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Special Abilities

Revitalization Technique


House of X
The Patriarch and Matriarchs
Character Raido.jpg
Raido X
Kanmi U Seal Rebirth Mug.png
Kanmi Uzumaki
Character Saya.jpg
Ameyuri Aoki
Character KamiNameless.png
Mia Uzumaki
Character Sorahime.png
Sorahime Nakano
Character Ashioto.jpg
All The Children
GA - Eihei U - Return Pro.jpg
Eihei Uzumaki
Character GreatNameless2.jpg
Akākato Uzumaki
Shinrai Uzumaki Mug.jpg
Shinrai Uzumaki
Character Shenron.jpg
Shenron Uzumaki
Character Ameko Aoki Mug.png
Ameko Aoki
Character GreatNameless.jpg
Ameya Aoki
Character Ameryuu.jpg
Ameryuu Aoki
Character Amerai.jpg
Amerai Aoki
Character Ayumu.jpg
Ayumu Aoki
Character Suiren.png
Suiren Nakano
Character Shirokaze.jpg
Shirokaze Nakano
Character Rentaro.png
Character Sumira U Pres Mug.jpg
Sumira Uzumaki
GA - Nodoka - Noyoru Pro.jpg
Character Benibara U Mug.jpg
Benibara Uzumaki
Character Eihei M Mug.png
Eihei Miyamoto
Aiyuri X Mug New.jpg
Aiyuri X
Character Hiroshi U Mug.jpg
Hiroshi Uzumaki
Tenjin Y Mug.jpg
Tenjin Yochi
GA - Nadeshiko - Pro.jpg
Eimei Uzumaki Mug.jpeg
Eimei Uzumaki
GA - Osozaki - Pro.jpg
Kiumai Mug.png
The In-Laws
Character Ouka.jpg
Ouka Yamanaka
Byakuran. 500xMINERCATALYST DOG.jpg
Makaze Kantoku
Tatsuhi Mug.jpg
Such Lovely Blades.jpg
Namima Uzumaki
Akunin U Temp.jpg
Ryun Yotsuki Mug.jpg
Ryun Yotsuki
Reiha Nakano Mug 2 .png
Reiha Nakano
GA - Seidai Hatake - Pro.jpg
Seidai Hatake
Tokumizo Uzumaki Mug.webp
Tokumizo Uzumaki
Character Seitaro.jpg
Shigahara Yamanaka
Character Asami.png
Asami Yamanaka
Character TK Mug.png
Takashi Ringo
Character Satori U Mug.jpg
Satori Uzumaki
Character Masumi U Pres Mug.jpg
Masumi Uzumaki
Minegumo Kurama Mug.jpg
Minegumo Uzumaki
Ichirou U Mug.png
Ichirou Uzumaki
Momoe Mug.jpg
Yuutaro U Mug.jpg
Yuutaro Uzumaki
Kōhei Uzumaki Mug.png
Kōhei Uzumaki
Yukito Uzumaki Mug.jpg
Yukito Uzumaki
Character Amago U Mug.png
Character Kenzou K Mug.jpg
Kenzou Kantoku
GA - Nagisa K - Pro.jpg
Nagisa Kantoku
Kizui U Mug.jpg
Kizui Uzumaki
GA - Sakuya U - Pro Past.jpg
Sakuya Uzumaki
Orihei U Mug.jpg
Baratsuki Hōzuki Mug.jpg
Baratsuki Hōzuki
Chame Y Mug.jpg
Chame Yochi
Izanako Mug.png
Kohaku Yochi Mug.jpg
Kohaku Yochi
Tōma U Mug.jpg
Tōma Uzumaki
GA - Ayutō Aoki - Pro.jpg
Ayutō Aoki
GA - Ayumi Aoki - Pro.jpg
Ayumi Aoki
GA - Ayume Aoki - Pro.jpg
Ayume Aoki
Gohan Uzumaki Mug.png
Gohan Uzumaki
Atsumari Yotsuki Mug.jpg
Atsumari Yotsuki
GA - Hanayaka Bandai - Pro.png
Hanayaka Bandai
Madoka Bandai Mug New.jpeg
Madoka Bandai
Namaiki Yotsuki Mug.jpg
Namaiki Yotsuki

Familial Breakdown

The Ancestors

Matriarchs & Patriarch


  • Rayuga
  • Sumira Uzumaki
  • Aiyuri X
  • Hiroshi Uzumaki (Presumed Deceased)


Adoptive Children

  • Benibara Uzumaki

Sons & Daughters-in-law