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Ice Release
Ice Release
Kanji 氷遁
Rōmanji Hyōton
Appears in Anime, Manga, Movie, Game
Classification Kekkei Genkai
Nature Transformation
Basic Natures Nature Icon Water Water Release
Nature Icon Wind Wind Release
Clan Yuki Symbol Yuki Clan
Certain-Kill Ice Spears (Anime only)

Ice Release (氷遁, Hyōton, Viz: Ice Style) is a nature transformation kekkei genkai, a combination of water and wind. The Land of Water's Yuki Clan was feared for the power of their Ice Release, forcing its members to go into hiding to escape persecution. In Kakashi Hiden, Kahyō and Rahyō‎‎ are ‎‎ice users whose family was conquered by Kirigakure decades earlier. Because Kiri did not value their lives, they both defected and settled in the Land of Waves. In the Boruto anime, Ryōgi from the Land of Snow can use Ice Release.

Haku, a descendant of the Yuki clan, can make mirrors of ice that he is able to enter and instantly travel between. His ice is resistant to fire, experiencing little to no melting despite the heat. Kahyō can plant ice particles on targets, causing them to freeze to death if they don't constantly use their chakra to keep themselves warm. Her Ice Release is dependent on moisture in the air, preventing her from forming ice in dry conditions. Rahyō encases his hands with ice, strengthening his taijutsu strikes and making it easier for him to block opponents' taijutsu. Ryōgi can shoot shards of ice at targets.An Ice Release user's presence can lower their surroundings' temperature, causing snow to fall in the immediate vicinity. Similarly, Ryōgi is shown lowering his own body temperature so that his movements will not activate thermal sensors.


Haku a descendant of the Yuki Clan is able to utilise Ice Release due to it being the Kekkei Genkai of his clan.

Rin Nohara can utilise Ice Release due to her being the Jinchūriki of the Three Tails for a short and getting his ability to manipulate Ice Release.


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