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Hydrification Technique
Kanji 水化の術
Rōmaji Suika no Jutsu
Literal English Hydration Technique
English games Water Transformation Jutsu
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game, Movie
Classification Hōzuki Symbol Hiden, Ninjutsu
Class Supplementary
Other jutsu
Derived jutsu
Related jutsu
Gas Body Manipulation Technique

Hydrification Technique is a rare hiden technique whereby the user can completely liquefy their body at will. It is the signature technique of both the Hōzuki Clan.


Suigetsu recon

Suigetsu conducting reconnaissance in liquid form.

By liquefying the user's entire body, the technique renders any physical attack on the user ineffective. This essentially allows them to survive punches or falls that would normally kill the average shinobi. Aside from the heightened defensive capabilities granted to the user of this technique, ones offensive techniques can also be increased. A user can add additional water to their muscles, allowing them to temporarily increase their physical strength. This allows them to wield weapons that they would normally be unable to wield or go toe-to-toe with opponents three times their size. The technique also makes an excellent surveillance technique, by allowing them to liquefy into a puddle-like form. This form allows them to evade an enemy's attack during a short range battle, to infiltrate a structure, or to launch a surprise attack in a liquefied state.


Suigetsu electrified

Suigetsu being pinned by Darui's sword.

Boasting high strategic value, the only way to contain a user of this technique is to lock them up in an airtight container so they cannot move about. When the user passes out, they turn into a jelly-like state. Since this technique turns the body into water, the Hōzuki are extremely vulnerable to Lightning Release techniques, as noted by Suigetsu when he was pinned down by Darui's sword, which was imbued with lightning.


  • This technique's name is intended to be a pun. "Suika" (水化) is the Japanese term for "hydration", but separately, the kanji mean "water" (水) and "to become" (化) respectively, translating to something more similar to "hydrification" ("to become water"). This explains the effect of this technique more precisely.
  • The Second Mizukage uses a mixture of both oil and water which was able to seep into Gaara's sand and nullify it. It is unknown whether the water used by other clan members share the same, or similar properties.
  • Kabuto Yakushi was able to use his research on Suigetsu to develop a similar technique, which uses his body fluids instead of actually transforming his body into water.
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