Hyōsuke Kōboku (Husband)
Chikara Kōboku (Son)
Tensai Kōboku (Son)
Tsubaki Serizawa (Daughter-in-Law)
Shinobi Positions
Rank Part I:Chūnin
Part II:Jōnin
Classification Pseudo Jinchūriki
Sensor Type
Ninja Registration 61h721d
Academy Prom. Age 11
Jōnin Prom. Age 22
Unique Trait(s) Kōboku Heart Transplant granting her certain immunity properties.
Disability Congenital heart disease (Cured)
Nature Type Nature Icon Lightning.svg Lightning Release (Affinity)
Nature Icon Fire.svg Fire Release
Nature Icon Water.svg Water Release
Nature Icon Wind.svg Wind Release
Nature Icon Yang.svg Yang Release
Jutsu Acrobat
Cat Claw
Disturbance Taijutsu
Flying Claw
Lightning Release: Black Panther
Body Flicker Technique
Lightning Release: Lariat
Lightning Release: Double Lariat
Lightning Release: Lightning Illusion Flash of Lightning Pillar
Lightning Release: Overdrive
Mouse Hairball
Storm Release: Burst Pulse
Storm Release: Cave Wolf Queen
Storm Release: Laser Circus
Storm Release: Plasma Saber
Storm Release: Thunder Cloud
Storm Release: Thundercloud State
Summoning: Falling Phoenix Crusher
Sensing Technique
Vitality Blade
Tools Supervibrato Lightning Release Swords
Cleaver Sword
Lions Fang
"I will Answer Injustice with Justice, I will Answer Innocences with hope, i will Answer Vengeance with Retributive justice"
—Honey B

Honey B (ハニービー, Hanībī) is a former kunoichi of Kumogakure that served as a peacekeeper that protected many of her civilians and was the caretaker of Matatabi's Jinchūriki a inspiration to the young kunoichi's profession to kenjutsu and nintaijutsu, during the Akatsuki's attack on various villages she would lose her mentor by Hidan and Kakuzu causing Honey B to seek revenge for months. During the war she met Hyōsuke when they were attacking the God Tree and after the eye of the moon was cast, after the war she would become a peacekeeper again only to find out she's pregnant and held feelings for the man across the sea so Honey B left and moved to the country of owls where she would marry him and gave birth to their twin sons.


Honey B is a compassionate and energetic woman that enjoys combat more than reading scrolls all day, same goes for being a formal and etiquette suitor for potential males she has no interest in and would often skip out just to go out and party and train although many of the maidens called her a brute while her adoptive aunt calls her a wild cat with no leash which honey admits to being both. at a young age, she was characterized as outspoken and forward with a lot of things especially with her upbringing noting that her father was barely there for her when he's needed the most and often resented her uncle for his rude and arrogant nature and would often express how unsavory it is seeing such a brute deal with situations with strength instead of his head, unlike A she was compassionate and brave for others especially those who were bullied and would often stand up for them despite being weak herself, what comes with her bravery is the daring and unyielding drive she has when it comes to certain items or people honey b would go to great lengths for that something she feel's is important. Growing up around her uncle A and adoptive aunt Yugito (although Killer B was around for only three years and left) has left the teen a very strong-willed soul and a loving mother figure to many unfortunate children who were orphaned or to other's altogether even showed how motherly she can be to her family while scolding her uncle for lashing without thinking (would stress over the furniture he destroys) and remind him to finish his work before clocking out of office, her love for everyone would even reach the likes of tailed beast — like Matatabi whom she would often refer the titanic cat as "Sōsobo" (曽祖母, great grandmother) viewing the cat-like family instead of a mindless beast or weapon same thing goes to the Octopus-Ox Gyūki whom she calls "Sōsofu" (曽祖父, great grandfather). Taking after her aunt Yugito, she is very hard working and decisive as well firm with herself and decisions she chooses regarding those she works with regardless of relationships which she puts aside. Honey B showed to be very reckless when she loses someone she loves like Yugito Nii, her mentor, going far as in starting a full scale manhunt for the two akatsuki members. Her recklessness goes as far in devouring a piece of the eight-tails tentacle in a rash decision in hopes to become a jinchūriki like her father.


Honey B is a dark skin, tall woman with brown hair braided down her back and her eyes possess a rare genetic heterochromia anomaly that caused her left eye to change red and right blue while her face has a rare case of vitiligo across her face but wears a pair of glasses to hide her eyes and condition and wears her aunt's forehead protector to honour the kunoichi. She has a well fit and muscular build underneath a white streetwear T-shirt with Kumo symbol on the back and red hand guards, loose cardigan Coat draped over and blue cargo pants. On her right shoulder she has fire (火), water (水) and lightning (雷) tattooed down from her shoulder to forearm, on her left shoulder, she has a tattoo of the kanji "iron" (鉄, tetsu) like her father that uses the Iron Armour Seal to keep her eight tails chakra sealed away unless needed and shinobi sandals, a white scarf around her neck given by her father. She carries seven swords on her back and a cleaver sword sealed away within a kanji for "execute" (銃刑, Jūkei) branded on her upper left thigh. After her migration to Sugigakure she adjusted quickly and wore a black and purple body suit with a fawn-colored flak jackets and Japanese wooden sandals also wearing sugigakure's headband while still wearing her glasses.


Chakra Control and Physical Prowess



Stage Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
Childhood 2.3 2 0 3 3 2 2 3 17.3
Part I 3 2.4 0 3 3 3 2 3 19.4
Part II 3.4 3 0 4 4 5 2.4 3 24.8
Final 3.5 3 0 4 5 5 2.5 3 26


  • (To Hyōsuke Kōboku) "I wished to name our sons after my grandfather and Uncle, A and Blue B II but i'm happy with the names we both given them"
  • (To Chikara and Tensai) "Chikara and Tensai are my babies, their the only children i'll ever have, no matter what happens or what path they choose they'll always be my babies"
  • (To Tensai) "My Sweet boy Tensai, you've grown up so quickly i can no longer address you as boy but as a man."
  • (To Chikara) "My Son, Chikara you've grown to much like your mother but its not bad that your like me in a way, you carry my heart while you bare your father's courageous bravery like your brother Tensai"
  • (To Chikara and Tensai) "I'll love you both no matter what path you choose to take, as long it makes you happy i'm content but eventually i would like to have grandchildren before i hit the dirt"
  • (To the Entire Kōboku Clan) "Whoever murdered my son tensai i swear this with my blood, i will hunt down this bastard to the ends of this earth with talons and whirlwind hurricanes! i shall make sure that their existence is nothing but a forgotten memory! i shall bring down their broken and forsaken god from the heavens, make the innocents watch as their god and their flesh burn from the wrath of a mother!"
  • (To a Sugigakure Jōnin) "Chikara is my son, he's destined for greater things in life.....he's a prophecy i did not foresee during my lifeyime"
  • (Before her presumed death) "Chi...kara......Hyōs..uke i'm sorry, forgive me my loves.....i promised that i would return safe.....looks like that won't happen after....all"


  • Its unknown whether her twin sons inherited her Storm Release (although chikara inherited his clan's Shishagan and Crystal Release), its possible that Tensai did but never showed the trait before his death.
    • During the Ōtsutsuki Invasion Honey and Killer B were attacked with the latter surviving, her body was never found only her cracked glasses were found near the rubble.
      • Her influence and death inspired Hyōsuke to open a police force in honor of the kunoichi, those who joined wore similar glasses and scarf as a form of respect for Honey B.
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