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Hyōkaigakure 00
Kanji 氷海隠れの里
Rōmaji Hyōkaigakure no Sato
Literal English Village Hidden by Frozen Sea
Village Data
Country Land of Brine
Leader Sage
Symbol Hyōkaigakure Symbol
Population 4/5
Military 3/5
Economy 2/5

Hyōkaigakure (氷海隠れの里, Hyōkaigakure no Sato, Literally Meaning: Village Hidden by Frozen Sea) is a hidden village, located in the Land of Brine, this particular village is reknown for their legendary medical-nin. Hyōkaigakure resides within a labyrinth of frozen sea ice, that is located at the base of the Great Mountains of Brine, within a protected natural semi-circle from the mountains. Typically seen as tactless in their shinobi ways, no one is able to refute that their medical-nin are some of the best within the shinobi world.

The standard attire for Hyōkaigakure shinobi consists of ice blue shirts, that hug the skin, navy blue flak jackets with pockets, matching blue pants, usually donning masks, for protection from the cold barren winds that whip the faces of those venturing on the sea ice from the village (they look similar in design with the attire of Kohonagakure shinobi). Many Hyōkaigakure shinobi use Water Release Techniques.


The Founding

Three major rivalling clans from the Land of Brine, have controlled most of the land within the country on the outskirts of the Land of Fire. The three clans; the Shirogitsune Clan, the Shirokuma Clan, and the Seiuchi Clan, were at war with one another, over who gained dominion over the country's land. The Shirogitsune Clan had the best tracker-nin, they were unmatched in the Ninjutsu Arts, the Shirokuma Clan had the best warriors, they were unmatched in their physical prowess, and Taijutsu Masters, the Seiuchi Clan, had the most members of the clan, they were unmatched with Healing Jutsu, and their Genjutsu Techniques, even going so far as to incorperate Genjutsu with Healing Jutsu, to act as a type of sedative. The Elders from each warring clan, met with one another, edicting a truce between the clans, eventually forming the Village Hidden by Frozen sea.

But as a dispute errupted from each clan on where to place the people, they divided, going their seperate ways, but still the decree stood. The Shirokuma clan wanted to stay atop the Great Mountains of Brine, while the Shirogitsune clan wanted to be hidden in plain sight, on the Sea Ice, whited out by blizzards and harsh weather conditions, but the Seiuchi Clan wanted to go into the natural ice labyrinth, and become hidden by the sheer forces of nature. So they divided amoungst themselves.

The Shirokuma clan now resides atop the Great Mountains of Brine, where they are protected from the eye of other shinobi, from high altitudes, and the inaccessability of the Mountains. The Shirogitsune Clan ventured out onto the sea ice, placing their village on stable ice, surrounded by harsh ice conditions, and harsh weather. As the Seiuchi Clan went under the frozen sea, being hidden by the intertwining tunnel systems within the labyrinth of ice.

The First Two World Wars:

The Three Great Sages of Hyōkaigakure, The Great Fox Sage, Great Bear Sage, and Great Walrus Sage all participated in the first two great shinobi world wars. With each sage leading a squadron of their clansmen into battle.

In the first shinobi world war, the clans made a fearsome name for themselves, even the first Hōkage; Senju Hashirama, gave them considerable amounts of respect, even going as far as to say that even one Sage would be able to match him in combat, although this theory was never tested. since Hyōkaigakure and Konahagakure were allied villages.

In the second shinobi world war Hyōkaigakure suffered great casualities, since the other villages kept a record of their tactics and battle stylings they use, allowing the enemy to gain the upper hand in many engangements that the clans went into. Although Konohagakure had won the wars, Hyōkaigakure decided it would be best to keep to themselves in order to avoid further loss of life.

Ever since the first two shinobi world wars, Hyōkaigakure has kept to themselves in the Land of Brine, in peace, hoping that things will not change for the foreseeable future, but all those stuck in a routine usually fail when faced with new challenges, and the time outside of war, have made these clans forget their history, of why they were meant to battle in the first place.


Bioluminscent Sea

At the heart of the natural ice cavern labyrinth, lies a pocket of ice, in which you could walk inside, as you walk inside it appears as if you were transported into the deepest reaches of outer space, due to a rare species of phytoplankton, in water that is unable to freeze due to the high concentrations of salt solubles in the sea water around the ice pocket. The phytoplankton mimic the colours of a galaxy, with deep hues of pink, purple, black, blue, green, white, and many other interesting colours. The sight itself is a spectacle, and one would even say to be a memory of a lifetime.

"You look above you, you see what seems to be a cloud, but this cloud is strange, it looks to be alive... Moving, pulsating, conscious. The colours of this cloud of cosmic dust intertwine like a master seamstress weaving a beautiful creation in front of your very eyes. Flashes, you could see bright colours flashing in front of you, pink, purple, green, brilliant white, it entrances you! As if you were looking into a clear night sky, seeing the cosmos in front of you. It looks to be as if the ice has trapped an entire galaxy within it, swiriling in a spiral, forever lost to time. But... That's just the impression that I recieved."
— Leader of Village, recounting his experience.


  • Hyōkaigakure's Orphanage: In Hyōkaigakure there is an orphanage ran by Tesshin Hyūga; this complex is rather large, being able to house about 240 occupants. There is a large cafeteria that is able to cater those who reside within the complex, a bath house is located next to the complex, where the occupants are able to tend to their self-hygiene. Also a training grounds for aspiring shinobi that want to join the Hyōkaigakure military.
    • Purpose: The purpose of the orphanage is to rescue children and youth that are orphaned during their encounters and missions during the ongoing wars and battles that the Hyōkaigakure Military partakes in. They rescue youth from all over the shinobi world, with loving parents to adopt the children in Hyōkaigakure, thus the village has multiple nationalities all wrapped into one. The main purpose of the Orphanage was for Tesshin to make sure that no other children would feel the pain she felt all those years, with all three of the leaders of the noble clans agreeing, therefore putting a great deal of time, effort and money into the founding, construction and upkeep of the complex, so future generations will not feel unloved, or feel alone ever again.
  • Ninja Tool Shop: This shop, aptly named the "Shock Shop", is a place all shinobi may go to spend their ryo on some new tools and gadgets to help them in the heat of battle. The prices are fair, and the tools are many. Those who travel to Hyōkaigakure usually make the chore to come to the shop, inquiring of all their marvelous items for sale. One shinobi would often say that it was a heaven for support shinobi, and those who make traps.
  • Nini's Tailoring: This building is where one would go in Hyōkaigakure to get a new fresh set of personally tailored clothing. Nini is capable of making Shinobi outfits, complete with sewn-in hidden pockts for hidden message transport, with places to store nini-ja tools (as she refers to it as), or every day civilian clothing, to high-end elegnant dresses and kimonos, or any design you can fathom. You might even would get a discount if you flatter her master seamstress work!
  • Bank of Hyōkaigakure: This bank contains the entire village's budget. Also, it holds merit for civilans that want a safe place to store their hard earned ryo.
  • Hyōkaigakure Market: This is Hyōkaigakure's Market, a place where all the villagers congregate once per day to trade, sell and buy all they can! during this time in the market, spices, meats, fine meats, vegatables, fruits, fish, shellfish, and many other items come on sale! There's a trinket for everybody who goes to the market, and also time to get your belly full with creations of fellow villagers!
  • Hyōkaigakure Tavern: Hyōkaigakure's Tavern is the village's bar, where they could get beverages like sake, and other fine alochols. Most of the grown-ups come to the tavern after hard days of work, to unwind and relax. The vibes from the tavern are always happy-go-lucky, and everyone usually always has a great time!
  • Pet Shop: This shop is where the villagers of Hyōkaigakure could get many pets, there are also exotic pets and domestic pets being sold here. For everyone's wants of a loving pet!
  • Hyōkaigakure Council: This building contains the leaders of the village, this is where crutial decisions are made by the leaders of the noble clans.
  • Hyōkaigakure Hospital: Hyōkaigakure's Hospital is located near the heart of the village, the main operators of this complex are the Seiuchi Clan, since their medical-nin are able to accomplish legendary feats. This is where you could go for a bruise, a routine check-up, or a life-saving surgery! Thank goodness for doctors!

The Village best of shinobi that are known as the Anbu or to others they are called Pakkuookami is a elite division of shinobi's that picked by the higher ups, only the best Shinobi's of their generation is chosen to join the Ambu to do dangerous missions that are ranked S-Rank to SS-Rank Classified missions that is appointed by the Sage and the Nine Tailed Sage alone. The Ambu is the village's best line of defense against the most dangerous enemies let it be foreign, non-foreign or non-human related enemies.

  • Hyōkaigakure Regime is a mainly the villages military force that involves the creation of the academy and it's place to allow shinobi's to join their ranks, the regime sevee under the single rule of the sage who alone has authority to either send them in a enemy territory for conquer, defend the village from enemy villages, alienated threats, go to an all out war but as well serves to protect the Arctic Foxes and other Noble clans that founded the village.